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Geodata Underground

Geodata Underground

List price: 120.00$
From: 40.00$
You save: 80.00$ (67%)


L2-scripts Geodata Underground (Hymn of Soul) Full 


We present our Lindvior geodata that is made for our packs.


Geodata has been developed in the writing of own generation algorithm.


This build is ideal, there're no equals or analogs ! We guarantee!


Ask the test server from our manager


 This GEODATA is not issued with the purchase Lindvior pack. It is purchased separately.




1. For old L2-scripts clients: 40 USD


2. For new L2-scripts clients:  60 USD


3. For clients who have different pack than L2-scripts: from 100 USD


For clients using other packs than L2-scripts we remain the right to reject without explaining the reason.

We also have the PTS geodata, if you have PTS server by any change :)

Free tech support for this geodata !

Each GEODATA when issuied to the customer is unique encoded with reference to your pack, and IP address.

Don't try to's pointless.

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