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L2s Essence: Battle Chronicle

L2s Essence: Battle Chronicle

List price: 1,000.00$
From: 800.00$
You save: 200.00$ (20%)


Release Build ESSENCE: Battle Chronice (338 protocol) command

a Little history of the Assembly:

based on the source L2-scripts Essence The Best Buddy .

Branch - Essence 286

Release version l2j Emulator ESSENCE Battle Chronicle - 31.03.2022

the Acquisition of licenses already available to all.

welcome to all for a fruitful mutual cooperation.


latest revision 41240/17452


Upon request we provide a test server for review.

Assembly adapted for protection against packet hacks - L2s-Guard (it is Possible to connect other types of protection).


Assembly is provided with a binding of iron and is available on 1 external Ip address. This Assembly is available in a fully compiled state. Failure to comply with the non-proliferation Treaty Assembly, cooperation with us is completely terminated.


Beware of buying assemblies on the side, because you anywhere else except on our website does not sell the original. No dealers we have, all who pretend to be our distributors and TP - you are deceived. Also remember, even if someone sells our Assembly, then purchasing it from the side, you run the risk of not only being cheated, but also speilet the project at the start.


Last revision 800 USD (1 IP bind)

Last revision 1200 USD (Without IP bindings)

Last revision 3000 USD (Source)


All tarrifs for tech support read here: TECH SUPPORT



GEODATA Essence: Kamael is bought separately.




Detailed implementation for Essence: Battle Chronicle


rev 41240/17452


Temp fix for missed html
Additional update for previous dev commit
Removed nonexistent item
Updated logs in core about skills (for developers can show notdone skills, if need)
Small fix for giants cave spawn
+ add new html ru for Quest
+ add config additional drop and add L-Money  
* Fixed skills  
* Fixed items
* Fixed npc
* Fixed quest 10971
+ add new items fo gmshop
* fixed items  
* fixed skills
* fixed html teleporter/34106.htm
+ add uk string
Updated config properties for allow admins change a lot more parameters
Added functionality in Cruma Tower for use Device to capture for clan and receive clan buff exp/sp
Added Giant's Cave spawn
Added Giant's Cave functionality for use device to capture for clan and receive clan buff exp/sp
Added random change mobs in inner giants cave depend on Giants Cave Device
Fixed issue when clan and alliance crests are not shows
Added temporary skill for transcendent zones skills replacement
Corrected teleport point to Giant's Cave Added preliminary Giant's Cave spawn mobs/ npcs Replaced Clan Advent skill to Clan Members passive skill
Corrected some Scroll of Escape's
Fixed issue when boxes/chests don't opens with parameter Fixed issue when capsuled item, if they should be enchanted to +1 or more - opens with no enchant value
Fixed issue when server load with items errors
Updated augmentation data
Part1: great update a lot of items
Fixed issue when sayha's grace consumed momentarily (changed formulas)
Fixed issue when bow action to rank1 character works incorrect
Enabled Private Store Search List and Statistic
Fixed Adventurer's Griffin agathion Removed GoD feature, that summons agathion from main slot automatically
Added missed functionality for transcendent dungeons Updated some npcs and raids
Removed not existed quests
Fixed issue when Moon Armor packs cannot be open Fixed issue when some other packages cannot be open
Fixed issue when Adventurer's Agathion cannot be equipped
Fixed some enchant scrolls
Full quest dialogs update
Updated castle functions to allow leader adjust tax rate
Corrected ExCharInfo packet to show normally team type, large clan crest, noble and hero status
Fixed issue when on Sylph race board are not shown in some cases A bit cleanup code
Fixed issue when other players can't see buy/ sell info on characters that sitting with buy/ sell items Fixed issue when player can't see other characters who sit with buy/ selling items before they login
Fixed skills Dual Blow, Triple Blow, Stealthy Swiftness, Freezing Wound
Fixed issue when player learn Extra Hit skill, they lose Dual Blow skill but not receive Triple Blow skill
Fixed issue when raid bosses spawn cause errors and don't load
Fixed issue when updating in db olympiad participants cause errors
Full completion of player combat stats system
Initial addition for character combat stats info
Fixed issue with Clan Exuberance skill Fixed Clan Shop Corrected pvpbook help requests Fixed issue when other players don't see clone of rank #1 character (if they logged out)
+ Additional drop system;
* Add manuals
* fix npc per update 338
removing old spawn
Fix Epic Doll
add new points teleport_list.xml & sorted by ID
Fixed issue
# items: 72293 96601 96602 96636 96637 96643 Fixed issue
# skill_tree Fixed issue
# Skill 45369 45370 45371 45372 45378 50544 51297 60010
Add new string RankManager.mail for Subjugation
fix skilltree add new skills 47259 | Unleashing
fix Skills fix items add new Condition Min Max PDef
fix skill tree
fix items  fix dimensional_merchant fix skills  add new spawn add point in teleport_list fix zone/SIEGE.xml
* Fix load server
+ add new skills
* Fix items
+ Max Level 99
* New Info Files
fix load server
add new option_data fix items fix pet data add new transform_data add premium_manager xml add pet_manager xml
Допил админки изменения классов Актуализация в нпц
fix items
add buylists add multisell
Fixed issue
# items Fixed issue
# skills Fixed issue
# restart kamael&sylph add option data add 99 exp lvl fix quests/ add new spawn RaidBoss
Fixed issue, when player can't add item to collection if collection contains same item with another enchant level Fixed issue when clan XP don't save
Fixed issue when subjugation points can be obtained even if player has no sayha's grace points
additional correction to previous commit
Removed packet ids correction for tw client, because now packets opcodes are equals to other regions Fixed issue when clan raid info don't show correct information (packet sent as answer for another client packet)
Added clan shop (correct id file with items) Small correct for magic lamp points Fixed issue for admin create_items command if admin trying create Honor Coins (95570, but for client accepted need -700)
Added help request to revenge system Updated basic revenge information
Fixed issue when revenge system don't work after changed in off server
fix for missed miles on previous synchronization (P2)
fix for missed miles on previous synchronization
Extra fix for sql characters
- to trash
* возвращаю свои фиксы: коллекции распространяются на весь аккаунт!
* fix warning - удалил CapsuledOneItemHandler который дублирует оффовскую систему create_items
+ Beoro Pet Raid AI
+ title with icon
+ party request action
end of total synchronization with core and some in dp
* rename enchant_level > enchant
+ new capsuled item type impl
* fix skill trees load
* fixed start server in Linux
* reworked skilltree under 338 part 5
* reworked skilltree under 338 part 4
* update project to 17 java
* update libs
* reworked skilltree under 338 part 3
+ black coupon system
* fix ExCharInfo
* fix compilation
* fix attack payback target type
* global skill upgrade to 338 part 1
* reworked skilltree under 338 part 2
* fix compilation
* reworked skilltree under 338 part 1
* collections work on all account
+ blocked skills support in skill tree
+ add new AbnormalEffect from 338 client
* fix CharacterSelectInfoPacket
* fix commit
* fix client crash by private store search
+ skill 47001
- Goring Charge
+ aiming skills system
* fix NpcInfoPacket
+ payback attack auto farm target type
+ private store search system
Добавлены мануалы
* fix new henna system
* finish new dye henna system
+ dyes potential system
* fix server rank loading
+ new henna 338 system
Merged revision(s) 17291 from branches/classic_338:
+ 338 packet opcodes
Merged revision(s) 17284 from branches/classic_338:
* rework skill trees xml format
* update skill tree by l2central
* rework skill trees xml format
Merged revision(s) 17280-17281 from branches/classic_338:
* fix ExCharInfo pkt
* fix packets for 338 protocol
Merged revision(s) 17261-17264 from branches/classic_338:
- cleanup
* optimize database installer
* update interface teleport mechanic
* update synthesis: added commission
* fix server loading
* rename project to 338
+ parse upgrade data from 338 client
+ parse teleprot list from 338 client
+ parse synthesis data from 338 client
* update client string by 338 client
+ parse recipes from 338 client
+ parse option data from 338 client
+ parse new 338 client daily mission
+ parse weapons from 338 client
+ parse armors from 338 client
+ parse etcitems from 338 client
+ parse npcs from 338 client
+ parse skills from 338 client
* 311 > 338;





Full sync from the previous Chronicles.



the Course of work on other Chronicles read here: ASSEMBLY L2-SCRIPTS


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