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L2-scripts: Homunculus

L2-scripts: Homunculus

List price: 820.00$
From: 800.00$
You save: 20.00$ (3%)



Homunculus (Part 1-2) Pack presented by

A bit information about the server:

L2-scripts Prelude of war source code was taken to build this server pack.

New Developers command.


 Prelude of war Branch

Fafurion Branch

Grand Crusade Branch

Helios Branch

Underground Branch

GOD(Ertheia) Branch


The latest revision is 44302.


Release 25 august 2020.

This is Release version l2j Emulator

Example stable work ask the manager.

Upon request, we provide a test server for review.


Attention: You can select the client version:

272 Protocol (part 1)
286 Protocol (part 2-in development)


The assembly is adapted to protect the system from the packet hacks - L2s-Guard .


The assembly is provided with an IP binding of and is available in 1 external Ip address. This assembly is provided completely in compiled state. Failure to comply with the non-proliferation treaty , assembly at the customer is completely blocked.


Beware of buying server packs on the side for you anywhere except on our website will not sell the original. we have no dealers , all who claim to be our distributors and etc. - you are deceived. Also remember, even if someone sells our assembly, when buying it from the side, you run the risk not only of being deceived, but also in failure of your project ...


Last revision 800 USD (1 IP bind)

Last revision 1200 USD (Without IP bindings)

Last revision 3000 USD (Source)


All tarrifs for tech support read here: TECH SUPPORT


Homunculus Geodata purchased separately.



It is based on our Prelude of war sources:

Details can be found here


Details on the implementation of  Homunculus :



rev 44302/16372

Additional correction for previous commit
Temp fix for quests with id 11024 or above causes error
Full update for option data from Salvation to Homunculus Part 1 (augmenting skills and enchanted items skills)
According to update for option data, updated a lot of items, with replace enchant_bonus to enchant_option (it allows to see in-game what bonus item give on any enchant level.)
Added stat pSkillCritChanceRcpt (controls chance to receive critical damage from physical skills) Added stat pSkillCritDamageRcpt (control received amount of critical damage from physical skills)
Reworked aura type skills.
Removed unused PARTY_SOLIDARITY functional Additional fix to previous commit with Provoke Aura Fix for Lakcis Disc aggro problem
Fixed Provoke Aura skill
Fixed issue on ranking history
Updated skill Dual Maximum HP Updated dual skill tree according to changes.
Changed ranking history system (fixed error issue also) Corrected daily reset limited shop
Corrected Palina's Equipment Box & Paulina's Equipment Box (Dual Class) for give items according to player class.
Added basic support for ingame prime shop (at least for RU/ Euro client), with some items Fixed some items.

* Fix items 80502,48912,29067,29069,29401,29402,29403,47396, 47918,48066,48508,48860,80449,80501,80637,80638, 80639,80640,80641,80642,80643,80644,80645,80646

rev 44211/16337

A small update for olympiad config (prelude for olympiad system update)
Added support for Superior Ruby/ Sapphire
Added one-time running fix for old clan members, what data in clan contribution shows wrong. (who has clan before our clan contribution update)
Note: first time opening contribution tab may show again wrong data, need just close and open again it.
Fixed incorrect db update with ranking, caused errors Added visual rank/ castle image before player name in chat (if they in top 100, at least, or/ and have castle).
Updated teleport request on gatekeepers to show new teleport UI
Temp fix for Clan Contribution Rank
Added ExItemDeletionInfo packet Added function for auto deleting needed items with make on item special section with date and time. For schedule item to be deleted - edit data/item_deletion_data.xml (example format inside that file).
Fixed incorrect race rank shows in ranking system Added visual information about players, who have 1st server rank or 1st race rank
* Add enchant 4+ weapon r110
Reworked LuckyGame mechanic and reward data (rewards chances are random)
Fix a error with ranking system that occurs if player has a clan and not online. Small code cleanup
+ Add ru dialog quests Storm Isle Secret Spot
+ Add ru dialog quests Tomb Raiders
Updated Hero list packet
Added BM Festival event
Note: on different official servers they have different names
Also, on official servers it "pay 2 win" event, item for each game can gain only by buying from shop for real money.
FestivalBMData.xml in datapack contains list of items, that possible to win for all 3 groups (top3, good and basic rewards, named as locations), first group cannot be contain more than 3 items if someone try to change list of possible items.
+ Add ru dialog quest Embryo Stronghol dRaid
+ Add ru dialog quest StormIsle Furtive Deal
+ Add ru dialog quest Obtaininga New Power
+ Add ru dialog quest Final Embry oApostle
Fixed trouble, when player not acquire skills from equipped weapon.
Corrected npc stats in 105+ open ground locations Fixed problem with ranking char history Fixed problem, when raid bosses shown on world map as dead while they alive
Corrected stats on Hellbound monsters
+ Add ru dialog quest Where Fate sIntersect
+ Add ru dialog quest Where Fates Intersect
+ Add ru dialog quest Noble Material
+ Add ru dialog quests The Dimensional Part 8
+ Add ru dialog quests The DimensionalWarp Part 9
* Fix weapon r110
+ Add ru dialog quests Exalted One Who Over comes the Limit + Add ru dialog quests Exalted One Who Shatters the Limit
+ Add ru dialogs quests Saviors Path Discovery
Added en dialogs for Npcs Karinia, Bellra, Benusta
Corrected exit coords for time restrict field Imperial Tomb
Added instances:
+Kastia's Labyrinth - Lv. 100
+Kastia's Labyrinth - Lv. 105
+Kastia's Labyrinth - Lv. 110
+Kastia's Labyrinth - Lv. 115
+Kastia's Labyrinth - Lv. 120
Corrected stats on some npcs
Fixed Kastia's Packs items
Fix for Symbol Seal skills Fixed ExShowUpgradeSystem packet Added set effect for R110 sets Added Dark/ Bloody bonus for Dark/ Bloody/ Supreme Leviathan items
Change default protocol version
+ Add ru dialog quests Saviors Path Demons and Atelia
Added Ranking system Fixed skills for ranking system added condition player is_combat added stats m_crit_rate_limit, speed_limit Fixed typos in some quests Some other cosmetic changes.
+ Add ru dialo quests Saviors Path Defeat the Embryo
+ Add ru dialog quests Saviors Path Fallen Emperors Throne
+ Add ru dialog quests Path of Destiny Beginning
Fixed bypasses in ru html dialogs on quest Path of Destiny - Proving
Corrected minimum level for delevel available
Corrected maximum level
Added/ corrected a lot of quests
Added/ corrected a lot of htmls, npcs, skills, items, options
Removed many unused scripts
Changes in vitality consumption speed
Replaced energy of destruction in drop from monsters to Aether
Added conditions maximum_vitality_points and minimum_vitality_points
Some other corrections in core and dp
+ Add ru dialog quests Path of Destiny Proving
limited shop xml for PC Cafe/ PA points menu
Fixed problem with admin add_exp_sp command, when sp can't be added more than Integer.MAX_VALUE Added Limited Shop feature. Added PC Cafe/ PA Points menu feature, that can access directly from right-bottom button, with limited shop
Added Homunculus system
+ Add ru dialogs quest Path of Destiny Conviction
+ Add ru dialog quests Path of Destiny Over come
+ ADD ru dialogs quest Wind of Destiny Encounter +ADD ru dialogs quest Wind of Destiny Promise
+ Add ru dialogs quest Wind of Destiny Choice
* Fix sql load
Fix NPC and SQL errors when run game
* Fix skill 33004, 33005, 33006, 33007, 33008, 33009, 33010, 33011, 33012, 33013, 33014, 33015, 33016, 33017, 33018, 33019, 33020, 33021, 33022, 33023, 33025, 33026, 33027, 33028, 33029, 33030, 33031, 33032, 33033, 33034, 33035, 33036, 33037, 33038, 33039, 33040, 33041, 33042, 33043, 33044, 33045, 33046, 33047, 33048, 33050, 33051, 33052, 33053, 33054, 33055, 33056, 33057, 33058, 33059, 33060, 33061, 33062, 33063, 33064, 33065, 33066, 33067, 33068, 33069, 33070, 33071, 33072, 33073,  33075, 33076, 33077, 33078
Added ExDieInfo packet and special effect for dead players (also shows last 30 damage taken information)
Moved clan relation packets to special folders (in client and server) and small cleanup that
Implemented Time Limited Zones
Added quest Tomb Raiders (auto-get when player first time in day enter into Imperial Tomb Time Limited Zone)
Fixed bug when agathion not unsummoned if player unequip agathion bracelet or agathion charm
Added Clan Contribution system Added restoration 1/4 of vitality bars every day Rework of clan advent system Removed old varka/ketra/golden ram system
* Fix skill 19555,345
* Fix Polina armor
* Fix Fafurion weapon
* Fix weapon R110
* Add teleport Fafurion Temple
* Fix npc 23801,23802,23803,23804,23805
* Fix items 48668,48669,48841, 48864,80333,80334,80335
* Add enchant Angel and Dragon accessories
* Fix skill 19444,19445,19446,19552,19555, 19558,35211,35213,35217,35354,35355,35356
* Fix skill 19553,19559,19567,23604,32262
* Fix spawn npc 26373
* fix water in sea of spoers
* Fix skill 10067,10069,10070,19556,19561
Added quests:
 - Where Fates Intersect
 - Reawakened Fate
 - Path of Destiny - Beginning
 - Path of Destiny - Proving
 - Path of Destiny - Conviction
 - Path of Destiny - Overcome
 - Wind of Destiny - Encounter
 - Wind of Destiny - Promise
 - Wind of Destiny - Choice
Corrected npcs from range 20000 to 24999
Corrected experience table
Corrected PC parameters on new levels
Added new movie to show to each new player when they first log in game
Corrected starting location and equipment on new players
Corrected Mentoring system
Changed Mentor's buff according to they mentee's online
Changed Mentee's buffs list
Added ExTutorialShowId packet
Changed rewards to players when they complete class transfer
Fix for summon visual shown (MyPetSummonInfoPacket) Fix for problem with auto-summon skills and auto-buff skills that used on summons
Added feature to show last login time for each character Additional fix with agathions for previous commit Small fix with clan on remove queries for non-existent columns Full rework on dual-class system according to official
Removed Expertise Penalty Fixed bug with agathions (agathion charms not unequip when switching on maindual class, that may cause some errors)
Old CIPacket replaced for new ExCharInfo Updated ServerPacketOpcodes for 272 protocol Added functionality for show XP bonuses from vitality, buffs and passives
Добавлена система Symbol Seal. Добавлен эффект i_restore_symbol_seal_points Добавлен condition: min_symbol_seal_points
Удалена система pledge bonus в связи с неактуальностью Удалена система monster book в связи с неактуальностью Исправлены ошибки при загрузке сервера
- Delete unused quests
* Add ai Denign
* Add multisels Denign
* Add dialogs Denign
- Delete old spawn
+ ADD new spawn
+ 272 client support
+ 272 names
+ 272 strings
+ 272 upgrade data
+ 272 synthesis data
+ 272 teleport list
+ 272 recipes
+ 272 pledge missions
+ 272 option datas
+ 272 npcs
+ 272 weapons
+ 272 etcitems
+ 272 armors
- del old skill param
+ 272 skills
* FIx spawn Mimir
* Fix skill 11770,11835,11564,19287
* Fix spawn rb 25931
* Add spawn rb 26312
* Fix skill 11511,19430,19431,19432,19436,19443
* Add spawn bosses 26277,26278,26279,26280, 26285,26286,26287,26288
* Fix npc 26277,26278,26279,26280,26285, 26286,26287,26288,26296,24234, 24235,24236,24237,24238
* Fix items 38071,38072
* Fix dialog Anton
* Fix npc 24308
* Add certification dual class 101, 103, 105 lvl
* Fix skill 1999, 2000
* Fix 11124
* Fix item 38073
* Fix skill 10079
* Fix Death Cubic
* Fix skill 19566, 19572
* Fix skill 19408
* Fix EffectAbsorbDamageToMp
* fix log error
* FIx spawn Mimir
* Fix dialog, exchange mammon
* Add Config Can Attack Npc Buffer in Olympiad
* Fix i_randomize_hate ........
* Fix skill 30515
* fix zone parameters
* Fix Krishna weapon
* Fix Leviathan armor slots
* Fix skill 10300
* Fix skill 10527,23742
* Fix skill 11546
* In invulnerable can healing
* Fix i_randomize_hate
* Add Config Can Attack Npc Buffer in Olympiad
- Delete extra RB
+ rename god 245 > 272

Full synchronization with previous chronicles.



Progress on other chronicles read here: L2-Scripts Packs


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