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  Lineage 2 packs presented by L2-Scripts 

In this section we introduce Lineage 2 pack, that are being developed by our studio. Those packs are based on Java emulator. We are doing everything we can to provide the best products on the market of la2 servers, we thrive to get the most close official game-play.

Currently we offer you to get acquainted with our packs and buy one of the assemblies for you L2 server: Fufarion, Orfen, Salvation, L2classic 2.9 (Secret of Empire), 2.8 (Seven Signs), 2.7 (Antharas), Grand Crusade, Helios (Lord of Bifrost), Underground (Hymn of soul), L2Classic 1.0 - 2.5, Odyssey, Lindvior, Ertheia, High Five, Gracia Epilogue, Interlude.

Attention: Beware of scammers that are represented as l2-scripts and are trying to sell l2-scripts pack, even if they don't have them, making fraud accusations, that they are our partners.
Our lineage 2 packs can be ordered and bought only on our website, we don't have any publish partners, we never needed that and will never use them ! Be careful !

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L2-scripts Classic 1.0
L2-scripts Classic 1.0

L2-scripts Classic Pack.

List price: 700.00$
From: 120.00$
You save: 580.00$ (83%)
L2-scripts Underground
L2-scripts Underground
L2-scripts Underground (Hymn of Soul)
List price: 420.00$
From: 200.00$
You save: 220.00$ (53%)


L2-Scripts Odyssey
L2-Scripts Odyssey

L2s Odyssey Development pack.

List price: 700.00$
From: 200.00$
You save: 500.00$ (72%)


L2-scripts Ertheia
L2-scripts Ertheia
L2-Scripts GOD Ertheia
List price: 480.00$
From: 160.00$
You save: 320.00$ (67%)


L2-Scripts Epilogue NEW
L2-Scripts Epilogue NEW
Gracia Epilogue NEW pack.
List price: 200.00$
From: 100.00$
You save: 100.00$ (50%)
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