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Template PSD -  Era Wars

Template PSD - Era Wars

From: 100.00$


Wars Era - PSD or turnkey website

We Offer a turnkey solution for your project. You can purchase either separately PSD lineage 2 website or you can based on the design of the website, to order development of a turnkey site for l2 servers. We offer a full pack of website, including layout, typesetting khtml, private office, necessary scripts, set up website and forum.



The Cost of buying a PSD layout of a single - 100 USD

The Cost of buying a PSD layout of a single with layout - 200 USD

Value of the layout with a full foreclosure sales- 200 USD

Value of the layout with a full foreclosure sales with layout- 300 USD

The cost of The turnkey website (5-7 working days) - 400 USD


1. PSD website Layout l2 + change logo, it is possible to redesign the caps.

2. PSD to HTML slicing L2

3. LK or "Master of Accounts" La2 (the ACP isn't included but installation and configuration is)

4. Installation and configuration of the site and forum Lineage2

5. The content of the site lineage 2

By agreement with the client for any additional services for a fee.


Please Contact our service - you will help.

Consultant: Skype: Click on the icon:



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