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Official L2s-Guard Website: L2s-Guard Protection

Module Prices

L2s-Guard - is a unique l2j antibot and one of a kind client-server anticheat, antibot and anticlicker protection module for Lineage 2 all Chronicles and generations. One of the most basic and important functions of this module is to encrypt traffic between the client and the server, allowing you to prevent reading, editing, and spoofing of network packets, which can lead to tragic consequences and the closure of the gaming portal. L2s-Guard protection is a unique and one of a kind l2j protection software includes a variety of protective modules. Successfully cope with the most dangerous and the new cheat programs that are available to players in our time to automate and cheat the game, and also most focused on the security of Your project.


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Examples of successful projects with our protection

- - (Protected)
- - (Protected)
- - (Protected)
- - (Protected)
- - (Protected)
- - (Protected)
- - (Protected)
- - (Protected)

We offer a free 7 day license for the servers who want to test in real-time the protection before migrating to a live server and ensure that it is the best lineage 2 protection server today.

Modules 1 year9 m. 6 m.3 m.
L2s-Guard main module: - server pack protection, l2 anti bot
- packet hack protection
- Traffic encryption
- Clicker protection
- File protection
- Free Updates
- Free Tech. Support
- Almost all new modules are free!
200 USD (Full License) 175 USD 150 USD 125 USD

Additional modules and services Price
Technical Support Cost: Free
Module "Damage screen": In the Chronicles Interlude and HF and everything below on the screen during battles shows the damage animation (like for a GOD and classic) 100 USD
Lobby Colletion Module: 50 USD
Launcher Module: Players can enter the game with your launcher, without the possibility to run l2.exe 50 USD
Chronicle Change: 20 USD
IP Change Free 2nd time 50$
Protection File Recovery 20 USD
Transfer the module to new owner 20 USD
Domain(DNS) Bind 50 USD

Supported chronicles lineage 2 protection: Fafurion, Orfen, Salvation, Grand Crusade, L2classic Secret of Empire (2.9), Seven Signs (2.8), saviors: Zaken, saviors: Antharas, Scions of Destiny, Interlude, Hellbound, Gracia Final, Gracia Epilogue, Freya, High Five, Awakining, Tauti, Glory Days, Lindvior, Ertheia, Infinite Odyssey, Underground, Helios, L2Classic 1.0 - 2.5.

The purpose of the L2s-Guard lineage 2 antibot:
- Protect the gameserver from prohibited actions, edit batch level and other possible actions that may lead to project failure.
- Protect the gameserver from bots, which players can automate the process of the game. Bots are one of the most common types simplify the gameplay and hinder the smooth development of the server.
- Protect game server from clickers and other cheat programs, which aim to automate the process of playing in different situations, honest to break the game balance, and the balance between players.
- the l2-scripts Team ready to implement any module that is required for the customer.
- the Development of competition in the market, the development of modular protection, the raising of the level of protection and complete elimination of the threat cheat programs, and lower prices, making them more accessible to customers worldwide, regardless of region or language spoken.

Protection Abilities:

1. Compulsory modules for the implementation of basic action to protect Your project from using cheat SOFTWARE.
2. Additional Modules any additional functions, which will work in parallel with the protection, we also accept the third-party integration modules after their approval.
the List will be supplemented during the development process. We accept any orders and requests.

Free modules and services:

Updater. Using special technology, our updates are distributed quickly and reliably. Your players are always have the most relevant software.
A special method of traffic encryption. With the use of proprietary technology, encryption does not affect the delay and ensures reliable data transfer server-client, client-server.
New technologies identification of clickers system using detection at the hardware level.
HWID module, which allow the administrator to restrict access to the game partially or fully.
Easy installation server and client parts. Help installing - free.
IP Any requested for free
Technicla Support works 15 hours a day with no holidays from 9:00-00:00 local time (weekends 11:00-21:00/open schedule).

License and Updates Are provided for up to 12 months!

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Links: Protection Description, Modules, Purchase, Terms, Contacts

L2s-Guard - main module
L2s-Guard - main module
Main l2-scripts module updates
From: 120.00$
Lobby Collection Module
Lobby Collection Module
Lobby Collection Module
From: 30.00$


Module "Damage screen"
Module "Damage screen"
Module "Damage screen"
From: 60.00$


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