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Lineage 2 turnkey project

Lineage 2 turnkey project! lineage 2 custom server! Lineage 2 turnkey servers! what is turnkey server ? It's very easy, most of the services, that you see on our website, are included in turnkey packet. How do we create the project? You contact our manager, talk about all term from A to Z, we create an individual work plan.

What do we need from you?:

- The will to work on your project
- Include your thoughts clearly when creating technical specifications of the future server project
- Everything else is made by us, as you want it to be

turnkey project creation is made from several main steps:

+ We will provide one of our Lineage 2 L2-scripts server packs: Essense (Crusade 388 protocol), Essense (286+ protocols), Homunculus, Classic Kamael (286-338 protocols), Fafurion, Classic 2.9 (Secret of Empire), Classic 2.8 (Seven signs), Classic 2.7 (Antharas), Grand Crusade, L2Classic 2.5 (Saviors: Zaken), Helios, Classic 1.0, Classic 1.5, Classic 2.0 (Saviors), Underground, Odyssey, Gracia Epilogue, Ertheia, High Five, Lindvior;
+ Maintaining technical support for our server pack;
+ Develop for you a unique design or templates for you website;
+ Provide the necessary scripts to work with your server;
+ Detailed consultation regarding the advertisement for you Lineage 2 server;
+ Registration in search engines and social networks;
+ DDOS protection for your website and server ; Also any other work with system adminitration.
+ Pack installation & configuration; And any other kind of work as described in the technical specifications
+ Development of systems, events, tournaments ; We will create everything that you'd like to
+ Full management of the project at all stages of the lineage 2 server development , includes the work on your forum, in game works, create a unique scenery for your server project.
+ For tariff "Gold" and "Platinum" we provide guides that include basic server operation along with server development.
+ Turnkey price will conclude upon your requests and wishes.
+ And many many more (read details on example of turnkey plan, as well as relevant tariffs. Also you can alway ask the manager any question you'd like inskype: Skype: Click on the icon:



  • We don't just do, but also teach our clients
  • We give guarantee on all technical work we do
  • Tariff plans don't include: advertisement budget, hardware and powerful ddos machine
  • powerful ddos protection is provided by our partners. On Platinum package, we provide full control over the proccess.
  • For tariffs "Gold" and "Platinum" for any our pack you get free technical support and updates during development stage, in addition you get 2 months after you launch the server.
  • For tariffs "Gold" and "Planitum" special discounts from our partner OVH , and on all services provided
  • For tariff "Silver" now available our Classic 1.5
  • Important! Please read: "Terms and Guarantees"
  • Check out: "FAQ"
  • Prices for all tariffs are merely exploratory in nature and are not final. we have an individual approach to every client and there is no same technical specifications, therefore the final price of lineage 2 server pack you will get from the managed when concluding the agreement.
  • We don't resell and services from 3rd party, We are - unique service, that can provide our staff work and salary in this sphere. We have many approved partners, that are satisfied working with us. We have order, a clear hierarchy and competent, disciplined employees, and we can confidently say that we are the best in this area. Our existence for almost 8 years speaks of our integrity in dealing with clients and dedication.


You can add to any tariff any kind of service or event, and get a discount from 10 to 30 percent. Details can be obtained from the manager in contacts.

After finalization of the TOR (terms of reference) by the parties, any additions to your TOR to be paid separately!

contact our L2-scripts manager - you will get all help needed.

Lineage 2 turnkey creation steps - FAQ

Tariff Plans

Tariff - Platinum
Tariff - Platinum
Tariff plan - Platinum
From: 2,100.00$
Tariff - Gold
Tariff - Gold
Tariff plan - Gold
From: 1,500.00$


Tariff - Silver
Tariff - Silver
Tariff plan - Silver
From: 975.00$


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