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L2-scripts: Prelude of War

L2-scripts: Prelude of War

List price: 600.00$
From: 420.00$
You save: 180.00$ (30%)



Prelude of War Pack presented by

A bit information about the server:

L2-scripts Fafurion source code was taken to build this server pack.


 Fafurion Branch

Grand Crusade Branch

Helios Branch

Underground Branch

GOD(Ertheia) Branch


The latest revision is 41314.


Beta Release 01 april 2020.

This is Beta-Release version l2j Emulator

Example stable work ask the manager.

Upon request, we provide a test server for review.

The assembly is adapted to protect the system from the packet hacks - L2s-Guard .


The assembly is provided with an IP binding of and is available in 1 external Ip address. This assembly is provided completely in compiled state. Failure to comply with the non-proliferation treaty , assembly at the customer is completely blocked.


Beware of buying server packs on the side for you anywhere except on our website will not sell the original. we have no dealers , all who claim to be our distributors and etc. - you are deceived. Also remember, even if someone sells our assembly, when buying it from the side, you run the risk not only of being deceived, but also in failure of your project ...


Last revision - 420 USD (online - 200)

Last revision 460 USD (line - 500)

Last revision 540 USD (online - unlimited)

Last revision 780 USD (Without IP bindings and No limit)

Last revision 2400 USD (Source)


Support - Tariff "Standart" - 250 USD 1 month.

Support - Tariff "Minimum" - 175 USD 1 month. (NEW)

All tarrifs for tech support read here: TECH SUPPORT


Prelude of War Geodata purchased separately.



It is based on our Fafurion sources:

Details can be found here.


Details on the implementation of  Prelude of War :


rev 41314/15971

* Work has started on the 245 Protocol (Prelude of War: Path 3-4)
* Beta version 235 of the Protocol (Prelude of War: Path 2) is ready for test runs
* Global synchronization with the systems of other Chronicles

Merged revision(s) 15963-15969 from branches/fufarion:
Merged revision(s) 15932-15962 from branches/fufarion:
+ rus ferris ........
* fix guards in westerland ........
* Fix insert encoul in R110 weapon
* fix ensoul, augment, attributes transfer when item upgraded
* fix zone params
* fix head show reuse message
* fix skill names show in system msg
* fix npc rotating;
* fix guards in westerland
+ rus ferris
* fix price in item upgrade system
* Fix Savior Mask
* Fix Warrior Circlet
* Fix Knight Circlet
* Fix Wizard Circlet
* Dragon Rind Leather Shirt
* update eqip upgrade system
Merged revision(s) 15929-15931 from branches/fufarion:
+ eqip update system
* nullpointer eror fix
Merged revision(s) 15908-15928 from branches/fufarion:
* fix baium wakeup;
* fix player and clan variables work;
* Fix artifact upgrade system;
- debug;
* Fix all clan functions;
* Deleted mobs from Tower of Insolence ( Prelude have only Baium)
* Add Zone Forest Of Mirror
* Add Zone Ivory Tower Crater
* Add Zone Plaints of the Lizardmen
* Add Zone Sel Mahum Training Grounds
* Add Zone Silent Valley
* Add Zone Fields of Massacre
* Add zone Crystal Island
* Add zone Dragon Valley
* Fix Zone Breka Outpost
* Add Zone Break Outpost
* Add Zone Aligator Island
* Fix Teleport Giant Cave, Superion
* Fix Party critical
* Fix skills 30600-30800 part 3
* Fix NPC 24308
* Fix skills 19400-19600
* Fix skills 23604
* Fix load server
* sync fufarion[15875-15907];
* cosmetic ls;
* Fix fake players count;
* Fix transforms;
* Fix pledge missions dupe;
* Fix Greather Amethyst, Greater Cat Eye
* Add Chaos Festival aura to item
* Fix describe version
* Fix skills work in invis;
* Fix fake players system;
+ Command //fp_spawn for spawn fake player;

* sync fufarion[15777-15811];
* Delete old npc from quest
* fix server loading;
+ Dimensional Merchant system;
+ Auto heal system;
+ New class change system;
- Remove class change services;
+ Auto-farm;
+ Auto skills;
+ Auto items;
+ Dimensional Merchant button;
* compile fix;
* Update awake class change proccess;
* sync fufarion[15726-15777];
* Update awaked class trees;
* Update Ertheia skill trees;
- Remove Inspector class;
- Remove Judicator class;
* Cleanup and optimize skill-tress;
- Remove awakening parents skills tree system;
* Update third classes skill trees;
* Update first classes skill trees;
* Update second classes skill trees;
* Update start classes skill trees;
+ Parse drop, exp, sp monsters info from L2Central (Prelude of War);

Full synchronization with previous chronicles.



Progress on other chronicles read here: L2-Scripts Packs


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