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L2-scripts Classic: Seven Signs (2.8)

L2-scripts Classic: Seven Signs (2.8)

List price: 500.00$
From: 420.00$
You save: 80.00$ (16%)


Release Build CLASSIC 2.8 (Saviors: Seven Signs) command

a Little history of the Assembly:

based on the source L2-scripts Classic 2.7 .

Branch - Classic 1.0

Branch - 1.5 Classic

Branch - Classic 2.0

Branch - Classic 2.5

Branch - Classic 2.7


Release version l2j Emulator Classic 2.8 - 29 april 2019

Beta Release version l2j Emulator Classic 2.8 - 26 November 2018

the Acquisition of licenses already available to all.

welcome to all for a fruitful mutual cooperation.


latest revision 31815

Upon request we provide a test server for review.

Assembly adapted for protection against packet hacks - L2s-Guard (it is Possible to connect other types of protection).


Assembly is provided with a binding of iron and is available on 1 external Ip address. This Assembly is available in a fully compiled state. Failure to comply with the non-proliferation Treaty Assembly, cooperation with us is completely terminated.


Beware of buying assemblies on the side, because you anywhere else except on our website does not sell the original. No dealers we have, all who pretend to be our distributors and TP - you are deceived. Also remember, even if someone sells our Assembly, then purchasing it from the side, you run the risk of not only being cheated, but also speilet the project at the start.


Last revision - 420 USD (online - 200)

Last revision 460 USD (line - 500)

Last revision 540 USD (online - unlimited)

Last revision 780 USD (Without IP bindings and No limit)

Last revision 2400 USD (Source)


Support - Standard Fare - 250 USD per month.

Support Rate is "Low" - 175 USD per month. (NEW)

Regular customers discounts are available individually to 20%.

All types of the support and conditions read here: tech SUPPORT



GEODATA Classic Saviors: Seven Signs is bought separately.



the basis of our sources Classic 2.7:

Details here


Detailed implementation for Classic Saviors: Seven Signs


rev 31815/15871

* To Anakim and Lilith not Zumanity
* Fixed stats of Reinforced Castle Ring;
* Fix NPC 20801
* Fix item 71152
* Fixed the skill 55885,55886
* Fixed Runes Anakim and Lilith
+ Added Mobs in Garden of Beasts
* Fixed the skill 51089-51092
* Fix skilla 54035
+ Added skills teleports new erational
* Updated spawn in the Ketra Orc Outpost in the offs;
* Fix item 71437
* Updated spawn in locations: camp of the Varka silenos;
* Updated the location of the Wall of Argos is closer to offs;
+ Added New Teleport Scrolls
+ Implemented Agation
- Procella, Nebula, Ignis,Peter
- Removed Mob 21654
+ Implemented Doll Orfen, Baium, AK
* Fix NPC 21418
* Optimization;
* Fix of elemental packet;
* Updated the price of the insertion of PWD in the offs;
+ Implemented The Jewelry Ignis, Procella, Nebula, Peter
* Fix some daily tasks;
+ Implemented Instance Knights Baltus Zaken
+ Implemented quest Assignment Guild Scarlet Scales 5 ur
+ Implemented Anakim and Lilith

* Global synchronization with fixes of all other branches and Chronicles.

+ Implemented item (49777) Low-grade XP Scroll;
+ Implemented item (49778) Mid-grade XP Scroll;
+ Implemented item (49779) High-grade XP Scroll;
+ Implemented item (49780) Top-grade XP Scroll;
+ Implemented item (49781) Super XP Scroll;
* Fix exchange Rune EUR
* Fix item 90929-90933
* Fixed a link in the dialogue Guard Curtis;
+ Added missing dialogues from GC in Kruma Tower;
+ Added a time limit 2H 10m on the roads of Bauma;
* Cosmetics receive professions from master;
* Fixed wild Sweep skill;
+ Spelled out weapons some monsters in a Cave Giants;
* Fix item 13519
* Fix skill 39062
* Fixed the skill 1356,1414
* 3 profiled sumons do not take item for time
- Roll-back Pars magicType client;
+ Added a Door in the Tower of Insolence
+ Implemented (90015) Top-grade Life Stone;
* Encoding fix;
* Converted to off spawn "Rogach" on the island of Alligators;
- Removed extra spawn;
* Fixed compilation and loading of the server;
* Maximum level of sharpening armour 25, weapons 35 (offline);
* Offe buffs on the NPC appear;
+ Added the Leader Crisologo Boggle in Mythril Mine

* Fix item 70922
* Fix item 70931-70932
+ Implemented Agation Hut on Chicken Legs
* Fix item 70990-70992
* Fix Sharpening Lacquer Knights Baltus
* Added Bayum and Zaken Supplies
* NPC cosmetics on the Forgotten Island;
* Fix NPC 21761-21766
* Added new abnormal effects;
- Roll-back Pars magicType client;



rev 31620/15460


+ Spelled out skills and abilities sharpening Talisman of Border;
+ Implemented all new daily tasks;
+ 10 new handlers for new daily rewards;
+ 5 new handlers for new daily rewards;
+ Blanks for all new Daily Missions;
+ Implemented 21-25 levels Arena Clans;
* Update the clan arena by Seven Signs;
* Fixed transfer of items between account enchantments;
* Fix doors in the Gardens of the Goddess eve;
+ Added teleports to the Gardens of the Goddess eve in the admin area;
+ Added synthesis of large gems
+ Implementation of a new Zodiacal Agatino;
+ Implementation of a new Zodiacal Agatino;
+ Sparsely blanks new skills with the latest client 2.8;
* Updated skills on the last client 2.8;
+ Implemented item Agathion Enchant Scroll (48046);
+ Implemented item Quality Agathion Enchant Scroll (48047);
+ Implemented item Enchant Scroll of Border (70299);
+ Implemented item Enchant Scroll of Forbidden Limit (70300);
+ Implemented item Blessed Enchant Scroll of Border (70302);
+ Implemented sharpening zodiac agatino;
* Fixed display of type of the subject agatino;
* Added new RAID Bosses, updated Seven Signs
* Fix Item 91189-91192
* Added Crystals Appeal to traders
* Fix item 71358-71367, 71378-71392
* Fix itemov 70451-70460,71368-71377,90328-90337
* Fixed the skill 55477-55479,55481-55483
* sync antharas;

* Changed handler daily mission for the study of the Forgotten Islands;
* Updated the article presents the raids in the Arena of Clans;
* Cosmetics arena clans;
* Antaras Baltus cannot be killed;
* sync zaken;

* Full synchronization of mechanics with other branches.
* Implemented Items 46254, 90859
+ Implemented Skills 55378, And 55380
+ Implemented Items 70844-70849
+ Added packages agathion Dolls
* On the classics are not issued coats 2 and 3-rank of the Olympics;
* Fixed all skills with invulnerability effect;
+ Implemented, Agation Matryoshka
* Remade the handler of the daily mission to explore Devil's Island;
* Fix of NPE;
* Changed the list of buffs on the Olympus at offs;
+ Added Driving Deer
+ Added Items 70552-70558
+ Added synthesis of precious stones
+ Implemented a system of stones increasing the chance of sharpening;
* Fix recipes 8700-8711
* Fix skilla 17709
* Fix skills 55131, 55132
+ Implemented stat damage_block_count;
* Implemented Itemes Rubies, Sapphires
* Implemented A Set Of Salamander Light
+ Rubies mechanics implemented;
+ Implemented sapphire mechanics;
* Fix item 70466-70475,90343-90357
* Item 49764 fix
+ Implemented itemes 70432,70446,70447,70448,70449, 70450,70461,70462,70463,70464,70465,70480, 70483,70489,70492,70501,70502,70503,70510,70511,70512, 70841,90227,90323,90324,90324,90325,90326,90327, 90338,90339,90340,90341,90342,90362,90365,9037...
+ Implemented Items 70441,70442,70443,70444,70445,70479,70488, 70498,70499,70500,70843,90318,90319, 90320,90321,90322,90361,90370, 90380,90381,90382,90531,90789
+ Sparsely reuse_delay subjects with PTSD scripts;
* sync grandcrusade;



rev 31293/15266

* Updated prices and flags of items by Seven Signs customer;
* Fix NPC Coral
* sync antharas[15148-15162];
* sync antharas[15121-15148];
* Editing skills-ingots;
* Cosmetics Swaine spawn in Giran;

* Finally fixed problem with door GEODATA generation;
* Cosmetics formula rollback attacks onions;
* Fix of using CP potions by ACP system when character has 0% cp;
* Fix the change of heading during casting skills and attacking. Before the optical position of a character not sootvetsvovalo of fact, in the caste;
* When you change sub class cancel castes and attack. Otherwise, you could dupaty buffssummons other subs;
* Fix the display of hats when using hairstyles from the beauty salon;
- Cleaning zones spawn from the starting zones when you create a Chara from the old Chronicles;
* Fixed Beauty Salon operation;
* At the end of download game servers beep (useful for tests);
* Correct order of sending Sammon packages;
* Cosmetic sending package MagicSkillUse;
* Fixed rollback skill summoned;
* Cosmetics autochina;
* Fix the HTML of buffer.;
* Fix operation of buffer.;
* Cosmetics of buffer.;
* Optimized buffer code in community;
* Made basic sets of buffs and buffs of the settings in data/bbs_buffs.xml;
* Changed storing sets of buffs the player in a database;
* Fixed buttons in the buffer kommuniti when they worked through again;
* Fixed operation of elevators;
* Fixed a glitch, when visually, they were open and in the closed GEODATA;
* Cosmetics of buffer.;
* If the monster can't find the way 'home' then teleport it home, which fixes the problem of not being able to attack the monster while it returns 'home';
* Builder cosmetics;
* Cosmetics sharpening;
* sync zaken[15160-15180];
* sync grandcrusade[15157-15177];
* Critical fix of GEODATA engine;
* Code optimization;
* Fixed display of timely augmentation of the character;
* Fix service for the sale of augmentations, inserted varitions in a mixed order, which did not display the effect of augmentation;
* Code optimization of the Olympics;
+ Implemented command / / change_ref for teleport by reflexes;
* Optimization headpiece;
* Fixed the use of doors in GEODATA, there were failures due to incorrect work in multithreading;
* Fix inheritance;
+ English translation of NPC Ateld;
* sync zaken[15146-15160];
* sync grandcrusade[15141-15157];
+ Implemented a service to improve the level of the character in the community;
+ Implemented service lowering the level of the character in the community;
+ Implemented sales tools augmentati in kommuniti;
* Buffer cosmetics in the community;
+ Added ability to add buffs for Premium account in the community buffer;
+ Added ability to enable saving teleports in community only for Premium Account;
* Community cosmetics;
+ Added ability to disable language selection;
* Fix and cosmetics voting is;
* Cosmetics team .acp;
+ Sparsely reuse_delay subjects with PTSD scripts;
* sync grandcrusade[15117-15141];
+ Sparsely reuse_delay subjects with PTSD scripts;
* Renamed parameter of the subject atk_reuse > reuse_delay;
+ Implemented a system of awards for voting in ratings. Support ratings:,,,,;
- Cleaning;
* Cosmetic;
* Optimization;



rev 31106/15124

* Updated prices and flags of items by the latest Seven Signs customer;
+ Sparsana a new weapon with the last client Seven Signs;
* Updated the weapons article presents the latest client Seven Signs;
+ Saved new items from last Seven Signs customer;
* Updated the paper presents the items the latest client Seven Signs;
+ Sparsana new armor with the last client Seven Signs;
* Updated reservation paper presents the latest client Seven Signs;
* Manual editing and cleaning of NPC Pars with L2Central;
* Correction of the Parsa NPC with L2Central;
- Cleaning excess Parsa NPC with L2Central;
* Fix of NPE;
* Manual editing of NPC data parse with L2Central;
* Updated skill tree on the basis of L2Central;
* Manual editing of NPC data parse with L2Central;
* Updated the article presents NPC: HP, MP on offs;
* Updated NPC statuses on last client;
* Pars NPC with fresh client;
* Fixed updating the display of statov elementals when Baffo;
* Fix formula of Crete by elemental;
* Fix display of char information via Alt+G;
* Fix display of the message about raising the level of the elemental;
* Crete elemental attack can also be negative;
* The earth has Winds of Giran territory;
+ Implemented event 'Christmas vacation in Elmoreden';
+ Added the article presents the increase in the attacks of the elementals;
+ Added the article presents the increase of protection elementals;
+ Added the article presents the increase in atk. the attacks of the elementals;
+ Added the article presents the increase in the strength of Crete. the attacks of the elementals;
* Fixed skill increases the experience received by the elementals;
+ Implemented skill (54023) Water Attack Defense;
+ Implemented skill (54024) Fire Attack Defense;
+ Implemented skill (54025) Wind Attack Defense;
+ Implemented skill (54026) Earth Attack Defense;
+ Implemented skill (54027) Attribute XP Increase;
* Assigned items to monsters in the Forge of Gods;
* Assigned items to monsters in the Gardens of the Goddess eve;
* Rated elements of the monsters in the Land of the Winds;
* Rated elements of the monsters in the Wall of Argos;
* Fix display of the aura of the hero;
+ Added attack attribute of physical abilities;
+ Implemented in a peaceful area in the town of Goddard;
+ Implemented item (91030) Spirit's Blessing;
+ Implemented item (91185) Intermediate Spirit's Blessing;
+ Implemented item (91186) Advanced Spirit's Blessing;
+ Implemented skill (51126) Intermediate Spirit's Blessing;
+ Implemented skill (51127) Advanced Spirit's Blessing;
+ Implemented skill (54028) Spirit's Blessing;
+ Registered zone respawn for the region of Goddard;
+ English localization of the event 'Christmas vacation in Elmoreden';
+ Implementation of components of the event 'Christmas vacation in Elmoreden';

+ Implemented istovy Baium - Knights Baltus;
* Cosmetics and fix Antaras - Knights Baltus;
+ Implemented item (90917) XP Scroll: 10,000,000;
+ Implemented item (90918) XP Scroll: 50,000,000;
+ Implemented item (90919) XP Scroll: 100,000,000;
* Manual editing and cleaning of NPC Pars with L2Central;
- Cleaning;
* Updated the article presents NPC: HP, MP on offs;
* Fix display tattoo goals through the GM dashboard;
* Fixed inventory packs;
* Fix pakette display eventra the Masterís;

* Fix indexing and storage skills, avoid duplicates hashCode skills that will save you from problems with sharpened skills;
* Finalization of smart packages StatusUpdate to fight with bots;
* Reworked the generation of the hashCode skills;
+ Implemented SkillInfo interface for objects that store information about skills;
* Cosmetics and optimization;
* Reworked storage skills and begin to actively use SkillEntry;
* Fix validation of an overload and of a fine grade of character. Now there is no chance of recursion;
- Cleaning;
* Reworked the generation of the hashCode skills;
+ Implemented SkillInfo interface for objects that store information about skills;
* Cosmetics and optimization;
* Reworked storage skills and begin to actively use SkillEntry;
+ Preparations for the implementation of the system of reward for voting in the rankings (voting is);
- Cleaning of AI Zaken;
* Cosmetics work AI monsters;
* Fix base values of PA;
* Fix the Next Target command;
* Fix packs;
- Removed unnecessary items;
* Improved system auto-recovery of HP/MP/CP. Added visual interface, and added a global button to turn off the system;
* Builder cosmetics;
* Optimized package StatusUpdatePacket, now don't send it to those who don't need it;
* Extension of the stats engine;
* The capture of the castle unregisters from all castle sieges;
* Fix String Holder work;
+ Implemented all kinds of caste, in addition to the normal and double;
* Fix update info about HP / MP / CP in party, Olympus, etc.;
* Fix to maintain the status of RB after restart;
+ Added global removal of the abnormal (the buffs) in the engine events;
+ Added feature for removal of global variables in the engine events;
+ Added the ability to specify the time period of the drop, in the interval of which it will drop;
* Cosmetics skills khila HP / MP/CP;
* Cosmetics displaying Event drop via Shift+Click, now displaying event herbes;
* Cosmetics AccountVariablesDAO;
* Manual editing and cleaning of NPC Pars with L2Central;



rev 30603/14784


+ Added spawn event managers in Goddard;
+ Implemented Christmas event: the main dish - snow pumpkin!;
* Cosmetic bags;
* Updated the drop and the paper presents the NPC for fresh database L2Central;
+ Implemented the announcement of the successful sharpening;
+ Inhabited Land Of Winds
+ Garden Inhabited By The Goddess Eva
+ Populated With The Forge Of The Gods
+ Populated By The Wall Of Argos
- Removed irrelevant config;
* Fix displaying pictures in the community;
* Bypass encryption cosmetics;
* Basic community cosmetics;
* Fixed work links in kommuniti;
* Fix work AccountVariablesDAO;
* Fix VIP points consumption;
* VIP system optimization;
* Updated NpcString on Seven Signs client;
* Fix Bank view via Alt+G;
* Updated NpcString by Antharas client;
* Updated NpcString by Zaken client;
* Fixed bypass operation;
* Updated NpcString by client Saviors;
* Fix skills 19039,19040
* Improved loading of localization files;
+ Added NpcString caching to the server;
* Fix work onMenuSelect procedure in NPC;
* String parser optimization;
+ Added bypass encryption;
* Improved bypass caching during encryption. Now cache and client bypass with NpcString;
* Cosmetics work effect 'i_call_skill';
* Fix caste skills;
+ Populated With The Ketra Orc Outpost
+ Inhabited Hot Springs
+ Added Mobs to the camp of the Varka silenos
* GetEffects effect replaced by i_call_skill;
+ Teleports added Tatiana in Godard
+Added new hunting areas of the Seven Seals.
+ In the vicinity of the Village of the Dark Elves added the Catacombs of the Dark Prophecy.
+ In the vicinity of Aden added to the Necropolis of the Apostles.
* Fixed duplication purposes have massive skills;
* Code optimization;
* Cosmetics work dual-caste;
+ Added configs for power resists;
* Optimize the handling of caste skills;
* Completed the system start and tick effects on off;
* Update skills on offs that have start and tick effects;
* Optimize the handling of caste skills;
* Word processing caste intelligent passed in separate class;
* Optimized handling of caste skills;
+ Added debug entire mass of skills;
* Mass recruitment purposes skills occurs once in launce caste spell, and then just compare the availability Effective Range;
+ Implemented a tutorial notifying about getting 1st profession;
- Removed a forgotten debug;
* Visual cosmetics caste skills;
+ Start a smooth transition to the PTS skill targeting system;
+ Implemented PTS skill parameter 'affect_limit';
* Added 'fan_range' skill PTS parameter;
+ Implemented a PTS type of selection targets (affect_scope): FAN;
+ Implemented a PTS type of selection targets (affect_scope): FAN_PB;
+ Implemented a PTS type of selection targets (affect_scope): SQUARE;
+ Implemented a PTS type of selection targets (affect_scope): SQUARE_PB;
+ Implemented a PTS type of selection targets (affect_scope): RANGE;
+ Implemented a PTS type of selection targets (affect_scope): RING_RANGE;
* Fixed all TUNNEL, MULTIFACE skills;
* Fix removing / putting on gutionov with the drag and drop method (drag and drop);
+ Implemented the ability to remove put on objects by moving the cell (drag and drop);
* Fix tickets to eternal refuge
* Fix the work of antaras;
* Rewritten and optimized Antaras Boss engine;
* Fixed removal of the main GEODATA when removing objects that control GEODATA;
* Fix download of squares GEODATA through the admin panel;
+ Implemented admin command to display zone: / / print_zone [ZONE_NAME];
* Fake players no longer send empty messages;
* Standard Antaras work cosmetic;
+ Fully implemented on offu knights Baltus - Antaras (Instovy Antaras);
* Fix loading of methods with the annotation init and boot scripts;
* Expanding the functionality of AI;
* Cosmetics AI on offu;
* Fix Eventa Trick of trans
* Fix quest for the profession Orc raider
+ Added AI Lugulu and Hamline
* Work to implement Baltus Knights - Antharas;
* Rewritten and optimized Antaras Boss engine;
* Added the minions to the RB 25784
* Fixed being able to attack through the low fences indoors;
* Fixed floorceiling shooting;
* Fix spawn NPS at points where there is no GEODATA. Such cases occur in' RETAIL ' GEODATA;
* Added checks on the success of sub-class recovery during character recovery;
* Added check for successful recovery sub-classes when creating a character;
* Fixed breakage spell when they fell active sub-class;
* Added checks when restoring sub-classes, which will display the appropriate messages in case of failure;
* Cosmetics bypass "Learn about the local ruler and taxes" on Offa;
+ Added ability to spawn on Pvp events;
* Expansion of the engine event;
* Cosmetics receive professions from master;
* Cosmetics Engl dialogues GK;
* Cosmetics English dialogues exchange runes;
* Improved sky fault operation;
* At open break of heavens, we do not forbid to work to a Spatial Whirlpool;
* Blessing Protection buffs on characters level 70 and below;
+ Implemented Russian dialogues for NPC in Goddard;
+ Implementation receive professions from master Goddard;
+ The implementation of all NPC in Goddard;
+ Added stats for elemental experience rate;
+ Added config to disable the elemental system;
+ Implemented guard in Goddard;
+ When killing the commanders Ketry and Boiling the phantoms appear
* When pumping on monsters with the element of fire, the element of water swings, etc., and not Vice versa;
* Send correct packets when raising the elemental level;
* Send correct packets when adding EXP to the elemental;
* Added Ru dialogues
* Updated Teleports to update Seven wings
+ Implementation of most of the NPC in Goddard;
+ Added teleports to Goddard in admin panel;
+ Added spawn NPC in Goddard;
* Updated multisell standard urban traders Seven Signs;
+ Added parameter areas: can_lost_exp
* Increased the number of effect mengers by 10 times. In modern realities (the number of objects in the world, etc.), one basic Manager could not cope;
+ Dialogues of Loya Theodric in the Valley of Dragons;
- Too much dialogue;
* Updated dialogue on offs at Visionary Vanutu;



rev 30288/14421

* Assembly brought up to the Beta release
+ Beta version of elemental formulas;
* Use the right packages in the study of stats, evolution, absorption, extraction of elementals;
+ Implemented the absorption of Spirit power;
+ Implemented the extraction of spirit power;
* Cosmetics system elementals;
+ Implemented the evolution of the elementals;
+ Implemented reset elemental stats;
+ Implemented a study of the talents of the elemental system of the elements;
+ Added a listener to change the level of elemental;
+ Implemented the leveling elementals;
+ Introduced damage and the Crete attack the elemental system damage;
+ Implemented NPC parameter indicating the belonging to the element;
+ Added afflic messages in the system elementals;
+ Added config for elemental leveling rate;
* Pakeke;
+ ExItemAnnounce package;
* Work on the implementation of the system of elements;
+ Analysis of packages for the system of elements;
* Work on the system of elements;
+ Initial implementation of the elemental system;
+ Spawn of the control Elements 'Swain';
* Updated the package for the latest fresh client;
* Reward on Arena Clans on Seven Signs;
* Updated Clan arena to update Seven Signs;
+ Added new hero potions
+ Damaged Antaras Earring (+0 to +3) Added chance and bleeding resistance + 1%.
+ Damaged Bayum Ring (+0 to +3) added bleeding Resistance +1%.
+ Added modification Of damaged Zaken Earrings
* In connection with the appearance in the game is Corrupted Earring of Zaken, was changed characteristics of existing Earring of Zaken
* Fix skila 56018
+ Implemented New items for lock owners
+ Implemented Runes Anakim and Lilith
+ Implemented skills to update Seven Signs
* Updated skill tree on the basis of L2Central (thx. SanyaDC);
* Items prices are spared with Seven Signs customer;
* Spared flags of items with customer Seven Signs;
* Updated monster HP on L2Central database;
* Updated drop and monstrosity stats on L2Central (Seven Signs) database);
- Remove excess spawn;
+ Taken as a basis for new spawn locations with Gracia Final;
+ Spars the names of skills and items from the client Seven Signs;
* Messages from Seven Signs client are saved;
+ Spars option Data blanks from the Sseven Signs client;
* Updated recepty customer Seven Signs;
- Extra;
+ Sparsana a new weapon with a client Seven Signs;
* Updated the stats of the weapon on the client Seven Signs;
+ Spars blanks items from customer Seven Signs;
+ Sparsana new armor with a customer Seven Signs;
* Updated the stats of the armor customer Seven Signs;
+ Spars blanks quests with client Seven Signs;
+ Spars blanks new skills with the client Seven Signs;
* Updated the article presents skills for client Seven Signs;
* Updated the NPC stats from the client Seven Signs;
+ Spars NPC blanks with client Seven Signs;
* Pakeke 152 Protocol;
* Renaming the project to Seven Signs;
* Full synchronization with Antaras Branch;
* New seven Signs branch;



Full sync from the previous Chronicles.



the Course of work on other Chronicles read here: ASSEMBLY L2-SCRIPTS


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