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Module "Damage screen"

From: 80.00$


Module "Damage screen"

Dear friends!

Our team has developed a new module for the server HF5, Interlude and below. The module shows damage and other important alerts on the screen, we tried to make as accurate an analogy as it is done in the classic Chronicles and YEAR.
Module is only available to customers л2с-gvard at a very attractive price.
Want to assure that the module is not made on the basis of interface and stored in the security file that gives you 99% guarantee that nobody will steal it.
So is buying this module, you can adjust the module on the server side, including font size, color of font and any message on the screen (for example the mob is dead, or defeated RB, etc).

For more details, please contact Skype.

All a good day and successful work!


Damage On screen from blamik on Vimeo.

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