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affiliate program


How to make money on affiliate program

Earn with our affiliate program is very simple!
You earn Commission on every order Your referred user 5% of the amount of each order.

To participate you must register on our website.

You can attract buyers in two ways:

1. the User be consider attracted of You, if when you register it shows Your username in the field "Who sent"

2. Add to Your web site the link generated in the personal Cabinet:

If any of the visitors coming from Your website, make the order, You will automatically receive a reward.
In this case, the visitor won't have to enter Your login - the system will detect that it came from Your link.


sincerely, Yuri !

Revision 10039 High Five (Action)


Dear customers, comes a new revision based on your bug reports. Our Assembly is already almost perfect, you less and less provide bug reports, which is very pleasing.

The new revision number 10039 released a very important update: Critical Fix duplicate post.

All the applicable clients urgently recommend to update and extend the support.

recall that the support extension is made before 5 of every month.

read More on audit 10039: Read here

ACTION: For all old customers who have not had extended technical support we are renewing our campaign, pay support for the next period and we forgive all debts for unpaid months. The promotion is valid for customers overdue not more than 6 months.

sincerely, Yuri !

Reduced price Personal Cabinet



Dear customers, we reduce cost for our Personal account for Lineage 2 server

Now the value of the personal account version 6.0 costs 3500 rubles.


Details here: Personal account 


sincerely, Yuri !


Development of unique updater


Dear customers, we have been engaged in developing unique designs of the Updater for lineage 2 server, layout, installation, fabrication patch for l2 server. Finally, created a special section on our site dedicated to the design Updater which we will be posting all current work and where you can buy ready-made solutions for your project Lineage.


read More here


sincerely, Yuri !


Action - Event for free!


Dear customers and administrators of game servers, in the summer we hold a new event:


Installation of any of our events on your server FREE !




Terms ASCII:


- Your server should be online from 1000 real users.

- You must provide proof that you are the owner of the server

- You agree to provide access to check online and install event

- You must provide test and bug reports for modifications of events

- You should do us a video presentation of this kind of great event.


the Video you can not do yourself, and for example to organize the action among the players, who better to shoot and process video. As collateral, you can not cheat and make video, we take a Deposit of 50% of the cost of the event. After giving us a video of the presentation of the money would be returned in full. This campaign we set a goal - the popularization of its products in this market + refinement of our products. You get interesting free events for their servers.


To order a free event, write to ICQ 9-013-612 


sincerely, Yuri !


sale Design



One of our clients sells design: PSD included





the Cost 9,000 rubles.


Anyone is interested, please write in Asya 9-013-612

sincerely, Yuri !


Reduced prices for Geodata


Dear customers, for the whole summer season we reduce prices on our GEODATA.


Available GEODATA Interlude, Epilogue, Freya, High Five, GOD (Harmony, Tauti, Glory Days, Lindvior)




sincerely, Yuri !


We forgive debts and overdue customer accounts


Dear customers, for many different reasons some time ago or a long time are unable to pay us the technical support for the Assembly High Five.


In honor of the beginning of the summer, we are launching a campaign to return clients:


Proplate support for June to the 10th, and get support for the entire June + last pack with all the latest updates.


the Period of delay of renewal of support for the Assembly of HF is not more than 6 months.


By working together again, write in Asya 9-013-612 !


sincerely, Yuri


ACTION - reduced prices for assembly



Dear administrators, now summer begins, we understand that now people want to relax and at this time, the demand for Assembly falls, it is natural, and to stimulate the purchase of our products in this period we launch the action. The campaign will last from June 1 to July 1 - exactly 1 month.




Assembling High Five -  14 000 rubles.

Assembly of GOD Tauti - 25 000 rubles.

Assembly of GOD Glory Days - 35 000  rubles.


welcome all interested, contact us, please provide a test server.


sincerely, Yuri !


GOD Lindvior


Dear customers, while you are forced to announce that the open sales lindvior the shift and may only begin in the early fall.



Design of this chronicle is in the closed private mode. Sale of this Assembly is only possible on a contractual basis only for private and municipal networks.  Snap goes strictly on internal network IP

as soon As we can sell, we will inform you.


track of the work progress can be followed here: L2-scripts GOD Lindvior


sincerely, Yuri !


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