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L2-Scripts High Five

L2-Scripts High Five

List price: 225.00$
From: 135.00$
You save: 90.00$ (40%)


High Five Part 5 VIP Pack  presented by


 A bit about the history behind this server pack:


Based on Overworld, L2-scripts Epilogue (VIP), Freya, full function and updates that are described on our website.


Developed in close VIP section on our website for large clients worldwide.


 Now we offer everybody to use this product, that have no similar in the High Five packs market.



Latest revision 19359.


Test Server (will be opened by request)


Ask the manager to get a stable server example.


This pack is adapted for protection system and for anti-pack hacking - L2s-Guard, Smart-Guard (manual connection with Yuri).


 This packet includes our geodata as gift (without technical support).

If you want to have our latest, perfect build geodata version, you can buy it here : Full High Five GEO 


This pack is provided with a hardware bind and provided for 1 external IP address. This pack is provided in fully complied version. Failure to comply with non-sharing terms, the pack will be blocked pernamently.

Beware of buying assemblies on the side anywhere except on our website. you won't get the original l2-scripts pack. We have no dealers, all who claim to be our distributors and etc. - is lying. Also remember, even if someone sells our assembly, when buying it from the side, you run the risk not only of being deceived, but also fail your project at its start...



Latest revision - 135 USD (online limit - 200 players)

Latest revision - 170 USD (online limit - 500 players)  

Latest revision - 200 USD (no online limit)  

Latest revision - 300 USD (no IP binding and no online limit)

Latest revision - 800 USD (Source Code)


High Five - from 540 USD (With module GOD client on High Five)

Multi-Profession Mode Pack   - 200 USD   

Multi-profession Mode Pack Source Code  - 600 USD 



All tarrifs for tech support read here: TECH SUPPORT



The assembly is part of the provision of services in a turnkey packages Gold and Platinum



Brief pack description High Five part 5:



- Full implementation of the content Epilogue> Freya> High Five Part 1-5.
- Siege of elite clan halls (absolutely accurate as on l2off).
- Fully implemented territorial battle (completely without flaws).
- The entire chain of epic quests (Epilogue + High Five).
- All new quests (Freya, High Five).
- All new skills (Freya, High Five).
- Item-Mall (100% confirm).
- Olympiad (High Five) - 100% implementation.
- Kratei Cube.
- Handy Blocker.
- Auction of things.
- Underground Coliseum.
- All data (NPC, pets, characters, items, etc.) correspond to the official server.
- Seed of Destruction, Seed of Infinity, Seed of Annihilation.
- Epic bosses: Beleth, Freya (entire chain of quests, hard step, normal step), Zaken (All species dnenvnoy, night, etc.).
- Hellbound fully corresponds to the official server.
- All new locations (Watcher of Tomb, Dragon Valley, Lair of Antharas).
- Squad-skills clans.
- Work items option (Olf's T-Shirt, etc.).
- Works Energy Agathion.


And, ofcourse, we can continue on and on, what is working, a week won't be enough to describe...


This is the best product on the market. The best product based on Java Emulators



Revisions are starting from 6814, there's no reason to describe them here, in there we have up to 99% full official content. The below is updates and fixes(translated with google translate, if specifications needed, please ask the manager):


rev. 19359/2614

* fix buylists
* update and optimize database installer
* optimize htmls
* rework and optimize buylists parser
* Cosmetic;
* client hash
* fix htmls bad syntax
* fix quest 178
* fix mithril mines instance coords
* фикс ехп 22837 фикс закен не так часто телепортироваться.
* не забирать айтемы если раса камаэль.
* тип базы ARCHIVE не используется глобально.
* удобный тест байпасов.
* Fix TvT rewards
* Fix Instance Service



rev. 19088/2560


+ add item equip validation on restore
+ UpdatesListGenerator;
- remove deprecated table
* Fix skill 1035
* fix install updates
* Fix skill 1169* Chain heal can use in town
* Fix Freya skills - not attack npc
* Fix last hero event
* Fix quest Guardians of the holy guards 639
+ debuff chance message;
* fix costumes
* Comunity heal servitor and cancel debufs
* fix database update
* fix monsters agro range
* update npc attributes by pts hi5 scripts
* fix community buffer
* fix costumes
* Fix NonRatedQuestIDs
* offlike macro bug
*fix attack doors
* attendance reward
* fix atendance reward
* for prevous comit
* exyend costume system
* fix fakeplayers
+ auto souls system
* fix multiface skills
- clean
* fix marco bug config
* fix attence rewards
* fix fake players equp
* change atedance reward binds
+ attendance reward system
* fix geodata engin
* Fix spawn npc 32601
* Fix load server
* Fix auto adena
* fix fake player revive
+ New costumes
* fix change visual item service
* fix fake players
* fix move engine
* Fix teleport to dragon valley
+ adena autoloot
* rework fake player equip algoritn
* for pre commin
*fix bot overload
* fix fake players pvp
* fix fake player equip



rev. 18841/2443

* Fix Newbie dialog
+ addon for interface
* Fix select armor set by fake player;
* fix fake players equip and inventory overload
* Fix Drop Seal Stone
* fix heading rotation;
* Fix Count Bots
* Fix Seal Stone Premium Drop
* Add Rates Seal Stone
* fix npc rotating;
* Fix Bot kamael
+ Added config monster enchant weapon
+ monstr encant weapon config
- Remove excess config
* Fix transformation;
* Fix falling bottom geodata when char transform;
* Fix bbs buff
* Fix load server
* Fix fake players system;
+ Command //fp_spawn for spawn fake player;



rev. 18760/2394


* Global synchronization with the systems of other Chronicles.
* Add RU database droplist
+ Drop database for community;
* Fix Quest 359
* Fix Quest 712
* Fix Quest 713
* Fix TvT Event
* Fix epic-bosses respawn log;
* * Fix load server
* Fix NPC interaction with moving NPC's;
* Fix NPE;
* Fix NPC interaction lag;
* * Fix The L2 vote reward scripts;
* Fix server load
* Multiple fixes left without a description in the period from may to October 2019, we apologize, there are many fixes, but the description of the changelog is lost, but the Assembly was very serious work was done in this period.



rev. 18599/2402

* Optimization update;
* Fixed the skill 768-770
* Code optimization. Removed unnecessary checking of interaction with NPCs;
* Fixed a bug where the character is at a satisfactory distance, but the link action in the NPC dialog was not activated;
* Cosmetics installer auto-update;
+ Added a message before caching the HTML;
* Fixed sharpening system;
* Optimized sharpening system. Now you do not need to prescribe sharpening statts in the datapack;
+ Added config to disable the Nevitt system;
* Fix custom event effects;
* Fix use of CP cans system autochina;
* Don't display message overlay hidden effect;
* Improved auto-heal system. Now Hilo is triggered every 0.3 sec.;
* Cosmetics display caste abilities;
- Removed redundant;
+ Start to use a Restoration mechanic skills, for items skills (chests, etc.);
* Fixed sharpening skills;
* Optimized parsing and storage of skills:
1. LVL skills match the client;
2. When you add a skill level will not shift sharpening the skill;
3. Skills are loaded faster;
4. Now displays all errors in the design of the skills that will allow you to avoid typos in the skill;
5. Kegco adding components evtybz. for example Restoration system;
6. Removed a bunch of conversions skill levels and extra code that will speed up the server;
and more...
* Fixed sharpening skills;
+ Start of work on alteration of storage and Parsa skills;



rev. 18548/2380


* Fixed quest (124) MeetingTheElroki;
* Fixed the removal of buffsdebuffs after removal of the NPCs in the death;
* Fix character height when using sub-class;
* Fix community clan list;
* Fix NPE in Fake Players;
* Fixed the Manager of the seven seals;
* Fixed teleport service to offshore zones;
* Fixed a bug with door GEODATA when some doors were opened incorrectly in GEODATA;
* Fixed generation of GEODATA for some doors (reworked algorithm);
+ Implemented admin command to display spawn territory NPC: //print_spawnzone;
+ Implemented admin command to display NPC zone territory: //print_zone;
* Fixed the algorithm of equipment selection for fake players;
* Fix work Quiz;
* Improved the work of fake players. They are now not teleported anywhere when interacting with NPCs;
* Improved algorithms and logic of fake bots;
* Fixed CTF event operation;
* Fixed the work of the Letters Collection event;
* Fixed service for the exchange of PC bang points;
* Fixed the fight Club event;
* Fixed the operation of the racing service on Isle of Prayer;
* Fixed work of Pets upgrade;
* Fixed purple Horse purchase service;
* Fixed the work of the orenda mount;
* Fixed service teleports in the catacombs;
* Fixed operation of teleport service to Giran Harbor;
* Fixed teleport services on the Parnassus;
* Fixed bot check service operation by issue;
* Cosmetics spawn of a Priestess of the Sunset in Gludio;
* Redesigned the distance of interaction with the aim of off (talking to NPC, buying in a private shop, etc.).);
* Fixed the assignment Heading on the left. all event managers;
* Fixed interaction of fake players with NPCs, now players do not teleport to the roof or to strange places;
* Cosmetics of the prison;
* Fixed display of attack on all weapon types according to the actual attack on the server;
* Code optimization of the Four Tombs;
* Fixed known bugs of the Four Tombs;
* Cosmetics Four Tombs closer to offs;
* Fixed operation of the second room in Four Tombs;
* There is an order from spawna 4 tombs;
* Cosmetics dialogues Four Tombs;
* Updated info files;



rev. 18405/2356

* Updated NPC Remy in the Village of Talking Island, now it uses a new route system;
* Fixed the work of the save sets in buff kommuniti;
* Fixed the work of the GM shop for adena;
* Cosmetics of the interface of the ban;
- Got rid of RunnableImpl;
* Redesigned thread Manager, now correctly displays thread errors and you can freely use lambda expressions to create a task;
+ Go to the new advanced system of custom messages;
+ Implemented the interface for the new system of ban;
+ Implemented by storing the IP address of the player;
+ Added logging of the new system of bans;
* Added a message about rathbane chat at the expiration time of the ban or rabbane admin;
* If you remove the pers, deleted the old table of bans;
* Cosmetics reports of bath chat. Now write on time and date razbana;
* Fixed character ban display when selecting characters;
* Optimization of the previous kommentov;
+ Added a new system of bans in the game server;
+ Implemented commands for the bananbana accounts,SP,XviD,players,chat login and game servers;
* Refactoring and optimization of the new ban system;
* Cache the login server bans to the game server;
+ Implemented the ban the login-server by HWID;
* When the bath account, specifying the period -1, the ban will be perpetual;
+ Implemented a complete system to ban username/IP/HWID-level login server';
* When the bath through the base (via a new system or through access_level) in the time specified in the config file the login server automatically kick players from the game;
+ Implemented a new ban system at the login server level;
* Changed chance of spawn mobs in Forge of Gods
* Cosmetic;
* Cosmetics dialogues of the Tomb of the Four Spirits;
* Refactoring;
* Fix the work of the Tomb of the Four Spirits;
* Cosmetics and optimization of the Tomb code of the Four Spirits;
* Cosmetics of Russian dialogues;
* Optimization Of The Tomb Of The Four Spirits;
* Migrated table four_sepulchers_spawnlist in XML;
* Fixed rewards for votes;
* Fix rebirth system;
* Cleaning NPC from obsolete parameters;



rev. 18260/2297


* Finally fixed problem with door GEODATA generation;
* Fix of using CP potions by ACP system when character has 0% cp;
* Fix the change of heading during casting skills and attacking. Before the optical position of a character not sootvetsvovalo of fact, in the caste;
* When you change sub class cancel castes and attack. Otherwise, you could dupaty buffssummons other subs;
* At the end of download game servers beep (useful for tests);
* Fixed a glitch, when visually, they were open and in the closed GEODATA;
* Fixed work skill (1439) Curse of Divinity;
+ Added config to disable certification skill learning requirement to take next;
* Cosmetics autochina;
* Fix the HTML of buffer.;
* Community cosmetics;
* Optimized buffer code in community;
* Made basic sets of buffs and buffs of the settings in data/bbs_buffs.xml;
* Changed storing sets of buffs the player in a database;
* Fixed buttons in the buffer kommuniti when they worked through again;
* Fix character creation;
* Fix adding sub-classes;
* Rewritten and optimized storage of sub-classes of players;
* Fix of augmentation of S84 objects;
* Podkorektirovan dialogue 184 quest
* Cosmetics of buffer.;
* Fix display of jewelry with donning;
* If the monster can't find the way 'home' then teleport it home, which fixes the problem of not being able to attack the monster while it returns 'home';
* Improved TWT event;
+ Implemented team .epic to check the status of epics;
+ Added config to disable class battles;
* Improved settings scrolls sharpening. Now it is possible to do more flexible adjustment of chances of sharpening;
* Updated chances of sharpening weapons and armor by offs;
+ Made hardcod stones sharpening in datapac;
* The number of crystals during crystallization depends on the level of sharpening (offline);
* The number of crystals when you fail sharpening depends on the level of sharpening (afflic);
* Fix work drop in DJ -;
* Code optimization;
* Critical fix of GEODATA engine;
* Fixed display of timely augmentation of the character;
* Fixed a timely display of sharpening the character;
* Fix service for the sale of augmentations, inserted varitions in a mixed order, which did not display the effect of augmentation;
* Optimization headpiece;
* Fixed the use of doors in GEODATA, there were failures due to incorrect work in multithreading;
* Fixed the zeroing gates, and the siege of the walls after the recent fixes. Now when you spawn doorswalls arrayed in GEODATA full wall depending on door height;
* Fix work quest (195) Seven Signs - Secret Ritual of the Priests;
+ Added parameter to have skills reuse_skill_id that allows different skills to install a rollback;
+ Implemented stat RUN_SPEED_LIMIT for setting the limit of running;
* Small cosmetics clearance kommuniti;
* Fix and cosmetics voting is;
+ Added ability to disable language selection;
* Community buffer cosmetics;
* Cosmetics team .acp;
* Improved system auto-recovery of HP/MP/CP. Added visual interface, and added a global button to turn off the system;
* Refactoring;
* Cosmetics komissionki kommuniti;
+ Implemented a service to improve the level of the character in the community;
+ Implemented service lowering the level of the character in the community;
+ Implemented sales tools augmentati in kommuniti;
* Buffer cosmetics in the community;
+ Added ability to add buffs for Premium account in the community buffer;
+ Added ability to enable saving teleports in community only for Premium Account;
* Community cosmetics;
* Fix splash damage display (SGuard module);
* Cosmetics download sub-classes when you enter the game;
- !!! ATTENTION!!! Removed old voting machines to encourage players to vote in ratings;
+ Implemented a system of awards for voting in ratings. Support ratings:,,,,;
- Cleaning;
* Cosmetic;
* Optimization;



rev. 17925/2153

* You cannot manage sub-classes while participating in Pvp events;
* Do not restore the effects at the end of the duel, if the sub-class was somehow changed;
* Fixed bonus of the chance to loot and spoils premium account;
* Ignore project idea files;
* Builder cosmetics;
* Fix installer;
* Fix of NPE;
* We are gradually introducing a new flag system;
* Fix NPE when sending packets;
* Fix display of the fines of the clan. 1. Added Russian localization; 2. Take into account configs on penalties clan when displaying the end date of the penalty;
* Cosmetics sending HTML dialogs;
* Fixed service: service of the Seven Seals Pushkin;
* Fix service Item-Broker on search vendors;
* Fix quest " Quest cooperation with Nicolas"
* Fixed service seven petite have Taurine and Pushkina;
* Fix rollback skill. For some reason, the base rollback was 5000, not 0!?!?!;
* Fixed the restore function of the character. Now the character will teleport to its starting location;
* Fix the "Region" page template in the community;
* Fix checks on the establishment of a command channel;
* Fix verification of employment port when booting the server;
* Fix long HTML work in community;
* Fix extra checks in AI RB;
+ Added the use of bypass of the new system through the community;
* Refactoring;
* Redesigned custom message storage;
* Events (event engine) can now be loaded from scripts;
+ Added support for many new languages;
* Extend the functionality of the engine events year branch;
* Made handler event-admin team in scripts;
* Extend the functionality of the engine events year branch;
* Updated repository of bypass solutions to version Year branches;
* Gradually updating the loader scripts to version Year branches;
+ Added annotations for loading and initializing scripts;
+ Added annotation for download of bypass solutions with scripts;
* Extend the functionality of the event engine;
+ Implemented walker route's (SuperPoint) in Npc;
+ Implemented randonnee actions from Npc list;
+ AI Npc is placed in a separate class which inherit only AI Npc;
* Redesigned, improved and optimized inviz system;
+ Begin to move the storage of the status flag characters with Year branches;
* Updated RB Gordon fully on offu;
+ Added and implemented AI event: EVT_DELETE;
+ Added and implemented AI event: EVT_TELEPORTED;
+ Added and implemented AI event: EVT_SEE_CREATURE;
+ Added and implemented event AI: EVT_DISAPPEAR_CREATURE;
+ Added and implemented event AI: EVT_FINISH_WALKER_ROUTE;
* Expanding the functionality of AI;
+ Introduced undying flag for Pvp events;
* Extend the functionality of the event engine;
* Fixed package ValidateLocationPacket, which caused horrible discomfort due to the fact that he had no ID and was sent a completely left-wing packages;
* Afflic the order of packet target;
* Optimization of packet in the capture of targets in the target;
* Fix eternal fall from a height;
* Fixed twitching of the character and NPC in the movement;
* Reworked validiate the position of the character offs;
* Optimization;
* Fixed the work of GK;
* A large clan emblem can be installed without the presence of a castle or KKH;
* Fix loading clans;
* Updated libraries;
- Get rid of the old HTML formatting;
* Convert HTML dialogs to normal HTML format;
* Cosmetic;



rev. 17740/2054


+ Global work on the development of the GOD module. Soon release.
This module can be ordered now separately. The cost before the new year is low. After the release will be changed.
This module allows clients of high Five servers to enter the game to your players not only from the corresponding client, but also from the client Grand Crusade, Salvation, Ofren, etc.
That is, players are available all the same high Five server, but with new graphics, interface and many new features.
Release scheduled until January 10, hurry to pre-order at a low price.

* multiple fixes for your bug reports.



rev. 17694/2036

+ Implemented the ability to specify the date of sieges in Cron (extended);
* Optimization of tables castle, clanhallm fortress; - removed irrelevant config;
* Pakeke;
* Cosmetic;
+ Implemented support for Velocity variables;
+ Added damage support on the screen of the Guard protection module;
* Singh;
* Work on GoD fashion;
* Fix entry to the game on the character who sits in the offline trade;
* Reworked Correction z coordinates: if there is no lower layer below us, then take the top, which will fix the failure under the texture;
* The algorithm of spawn point search in the location is completed. Monsters will no longer spawn in the ground, in the ceiling, in the walls, etc.;
* When assigning coordinates to an object, check the z coordinates by GEODATA, if necessary;
* Fix teleport via Shift+Click;
* Fixed the limit of weight for offs;
* Fixed work monster patrols in Loa;
* Fix operation wandering monsters in Loa (Knorke etc.);
* Fixed twitching of monsters when you attack it out of inviza;
* Rewritten search algorithm spawn point in the location. Monsters will no longer spawn in the ground, in the ceiling, in the walls, etc.;
* Fix skila 1400
* Cosmetics return monsters 'home' Offa;
* Fix any recent fresh buffs associated with the behavior of the monsters and their attack;
* Fix sharpening Non-grade through the community, if it is not included in the configs;
+ Added Start Pack
* Fix the immortality of Zaken;
* Fix attack a patrol of monsters (Cnoris, etc.) in the Lair of Antharas;
* Fixed caching of images in the Assembly. Now you can use images of any size;
* Fix skila 3646
* Fix a bug where the player is not thrown from the instance when relog;
+ Patch in systems
+ Added NPC and spawn, a title when creating a Chara
* Correct description of the new config in the community;
* sync with main branch;
* Work on the server
+ Kommuniti added otobrazhenie current online;
* Fixed the entrance to the instance (138) Mithril Mines quest (10284) Acquision Of Divine Sword;
* Correction of the position of the object Z coordinates that fixes spawn NPCs and objects in the ground;
* Another attempt to fix the shooting floorceiling;
* Fixed zeroing the floorceiling;
* Fix of flight and movement in spectator mode;
* Fix the teleport up / down using the admin panel;
* Fixed 'Target is not visible' if the target or the attacker stands near the wall;
* Fix the movement in the water;
* The distance is stored in int and not in long;
* Updated spawn in the instance of Frintezza on offs;
* Fix NPE when initializing epic bosses;
* Code optimization service sharpening in kommuniti;
+ Added config to globally disable features custom kommuniti;
+ Implemented the ability to specify the price of sharpening for each grade separately in the community services;
+ Implemented sharpening service in the community;
+ The input service PC coupon for kommuniti;
* Fixed PvPPK English localization in kommuniti;
* Work on correcting sharpening under Year mod;
* Fix spawn point after death on a Primeval Island;
* Cosmetics configs;
+ Added input service PC coupon kommuniti;
+ Added admin command '/ / generate_pc_coupons [COUNT] [TYPE] [VALUE] ' to generate PC coupons;
* Expanding the functionality of the PC coupon system;
* Rewritten offs for optimized system PC coupons;
* Rewritten and optimized system variables players;
+ Added admin command //forge to debug server-side packages;
+ Added config for setting zones where private trading is allowed;
* Extending the functionality of the skill tree engine;
* Fix compilation;
* Fix teleport through community;
* Fix Sets Of Armor
* Fix: 'Comparison method violates its general contract!';
* Fix Teleport 6 floor TOI
* Optimized the configuration of the connect database;
* Added support for MySQL 8;
* Fix skill 1400
* Fix skills 6862,6863



rev. 17420/1947

* Fix database update;
* Fix the movement buttons on the keyboard;
* Development of paid helper GOD on the Assembly HI5 is almost complete
+ GoD patch for Hi5 (Optional);
* Implement support 140 Protocol (optional);
* Fix zeroing of the prison variable when you enter the game;
* sync hi5;
* Fix multithreading in community buffer;
* Updated ratemobspawn config, now works with fractional numbers;
* Fixed save character in database at very high value of HP, MP;
* * Fix database installation;
* Fix opening chests
+ Added alert on PvP PK kill;
* Fixed compilation warnings in scripts;
* Redesigned RAID boss respawn alert;
+ Implemented an alert about the respawn epic boss;
+ Implemented notification of the RAID boss murder;
+ Implemented an alert about killing epic boss;
* Improved build Builder;
* Fix loading of Monticello;



rev. 17344/1918


* Formatting;
+ Added many new areas off of;
* Fixed fishing in Hot Springs;
* Fix when the character under firom ran into the wall;
* Freya Normal stage 3. mirror
+ Implemented storage system of murder history RB;
+ New custom buffer similar to community;
+ Implemented the ability to specify multiple multisells in a single file;
* To Fix The Beleth
* Fix attack of the walls at the siege of the castle;
* Cosmetics of attack of the doors;
* When checking the visibility of the target now take into account the radius of the target and the player;
* Fixed display position of the character by the client;
* Fully fixed movement under water and in the air;
* Fix attack targets underwater and in the air;
* It is possible to fix the hovering movement of the character when the continuation of the movement required to reset the target;
* Cosmetics //geo_grid now display pole squares;
* Under return Moba home, use the search for path;
* Fix jump to / from target to wall / texture;
* Fix when "Target is invisible" if the attacker and target are in the same geo-square;
* Fix "Target invisible" when geodate is turned off;
* Fix the movement in the water;
* Fix item 21707
* Fix nurse ant treatment (Queen Ant-Boss);
* Fix system of rebirth;
+ Added config to the maximum number of characters;
+ Added validation of appearance when creating a character;
+ Implemented custom system of rebirth;
* Cleared bindings, had a bunch of junk.
* Cosmetic;
* Fix of NPE;
* Changes in the INFO folder
+ Implemented a system of automatic database update when updating the server;
+ Added more extensive logging of objects;
* Code optimization;
- Code cleaning;
+ Implemented a service to remove the character's skills;



Rev. 17220/1883


* Refaktor of pacetti under 140 Protocol;
+ Branch Хи5 Year client;
* Fix studying multi-class forgot abilities;
* Fix previous commits;
+ Implemented system fences have of the staff;
* NPCs with GEODATA now able to move;
+ Implemented the ability to assign GEODATA to all NPCs;
+ Start of implementation of fences;
+ Added command to debug GEODATA //geo_grid;
* Expand the functionality of cron/;
* Save to the database the number of PC Bang points with each change, which will eliminate the dupes;
* Fix dupa PC Bang eyes;
* To previous commint;
* Fishing work fix;
* Cosmetic fixes headpiece;
* Optimization headpiece;
* Improved movement under water;
* Improved movement in the air;
* Fixed passage through the bottom of the water in locations that are under the given water area;
* Fix' clinging ' of the character to the bottom when swimming;
* Optimize previous commits;
* To previous commints;
* Cosmetics AI of the monsters: not departures whenever possible, to the character when he goes out of sight;
* Fixed absolutely any postrelease walls;
* Fixed absolutely any postrelease doors;
* Fixed deletion GEODATA door after death;
* You can now attack through the low hedgesthe hillsthe fences, taking into account the height of the attacker and the goal;
* Fix postrelease walls;
* Fix of 'thin' doors (with width = 0) which were not assigned GEODATA;
* Fix holes in the GEODATA in the closed doors through which you could run;
* Doors work fix;
* Fix compilation;
* Fix taken to run through the gate;
* Increased functionality Gematria in the Assembly (vycheslenie the nearest point on the perimeter, the center of the figure, etc.);
* When the door is closed, it is set to the middle coordinate of the closed door, which fixes the visual bug in the attackinteraction with the door;
+ Implemented command / / target_loc;
* When the attack is used GEODATA doors, now the doors cannot attack through walls;
* Fix attack NPC's through walls;
* Mastic fix of events;
* Skills are taught through forgot-books, learn on multiclasses now also dvoinym click;
* Fix the service of changing the floor in the English version of the community;
* Fixed CTF operation of the event;
* Fix multi-class learning supports;
* Translation Teleports Komyuniti
* Fix drop special item from monsters-Champions;
+ Implemented listener to add/remove effect;
+ Implemented a listener to add / remove skill;
+ Implemented a listener to addmodifydelete itema;
+ Implemented a global audience in the inventory;
* Fixed CtF event;
* Do not paralyze participants in TvT, Last Hero event, and just rotim so they can baptise before;
* Fix saving items in the table items_delayed;



Rev 16958

* Fix errors when sorting an agrolist;
* Fix Debate RB 78 the instant zone
* Cosmetics engine zones, do not send a message about entering/exiting the zone if we are still in the same zone (with the same message);
+ Added config in kommuniti to allow cancellation of non-cancelable buffs;
* * Fix multiprobe system;
* Fixed a visual display of hats;
* Fix autoattacks in case of non-compliance with the condition of using the skill;
- - Removed unnecessary check at sharpening skills;
* Max HP can not drop less than 1;
* * Fix of Anchor and Lightning Strike



Rev 16926

* Completed system subnet masks;
* Fix change the type of sharpening;
* Fix lower level of sharpening;
* Possible fix: the 'Comparison method violates its general contract!';
- Removed non-working config with the login server;
* Cosmetics batausahilesi Pets;
* Improved antiflood. Now the chat restriction can be specified for each type at the levels and type of account;
* * Fix multisell: Johnny - MajentaMoon;
* Stored more detailed information about game server to properly display the server after the restart;
* Update mysql libraries;
- Getting rid of the internal IP of the game server, for these purposes, now the mask;
- Cleaning of the login and game servers. Now update the login is necessary;
+ Implemented registration of a game server according to the key (Ala the old HEXID);
+ Implemented the ability to use a netmask (AdvIP);
* Fix display of server load;
+ Added the ability to disable the display of the server list if a server in the list one (to put directly onto the server);



Rev 16887

* Fix config work on maximum number of subs;
* CON affects HP regeneration;
* WIT affects MP regeneration;
* Fixed CtF event;
* Fixed event Last Hero;
* Fixed TvT event;
- Removed obsolete duplicate events;
* Optimization and correction of work TvT event;
* Optimization and correction of work event Last hero;
* Cosmetics configs at the event Last Hero;
+ Added in GM-shop in kommuniti Dynasty Weapon;
+ Added in GM-shop in kommuniti Jewelry Dynasty;
+ Added in GM-shop in kommuniti Armor Dynasty;
* Formatting and code cleanup events;
* Cosmetics for the issuance of awards at the event Last Hero;
+ Added option to set the interval at castle sieges;
* Validation if you change the class through the admin panel;
* Fixed work barrels in Place;



Rev 16848

* Fix quest Trial of the Master
* The chance of a cancellation effect when attacking Crete and put in the parameters of the skill;
* Configs Champions made in one place;
* The system offline baffa replaced the config of the list of prohibited buffs on the list razreshennykh buffs;
* Updated NPC AI (32049) Rooney - Blacksmith of Wind for offs;
* Fix active skills vitamin Pets;
* Fix vitamin Pets;
* Fix buffala and hilesi Pets;
* Work on the implementation afflic Vitamin Pets;
* Temporary fix of entrance to the citadel to Belet;
* Sort of settings NPC for easier editing;
* Fix drop eggs and books with RB;
+ Implemented item drops from Chests completely offs;
* Fixed display of drop Adena using Shift+Click;
* Fixed the work of statov rates from NPC;
* Fix drop rate from monsters;
? Implemented a new multi-class system;
* Changed configs to disable the consumption of item (books) when learning skills. Made the system more flexible;
* Updated licensing system;
* When locating. put randomly, heading;
* Fully completed multi-subclass;



Rev 16764


* Fix system multisala;
* Improved and corrected system multicables;
* Possible fix unresponsiveness of movement;
* Fix display of caps at patronage when he climbs the hair from under the cap;
+ Added config to adjust the difference in levels in mage. attack;
* More detailed logging of operations with objects;
* Fix logging of chat;
* Fixed display information about the winners of the battle at the Olympics;
+ Implemented a system of automobile Academy;
* Work on the implementation of the system of automobile Academy;
+ Procurement system implementation automobile Academy;
* If unsuccessful sharpening skills pays (afflic);
* Fixed display information about the enemy at the Olympics;
* Deck to spawn in the place of the Persian afflic (thx. Unveiled);
* Fix of entrance in some instances;



Rev 16694

* Fix RAID for the Ant Queen;
* Fixed the work of Bauma;
* The possibility of using epic in reflector;
+ Implemented automatic atributele;
* Fix system autochina;
+ Russian translation of the commissary;
* Cosmetics control rights to clan vault.
+ Realizovan modifier in PA to increase award fame on sieges;
+ Implemented config to disable the fine differences in the drop with the monster;
+ Added separate configs for increased clan reputation rewards for the completion of the Academy, victory is not the siege, the receipt of heroism, the killing of the enemy;
+ Implemented config to display the profession of opponent at the Olympics;
* Fix inter-class diadem
* Fixed Visor
* Fix Women's hair clips
* Fix agatino
+ Added configs-multipliers for Physical. and MAG. The attack of the player;
* Setting up fake web players;
* Configurable bots over under any type of server.
* Improved the behavior of bots, now they are not attacking mobs the crowd;
* Improved setup bots;
* Fix nipple use bots when you log in to the game;
* Cosmetics old wdica events;
+ Added a bypass in kommuniti to register the event on the old engine;
* Added automatic reversal of the Arabic inscriptions in the right direction in the chat;
* Cosmetics code;



Rev 16541

- Cleaning of debris;
* Fully updated drop NPC on PTS High Five Part 4;
* Fully updated all of the paper presents the NPC on PTS High Five Part 4;
* Fully updated skill NPC on PTS High Five Part 4;
* Formatting;
* Added ability to disable statistiku in kommuniti and some of his points;
* Not displayed in the statistics Allof;
* Fix job statistics in kommuniti;
* Fix job statistics in kommuniti;
+ Implemented a system of statistics in kommuniti;
* Enze Agathion rollback is not needed;
+ implemented 6 packs agatino;
+ implemented agation Kanna and Kallesin;
+ implemented, agathion Rudolph;
* A quiver of 10,000 arrows, not 1000;



Rev 16511

Global planned work on missing translations + fixes:

+ Added a new abnormals;
* Fixed work skills (22270) Letter Collector's Gift;
+ Translation of quests 223,224,225,229,230,231,232,236;
+ translation of quests 503,383,450,455,456,504,601,602,606;
+ translation of the quest 221;
+ translation of some quests;
+ translation of the quest 10291;
+ translation ENhelp;
+ translation ENscriptsevents;
+ translation htmlENscriptsactions;
+ translation htmlENscriptsservices;
+ translation of quests 311,312;
+ translation of the quest 270;
+ translation of the quest 179;
+ translation quest 126;
+ translation of quests 217,219;
+ Translation of the quest 235;
* When you exit the game, remove the bind IP and HWID with the Olympics, if a player is registered for;
+ If a player nubl, then he does not need to pass the quest for sub-class (afflic);
+ translation quest 125;
+ translation quests;
+ translation SepulcherNpc;
+ translation seven_signs;
+ translation on Russian Events;
+ translation teleporter;
+ translations into Russian, different;
+ raid_info;
+ translation FantasyIsle;
* translation into Russian trainer;
* translation in English 32890;
+ translations into Russian villagemaster,werehouse;
+ translation default and common;
* Translated to eng en/command/lock;
+ Translation Russian to EN/command;
+ translation classmaster;
+ Translation of the announcer;
* Fix dupe adena through the purchase;
* Typographical requirements to raise the level of the clan(RU);
* Not the correct name of Chamberlain;
* Cosmetics features residences;
+ Mark of Scholar translated for Russian;
* Cosmetics the auctioneer;
* Cosmetics OFU;
* cosmetics;
* Fixed displaying a list of search groups;
* Golem Boom physical damage, not magical. After using die;



Rev 16464

* Lost Warden who was now Undead Demons;
* Chain Heal +1 target, +500 skillradius;
* Optimization of the previous kommentov;
* At Freya with a small chance should be crazy;
* Security RAID boss Flame of Splendor Barakiel should not be aggressive;
* Sel Mahum should not climb on other people's spawn during Agra;
* At the entrance to the daytime Satnam needs to appear buff;
* Paylak there is no rollback when you fail, and if the person passed, he again cannot never;
- too much dialogue, he's the Pet Manager in Aden did not work correctly;
* Blessed Body should not stuchatsya;
* Vampiric Rage, Bless of Soul now starautsya;
* Made configure RAID on Antharas in configs;
* Made configure RAID on valakas's in the configs;
* Made configure RAID on Bauma in configs;
* Made configure RAID Beleth in configs;
* Made configure RAID on the Baylor in configs;
* Made configure RAID on Salina in configs;
* High Five only 29068 Antaras;
* Night Zaken(60lvl) - populated level 60 mobs(it) is 81х(from day).
* Improved SchedulingPattern;
* Sync library commons branch Goddess of Destruction;
+ Implemented a Multiplier chance drop (Affects only the chance of the drop, the number has no effect!);
+ Implemented a Multiplier of the chance of spoils (only Affects the chance of the drop, the number has no effect!);
* Fix a penalty drop. On red mobs the penalty does not apply (afflic);
* Fix a penalty drop. The penalty begins to spread if the character is older than the monster on 3 or more levels(afflic);
* Cosmetics display drop by Shift+Click;
* Fixed buff baby Petach Petach, and pay low levels of the owner;
* Fix compile;
* If we exit the event zone, kick the player from the event, and not Cpsim back. And the players enjoyed it, and did win;
* Shield Deflect Magic is superimposed on the away team (afflic);
* Fixed selection of guns heroic winners LastHero;
* Fixed work buttons buff;
* The PvP system rewards you can now specify certain areas where it will work;
* On the Olympus things when dressing not get a starting rollback;
* Updated info about statto of the away team along with tatami master. That correcting a display bug when using the skill "Servitor Share";
* Server settings;
* Fix issue of heroic abilities;
* Fix the disappearance of the heroic weapons;
* When exchanging the object with the modified type of armor, change the view persists;
* Fixed work skill Servitor Share;
* Fixed movement corbley on the ship;
* Fix the movement in the water and in the air;
* Kamael not allowed to change the floor (different profiles and skills)



Rev 16256

* Fix of NPE;
* Fix error when Sobranie effects in the database;
Translated eventy TVT arena 1-5 + main controller.
Loperamide quest _999 on Russian language
* Fix possible death during a duel and the Olympic games;
+ Added logging login servers to the file;
* Returned to the old logging system (New left, configurable);
* Included additional garbage collectors, eliminating it lags every N minutes;
* Fix logging;
* Updated configs Olympus. Now the fighting and the cycle of the Olympiad can be specified in CRON format;
+ Implemented ability and subject thereto: (22270) Letter Collector's Gift;
* Do not pack the client part of the services in the archive, otherwise the archive will be a lot of weigh;
* The client part of the services poured in the archives, otherwise take up much space;



Rev 16210

* Fixed hovering bots; (optional)
* Fixed curve travel bots on Goddard; (optional)
* Fix problems bare bots; (optional)
* Bots buff yourself through kommuniti; (optional)
+ Implemented the ability to specify the time spawning NPCs in CRON format;
+ Service has been implemented laundered PC;
* Server now detects any HTML coding myself conventinal them in UTF-8, which greatly simplify the work of developers;
* Fix for the immortality of the mobs during the effect the roots;
* Fixed respawn of monsters;
+ Added debug bots;
+ Added config to change the penalty for leaving a clan is;
+ Added config to change the penalty for the destruction of the clan;
* Fixed hovering bots, if the point of the teleport to the area of the farm was outside the area of the farm;
* Bots are archers and mages now run away from the enemy if placed close to it;
* Fix pastravanu bots geodate;
* Fix download HTML;
* Cosmetic bots. They now farm more intelligently and not stuck sometimes in lokah;
* Fix download HTML;
* Cosmetics in the farm areas. Bots now, every N minutes, flying into the city, etc.;
* Fixed skill theft effects;
* Fixed skills with self-effects;
* Cosmetic bots now do not crash during the farm; (optional)
+ Added PTS command: //use_skill;
* Fixed config at the time of the teleport to Olympus;
* Fix removal of rollback abilities on Olympus;
* Cosmetics to search for mobs of bots; (optional)
* Taught bots to speak; (optional)
* Optimization of Snoop the masterís;
+ Added a listener for the chat of the character;
+ Implemented a mechanic change the appearance of armor;
* Made the maximum height of the search path in the config;
* Fix search path for a long distance;
* Extension function moveToLocation. You can now include a check on the distance to which will priblijaetsa character using this function;
* Fix for peredvizenie bots; (optional)
* Fix engine peredvizheniya character. If a character is staring at the wall, break the movement, and not crammed on a break indefinitely;
+ Service has been implemented change the appearance of armor;
* Increased chance of response bots in pvp; (optional)
* Cosmetic services to change appearance of armor;
* Cosmetic overlay process ffectiv;
* Cosmetics of the interruption of the mill attack on offs;
* Cosmetics formulas physical attack offs;
* Cosmetics formulas MAG. attack on offs;
* Cosmetics formulas fatal blow offs;
* Fix formula passing skills;
* Fix of NPE in effect Servitor Share;
* Fixed buff "Servitor Share";
+ Implemented condison skills "has_summon";
* Fixed download of certain skills;
* Made of the phrase of bots in datapac; (optional)
+ Implemented service change of sex in kommuniti;
+ Implemented a service expansion of inventory in kommuniti;
+ Implemented service extensions store in kommuniti;
+ Implemented a service expansion clan warehouse in kommuniti;
+ Implemented service purchase clan reputation in kommuniti;
+ Service has been implemented laundered karmaPC kommuniti;
+ Service has been implemented change the appearance of armor;
* Cosmetics Gmshop in kommuniti;
+ Klientka part for service change the appearance of armor;
* Critical fix calculation formula passing chance debuffs;
* Fix dressing S84 bots; (optional)
+ Implemented an invitation bots in the clan; (optional)
* With PC bot armor no drops; (optional)



Rev 15960

* Fixed activation of some instant effects;
* Fix downloading fake bots; (optional)
* Instance effects and permanent effects (abnormals) are separated and are activated by different algorithms and formulas;
+ Bots prescribed routes in all cities;
+ Added a farm area for the bots "Valley of Dinosaurs";
* Fix hang bots in one of the farm areas;
* Fix for bots. They are now not crash when delevel;
* Fixed config to disable paralysis when attacking RB;
* Fix of NPE;
* Fix config ZonePvpCount, with the inclusion kotorogo PC is not appropriated in any area, not just in PVP;
* Fix for the bots;
+ Fake players can now wear their hats and cloaks;
* Fix listener OnChangeCurrentCp;
* Fixed working Auto CP;
* Updated bonus HP when sharpening for offs;
* Optimize and cosmetics for AI fake players;
* Fake players do not receive the penalty of death;
+ Implemented service for automatically issuing items online characters;
+ Settings AI bots for PVP servers;
- Edalam extra code;
* Fix working classes of the buffer;
* Display information about active PA KB;
* Fix of resurrection;
* Fixed service on limitation of Windows;
* Server configuration;
* Census smart bots;
- Removed the old system ridiculous bots;
* Census smart bots;
+ The beginning of the census smart bots;
* Fix selection of the character's face during creation;
* Cosmetics NPC dialogs;
* Fix of NPE;
* Cosmetics smart bots;
* Optimization of the list of professions;
* Optimize storage htmparser;
+ Added ability to add custom events, htm, items, NPCs, zones in a separate folder for easy sync updates;
* Optimization of parser XML files;
+ Move the system hook;
+ Move the system smart bots;
* If reflekt already removed, do not allow objects to zastavnitsky;
* Optimization;
* Fix of NPE;
* To spawn in groups reflekt now do not have to inicializovat reflekt using it instances;
* Reset the timers and tasks of the AI when you remove the NPC from the world, and that predotvratit, NPE in some cases, and reduce the load;
* Fix display names of NPCs and summons chatting;
* Fix display are owned by the away team;
* Cosmetics //loc;
* Fix spawn prof-cats;
* Cosmetics kommuniti;
* Improved information in the commands .help;
* Cosmetics kommuniti: added "Back" button in the right place;
+ English translation service for additional Windows;
+ English translation service the purchase of a hairstyle;
* Fix working premium account;
* Premium account standard disabled;
* Fully updated system Premium Account:
+ Added the ability to dispense and remove items with the purchase / completion of the period PA;
+ Added the ability to add the article presents the owner of the PA;
+ Added the ability to add skills to the owner of the PA;
+ Added the ability to add skill-triggery owner PA;
- Removed extra;
Merged revision(s) 1344-1352 from trunk:
+ Added config to enable the command .rev and .ver
* Cosmetics teleports in kommuniti;
* Working on server configuration;
+ Branch build settings;
+ Added in admin area of the Relay event;
* Start-up time pPvP event rendered in cron format;
+ Event relay (bride Kidnapping); (optional)
* CADF event C3F MonsterPvp (optional)
+ Event Relay (Wykrawanie of the bride); (optional)
+ pPvP event; (optional)
* Fix LKH;
+ Rewritten event Last Hero (6 Win's);
* Event Last Hero 6 win. Now it can be started through the admin panel, and specify the start time in CRON format;
* Refactoring events;
+ Events basic compilable;
+ Branch for ordering on events;
* Afflic teleportation through the book teleports. Character now casts skill to teleport;
* Cosmetics admin on Russian localization;
+ Added the ability to specify the time interval (delay) instead of Cron in the rollback of the instance;
* Fix rollback of dungeons in Castles and Fortresses;
* Cast time flag in the fortress is static and does not depend on any parameters (afflic);
* Fix capture the 4th part of the quest for Nobless without passing the previous parts of the quest;
* Updated and corrected the settings on the conditions of raising the level of the clan;
* Update library Napile;



Rev 15527

* Premium account standard disabled;
* Fully updated system Premium Account:
+ Added the ability to dispense and remove items with the purchase / completion of the period PA;
+ Added the ability to add the article presents the owner of the PA;
+ Added the ability to add skills to the owner of the PA;
+ Added the ability to add skill-triggery owner PA;
- Removed extra;
+ Added config to enable the command .rev and .ver
* Cosmetics teleports in kommuniti;
* Fix LKH;
* Afflic teleportation through the book teleports. Character now casts skill to teleport;
* Cosmetics admin on Russian localization;
+ Added the ability to specify the time interval (delay) instead of Cron in the rollback of the instance;
* Fix rollback of dungeons in Castles and Fortresses;
* Cast time flag in the fortress is static and does not depend on any parameters (afflic);
* Fix capture the 4th part of the quest for Nobless without passing the previous parts of the quest;
* Updated and corrected the settings on the conditions of raising the level of the clan;
* Update library Napile;



Rev 15412


* Fix Agra 7 RB
* Division Rome Palace Zamochit
+ Added basic client information when compiling;
* Fixed bug with immortal monsters while open action returns the monster to spawn;
* Fix itema 12819 Withdrawal penalty
* Fix updating of skills in poluchaenie the nobility through kommuniti
* Rewritten 642 quest "Hunting For Dinosaurs"
* Adjust the stats of the mob 22857
* Fix skill 6744
* After you use the skill "Corpse Explosion" and similar corpse disappears;
* Extended the functionality of the engine skills;
* Fix (30576) Gatekeeper Tamil;
* Fix quest (231) Test of the Maestro;
* Fix returning to spawn RB;
* Cosmetics AI monsters. Now montry return to spawn completely true to offs;
* Fix return RB home at the entrance to the city. They are now stuck;
* Fix the display of vitality after selecting a character;
* Fix disappearance of vitamin Pets;
* HP, MP, CP cannot be lowered below 1 (afflic);
* Cosmetics next action after using a skill (attack, etc.): if the conditions are not met, then the following action is performed (afflic);
* Fix cases where after using a skill not implemented the following action;
* Fix Agra monsters after relocateamerica character;
+ Added config NonPvPTimeOnTeleport;



Rev 15298


* Fix service generator table online;
* Minor cosmetics engine quests;
* Made lists of buffs, baby Pets, datapac;
* Cosmetics login server;
+ Optional service salon in kommuniti;
- Removed custom service kommuniti require intervention to the client;
+ Custom Commission trade system (currently not recommended);
* Work to implement a custom thrift shop;
* Works on auction;
+ Service for more loot. For use AdditionalDrop.jav rename .java and configure file.
+ Implemented automatic cans use HP/MP/CP;



Rev 15265


* Extend the functionality of the Assembly;
* When 'dark' checks condicon of the subject is not displaying messages (afflic);
+ New listeners when you change the current Hp, Mp, Cp;
* Fix installation of rollback daily items;
* When you create a new set of buffs in kommuniti, automatically add to the buffs that are imposed on the character;
* Fixed displaying of chance to loot at very low values (Shift+Click);
* When using the cursed weapons in epic area, the player is imposed a curse rate (configurable);
+ Added config to ban the use of transformations in epic zones;
- Removal third-party libraries;
+ Added config to enable the display of full information about NPC Shift+Click;
* Display drop by Shift+Click more clearly, a simpler and more accurate for the player;
* Edit algorithm the prank drop;



Rev 15212


* Fix system loading custom images into the Assembly;
+ Implementation of multi-binding both on the Year;
* Ship images at boot server;
* During the exile of academician of the fine on the clan is not imposed (afflic);
* Fixes for quests;
* Fix quest Seductive Whispers;
* Fix quest Reward Good Workd;
* Fix quest The Sond of the Hunter;
* Fix quest Supplier of Reagents;
* Fix quest Warehouse Keepers Pastime;
* Fix quest Stolen Dignity;
* Fix quest Four Goblets;
* Fix quest A Game of Cards;
* Fix quest Trial Of the Challenger;
+ Implemented bonus regen HP,MP,CP in different States of the character (running,sitting,standing);
* Fix request in the database when you update the list online;
* Fixed the entrance to the rift;
* Fix validation of instances. Now write the correct reason impossible the entrance to the instance is "System error";
+ Implemented config for the rate drop with guardof for players with a PA;
* Fixed bonus rate drop from monsters;
* Fix quest (417) Path To a Scavenger;
* Fix quest (223) Test Of Champion;
* Cosmetics Porta AI and Krator on offu;
* Updated quest (419) Get a Pet for offu;
* Extension of the functionality of engine events;
* In the limitation of the Windows displayed a message about it;
+ Implemented swerves purchase additional Windows;
+ Implemented a system of individual constraints on active Windows;
* Offe the effect meditation has no visual signs;
* Fix nipple use by the summons;
* Fix use of nipple monsters;
* Fixed ancient bug where when removing one of two identical epic of jewelry, the ability disappeared;
* Saving bandwidth and not so much load the server is now in satyadevi things;
Options bonuses augmentation and sharpening is no longer joined, but are replaced with each other are the same (afflic);
* Fixed displaying of chance to loot by Shift+Click;
* Fixed attack speed of the NPC archers. Previously attacked very quickly, without considering any constraint (afflic);
* In instances now obazatelno not specify a minimum and maximum level of input;


Rev 15096


* Global work in sync with other Chronicles.
* Optimization of design instancevar zones: Now you do not need to specify a map of GEODATA, the server picks himself podhodyaschyy depending on the presence of a door in instancei zone;
- Removed illogical and wrong configs (reguline);
* Fixed teleport through the admin panel for PS. Now you do not teleport the GM to a non-existent NPC;
* Dorabotka formula drops;
* Made more comfortable and competent display of loot by Shift+Click;
* Code optimization drop;
- Cleaning;
* Fix config Adena100PercentDrop, which caused a mad chance to loot things from monsters;
* Fix the voting L2Top;
* Fix some quests;
* Fix of issue awards for the vote on MMOTOP;
* Cosmetics AI WatchmanMonster on offu;
* Cosmetics AI Ports and Peruma, now you teleport your character does not reset aggression of monsters (afflic);
* Fix the check of the distance between NPCs and the player. Check the distance in 3D space, not 2D. Previously, you could talk to NPCs on the different floors and tops;
* Fix path-finding during the movement of the character;



Rev 15005


Global update is an important rethinking of the quest engine !!!

* Fixed quest dialogs;
* Cosmetics quest (153) Deliver Goods on offe;
- Do not put Cond = 0 when finishing the quest, you do not need;
* Fix quests work;
* Updated database engine updated under quests;
- Removed Lesnie check in quests;
* Updated links in the quest dialogue that enhances safety quests from the substitution of references via PHX;
* Optimization of inspections on the availability of the quest;
- Unnecessary breakage of the quest, when you first capture quest, which caused additional load on the server;
* Updated quests for the new engine, quests;
- Cleaning of unnecessary quests from the old code;
* Code optimization quests;
* Optimization of engine quests, which speeds up their work, makes it easier to write new quests and eliminates pile of unnecessary code;
- Cleaning of unnecessary code;
* Fix display violani quests. Now PS will not be available to hang a scroll quest if quest completed;
- Removed a lot of unnecessary code in the quests;
* The engine now understands the quests when the quest is cancelled, and when successfully completed;
* Quests engine now knows what type of quest (repeatable, one-time, daily);
* Not loaded in the memory is empty triggers;
* Fix the following purpose, now doesn't load the system;
* Fix attack range of a lance;
* Fix NPE;
+ Implementation of all the routes of ships;


Rev 14860


* Global synchronization with other branches.
+ Implemented configuration to limit emails a day;
* Fix the generator available online;
* Fixes NPE;
+ Implemented config for multiplier chance debuff on the type of trait;
* Fix the passage through the doors;
* Engine Optimization geodata;
+ Implemented config MAX_DROP_ITEMS_FROM_ONE_GROUP (The maximum number of items in a drop from one group (Offlayk: 1));
* Reworked the impact on Reiten drop Adena now Adena rtg does not affect the chance to drop Adena, but only on the amount;
+ Implemented the restriction of active windows on IP;
+ Implemented the restriction of active windows on the HWID;


Rev 14718


* Temporarily disable the PC Club functions have travel assistant to their full implementation;
* Global synchronization with a branch Ertei, transferred all related fixes at the moment.
+ Added config to limit HP, MP, CP;
* Fix sharpening attribute. You can not imprison for more than specified in the config file;
* Fix NPE;
* Konifgi to change the appearance of the Service
+ Service Change of appearance (For more hairdos, face)
// Is additionally faylytekstury and swing instruction from the forum.

+ Event spatial rift

* Quiz Event (All settings in the config Victorina.ini)
// Vhelp Players are asked questions receive prizes with the correct answers.

* Fixes in the dialogues
* Fix NPE system recommendations
* Fix resuscitating skills during sieges tv etc.
* Fix Quest TV
* Fixed spawn 29001
* Fix spanv chests in VarkeKetre
* Fixed skill 1169 22054
* Added issuing Essences for 83 Kamaloka
* Fixes quests 189 234 043 197 198 196 195 194 193 192 218
* Fixed an item 15716 21106
* Fix for quest Battle areas


Rev 14614


* Global synchronization of other branches
* Implemented the ability to specify each item on the auction his bet;
+ NPC implemented for Event TvTArena;
+ Added the ability to specify the object ID required for auction CH;
* When sharpening skills retain the ability to roll back to sharpening;
* Work on the regeneration of the system;
- Outdated configs;
* Fix PvP system;
- Limit the speed of the attack;
+ Debug on sieges to find problems with wars territories;
* Fix participating Olympiad from one computer (HWID);


Rev 14570


* Global synchronization with other branches on related issues.
* Fix gain experience if you disable the system vitality;
- LameGuard to build;
* Fix Baium (If someone dies in the area (it dies and does SOE) launches the 5 minute timer to fall asleep Baium and discarding all. However, if you hit Baium timer is turned off)
* Fixed skill Body Of Avatar (does not restore HP even wrote in a chat that restored)
* Fix for Banam magic.
* Fix Prophecy of Water
* Fix Salvation does not restore Full HPMPCP
* Fix Aggra monsters while moving the player;
+ Russian dialogue on the application
* Fixes in the dialogues
* Fix for quest ruangl 241
+ Translation quests 216 237 249 289 290 461 508
* Fixed encoding to 118
* Fixed quest 022 tragedy in the Forest
* Removed extra Priest of Blessin squared 20_21.xml
* Fixed skill 249 should not have to fill mana EEshek etc. in simple strokes.
* FCIC skill 60 Fake Death does not consume mana
* Fix drop Antharas. version level 79 should be the fact that it is now.
* Fixed encoding in dialogues
* Fixed loss of Adena and stone manor with alternative seeds
* Fix the motion processor. Now the position coordinates of the character more in sync between 2 players;
* Fix action with large (wide) NPC;
* Small fix for the following purpose;
* Fix flags on the siege of the Territories;
- Unnecessary configs;
* Cosmetics for offshore areas;
* Completely rewritten .away system;
* Fix display the name of the character with a cursed weapon. Now, the name will be displayed depending on the location;
* Fixed display of the title character in the time of the trade;
Translation + KH managers;
* Fix the team away, back command can now be used without the PA;
* Fix encoding Russian dialogues;
* Fix NPE;
* Fixed chat works;
* Fixed quest Test of Maestro;


Rev 14422


* Global synchronization fixes to other chronicles
* Fix the control clan Russian localization;
* Fix encoding quest To Lead And Be Led;
* Work on the English translation of the dialogues;
* Translation quest Trial Of Duty;
* Fixed encoding in Russian translation Quest To Lead And be Led;
+ Implemented config ASK_ANSWER_DELAY = 3 (Antibot system);
* Fix checks clan war between the players;
* Fix churning slip with purpose;
+ Implemented config alternative formula for calculating bonuses Reith in the party;
* Tyurmy Cosmetics close to Offa;
* Improved configuration at the time of removal klanaizmenenie leader. Now, you can not specify how many days will be changed, and what day (offlayk - Tuesday);
* Fix fine on the dissolution of the clan (not working);
* When we send the player in tyurmu, do not block it and sadim (offlayk);
* If the character is in Away mode, do not send him an anti-bot verification;
* Fix Missing custom messages;
* With effect Descent Nevitt, Vitality Points are replenished by killing monsters, as in effect support the vitality;
* Fixed bonuses Vitality system;
+ Added config to indicate how many days after the filing of the application to remove, and modify clan leader;
- Excess;
* Fix the coding of some dialogues;
* Fix lameguard library;
* Cosmetics for offu clan system;
* If you attack a monster is no longer trying to escape a monster;
* Fix when personazhsammon ran up to the target and does not attack the first time;
* Fixed display of delay and fix HP when attacking mobs and character. (Very important and urgent fix, which is none other than the developer did not correct us)
* Offlayk payment of bonuses Reiten (vitality, recommendations runes);
* Fixed quest Test of Healer;


Rev 14282


Important: The assembly is completely translated in Java eight
+ For clients without bindings are now available for the system proxy (for connecting multiple IP Proxy antiddos protection)
* Full synchronization with fixed Ertei on related issues.

* Fixed on the drop;
* Fix tree GMs skills;
* Fixed display of their own in Reith kommuniti and .whoiam;
+ Implemented tree GM skills;
* Optimized to store skill tree;
* Fix display debug GMs have on HTML;
* Fix for running charom summons, players;
* Fix the attack monsters, raise the drop. Now the character runs and hits, but does not stop;
* Fixed display of swimming speed;
* When you turn on Auto shot, take the name of an item to the client rather than the server;
* Fix NPE;
* Cosmetics for offline service;
(.) * If you are disabled through the custom command, then you can write in chat with from the point;
* Optimized the drop system;
* Changed the algorithm for calculating the chance to loot given mnozhiteleyzh
* Work on the transition to Java 8;
* Updated server library;
* Fix compilation;
* If the host is configured to 2 or more of the same server_id, we deduce about the message;
* Customers with a binding can not be beyond the 1st external IP;
* Launch of the transition to Java 8;
* Optimized to the network of the server;
* Optimization of commons library;
* Rewrote the game server authentication to the login server. Game server can now have one or more external or internal IP, server ID, ports, etc .;
* Fully optimized geodvizhok;
* Fixed running arrows. Now, when a character rests on the wall, he does not run into it, and stops;
+ Implemented the ability to teleport GMs via Ctrl + Shift + Click on the map;
* Fix custom NPCs, assigning template_id;
* Fix pvp system. If it is disabled, you do not give a reward;
* With zero damage a monster is not agritsya and its allies are (offlayk);
* Work on the AI ​​monsters. Now, if the character leaves the game, the monster loses him hate (aggression);
* Reformatizayatsiya design skills;
* Unstuck a fixed cast time;
* Offlayk implementation of the AI ​​for the port Perumov;
- Outdated machinery;
* Reworked the CA system from monsters offu
* Cosmetics AI closer to Offa;
* Fixed the AI ​​mobs;
* Fixed vhodavyhoda the boat;
* Fix NPE when disconnecting sieges;
* Fix the dressing arrows on the S80, S84 lukarbalet;
* Fix NPE;
* Wake up, fighting stance, etc. It is activated only when the damage is greater than 0;
* Fix command / unstuck, when using a quick getaway;
* Reflaktoring skills;
* Corrected drop by Shift + Click. Now, regardless of droplista size character can view it without problems;
- Hardcoding when searching for appropriate arrows for archery and crossbow;
* Fix automatic donning of arrows equipped with a bow;
* GM by Shift + click can view all the NPC, not only monsters;
* .cfg Command Cosmetics;
* Displays the name of the spawn on the Shift + Click for easier searching and editing;
+ Fully updated Shift + Click on Npc;
* Full details of the NPC is no longer available in the usual players;
* Updated .whoiam design team;
* Peace NPC can inflict damage, but you can not kill and inflict a debuff (offlayk);
* Rewrote names repository of skills and subjects;
+ Added the ability to specify the spawn in a circle and a rectangle;
* Updated the appearance of commands .whoiam;
* Fix teleports in kommuniti;


Rev 13968


* Fix download drop;
+ Implemented type of sharpening file DROP_TO_SAFE_ENCHANT;
* When GM kills the monster through the command // kill, give experience and drop. It is necessary for the test;
* GM will always see the full details of the NPC for Shift + Click, and can view the drop off at in the config;
+ Implemented saving spawn through commando // spawn;
+ Implemented configuration on the minimum level of the clan;



Rev 13944


* Important !!! Reload ALL - fixed a new critical vulnerability.
* Cosmetics for the community;
+ Missing English translation kommuniti;
* Cosmetics config;
* Flame of Splendor Barakiel has 5 minions, not 2;
* Fix Event Summers Melons and The Fall Harvest;
* Fix the system of paid accounts;
* Fix config InstancesPartyMin, InstancesPartyMax;


Rev 13910


+ Implemented a color change of the title and the name of services in the community;
+ Implemented services change a character's name, pet's clan in the community;
* Fully implemented a new offlayk augmentation system;
* Work on the new system augmentation;
* Formatting XML an item;
* Cleaning of an item of outdated parameters;
* A blank according offlayk implementation augmentation;
* Fixed skill (6776) Paralysis;
* Cosmetics offu system triggers;
* Fixed a chance of passage Spoil Festival;
* Fix sharpening Ultimate Defense on Penalty. Now the character can move around;
* Fixed a chance to debuff Seed of Annihilation;
* Fix ability Bistakon Deadly Roar, now blocks and Def. skills and Mage. skills;
* Fixed debuff duration have skills Cokrakon Panic, no longer 16 seconds, and 6.;
* Fixed debuff duration have skills Cokrakon Sonic Shout, no longer 12 seconds, and 3.;
* Drop on Orfenov adjusted
+ Implemented configuration in kommuniti GLOBAL_USE_FUNCTIONS_CONFIGS;
* Fix the duration of DMPA in monsters;
+ Implemented config
* Server info command Cosmetics;
* Fix for action Shift + Click;
* Fix reset the PC points;
* Fix the resurrection of the siege;
* Fix overlay effects in off zone (which later joined);


Rev 13819


* Fix prices change profession through community;
* Fix the purchase profession through kommuniti;
+ New configuration of a custom for kommuniti;
+ Implemented service purchasing division in kommuniti;
+ Implemented shopping service nobility in kommuniti;
* Fully implemented through the purchase of PA kommuniti;
* When you add in the buff kommuniti not throw to the home page, and stay on the same page of the appendix;
* Work on the purchase of PA kommuniti;
* We provide the right amount of Holy Pomander;
* .cfg Cosmetics;
* Fix working sub-class system;
+ The initial implementation of the PA service purchase;
* Cosmetics for .cfg menu;
* Updated .cfg menu design
* Work on the multilingual game server;
* Delivers the service purchases through kommuniti profession in another class;
* Expanded debug boot multisellov: Now, if the total price of all productions less ingredient, this shall be reported when the server is booted;
+ Added config vklyuchenieotklyuchenie on the possibility of recovery HP / MP / CP character through kommuniti;
+ Added config to vklyuchenieotklyuchenie possibility of canceling buffs character through kommuniti;
* Fix healing in Scylla Battle Roar;
* Fix healing in Battle Cry Scylla;
* Soul of the Phoenix is ​​now not a substitute for Noblesse Blessing and vice versa;
* Fixed selling things in kommuniti;
* Permission is granted to use the functions in kommuniti flaganutom state;
* If the service repository in kommuniti off, if you attempt to use writing that the service is disconnected;
* When teleporting from kommuniti automatically close the window kommuniti;
* Taking the Holy Pomander when you cancel / change of class;
* Possible fix PC reset points;
* Fixed possible loss of items during PvP;
+ The English translation for the new community board;
* Updated lameguard library for assembly;
* Work on the new community board;
* NPC professions manager completely updated and rewritten;
+ The initial implementation of the new community board;
+ Implemented Config: Forbid recommend a character from one Computerra / IP;
* Fixed possible issue of heroism Kamael;
+ Missing table;
Cosmetics * server;
- Cleaning;
* Formatting;
* Altered display drop by Shift + Click. Now separate groups are displayed for easy viewing drop from RB;
* Updated the JavaMail library;
* Fixed many varningov and error;
- Cleaning of debris;
* Sync authserver with Lindvior;
* Reflaktoring authorization server;
* Fix libraries worldwind;
* Rewrote ignore system;
* Rewrote friends system;
* Fix working recipes;
- Code Clean;
+ The new community board;
- Old Community Board (removed due to customer dissatisfaction, launched a new customer-requested and recommendations);
* Completely rewritten parserhranilische recipes;
* Pereparseny recipes with TCP assembly;
* By default turned off the automatic startup of foreign the events.


Rev 13526


Attention !!! This update requires thorough testing on skills to the test server.
Recommendation: on the live server is not to mindlessly! Support running in emergency mode during your tests.
Global work HF5 skill for 2 months of solid work (using TCP Parsa managed to make identity offu on skill, not Freya, not hf4, namely HF5):
The site description does not fit :) - Download a complete description of updates.



Rev 12640


- Cleaning methods and unnecessary imports.
Config + Escape RB to spawn point (always teleport or allow to go)
+ New TW tournament arena (the Improvement old tournament? Which did not work)
+ Ability to set a maximum sale of items of the same product in the mall.
+ Ability to exhibit abnormal effect of players in live trades.
* Updated the location of the flags in the forts Shanti, south, highway, Valley, ivory, narsel, bye, white sands, borderland, marsh, arkeik, Florent, Claudia, Tanor, dragonspayn, Antharas, Western, Hunter, Aaru, demon monastik.
* Reworked html tournaments in a friendly appearance.
Html + B added information on the PC cafe points.
* Updated the kind .huami more beautiful.
* Updated the kind .LOCK more beautiful.
+ Pet manager can sell things.
* Fix British html quests: 003; 038; 061; 124; 131; 134; 135; 137; 138; 143; 187; 345; 601; 602; 690.
* Updated the tournament, Gift Of Vitality.
* Updated the look of the menu in all the clan masters.
* Updated coordinates teleport between floors TOI.
* Translated html Priest of-blesing.
+ Ability to call in new Kamaloca ps points (upushennaya optional)
* Updated Russian dialogue, some were grammatical errors.
* Updated dialogues Fight Club.
* Correct the parameters following instances: 058 058 060 061 062 063 064 065 066 067 068 069 070 071 072 073 074 075 076 077 078 079 - the final value.
* Updated mobs spawn at night Zaken.
* Updated spawn in fins Imperial Tomp not correct coordinates are shown for the mobs and they sometimes do not fit into the geodata.
* Fix dungeon Sire ugoros.
* Fix orders armor, pDef added as a basic parameter, not after all the bonuses.
* Fix of items / Realizaitsya of items: Snow Fenrir Necklace; Warrior's Temporary Healing Potion; Santa's Buff Gift Set; PS Cafe 15313-15326 things as well as being the scrolls cheats 15346-15350; Teddy Boy Summon Bracelet; Santa's Buff Scroll; Nevit's Hourglass - 4 hour; Chocolate Cookie; Rune of Exp. Points 30%; Silpeed's Wing; Silpeed's Blessing; une of Experience Points 30% 1 hours pack; Sweet Concentrated Fruit Cocktail; Sweet Concentrated Fruit Cocktail; Fresh Fruit Cocktail; Fresh Fruit Cocktail; Fresh Milk; Mounting Bracelet - Gold Maned Lion; Birthday Cake; Sweet Chocolate Box; Blessed Spiritshot Pack - D to EC grade; Extra Entrance Pass - Rim Kamaloka 1 Sheet Pack; Beast Soulshot Compressed Pack; Beast Spiritshot Compressed Pack; Blessed Beast Spiritshot Compressed Pack; Stone of Stamina; High-quality Stone of Stamina; Stone of Mana; High-quality Stone of Mana; Stone of Recovery; High-quality Stone of Recovery; Stone of Destruction; Stone of Invincibility; Stone of Great Speed; Stone of Speed; Stone of Concentration; Stone of Ease; Stone of Abundance; Compressed Package of Soulshots / spirit: No Grade-EU Gy; Mage Staff - for Beginners; Frintezza's Magic Force Field Removal Scroll;
+ Refined PvP weapons, now they give special bonuses to PvP, and not globally as it was before. CA them also corrected.
* Fixed some weapons that incorrect SA levels were registered.
+ Implemented of items: Kratei Striped Barbed Shirt; Kratei Striped Mithril Shirt -> did not give true bonus.
* Fixed the price and number of crystals Frey Nekla.
* Formatting some CML files that have lost their shape over the years.
* Many of items converted to work on skills (possibly partially working) in working on unpacking our system.
+ 22262-22269 and 22301 of items omissions with the ambassador. Update HF (headwear) and still work on headgear with HF5
+ Baylist to 31951 Jose, Schuttgart
- In the number of foreign hmle I found.
* Corrected prices in the Central Bank multiselkah.
* Otfarmatiroval some CML in NPC, which have lost over the years the format.
* Korektirovki to drop an update to HF5
* Alpha version of new articles in the Far East and Stakato, for special reasons, we changed to a more updated sors.
* Chance leveling Soul crystals was wrong in some places.
+ Drop Beleth
+ Status Warpgate which opens the CB.
+ Faithful to the starting NPC Underground Coliseum.
* More work on the Underground Coliseum, exhibited correct NPC and the dialogues it.
+ Implementation / Fix NPC: Birthday Cake; Party Cake; Special Christmas Tree; Maguen; Elite Mague; Granitick Duerga; Kaim Abigore; Follower of Abigore; Summer Yaganitan; Warlord Tamuze; Follower of Allosce; Varka Silenos Recruit; Varka Silenos Footman; Varka Silenos Warrior; Varka Silenos Officer; Varka Silenos Great Magus; Varka Silenos General; Varka's Elite Guard; Varka's Commander; Varka's Head Guard; Passageway Captain; Passageway Mystic; Gumiel;
- Some of the arguments in the code simply unnecessary.
* Updated the show on the island of dreams + new strings to them.
* Only at the end of the dungeon set reyuz Zaken.
* Over spavma correct point for the tournament gift vitality.
+ PS Cafe Tournament points (officially updated to version, you can play through the admin panel and configs)
SCR + TW to the tournament arena and update.
- Old TW arena, is no longer needed.
- Old underground Coliseum instance.
+ Treatment of cocktails, for 1 of items get several sets buff.
- Duplicates in the handler.
+ Processor 20630, soul mage boxing.
* Fixed quest 457, it has not been completed yet, and the NPC did not run for you, you can now go through checked.
+ Big update for vitamin Manager, you can now buy vitamin pets using coupons and using special coupons.
+ Spawn for 457 quests, NPC invisible.
* Fixed skill 1439; 1460; 284; 22098; 2429; 2431; 2432; 2436; 2437; 3129; 3865; 5151; 5763; 646; 915; 939;
+ Realizovnay skills: 9011; 9015-9026 (buffs)
- Innorodnye characters in hmlkah.
+ Zone underground coliseum
* Faytklab zone with the correct coordinates for Change.
* Changed unit tick areas, for some reason, have been underestimated.
+ Trial fixes obscure jams RB (very rare)
* You can not do anything when sitting or trades.
* The opportunity to correct a long-standing problem with cursed weapon and relogom.
* Minor changes when entering the game, when he was in the Observer Olympus.
* It is necessary to first get to the end, to get up.
+ Try to use next-Target using the server for its management.
* Eliminates the possibility of conflicts between the Olympics and Duel
* In special operations, which are not automatically updated quick action panel, update manually.
+ RequestPCCafeCouponUse Package
* You can not sit on the sale of trans-if (another test)
* GM debug message about the location and names of html.
* Slightly korektiruem of items supposedly handlers (while not making any changes in CML)
* The right to the RB status table and write in it, before she has always had complete information.
* Not everywhere can use bookmarks.
+ Another of items bookmarks are not enough.
* The difference between a simple blow and blow with a bow.
* If the time has passed suddenly on exposure time of the siege, do not give a timer to go into the minus, or waiting for trouble.
* Fixed a possible NPE in cold clan battle.
* Delivers The article set Hiro message. its loading has also been added.
* After getting up, we cancel all scheduled activities.
* Do guides putishestvinikov new opportunities from a PC cafe.
* Reworked the weight limit is now based on the index of KOH and directly depends on the config.
* Possible fix hide animation .cfg
* When the teleport cancel duel.
+ New features sound-effects? that you can use.
* If you delete a character, we first remove it from the Olympics (not waiting for a server restart)
+ System messages.
+ New purchases of items results in-mall (while in the blank)
* Take into account ali konditione in the relationship between the Target.
+ I Made account that GM can run the speed with which he wants.
+ Added new pets in the table vitamins.
* Now is the entry of items for the instance can be set -100 -200 -300 ps points, and the reputation of Fame.
Ps + configs Beng points.
+ Html for TW arena.
+ Html for underground Coliseum.
+ Some forgotten html
Html + to the gates of hell. (Offlayk)
+ In the preform 2 fresh tournament.
+ Sql for PC coupons and update to it.


Rev 12069


* Fix podlagivany in some locations.
+ For added manor forgotten area.
* Fix the purchase of heroism.
* Fix for auto-loot.
* Fixed multisel more varningov not.
+ Configs to pay for different currencies for the service and teleport bafera
* Fix old NPE Dion Arena.
* Fixed quest 456
* Fix in Mole of items, things that did not add up came in the first count, even if bought 2 or more.
-Old Debug.
* Ships flew, thanks to Kamchatka for orientation.
* When spoiling tincture fall.
* When changing the leader of all the quests associated with Clomot removed.
+ Logging on end and the abolition of quests, so as to reward quests.
+ The admin has translated sections and put things in order, and now everything is beautiful.


Rev 12023


-Optimized Removed all that we did not work and legacy (70%)
-Remove Old KB, absalyutno all that was, it was not clear and understandable.
+ Added a new Bureau and held a large-scale work on it.
Translated komyuniti + 2 language.
-Remove Configs that are no longer used.
+ Added all at komyuniti 1 file will no longer be neponyatok.
-Remove Hmlki that are no longer used.
+ Added a new award for the tournament (it is now possible to edit)
-Remove Scripts have not been used but loaded.
-Remove Multiselki that are no longer used.
* The European Revard changed the award and that was the NPE.
* All services are now in the first file, change them in the SPC option does not take much, if anything ,.
-Remove Blacklisted IP (old Maysa has no one wants)
* Information about the heroic weapon was old.
-Ruletka (Long overdue)
* Fixed skill 1344, 1345, 1350, 1351, 1363, 3594, 6687,
+ Another ru en and thong.
+ Highlight the slot by default.
* If a binding and otvyazki un update or ashvida alt + b.
-Don't Spam cats around the world. (If necessary Comune I razkomenchu)
-Many Parameters of the character that are outdated.
SCR + update (updated !!!)
* Updated cx installers for Unix
* Fixed mobs on peredvezheniyu.
* Fix <0 possible problems
-anti bot will not check for IP clients with unnecessarily anti-DDoS, and the same IP suffer from it.
+ Awards for new tournaments.
+ Full Russification admin.
+ Implemented feykovye clans;
* Fix install the database;


Rev 11965


* Updated the config files in the archive.
-Blue Rules for diffusion, senseless configuration was and obsolescence.
+ Config to drop from 100% chance Adena globally.
Do not spam on Russian servers of voting is the euro.
* Fixed CTF dialogues.
* Fixed instance Frey 139,144 at sunset party.
* Fix 25326; 25327 -> Agra.
* Fix checks window CTP
* You can check on the SP on the fins Hero and TW (not only ashvidu)
* CB Clan loaded anyway.
-nenuzhny stat in 8284 skills.
* Fix the table offline baffera was confused.
* Fixed problem with custom now cast is not interrupted and is not written that caste interrupted after opening chests and spoils
* Fix the problem that the mobs are always teleported back home, and did not try to go to the point of respawn.
* Fix the problem that miniony and leaders do not agrilis if they beat some of them.
* Fix trade offline buffs, now it works great in areas referred to in CML, all protest.
* Fix Dupa. (Little known)
* Fix command .repair
* Fix a fine formula based on experience, is now true of the buildup is impossible (for example, I first level and swing on the 85th and get the full experience)
* Same with the party.
* Improvements on the pvp system.
* Fix isntansy call in, you can now put 9 minutes (party) and max xx (channel) and will fly into two parties, also eliminated the bugs with overhangs.
* If you do not have the skill type, return type NOTDAN to avoid NPE and possible holes.
* If there is a server restart, all buffs who sell, machine made in the offline sale buffs.
* Small correction logic in formulas.
New dress ware +
* Rewrote voting is L2Top;


Rev 11898


* There was a problem with the encoding. Fix
+ The remote community in ZHAV earlier version (zakomenchen), who uses only new eventy, advise. Before raskomentit read the comments.
* Updated the config file
+ Added the ability to use alt spawn (especially for Euro customers who do not agree with the spawn in the Far East such as in other HF5 lokah instead HF1-3) - EnableAlternativeSpawn
+ Added a voting system for the euro websites, configs inside the (team .getrevard)
* Fix the door.
* Fix / Implementation of items: 10119-10121; 10611; 10667; 10671; 10674; 10689; 10700; 10704; 11143; 11155; 11163; 11167; 11170; 11174; 11502; 11508; 11532; 11569; 12638; 12644; 12667; 12704; 12811; 12812; 12813; 12859; 12868; 12874; 12877; 12879; 12882; 13033; 13077; 13153-13199; 13200-13224; 13391-13392; 14151; 15155; 15157; 14478; 14481; 14489; 14511; 14515; 14517; 1539; 15056; 15072; 15170; 15186; 15439; 15440; 15450; 15464; 15886; 16025; 16028-16041; 16292; 16399; 17276-17277; 20364-20366; 20368-20370; 20396; 20495; 21148-21149; 21955; 22023; 22173; 7629-7637; 8073; 8788; 8792; 8795; 8810; 9207; 9353; 9358
+ To all Master Vork of items put in charge of the prefix to create these things through the admin panel!
-Revert Returned stat Samon.
-Anakim to scroll
* Minor edits by chance drop in the Wild Beast.
* Fixed NPC: 22423; 25709;
Drop + 29069; 29190;
+ SPC for CTP (New)
+ Sections petitions.
-Refaktoring (Minimum)
+ Harvesting for improvement with debuffs.
* Fixed skill / Implementation: 109; 1554; 292; 298; 345; 368; 3558; 3561 (customer error, to be the second eq.); 5660; 6091; 793; 7029 (convenient admin); 8312;
+ Implemented correctly work skill Vengeance, his attack.
* A small fix for offline baffer will soon do the other fixes concerning,
* Fix Martial siege zone.
Do not attribute a work admin panel.
+ New work attribute the admin panel -> // attribute
+ Ability to create things mastervork -> // masterwork
+ Upgrade the engine of new tournaments Fight-Club.
+ Fuktsii top killer.
+ Announcement of the top killers.
+ Fuktsii if not killed anyone - I did not receive a prize.
+ Fuktsii esku spell active. If not, do not take it into account in the tournament.
+ Fuktsii of showing the class name.
+ New methods for ease of operation.
* Do not lose EHP or if the PC is becoming the tournament.
* You can not Samonas anything else if the tournament.
+ Htmlki.
+ Tournaments -> CTP (new) - FFA Tournament Treasure Hunt - Korean Style.
+ Work on the CTP (new)
+ Works on voting.
* Fixed an error in the request for Nublo;



Rev 11850


+ Configs on the new PvP system. More possibilities.
* English translations quests 10293, 10294, 10295, 10296
* Fixed skill 1257, 1557
* Off tests done.
* Removed ashvid to check for bots.
* Do not use a direct check on ashvid, there may be problems because of this.
* Fixed NPE on the forts.
* Close the new terrible bug with stats acceleration (those who sit on the ball with no luck)
* Close the new terrible bug with skills (those who sit on the ball with no luck)
+ The information added the names of cities pokvadratno.
* Temporary fix Servitore Share;
* For a quick test 0 gmakses.
* When the authentication password is the second in the game do not overlap noob these quests. Fixed around.
* Fix tick skill in new areas on PVP every 5 minutes.
* PvP zones are considered as normal zone, only they can not pvpshitsya Ctrl softkey and of different bonuses in different zones.
* Fix reading through special damage. skill areas on the slide random attack.
* New bafere prohibit Bafata if the tournament!
* Unless a PC and died in PvP zone that fall only those things that are upon you.
* Can flagatsya in PvP zone.
* On. on HF temporarily pvp system that would show the client.
+ Ability to disable the new bafera instanced.
+ New PvP system in the zones. Special order.
* Fix the choice of professions in the new size. Now works.
* Fix approach in instances
+ Lacked min max players instances.
* If a new KB ispolzuyum the column Clan, sores, mail, friends, boss statistics work.
+ A new type of skill floating protection -> gives the min and max protection whenever a player beat (physical and magical)
* Hmh HS 4GB as standard. (Rapid tests)
* If you go from inviz kills invisibility effect (as in silent MSY)
* Fix bug .repair muscle.
+ A lot of work in the zones.
+ To add a new CFG .ofalayn that can only be a PA.
+ Ability to get a list of belongings dressed in the correct random number.
* If it is not complied with the rules in the PvP zone, you can not beat each other.
* Ashvid lok not all the same.
Huge LFS fix the arena!
* Another test after the change of the subwoofer if there Comte skills and delete.
+ Drop system in PvP zones.
* Helmet messages when input / output to / from the PvP zone (html version)
* You can not use BSOE in PvP zones.
+ Script to drop things only mobs in PvP zones.
+ Themselves pvp zone of peace.
+ Implemented statte on rtg Aden, Spoil, Drop;
+ Implemented rtg monsters in certain areas;
+ Added ability to add zones statte and triggers that are added at the entrance and are removed when you exit;
+ Made in the game drop calculator on the CP !!
* Fix some html for a new CBA
* Translated several htmlek Bank and Drop.
* Replace outdated AI.
+ A lot of work on the drop calculator, very good looking.
* As soon as a fix-new AI server hangs or.
+ Spawns 18908 lacked (garbage was some old)
+ SPC 32780 Aquilani
* Updated the kind of shift + click leaf drop.


Rev 11712


* Fix bypass the Central Bank, some of the features of this suffering (bosses statistics)
* Fixed html quests and 645 levels in the quest.
* Fixed html CB fukntsii bosses.
* Fix of items 6355
* Fix drop all Valakas on HF5 (final version)
* Fix the auto time display ban chat, it was multiplied by 60 and shows in minutes.
+ Finish a new KB (c2)
+ New config file.
* Changed htmlki, corrected, made more beautiful by.
-601 Instance?
* More options for prizes l2dey tournament.
* On the CTP can not be a cursed weapon.
* Remove the povtrono buffs LH after teleporting.
* Both komyuniti can work in parallel, do not have the same classes for each.
-Lishnie Classes.
+ Zone Coliseum.
-Nenuzhnye Pictures.
-Kript Geo (is optional)
+ New htmlki for KB.
* Updated the library;
+ Config prohibit logging characters.
+ Config .offlayn feature only for premium.
* Fixed NPC loot 22842.
* Ability to make changes that are made on the server and they will check in the game.
* Fakes gruzyatsay faster.
* In gvg can use buffer n3
* Fix pvp epic zones pvp count
+ New .siedzh team for the statistics and registration of siege
* In SHG teams are divided into blue and red that it would be impossible to beat her.
* Still trying to remove ful buff LH
-revert fixation skill 1572
* Fixed skill 793
* Implemented PvP zone in epics (disabled by default)
* Fixed a bug in the malicious tranformy flying buff.
* It is possible to sit down and sell buffs everywhere.
* Permission is granted only if the teleport in combat and flagnut.
+ htmlki
* Update the engine's Event;


Rev 11595


+ New tables
+ Configuration prohibit Samonov action if the owner died.
+ Config swing SHG igorka in the party.
+ Config on otzyvanie Samonov if you fly to Oli.
+ Config waiting between teleports.
* Remove the flags in any case, if the tournament ended CTP
* Shows min and max players on the announcement of the SHG
* Fixed quest 904
* You can not invite a person party with a cursed weapon.
* Fixed skill 1542
-Nenuzhnye Zone.
* You can not restore a player who is in prison.
* Fixed NPE in of items.
* Separate the resist on the Blow skills
+ Kommuniti second version;
* Fixed Herb Blood Fire Demon;
- Excess;
* The CB function can be used if the character flaganuty;
* At the summons on the events and the Olympic Games, remove all buffs, even if they have not called;
* Fix all skill summons;
* Fix castle sieges, if the siege does not start, then stop it correctly;
* Fixed double check boxes for IP at the Olympics;
+ Added check double windows on the iron at the Olympics;
- Extra debug;
* Fix bug with heroism. Duplicate characters, if different ID-based Professor (2,3ya, etc.);
* Fixed skill Golem Reinforcement;
* Fixed skill Repair Golem;
* Fixed skill Strengthen Golem;
* Fix Exception: (): java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 84
+ PA did bind to the service offline, if there is one -> means only works with PA (you can expand the range)
+ SCR update for the PA table !!!!!
* Fixed NPE in bookmarks.
* Fix polevelnoy reytovki;



Rev 11489


+ Add to tiered rates the configuration;
+ Config raid boss global drop minimal level.
* Fix Exploit character invisible.
+ Implemented configs to allow tiered configuration Reiten;

Config + ability to delete through ALT + click the song, and dance.
+ Global Config drop from RB, number, quantity and chance.
+ Config on people max in one lot.
+ Start level when taking sub-class.
5 configs on attributes, max attributes, etc.
+ Config announces that spawn RB world.
+ Config trip adepts in cities.
* Visual decoration html.
+ Nedostoyuschie teleport Atomic Foundry in HB.
* More fixes html not true links were with helpers.
* For the best located in the html Kamaloka.
* As of EN folder should be dialogues EN quests! Russian in Russian. Remade for html quests: 10501; 10502; 10503; 10505; 129; 901.
* More on the beautiful html statistics work.
* Fix of items Dynasty Jewel Leather Mail, has been non-existent Proff.
* Added skills of items: Agathion Summon Bracelet - Monkey; Agathion Summon Bracelet - Griffin; Great Axe - Thunder; Lance - Earth; Gludio Water Royal Guard Necklace; Dion Divinity Royal Guard Necklace; Giran Wind Royal Guard Necklace; Oren Darkness Royal Guard Necklace; Aden Earth Royal Guard Necklace; Innadril Water Royal Guard Necklace; Goddard Fire Royal Guard Necklace; Rune Fire Royal Guard Necklace; Schuttgart Wind Royal Guard Necklace; Omen Beast Transformation Scroll; Death Blader Transformation Scroll; Grail Apostle Transformation Scroll; Lilim Knight Transformation Scroll; Golem Guardian Transformation Scroll; Inferno Drake Transformation Scroll; Steam Beatle Mounting Bracelet; Kadomas Transformation Stick; Agathion Seal Bracelet - Ball Trapping Gnosian; Agathion Seal Bracelet - Penalty Kick; Agathion Seal Bracelet - Ball Trapping Orodriel; Agathion Seal Bracelet - Ball Trapping Gnosian; Agathion Seal Bracelet - Ball Trapping Orodriel; Agathion Seal Bracelet - Penalty Kick; Agathion Seal Bracelet - Ball Trapping Gnosian; Agathion Seal Bracelet - Ball Trapping Orodriel; Agathion Seal Bracelet - Penalty Kick; Aqua Elf Transformation Harp; Angel Halo; Greater Herb of Life; Greater Herb of Mana

+ Implemented an item: Shadow Item - Gatekeeper Transformation Stick; Gludio Blessed Scroll of Escape; Dion Blessed Scroll of Escape; Giran Blessed Scroll of Escape; Oren Blessed Scroll of Escape; Aden Blessed Scroll of Escape; Innadril Blessed Scroll of Escape; Goddard Blessed Scroll of Escape; Rune Blessed Scroll of Escape; Schuttgart Blessed Scroll of Escape; Gludio Water Protection Necklace; Dion Divinity Protection Necklace; Giran Wind Protection Necklace; Oren Darkness Protection Necklace; Aden Earth Protection Necklace; Innadril Water Protection Necklace; Goddard Fire Protection Necklace; Rune Fire Protection Necklace; Schuttgart Wind Protection Necklace; Halloween Nectar Pumpkin - event; Vesper's Mighty Power; Vesper's Critical Attack Power; Invincible Vesper; Olympiad Treasure Chest; Birthday Cake Pack; Goggle Pack; Napoleon Hat Pack; Horn Hairband Pack; Black Gem Mask Pack; Plastic Hair Pack; Beast Soulshot Pack; Beast Spiritshot Pack; Blessed Beast Spiritshot Pack; Beast Soulshot Large Pack; Beast Spiritshot Large Pack; Blessed Beast Spiritshot Large Pack; Steam Beatle Mounting Bracelet Pack; Newbie Level-Up Pack; Fast Growth Pack; Gold Maned Lion Mounting Bracelet; Steam Beatle Mounting Bracelet; Soul Magic Box; Hardin's Blessing; Silpeed's Wing; Silpeed's Blessing; Evain's Recovery Scroll; Good / Bad of Life; Good / Bad of Mind; Warrior's Breath; Potion of a Hero; Agathion Seal Bracelet - Singer & Dancer; Agathion Seal Bracelet - Singer & Dancer; Super Healthy Juice (HP); Super Healthy Juice (CP); Rider Pouch Pack; Rider Pouch Pack; Agathion Summon Bracelet; Agathion Summon Bracelet - Griffin (7-14-30 days); Agathion Summon Bracelet - Cow (7-14-30 days); Agathion Summon Bracelet - Tow (7-14-30); Aqua Elf Transformation Harp 7-Day Pack; Aqua Elf Transformation Harp 30-Day Pack; Aqua Elf Transformation Harp; Olf's T-shirt Pack; Olf's T-shirt Pack; Olf's T-shirt (event); Agathion Seal Bracelet - Rudolph; Enze Agathion Bracelet; Shiny Lit Platform Summon Bracelet; Red Philosopher's Stone; Blue Philosopher's Stone; Orange Philosopher's Stone; Black Philosopher's Stone; White Philosopher's Stone; Green Philosopher's Stone;
* If you lose the flag in the hands of 50% run speed (offlayk)
* Fix reyuza of items: Santa's Buff Gift Set; Potion of Vitality Replenishing
+ Trigger for: Recurve Thorne Bow; Recurve Thorne Bow {PvP}
* Fix of items: Dragon Boat; Balloon Stick of Cheers - Red; Balloon Stick of Cheers - Orange; Balloon Stick of Cheers - Yellow; Balloon Stick of Cheers - Green; Balloon Stick of Cheers - Blue; Balloon Stick of Cheers - Indigo Blue; Balloon Stick of Cheers - Purple; Balloon Stick of Cheers - Black; Balloon Stick of Cheers - White; Hardin's Divine Protection; Arcana Sickle of Friendship;

+Колизии следующим НПЦ: For Presentation 1; World Cup Cat; Game Manager; Baby Rudolph; Iken Agathion; Lana Agathion; Gnosian Agathion; Orodriel Agathion; Lakinos Agathion; Mortia Agathion; Heintz Agathion; Meruril Agathion; Taman Zu Rapatui Agathion; Kaurin Agathion; Ahertbein Agathion; Naonin Agathion; Guangong Agathion; Gwanseum Nyang Nyang Agathion; Blue Opera Agathion; Red Opera Agathion; Opera Agathion; Mandarin Dress Agathion; Nepal Snow Agathion; Round Ball Snow Agathion; Ladder Snow Agathion; Blue Opera Agathion; Desheloph; Hyum; Lekang; Lilias; Lapham; Mafum; Desheloph; Phoenix; Granny Tiger; Flower Fairy Spirit; Cheerleader Orodriel; Cheerleader Lana; Cheerleader Naonin; Cheerleader Mortia; Cheerleader Kaurin; Cheerleader Meruril; Handy;
*Фикс стат след. НПЦ(баланс): Feline King; Magnus the Unicorn; Imperial Phoenix; Spiked Stakato; Spiked Stakato Worker; Spiked Stakato Guard; Female Spiked Stakato; Male Spiked Stakato; Male Spiked Stakato; Spiked Stakato Sorcerer; Cannibalistic Stakato Follower; Cannibalistic Stakato Leader; Spiked Stakato Soldier; Spiked Stakato Drone; Spiked Stakato Captain; Spike Stakato Nurse; Spiked Stakato Baby; Spiked Stakato Shaman; Mercenary of Destruction; Knight of Destruction; Lavastone Golem; Magma Golem; Lavasillisk; Blazing Ifrit; Magma Drake; Mucrokian Fanatic; Mucrokian Ascetic; Mucrokian Savior; Contaminated Mucrokian; Awakened Mucrokian; Suppressor; Exterminator; Guardian Waterspirit; Lesser Giant Soldier; Lesser Giant Shooter; Lesser Giant Scout; Lesser Giant Mage; Lesser Giant Elder; Barif; Gamlin; Leogul; Cursed Lord; Cursed Guardian; Cursed Seer; Hirokai; Imagro; Palit; Hamlet; Klennot;
*Фикс НПЦ: Zinyanzi Agathion; Maguen; Seduced Mage; Seduced Warrior; Seduced Knight;
+Реализованы супер петы: Super Feline Queen Z; Super Kat the Cat Z; Super Mew the Cat Z;
*Фикс дропа: Treasure Chest(несколько); Otherworldly Invader Food;

-Cleaning Extra imports.
* Still Antharas should be different depending on the number of people in the den (offlayk)
* Translated into English string.
* Fixed a possible NPE in Fafurion Kindred
* Fixed a possible NPE the queen ants.
* Fix path to html for CTP.
+ Check for a duel in front of TP on CTP.
* Optional. verification for the other team to TVT in a duel in front of TP on TVT.
* All tournament rules apply both TW and CTP.
-Hendler 20630 registered in the DP.
* When chenzhim class run animation. (NPC master class)
* Lost a certain pitch from Chamberlain.
-Ability To NPE in sepuchers.
-Dublikat Bypass the Central Bank.
-Can TP at the flag when it is not you fight.

* Reformation kind of skill, it is more convenient to work with.
* Fixed skill: CP Gauge Potion; Scroll of SP; 7th Anniversary T-shirt: Blessed Escape Ability; 7th Anniversary T-shirt: Blessed Protection Ability; Fiery Demon Blood; Scroll of Transformation - Pig; Transform Sealbook - Onyx Beast; Transform Sealbook - Death Blader; Transform Sealbook - Grail Apostle; Transform Sealbook - Unicorn; Transform Sealbook - Lilim Knight; Transform Sealbook - Golem Guardian; Transform Sealbook - Inferno Drake; Transform Sealbook - Dragon Bomber; Scroll of Battlefield Transformation; Tang-tang Agathion Special Skill - Great Wizard Soul Power; Dancing Kid Agathion Special Skill - Great Adventurer Soul Power; Gwangong Agathion Special Skill - Aura of Fury; Soul Stealth; Granny Tiger Agathion Special Skill - Fundamentals; Cheerleader Lana Agathion Special Skill - Joy of Cheering; All Agathion skills have been corrected; Scroll of Transformation - Frog; Gludio Human Mercenary; Gludio Elf Mercenary; Gludio Dark Elf Mercenary; Gludio Orc Mercenary; Gludio Dwarf Mercenary; Gludio Kamael Mercenary; Gludio Royal Guard Captain; Gludio Archer Captain; Gludio Magic Leader (all NPC are linked here); Star Stone Gathering; Blue Talisman of Healing; Flag Display; Special Ability: Infinity Rapier; Majestic Light Armor Set; Earring of Zaken; Special Ability: Empower; Special Ability: Infinity Blade; Special Ability: Infinity Axe; pecial Ability: Infinity Cleaver; Special Ability: Infinity Crusher; Infinity Wing; Special Ability: Infinity Fang; Special Ability: Infinity Stinger; Special Ability: Infinity Spear; Dispell; Special Ability: Infinity Bow; pecial Ability: Infinity Scepter; Special Ability: Infinity Rod; Transform Tow; Transform Heavy Tow; Transform Wing Tow; Transformation Condition - Frog; Transformation Condition - Young Child; Transformed Condition - Native; Transformed Condition - Guards of the Dawn;

+ Implementation skills: Age of Three Kingdoms; Haste; Blessed Resurrection; Resist Elemental; Ultimate Defense; Soul of an Adventurer of Immortality's Ability; Soul of a Strong Warrior's Ability; Soul of a Wise Magician's Ability; Ability of Prominent Adventure's Soul; Soul of a Brave Warrior's Ability; Blood Awakening; Improved Magic; Improved Critical Attack; Shiny Lit Platform; Release Seal on Agathion - Singer Dancer; Rudolph's Vitality; Release Seal on Agathion - Enze; Shiny Party Hat - Greater Body; Release Seal on Agathion - Chorong; Angry Bunny Necklace; Angry Bunny Earring; Angry Bunny Ring; Holiday Festival (all skills); Baguette Herb; Buttery Herb; Might; Shield; Death Whisper; Guidance; Empower; Grater Acumen; Vampiric Rage; Bless the Body; Berserker Spirit; Magic Barrier; Bless the Soul; Clarity; Wild Magic; Super Healthy Juice (HP); Super Healthy Juice (CP); Gludio Homemade Cookie; Gludio Homemade Cookie; Dion Homemade Cookie; Dion Homemade Cookie; Aden Designer Cookie; Aden Designer Cookie; Giran Designer Cookie; Giran Designer Cookie; Wind Walk; Concentration; Large Ancient Weapon; PC Cafe Blessing; PC Cafe Energy; Sweet Chocolate - 4 hour; Party Cake; Campfire's Warmth; Pa'agrio's Warm Breeze - 4 hour; Berserker Spirit; Blessed Soul; Blessed Body; Sweet Chocolate; Transformation Scroll - Zaken; Transformation Scroll - Ranku; Threatening Roar; Weaver Agathion Special Skill - Power of the Golden Calf; Weaver Agathion Special Skill - Flute Sound; Donateloph's Blessing; Raphaeloph's Blessing; Leonardoph's Blessing; Michelangeloph's Blessing; Rudolphina's Blessing - Maintain Vitality; Turkey's Big Mistake; Rosy Seduction; Phoenix Agathion Special Skill - Nirvana Rebirth; Phoenix Agathion Special Skill - Oriental Phoenix; Hide; Soul Stealth; Aura Flare; Prominence; Flame Strike; Berserker Spirit; Zaken Spirit Sword Special Skill - Song of the Sword; Master's Blessing - Soul of Pa'agrio; Master's Blessing - Chant of Magnus; Master's Blessing - Chant of Blood Awakening; Master's Blessing - Spike; Master's Blessing - Bowstring; Master's Blessing - Hard Tanning; Master's Blessing - Embroider; Master's Blessing - Counter Critical; Master's Blessing - Elemental Protection; Master's Blessing - Arcane Protection; Master's Call; Kau Agathion Cute Trick; Tow Agathion Cute Trick; Griffin Agathion Cute Trick; Master's Blessing - Focus; Master's Blessing - Death Whisper; Master's Blessing - Haste; Master's Blessing - Guidance; Master's Blessing - Blessed Body; Master's Blessing - Blessed Soul; Master's Blessing - Agility; Master's Blessing - Acumen; Master's Blessing - Decrease Weight; Master's Blessing - Might; Master's Blessing - Shield; Master's Blessing - Magic Barrier; Master's Blessing - Vampiric Rage; Master's Blessing - Empower; Master's Blessing - Wind Walk; Master's Blessing - Berserker Spirit; Master's Blessing - Greater Might; Master's Blessing - Greater Shield; Master's Blessing - Wild Magic; Master's Blessing - Clarity; Master's Blessing - Prophecy of Water; Master's Blessing - Prophecy of Fire; Master's Blessing - Prophecy of Wind; Master's Blessing - Chant of Victory; Master's Blessing - Improve Combat; Master's Blessing - Improve Magic; Master's Blessing - Improve Condition; Master's Blessing - Improve Critical; Master's Blessing - Improve Shield Defense; Master's Blessing - Improve Movement; Master's Blessing - Sharpen Edge; Master's Blessing - Face Harden; Master's Blessing - Blessing of Noblesse; Master's Blessing - Eye of Pa'agrio; Master's Blessing - Soul of Pa'agrio; Master's Blessing - Chant of Magnus; Master's Blessing - Chant of Blood Awakening; Master's Blessing - Spike; Master's Blessing - Bowstring; Master's Blessing - Hard Tanning; Master's Blessing - Embroider; Master's Blessing - Arcane Protection; Santa Claus's Blessing; Cat the Ranger Boots; Bottle of Empty Sou; Bottle of Full Soul; Energy Replenishing Potion; Honey Wheat Cake; Stone of Stamina; Stone of Mana; Stone of Recovery; Stone of Destruction; Stone of Invincibility; Stone of Great Speed; Stone of Speed; Stone of Concentration; Stone of Ease; Stone of Abundance; Santa's Buff Gift Set; Disguised Half - Aqua Elf; Bare Hands; Fear; Boss Regeneration; Balor - Physical Close Range Weak Point; Balor - Physical Long Range Weak Point; Balor - Magic Weak Point; Stun; Physical Up; Magical Up; Mana Burn; Soul Weakness; Skills Augment Option 8000-8099; Maguen Machine; And a lot of skills are forgotten.

* If you are not a hero, and then remove the gun and the crown of the hero.
* Fix .avey system -> if perezashli then dump the title to the default.
+ Aktion 5016 for the super pet.
* You can not sit in the trans-trade.
* Fix a competitor in the Free PA.
+ Method to get all of items from a specific slot.
* Fixed bot report, maids forgot to clean You do not read condo.
* Fixed a possible NPE in the manor.
* Not a big change in the cursed weapon, not expelled izminaniya when activated immediately.
* More safe to do petitions system, errors are eliminated.
* If teleeed through bookmarks, then check if the area at the moment is the siege and not where there is a person (2 test of the two ends)
* Closed bug friends could put the server with him.
* If the pet is lost it to the host ports.
* Large fixed sieges if napodayuschih there was no siege began and did not end, fix is ​​made, the siege must not started at all.
* Another fix, do not give a tournament to enter the duel somehow.
* Fort those who can not beat you in Allie.
* If the count went to Olympus before the fight, you can not cancel the registration.
* After the cancellation of the game on the Olympus SP also removed and the player can re-registered with.
* Had too little techniques prison.
* If you take a beta SPC heroism - it must just as well stay.
* Fixed a possible NPE at the merchants.
+ Added all new pets.
+ Add to the SCR in the table: Pet_data Pet_skills and new data on the new pets.
+ Implemented magueny.
+ We provide bows lovers after the wedding.
* Fix npe when dressing things.
+ Added new base eksheony for different new pets.
+ Preparation for the transfer nexus dvizhek us.
* If it is turned off LFS standard page in size.


Rev 11356


* Fixed STF, htmlki.
* New configs.
* Fix exit TWh during the report but before the tournament starts.
* Fixed siege skills: Cannon Fodder and Big Bang
* Fixed layout tabs at the Comunità board.
* Fixed layout baffera;
* Now buff button does not disappear when set in its own buffs many skills;
* Fixed offline baffera pages are now displayed completely and nick with the title back.
* Rollback logout.
* If you want a new Hero weapon, first roll away the old.
* Inner workings
+ Config Olympiad every week
+ Config -> all teleporters are in Giran.
* Fixed can not sharpen skills if busy spell.
+ Preparations for ZVH eventu (purchased separately)


Rev 11308


+ Event Works for Zombies vs Humans;
* A small fix TVT;
* Now Arena TvT specified in the DP in tvt_arena.xml;
* Cosmetics Event at admin page;
* Fix captcha;


  Rev 11293


+ Config to ban the use of the show / trade chat to a certain level.
+ Ability to remove using Shift + click song / DANCE.
+ TEST Tournament 1: 1 on the money - it's just a test who has the desire to test a further write me on Skype.
* Modifier Samonov damage.
+ TEST .report a button, players can themselves indicate bots and the one who received the report must answer the captcha, if not flying in prison (see Alex plz)
* Preparations for future tournaments.
+ The CCF may otlyuchit announcements of new tournament.
* Now fins Hero like TW takes place in beautiful different locations.
* After killing ketches instance closes automatically.
+ Another area for tournaments.
+ Ability to trade offline buffs (SELF), a new team - .bafstore
* Report button bot now works properly as a system of captchas.
* Altered bypass plaer_help desktop.
* It is possible to store the names of the days (to restart)
+ Zone for offline buff store.
* A lot of a lot of work on the 1x1 tournament for money.
* Completely remade the game in the Monastery of Silence. Corrected;
* Fixed skills such as Aegis Stance;
* Displays a message about the protection shield from even normal attacks;
* Summons are now continuing to attack the target, after using the skill (offlayk);
* Fix Dupa through the mail;
* Updated the compiler skills to version 1.7;
* Fix opening the secret room in Mose;
+ Service .delevel. and configs to it.
+ Configs at the start of the siege, and tv every week!
* Fixed copyright.
* Fixed NPE on eventah.
* Fixed NPE if not included tournament FC
+ Nedostoyuschie spawn npe Greymore
* Fixed skill ID reyuza 7
* Ability to throw cool time admin skills for Target.


  Rev 11191


* Returned hired guard in the siege and traps. Fixed a bug with them;
* Fixed a rollback night Zaken.
* Give in LH skills hero if enabled configuration.
+ Do not give stones to invest if there is the print count (seven seals)
* You can not do logout if TW tournaments, LH, CTP.
+ Implemented configs on multiprofu;
* Fixed display of the radar in the training quest;
* One-Antharas same fix as did Valakas over hang and pharma.
* Wizards will no longer say if the spell is not in a peaceful area (like those present, if there is something to report on Skype / forum)
* If the security angle of 360 degrees is not necessary to do extra estimates always spell supposedly looks toward the attacker.
* Fix working after Coliseum's Event;
* Fix the Olympics, if emitted from the people fight the enemy does not take away points.
* Fixed NPE on the forts.
+ Admin team // unban
* Finish check on the new ashvidu TW.
+ Some points on tounvaru needed in the way the kernel.
+ New command combinetalismans (for PvP servers)
+ Config for combinetalismans (default Falls)
* Fix to lasthero, consider the output of the game character when the config file to hide the names.
* When the config to hide name, disable so the same clan / Allie crosses and titles.
* Fixed NPC: 22840-22843


Rev 11145


+ Configs on the ability to disable the names (or make them the same) at the time of lasthero tournament.
* Fixes NPE in Darnell, emerland dor controller, defender Eve and thyrsus.
* Fixes zero skills in kickbacks 1321; 7.
+ Implemented skill Energy Ditch.
* Fix logs show who sold and not bought 2 times someone.
+ The new TW opportunity regi only one window.
* 1 Zakomentil desired log Observer.
+ Config on new tournament prize ID.
* Fix Newbie manager at the correct link to the teleporters.
-Lishny Multisel.
* At 22860 should not be miniony = 22860 /
* Fix the next NPE in ketches.
* CTP should not modit off dialogues :)
* Fix NPE at the Coliseum manager.
* Fix NPE manager's residence in the castle.
* Fix otobrozhenie skill 1446
+ Add to logs from whom received a letter with things and ID sheet multisela.
+ Nevidymye finish things that are not visible through the shift, they can not sell or give away gift, good for shadow Donata (who needs it) command: // hidden_item [id] [count].
+ Added to admin Supplement Online
Online + Offline traders; online traders; online, excluding the same IP; online excluding windows; and clean online without any offline and online traders, and taking into account the one-stop shop. Useful for real circumstances on the server :) is available only to the administrator.
+ Methods for before.
+ Slope for hidden things.


Rev 10970


+ New detailed configs to create a party in tournaments TW, forestry and global ban on all competitions.
* Fixed html Priest of Blessing has not been loyal to html.
* Fixed AI ketches was not null Pointer true test for instance.
* Fix Samuel Conde was not the last, and was null Pointer.
* Fix Priest of Blessing, not a true konstraktor to html.
* Fix Quest 359 is not passed on.
* Fixed NPE in search of Clan not everyone has the title.
-Old Favorits that was not used.
* Fix NPE statistics (region)
* Fix type html in the color change nickname
* You can not attack the fakie in a peaceful area.
* Fixed NPE in logging in the mail.
* Fixed NPE in team // debug
* Fixed NPE in admin teleport.
-Bred Who accidentally added = /
* Fixed NPE in bot manager.
* If you do not have the coordinates for teleport to Gludin default.
* Fixed NPE in new tournaments (Motor faytklab)
* Fix areylist -> list, making the place a check Ranged removal of property.
* Fix broken and could use banks to Olympus.
+ Slope for the future of the tournament (so as not to forget)
+ Html pages for the tournament (faytklab) place favorits + java file.
* Fix the engine's Event Fight;
+ The engine Buttle's Event;
+ Configs for pvp system.
+ New Event Fight Club;
* Name of professions issued in the DP;
* Fix for dialogue CTP
* Fix config on overvalued chance at Dragon Valley
+ New configs to before. config now also allows to adjust the min and max of things.
* Fixed skill 1381 lasted 25 seconds, place 5.

-Time Deleted bought_zones (what they are or where ???) !!!
* Updated change nickname (the default service) were eroglefy.
* Fix NPE when admin buys something with admin
* !! Herby murder the first time in a whisper Valley are only level 75 and above !!!
-Not Right class
+ Detailed drop configuration (see config):
##################### Additional Drop modifiers by type take a note that basic drop rates (RateDropItems) are ALSO applying to the rates below !!!
##################### Attantion !! Most of the detailed config below with multiply with each other for example: RateDropWeaponsAllItems = 2.0 and RateDropByGradeDItems = 2.0 will make 4.0 in total !!
##################### Detailed modifier drop on different parameters, the basic settings WARNING drop (RateDropItems) is also taken into account with the settings from the bottom !!!
##################### WARNING most settings from the bottom will be multiplied with each other, for example RateDropWeaponsAllItems = 2.0 and RateDropByGradeDItems = 2.0 will result in 4.0 at the end !!!
##################### If you want to disable a certain item drop type just put 0. The client will show the new% in shift + click
##################### If you want to exclude drop type things, just set the 0. The client will display the new value through the Shift + click

* Fix NOT;
* Added the ability to specify a level of sharpening starting an item;
* Lists TA kommuniti derive any column 2;
* Fixed: When to go / to run away from monsters / raid bosses, they are catching up, but did not hit until the character stops;
* Necromancer Summons also receive a host attribute (offlayk);
* The Russian .cfg add the missing item Events
* Not to be confused did all TreasureChest
* CARICOM did faithful EHP and cn.
+ Extreme Freya soul bottle drop leaf.
* Since the longer there is no connection between the pvp tournament does not make sense to check for the presence of others who start his.
* True to spawn chests luck 76+
* Fixes for chests, now all offer 100% with PTSD AI scripts.
* If the pet / Samon hit of RB and the difference in levels was the most he and his master will be petrification.
+ When you create a new set of buffs in kommuniti automatically set to add the available buffs that are active in the character;
+ Added config to the divider prices when selling an item in the store;
-gift of-vitality is not imposed on Olympus.
* Fixed compilation.
* Fix a new login. Do not delete a previous log file;
* Fix encoding tables character_l2top_votes, character_mmotop_votes;
* Fix counting on winning the Olympus Damage;
+ Added config L2TopServerPrefix;
PA + to add Service% to sharpening
+ Add ware to new ficham komyuniti.
* Fixed 17 quests that do not reytovalis.


Rev 10811


+ Add ware to new ficham community.
* Fixed 17 quests that do not reytovalis.
+ Many updates htmlek especially in KB (see. Screenshots)
-cleaning Of unnecessary imports
* Make a reset spawn epidosa.
* Notifies that Mutated elpi died.
* Fixiki in naya tover.
+ Antharas handled a little added effect of an earthquake, processed spawn Antharas, minions, set only with IC.
* Edits Beleth, spawn elpi right effect earthquake
* Altered logging rather than attack on the console screen varningov.
* Altered minions Valakas and the effect of an earthquake.
* Reworked the CTP on a working version (needed Testing)
+ Added switch on request wars for territory. (Admin team)
+ Nedostoyuschie attributes stones.
имеет функции: ">* Modirnizirovana tab "Clan" in komyuniti -> has a function:
1. View all the clans.
2. apply to the clan
3. exhibit at the entrance restrictions
4. viewing skills clan.
5. Info Clan.
6. Other functions can be seen on screen.
-Old View tabs in the KB, who need to strictly offlayk write me betray old.
* Fix a premium, if the premium has a show when it ends rather than staporim CB
* Do not give teleport if the person holding the flag (more advanced version)
+ Area dungeon (tested)
+ The blank areas for a new tournament.
+ New method to another without invitation package.
Junk in different ways.
+ New methods for clans under komyuniti.
+ Nedostoyuschie Kamaloca added later.
+ Hyde for instance.
+ CML Various shops, can someone come in handy.
+ Search for items multiselkam, cram ID and pop up where it is useful for administrators.
+ New AI different mobs.
+ Bookmarks to the Central Bank:
1. Top players; Top PvP; Top PvP; Top online; BX clan.
2. A new species to add friends and block characters. (Screenshots)
3. List and search for living RB RB (screenshots)
4. The search party with different fukntsii.
5. Package on Ping.
Probably I missed something Komichi ball on the 415 files.
+ Added more files as blanks on other new and exciting things in the next month!
* Do not try to remove baffera at the Olympics 36 times;
* The victory by the number of the damage at the Olympics was confused. Winning previously appropriated to the person who inflicted less damage;
+ Description: PvP system, for the murder of a reward is given. Configs: Numerous number of prizes for the murder, Randomnaya award timeout between the murder of one and the same player minutes Proff for awards, min level awards, uptime character for the award, check the clan / Ali / IC / party / zone / Tournament / pc / of HWID / SP / Ekvip / Checking Twinkie at a time when the spell created.
+ SCR for logs and update the database.
+ configs


Rev 10720


+ Description: PvP system, for the murder of a reward is given. Configs: Numerous number of prizes for the murder, Randomnaya award timeout between the murder of one and the same player minutes Proff for awards, min level awards, uptime character for the award, check the clan / Ali / IC / party / zone / Tournament / pc / of HWID / SP / Ekvip / Checking Twinkie at a time when the spell created.
+ SCR for logs and update the database.
+ configs

+ Update Lieb.
* Fix overenchanta and HF bonus to armor.
* Fixed dialogue: moving the device in space
* Fix Phoenix Agthion Seal Bracelet - you can not throw to sell and remove.
+ AI mob 22362
Off + thong for Baylor.
* Fix for AI ISO mobs and quest 457_LostandFound (it was not possible to pass)
* Fixed a possible NPE.
* An important fix Valakas stuck at a certain point, and his omission is Farm!
* Reduce the appearance of other possibilities% Karikov in the murder of a 5%
+ Now available admin commands residence.
* Fixed a possible NPE with Malone.
* More beautiful html extension for KWH / Inventory / BX.
* Fixed html path in Grand Prairie Isle of-flight.
* More than a beautiful painting of a dialog for service nick + now works, previously to restart.
+ Upgrade to snow fernira Elite CH
* Possible fix offshore zone in the GC.
+ Implemented skill 23172 - full recovery
+ Added a missing skill wyvern "protection Wyvern"
* Social management. movements.
For + n2-top service made a special prefix (as required to l2tope) now when people write x10-Vano; will be considered only "Vano".
* Not long reconstruction methods.
* Get off of pets when entering the Olympus (so as they are withdrawing)
* Fix chests are now taken into account the levels of fines and are at different levels of the chests in the top and bottom.
+ New skill that recovers fully settings hp / mp / CPU for the character and work on it.
* By default (with en patch) on all HF chests open with a 100% chance (to count on the levels of fines)
+ Smarter AI for patrulerov in Dragon Valley.
* Fixed problem with trunks, now with the opening of the fall awards.
+ Implemented 15440 of items.
+ Connected service l2top mmotop and automatic issuance of awards.
+ Slope for mmotop.
+ Configs for l2top / mmotop.
* Fix eventov - you can not invite people to the event if in prison.
+ Multiple Static strings to external events.
* Fix aggression - even if the effects are not present around the target with.
* You can not steal a Hero skills.


Rev 10601


*Фикс инстанса 135, нельзя зайти дважды.
*Фикс айтемов: 17275 (скрол СП)
+Реализованы АИ для мобов в ДВ и ЛОА по оффу: Exploding Orc Ghost; Drakos Warrior; Batwing Drake; Emerald Drake; Bloody Karik; Drakos Hunter; Emerald Horn; Dust Rider; Bleeding Fly; Blackdagger Wing; Shadow Summoner; Spike Slasher; Muscle Bomber; Gem Dragon; Parasitic Leech.
*Фикс АИ Спригант стан и пойсон. (по оффу)
*Фикс твт, если выходим и заходим и есть паралич - то паралич накладывается заново.
+Новые скилы для мобов: Reflect Attack; Vampiric Attack; Bleed; Self-destruction.
+Конфиги для Рейдов в ДВ.
*Фикс НПЕ со стрингами если никто не захватил замок.
+Реализовано открытие огненных сундуков с помощью скилов и ключей.
*Фикс добавление награды за чемпионов.
+Хтмлы для нпц 32753
+Сервис парс онлайна имен и статусов.
+СКЛ для сервиса.


Rev 10546


* Fix NPI when buying GMom / CB because of the new log.
* Full true tents and flags in the siege and TV, tests were done - you can not put up a tent / flag on the territory of the castle; It can not be put to the siege tent and TV flag. Refresh all customers is critical for a siege.
* Rechargeable skills crit x2 instead of X1.3.
+ Configs translations into Russian and English (full translation)
* Fix Baium.
-Old Fakie we no longer need.
The old-log system.
+ New system log, logging now goes on charms - each char has a separate folder and "eventy" for every action.
* Tent on TV should not be placed on the siege, and vice versa, the flags of the siege can not be put on TV
* Tincture of-field with silenced only work with the 52-85 level.
+ Config to turn off duels.
* Fix Valakas.
* Fixed quest 628
+ Ability to learn if the healer spell.
* Closed serious bug (not razgoloshaetsya infa).
* Returned old methods - are needed and are outdated.
* Fix unlock, chance can not be in the end more than 100%


Rev 10502


* Build fully translated into Java 7 (now Java 6 is not supported !!!);
+ A system of real Fake players that fill the game by performing certain actions (the system in a test version with a minimal set of functionality). When you want to expand, this modular system. You can buy more required modules, or write to their TK and we implement. The system can be brought to the state that you do not understand where the bot, and where a real person :)
Spawn + Mos torches;
+ Implemented torches Mose system;
+ Added new features to the core;
+ Added OnScriptEvent procedure in AI;
* Fix update Fenrir in the snow;
* Fixed display of friends in your contact list;
* If all the crystals in a castle destroyed, do not allow to revive;
* Fix chances sharpening skills;
* Fix bug with mail;
* Fix package to fakie. Due to the congress of the structure, not true color display;
* Numerous fixes vorningov and encodings
* Updated trove library to version 3;
- Temporarily removed deprecated varningov;
* If the item is specified ingredients multiselle 57 (Aden) and the number 1, the price is established in the amount of a standard for all of an item;
* Additional works for fake players.


Rev 10379


* Fix 3 ex-second bug replaced by saba.
* Trial Fixed tower of life and the resurrection of the siege.
* Default disable oly restriction.
* Drop from champions not from siege guard.
* Do not set config on default true!
* Fix certain drop self.
Fix sphere teleportation Antharas
Fixes a new board Comunità
Multiple fixes Agathions and summons
+ Version Testavaya fake players access to all demonstrations, work on it will be closed soon and will leave in private.
+ Ability to mark safe sharpening the point of any grade and any of scroll.
+ Fukntsii New baffer restore xn / CP / MP
* Fix with Avey systems; titual it not saved.
+ New thong.
6 new AI to the empty field.
+ System offlayk Herb in the silence.
* Fix TW and lasthero.
+ G-string new
* Fix the work of the Civil Code. Previously, it was possible to specify the ID of 0-9, the latter figure was cut off
14 zones for TW.
+ Config for Champions, drop special items.
* Fix fin-Hero and TW, all paralyzed.
+ Strings for Avey systems (tested working fine)
* Minor fix for registration Comunità
+ Added default cause offlayk komyuniti.
+ Added alternative komyuniti, with a fresh design and with different servervisami both the old and some new.
+ New feature "ordered the killing of the character."
+ New feature "top players according to different criteria."
+ New ability to "view leaf drop"
+ New feature "teleports for htmlkam instead of generating it is now"
* Can manivrirovat between CB without restarting the server.
+ Protection from bots (see. YEAR update on this issue)
* Fix Dupa by return mail;
* Added a table to work on the boss's office.
* Various fixes.
+ Baium spawn
+ Config Auto Buff Buffer In komyuniti
+ Config certain individual drops
* Fix NPE


Rev 10284


* Globally update HF5 July 2013

+ New configs:
+ The minimum level of use of email.
+ PS Points bang only for premium.
+ System report bots and various sanctions on players such system "Report bot" - When the button activates the actions of the character "Report bot", which will be used to check the administration notification of bots.
+ Away System and additional system. configs to it (the system is not leaving the game for a safe retreat from the computer). Designed to "smoke break" in the game. :) .away Team and .back

* Updated and removed 20 html under renovation.
* Updated NPC: 22705; 22707; 29021; 29025; 31862; 30952-30954
* Updated Antharas manager correct minions.
* Updated Baium, involved Archangels, secret rooms, upgraded video blow skills, the battle between the angels.
* This update is done and Antharas, now much closer to the off it looks.
* Baium not withdraw from the spawn point (Z coordinate)
* Updated Darion; Tooley; Water dragon; Dimension Moving Device; Valakas; Arena Manager; Teleport to Pailaka;
* Improved the code in some classes.
+ Toxic zone kripts of-diskreys.
+ New SQL tables for a report and update the bots in SQL charakters !!
* Updated the problem of mail.
* Works on Avey events.
* Made ping system (realistic)
+ Buttons for filing complaints against the bot.
+ The package is a window switch between the arenas in playback mode Olympics.
* Includes taxes on buying and selling.
* After 7 seals spawn group winners.
+ DIY spawn.
* Works on Hedingham.
* Sends information about the players around the Old and disguised character on TV.
+ Many new strings.
+ Programmer can see the buttons on the complaints against bots.
+ New html (en / ru)
AI + New Archangel.
+ B test mode "Cataclysm" tournament.
+ New AI in kripts of-disgreys.
+ Test version of the parade on Dream Island.
+ Team for Avey modes.
* If on the return skills after Cancela on Olympus it will not work.
~ Build stable.


Rev 10039


* Critical Fix duplicate the mail !!!! Thank you for Kolobrodik decision. (URGENT upgrade to all existing customers)

+ New configuration that allows razreshitm to kensela skills after returning back to the character (good for PvP servers)
+ Reith awards for MANOR. (Config)
* Fix CA pumping at Baylor.
* Fixed NPE in test target with.
* Helmet message to both sides when we reduce the enemy's MP.
K + 1st and stealing buffs.
* Fixed display of the first saved teleport (no need to make any changes in the database, you will be self)


Rev 10012


* Fixed system attributes via the admin panel
* Fixed a link to the attributes of the system through the admin panel.
* Proper display through the end of the PA team in KB.
+ Added the ability to view the end of the PA in KB.
+ Missing spawn ID 31654 was accidentally deleted in some of the update - /
* Fixed skill: 67; 1444
* Ability to leave and drugs buffs when the config: Config.ALT_DELETE_SA_BUFFS
* Cubes work automatically if we at the Olympics or in tournaments.
* Forgotten spawn guards in Aden Castle

+ Config to do chat hero.
* Fix dialogs: 31562 31563 31564 31565 31566 3167 31568 31569 31570 31571 31572 31573 31574 31575 31576 31577 31578 31579 31696 31697 31989 32007 32348 31562 31563 31564 31565 ... 31579 31696 31697 31989 32007 32348
* Fix of items 20367
* Fixed .pa team
* Fixed skill 1311
* Returned accounting resist kensela.


Rev 9974


+ Config start level and the start of SP configuration.
* Fix names to teleport from komyuniti.
* Fixed html noob bafera.
* Fixed quest 220
* Fix TWh less bandwidth consumption and reduce the load on the server.
* Fix color nickname of komyuniti.
* Fixed skill 121
* IMPORTANT fix EHP and vitality by Offa, vitality was not previously accounted for properly, it is now checked off with CP server 1: 1.
* If you change nick, nick clan also changes instantly.
* Fix Chardjui skills faithful damage, changed the formula for off (best balance)
* Fixed display of the program online via l2net now see 0.
* Some fixes Comunità


Rev 9928


+ New configs to regen mana (sitting, standing, running)
* Fix day Zaken (83)
* Fixed AI Baium.
+ Implemented several blanks for the free tournaments.
* Fix minionov in SOA.
* Fixed NPE in Mose
-otkatil bit processing but kerier, was not stable.
* Fixed possible problems with BX
* Still on the CP does not have immunity to the monsters who flew above 50k HP, and only in the RB and bosses.
+ Translations dialogues castles, forts and NPC for Battle for Earth.


Rev 9901


+ Work on AIJ 2nd floor.
+ The keys for the doors (open Now)
+ New server configs for Reita
-Super Points dvizhek was very clumsy
-Dvizhek MOS populated differently.
+ Spawn in the forts "siege minister."
* Fixed instance Baylor.
* New English dialogue (not Russian) have been added to the English folder
+ New krasiveyschy Shift + click (visually informative and better)
* Reworked all kinds Zaken.
+ Implemented of items: 17203; 17204; 17205; 17276; 17277; 21379-21384; 21391-21396; 21404-21408; 21415-21420; 22154; 22175.
* Fixed NPC: 17557; 18561; 18565; 18570; 18575; 18932; 18933; 21657.
+ AI for Fortova SPC SPC and other fixes.
* Test Mode SPC Nevit Herald (farm Antharas)
* Fix despawned Baium through 30 minutes after the spawn.
New NPC + thong for mobs / npc.
+ New AI for Rooney.
* Reworked the AI ​​to Zaken.
+ Ashvid for CTP and fins Hiro. (Tournaments)
* Fixed teleport to fantasy island.
+ Updates instance crystal carvens
-Not Working underground Coliseum (filled new)
+ Respawn captains forts + spawn minister.
* Fixed skill 1382; 345; 821
+ Redesigned System NO CARRIER - if you flew out of the game and you have to return the party to the party upon arrival.
+ Implemented ping packet.
* You can not receive a letter if not in a peaceful area.
* Pets are not worn in the inventory Hero guns.
* Fixed a possible fraud through various multiselly.
* You can not have a vocation to sell pet.
* Implemented spying chat.
* A more correct if the removal of the spell has been removed.
+ Ability to manually set the minimum and maximum levels for the entrance to the dungeon.
+ The new admin command: admin_s_new, admin_callskill, admin_unsnoop, admin_snoop,
* From now teleport yourself to the person in our Instance as well as fly-ego instance.
+ New command the siege status (available only clan leader)
-Removed Crazy clean up the database at startup.
Announcements + to spawn that automatically spawn (like Mamonov) about their whereabouts.
+ Config on exposure level Helbounda (hellbound).
* Another fix to the spawn of Belarus after the restart.
* Processing Coliseum.
+ Ability to set the date of its siege in the config file.
* Not much refinement duels.
* The correct removal of heroes.
+ Ability to prohibit spending fights with the same IP at the Olympics.
* Do not flood the server Aden if Reita above 20 and then reach the limit.
* A better method razbana from prison.
* According interesting to make champions, now they are 3 types. separated even titles.
+ Configs on the reading level and aggressiveness of monsters without the patch.
+ New pets (4 pieces vitaminskie)
+ Buffs these pets that they have a gun buff.
* You can not climb to the level of 11 clan without a lock.
* You can not cast skills (aggressive) on the pet's owner.
* Fix the level and class IDs when sending mail to a friend.
+ Paketka for Snoop.
* Cube does not attack if the spell is unable to pvp.
* You can not paralyze his same pet.
+ Abnormal.
+ Should handle the effects at a jump.
* For correct operation spoil skills.
+ Fixed Small capture the castle, if not in the castle area.
+ Ability to block the effects if a large difference (config) + a proper treatment debuff chance at the difference in levels.
+ Modifier chance debuffs on mobs.
+ Another 18 new pets.
* Fix reset the nickname of color if we sit in the offline trade.
Somewhere + 70 new config to a new config folder:
150 new html and translations
+ Quest 639
+ Preparations for the tournament quiz and Fight Club (soon to go down to the main pack free of charge)
+ New .inform team - information about the server in a more beautiful version.
+ A lot of blanks for other services such as: Competition with a certain level of sharpening / report and cars banned bots (offlayk) / custom spawn through the game and much more!

+Разделение команд в игре на включение/выключение:
#BLOCK FOR VOICE COMMANDS - you can disable them if you want.., .exp, .whereis
EnableHelp = True

EnableHellBound = True

#.lang, .cfg
EnableCFG = True

EnableOfflineTrade = True
EnableRepair = True

#.rev, .ver, .date, .time
EnableInfo = True

#.divorce, .engage, .gotolove
EnableWedding = True

#.whoami, .whoiam
EnableWhoAmI = True

EnableDebug = True
EnableOnline = True
EnableRelocate = True

EnableRefferal = True

EnablePassword = True

EnableLock = True

# .lock, .unlock, .lockIp, .lock Hwid, .unlockIp, .unlock Hwid
Enable Security = True
* Remove the gun if Hiro out of the game (in the tournament the last character).
* Globally TW redesigned and implemented a plaque statistics points at the end of the tournament.
* Fix bug with Hiro guns, do not give new if there is one in the BX.
* Item Broker now displays the name of things in Russian (if config is Russian).
* Fixed skills: 8, 793.
* Wise with the mail (not ready)
* Fix inserting attributes (GM team).
* Fix saving raid boss status after restarting the server, if the boss had to respawn before restarting the expense of spawn will continue after the restart.
* At a minimum mobs reyuz skills = 5000ms.
* If the PC charms with 255 reputation - all exactly nick red!
* The sale of things do not show things that are dressed on the character.
+ Added log folder.



Rev 9790


* Fix Kamaloca, exhibiting rejoining upon arrival, not at the end.
* Permitted in CTF and LH on Hwid restrictions.
+ Normal area for TW, customers who want other zones (or more) please write in support.
* Fixed a possible NPE and problems issuing the first goblet at auction.
* Fix the new Dupa through the mail.
Folder + Geo is in standard pack.
~ 31 file modified; 1 added.
+ Config to ban the party in tournaments.
* Fixed skill 5592
* Fix bypasses, thanks to Alex (adapted from a year)
+ Configs VIP CB
* Insurance that siege / forts will not begin for 2 times.
* Fix tvt



Rev 9775


* Fixed possible problems with the initialization in a variety of static systems.
* Fix billing dates siege machine.
+ Html to insert atrubitov through the admin panel.
+ Implemented of items: Special Christmas Tree.
+ Implemented SPC: Kotatz
* Fixed NPC: Necromancer of the Valley
* Fix AI for NPCs that attack Frey, together with the players.
* Fix Zaken level 83 - not teleport.
* Fixed quest 136
+ Implemented skills: Summon Special Tree; Warmth of Kotatz; Summon Warm Kotatz.
* Fixed skill: 793.
* Do not agrim mobs on traders in the cities.
* Translated into several texts CCF team and the size of the buttons.
* Changed the size of the buttons in the Referral.
* If the spell in a duel - NPC with him kontachit.
* With the flag should not be included in the dungeons.
* Implemented a random from 1 to N in the number of characters removed buffs.
* Skil 5660 can not be removed with the help Klinsi.
* Fix vorningov logs in at startup.
* Fixes to Oli
+ Admin_setatteh, // 6
admin_setattec, // 10
admin_setatteg, // 9
admin_setattel, // 11
admin_setstteb, // 12
admin_setattew, // 7
admin_setattes, // 8
admin_setattle, // 1
admin_setattre, // 2
admin_setattlf, // 4
admin_setattrf, // 5
admin_setatten, // 3
admin_setattun, // 0
to attribute commands.

* Fix the tournament to save the snowman.
* Fix TW.
* Mobs do not attack the merchants in the cities ever.
+ Implemented secret of items that do not shift not transferred, etc.
+ Strings for of items and skills.
+ Randomly zone.
+ Admin team to challenge the secret of items.
+ Listner level elevation.
* You can not change the Olympus glasses if there is validation.
-Revert Steal buffs - it does not affect pets.


Rev 9680


* Minutes of the minimum 268.
* Fix the tournament to save the snowman.
* Fix TW.
* Fixed skill 8335
+ Sis. message when you can not go to the party in the dungeon.
* Fix ful buff on Olympus.
* Fix steal buff works for pets, too.
+ Translation quest 10504
* Fixed skill 1360; 1447; 3282.
* You can not summon your pet if it is in a state of fear.
-revert fixation on Cancela.


Rev 9649


+ Config to withdraw from the party if in an instance.
-No Such rtg drop in groups = /
+ Configs for binding ashvid / u.
* Fix the entrance to Frintezza.
* If you came during TW - take off to the city.
* Fix for abnormalov skills: 61 and 1169; Fixed skill 361
+ Possible ban on ashvidu.
+ .lock Team
Check + 70% casting skill saw if Target - if so dokastovyvaetsya regardless if he ran away (offlayk)
* Fix to sieges and TV - if soklan / in his party - not to give him glory!
* Weekly points Olympus are static dates months.
* Fix invula after the resurrection, should not this be.
* Charzhi disappear after 10 minutes after. caste.
+ Binding Implementation of un / ashvid Account and a ban on ashvidu command (// banacc_hwid)
* Limits of running the GM were not true.
+ Html, and sql for the binding by ashvid / ban on ashvid.
+ Config to ban the use komyuniti during tournaments.
+ Config issue whether the Hero if won at lasthero tournament.
* Fix otobrozhenie Hero if won in LH.
* Fixed quest 709.
+ Proper area for TW.
+ 8 IDs and all charzhi subside after 10 minutes of action.


 Rev 9588


* 100% chance on crit Cancela to infinity lance.
* Fix TW.
* If the unpacked things even chance of 100.0% is issued only one thing.
* When you use to reset Kamaloca tickets is reset only if a person does have a rollback.
* Fixed skill: 121; 1083; 1230; 1311; 1393; 1436; 1440; 1467; 1468
* By the end of the battle on Olympus, is also a countdown to 120 seconds.
* Fix Cancela.
* Reworked chein healing.
* Fix self sakrifays.


Rev 9544


+ Team custom characters at a time.
+ Config to custom characters at a time.
+ Configs for TW: whether to give a reward for every kill that give, how much and whether to raise pvp points for each dead.
+ Dialogues for crystal karvens dungeon.
+ Implemented a couple of NPC for crystal karvens dungeon.
+ TVT perfected, became beautiful and izyachney.
* Items from the box are issued according to the new formula, if the total is 100% chance - it is only one thing, small as possible and do not get more than 100% and can be more than one thing to get.
+ Spawn for crystal karvens dungeon.
* After the restart ostoyutsya custom characters.
+ When the teleport attack can not be chara on protizhenii a few seconds (to give him progruz)
* On the STF can not remove the flag dizarmom.
+ Min Level for Schouten chat.
* Fix the referral system, the pupil may exclude themselves from the Referral.
* On TW and STF can preglashatv party.
* If the resist kensela 100% do not select our buffs.


Rev 9490


+ New TW and zone for him.
+ Configs to the event.
+ New voting is a system for the euro tops (not Russian)
* PA can buy a few times.
* Fix many missed NPC Transformation.
* Fix CTP, you can not remove the flag or forcibly remove the flag and keep up the trail. tournament.
+ Dialogues for new ogronicheny.
* Skill 317 with what does not fit.
* Ability to limit the use of items / skills in tournaments TW / STF / HL (analogue Olympus for syntax)
* Exit the duel begins when Olympus (moved)
* You can not change the Olympus points in the validation period.
* Fix Chahin healing skill.


Rev 9405


+ Config to ban guardians beat RGM mobs
* Fix the community Enchanter -> Ring + Earrings, still being tested.
* Fixes Comp
* Fix LH can in this tournament to beat their team skills.
* Fix on TV warning about the murder is the entire party.
* Buffer now applies all buffs in order (as it was entered in the list)
* Do not reduce karma is below 0.
* Mass Block Shield - can not be undone.
* Chant of Victory - an extra option.
* Shadow Step - Fixed skill work.
* If you beat the leader who has minions - they attack the attacker.
* Closed serious bug with stats.
* Reworked the damned weapons systems, you need a test (which would become not fall after relogina)
+ Optimizing tables and removing unnecessary parameters during server startup.
* The tank can not take on the sub tank - never.
* Fix -> absorbToEffector (formula)
* Praise is given to all the participants of the party in the siege and TV.
* Closed bug sabami and duels.
* Mignon removed after 60 seconds after killing the boss.
* Fix LH, it was not possible to beat each other.
* You can not revive a tournament.
* Implemented configuration - hide GMs.
* Minor fixes html
* Minor fixes skills
* Fixed admin to restart html


Rev 9358

* Fix to NPC loot -> Lost Captain
* Fixed NPC in Mose (wrong AI)
* Fixed NPE in sat-mahums.
* Fixed NPE in tournaments TVT / STF / HL.
* Fix in search of elements in Dragon Valley.
* Fix the evolution of pets in the elite BCH.
* Minor fix for sharpening service assembly.
* Fixed NPE on competition.
+ Binding of iron (requires LH)
+ Missing settlement.
* Fixed quest rewards in 309.
* Fixed a chance -> Transformation Scroll: Anakim
* Fix -> you can not beat their tournaments on the type TW / STF ... etc
* Fix working skill chain treatment.
+ Added settlement Wizard Lizardman Lizardman Tantaar in the Valley.
* Fix dialogues monastery bezmlovie (2nd floor)
* Fix Quest 136 is no longer necessary to 2 times that approach the NPC to complete the quest.
* Fix duplicate skill tree.
* Fix things to change the nickname and the title.
* Offe wolf things may be, and a great wolf but not vice versa.
* Fix Coliseum doors


Rev 9344


Implemented an item: Squash Seed; Large Squash Seed
+ Added quest translation (142 dialogue):
Meeting The Elroki
Shadow Fox Part 2
Shadow Fox Part 3
For A Good Cause
Gather The Flames
The Harvest Grounds Safe
Judes Request
Matras Suspicious Request
A Trap For Revenge
Light with in the Darkness
Hope with in the Darkness
+ Translation quest Bring Up With Love


Rev 9325


Service: Premium auto loot; Introduced in the default assembly


Service: character transfer; Introduced in the default assembly



Service: coin <-> balance (IM) exchange. Introduced in the default assembly


Fix patrol in the Far East
Mobs in the den Valakas react faster.
Scrolls Olf's T-shirt Enchant Scroll and Blessed Olf's T-shirt Enchant Scroll transferred or destroyed.
Implemented new AI DrakeMagma

* Fixed spawn for the NPC "Last Giant Utenus"
+ Added a new test version is fully localized admin
* Numerous fixes the English admin
Fixed NPC Knoriks.
Corrections drop CA with chests.
Fix podgruzki Bash RSS.
Inserted in Tiatenon CA, Tirbing and Color Volga
SA Added insert Wind Mardilla

Updated pack html

Updated some skills


Rev 9278


+ Added Russian translation for quests (almost 1k Russian dialogue)


rev 9230


+ Implemented ISO and the school authority to offu:
+ Updated spawn for the engine.
+ Updated SPC parameters.
+ Once- AI and styles for NPC.
+ Implemented a pagan temple (under fleece) in Offa:
+ Full implementation including adreas van halter behavior in Loka, au, teleporters, doors, settlement, etc.
+ All the arrangements have been duplicated with off scripts.
+ Thanks to everyone who took part in the writing of the script!
+ Added a table for the automatic vote at l2top.

+ Implementation of the ban distance with arrows
-Otkat Introduction LH SSR does not work, temporarily rolled back.
+ New dvizhek dynamic AI and AI settings.
+ Fixed numbering revisions to .rev team.
* The implementation of the conservation status of Belarus after the restart.
* If the damage is more than xn + cn -> Reflect not applied.
* Fort is given the glory.
+ Implementation of rollback points fame after the murder, if you are killed in the siege, for 5 minutes for you will not go the glory (visually not implemented yet)
* Now Mann announces its location in the event of an alert configuration is enabled.
* Minion can not be masters of other minionov.
* Fixed a possible NPE.
* After washing, the PC becomes a spell flagnutym and not just white (test required)
* If pointing to summon nick color should be dynamic (like mobs, blue, green etc; reconciled with casters CP offs)
+ Added new NPC thong for new implementations.

* Fix rollback the Rubik's Cube and other such things at 6.30am.
+ New configs:
~ Resolution entrance to the catacombs without registration.
~ Change of glory in the forts and in the sieges.
~ Old Underground Coliseum
* Move folders STF tournament.
+ Added skill back to aytemu: High-level Angel Circlet
* Base distance attacks (simple hand / melee = 40 - checked against TCP scripts)
* Fix Dupa on the Coffer of Shadows tournament.
* In the event the master of sharpening can take 24 to scroll at a low price every 6 hours.
+ Debug relations. (Admin team)
* Fixed quest 217 of items have not been changed.
* Fixed quest 456, is not possible to talk to the NPC if not your party / CC RB killed.
* Optional. check with the Central Bank flagnutyh players (Buffer can not be used at this time if the configuration is permitted)
+ Add to the flask the line "permitted ashvidy".
* Blessing nobless not possible Cancela / steal

* Significantly modified settlement Dragon Valley.
+ Implemented new Coliseum area.
* Fixed bugs with areas Coliseum.
* Fix _309_ForAGoodCause quest.
+ Implemented Buylist for Trader Rupert.
- Removed the old drop and Spoil in locations Giant Cave.
+ Added a new drop and Spoil mobs in accordance with the High Five changes:
Cursed Lord, Cursed Seer, Cursed Guardian !, Imagro, Klennot, Palit, Hamlet, Hirokai, Lesser Giant Soldier, Scout Gamlin, Barif's Pet, Barif, Lesser Giant Scout, Scout Leogul, Lesser Giant Mage, Lesser Giant Shooter, Lesser Giant Elder .


rev 9148

+ Modification akaunts table (available HWID)
+ Html for underground coliseum
Billets + html to link to the account's IP / Iron
+ Htmlki to the secret room in Mose
+ Added quest 457, "there is no end in sight"
+ Added translation kvesta 254 "legendary stories"
+ Implemented "underground of the Colosseum"
+ Implemented a secret room in the Monastery of Silence
+ Many different virgins. things (for me only :))
* Fix NPE priest of blessing.
+ Integration of LH in the assembly (for future services binding on the SP + binding on HWID
* Fixed a possible nickname receive an item without the appropriate color.
* Upgrade of some system messages
+ Mechanism bug - roll back through the macro.
+ For the convenience of all the recipes are transferred to the CML file.
* Additional verification SEC
+ Another fix the anti-target at the Olympics.
+ Added a new type of zone for underground coliseum
* Updated replica NPC
* Fully updated with all new system messages HF 5 desks.
+ True implemented skills: Emergent Ability - Attack, Emergent Ability - Defense, Master Ability - Attack, Challenge for Fate, Torch Ligh
+ Spawn to the secret room in Mose
* Fix duplicate pvp Y80-84 inserts. PTG thanks!
+ Implemented 5 skorolov transformation (eventovye)
+ Added forgotten A c. gun on pvp insertion through mammon.
+ Implemented eventovye epic Bijan.
* Engineering method for the detection of the packet buffer.
+ Configs:

1. The ability to take more than one book on the certification of skills.
2. The amount of reputation points to increase levels of the clan. 6-11
3. Persons to raise clan 6-11.
4. The number of sworn blood needed to capture the 9th lvl Clan
5. The amount of blood needed for the alliance taking 10th lvl Clan
6. Giving whether the penalty for wearing items above level
7. Limitations of the GM speed
8. Web server to display online at the site.
9. Turn on / off bug with skills back through the macro.
10. Auto receive prizes for l2top rating.

+ Encyclopedia la2, found in Ineta, do not even know who to say thank you! Encyclopedia itself is made in Russian / English and includes a basic explanation about the game, races, classes, skills, and a description of points of glory, we may update this innovation.
-Old Not used kontenkt
+ Implemented the automatic issuing of free Premium Account once for any period.
+ Added config to free the PA system.
* Updated all tables and batch level concerning the free PA.

* FIX system for movement super points SPC
* FIX Premium Accounts System v2 by l2-scripts

* Fix .pa command - displays the correct time ending PA
* Fixed an alert through the end alt_b PA
+ By little by little realize underground Coliseum
* Fix NPE Krateis Cube
* Fix Z coordinates of the Coliseum
* Upgrade the replica NPC

* Fix the time of action of some time an item
* Fix a few setbacks skills
* Fixed several NPC
* Updated the AI ​​Knoriks - there is a chance that you zakastuet skill
* Fix NPE AI GreaterEvil
* Baium must fill up after 3 minutes after the room was empty.
* Do not send html on the 2nd point to the player in the quest 022
* After the passage of 131 quest, teleport players from the dungeon.
* Added a missing NPC quest to 278.
* Close the possible bug in the ongoing quest to TV
* Heroic peak removes 100% chance 1-2 buff on a critical hit.
AI + Added to Leogul
+ Added quest lost 639
* Fix Imperial Tomb spawn in the Z coordinate
* Fix Anti target with.
+ Implementation of the new STF / TVT / Lust Hiro, the tournament is held in dungeons, a nice interface for the administrator with a lot of functions.
~ Thank you for the implementation of IOException.
+ Implementation of the config for these tournaments
+ Implementation config endless teats.
+ Implementation of the config to save when the spawn spawn mobs in the world.
+ Dialogues on 2-languages ​​for new tournaments
trash in different ways



Рев 9001

+ You can not attack the opponent at the end of Olympus.
+ Can not be cast on an enemy (RGM skills) after the end of the battle on Olympus.
* Dressed Offe things do not appear in the exchange lists.
* New Condition: target for the mob of the dead (for Potions)
* The winning team at the oli must be in the first place.
-Wrong Data on Olympus.
* Leader of clicks to get away (if not kicked), leaves the party and the party disintegrates (HF)
* If you go in the area of ​​IPR, the duel breaks.
* Fixed a bug with a very interesting sub classes.
+ Try to activate the replica NPC - shout chat.
* Cube can not do a negative effect on the enemy, which is beyond his vision.
* Quests 10501; 10502, 10503 - Not reytuem.
Realization and editing skills:

Large Squash Seed
Soul Silver Foil
Soul Scent
Cubic Drain
Cubic Heal
Decrease P. Atk.
Decrease P. Def
Decrease Atk. Spd
Icy Air
Instant Move
Hot Springs Rheumatism
Hot Spring Malaria
NPC Hate
Ultimate Debuff
NPC - Healing Potion
Cubic Hate
Cubic Cure
Presentation - Dimensional Door
Christmas Cake
White Christmas Petition
Christmas Cake - event
White Christmas Petition - event
* Raid Bosses in Dragon Valley aggressive and see through silent move.
* Mobs in the Far East are deleted after a certain time after inactivity.
-Freya Not have the skill Reflect.
* Zaken 83lvl not teleport randomly.
* Bulk adjustments Valakas / Antharas by Offa.
* For roller and Antharas can go solo, the other Komichi secret :)
* There is a limit of bosses in the Far East.
* Fix NPE Squash Instance.
+ Implemented by offu hits on Fantasy Island (day and night)
+ Implemented system Super Points
+ AI Fantasy Island
* Implemented a new waiting stage at the Olympics.
* If the EHP has a maximum all exactly we derive player EHP, which he received.
* Change the start and end on offu Olympics.
Realization of things:
Maguen Collection Box
Elite Maguen Collection Box
Teddy Boy Summon Bracelet
Christmas Cake
White Christmas Wish Candle
Christmas Cake (event)
White Christmas Wish Candle (event)
Soul Silver Foil - Event (!!)
Soul Scent - Event (!!)
Soul Magic Box
Halloween Toy Box - Event
Shiny Halloween Toy Box - Event
Flame Box
Sweet Chocolate Box
-Revert Magic stones multisell
+ New PA system service, you can now do the PA table, any formula rate value of each parameter, time (hours / day), htmlki generated yourself, you only need to add the desired data in the table!
* Fixes various files tha/span>t are in conflict.
+ Output config catalyst backup stone
-Old FI
+ Implementation hats Chic Silver Chapeau, Fancy Flower Hat, Unicorn Horn Circlet, Forest Forget-me-not Hat, White Uniform Hat, Golden Viking Circlet, Mischievous Bee Hat.
+ Translation quest _185_NikolasCooperationConsideration
+ Translation quest _340_SubjugationofLizardmen
+ Added a translation of the dialogue for all VillageMaster (more than 500 conversations!)
+ Translation quest _372_LegacyOfInsolence
+ Translation quest _359_ForSleeplessDeadmen
+ Translation quest _369_CollectorOfJewels
+ Translation quest _351_BlackSwan
+ Translation quest _136_MoreThanMeetsTheEye
+ Added quest translation _135_TempleExecutor
+ Added quest translation _134_TempleMissionary
+ Translation of the dialogues in all Hellbound NPC on the island.
+ Translated dialogs for Corpse Lord Drake, the Head Behimosov Corpse, Corpse monstrous dragon. (Default directory is fully translated)


Рев 8824

~ Thank you hawk-play team for identifying bugs and testing!
* You can not chase an invisible player (not Peta, not the NPC, not the player)
* If the jammed ctrl, then in all cases, the next attack will not (even in the SPC)
+ Mechanics specific loot.
* Trial fixes Olympiad
* Mobile can not move to the goblet, which went into inviz.
+ Some mobs attacked first owner.
* If the skill fails, charms have to run and attack the mob, without Forsa.
+ Implemented new next task - to put on a thing (ispolzuyuetsya after casting / attack etc)
+ Added new ICU. Posts / mobs Thong
+ Admin can cast any skill on request through the command.
* Do not give Fame, if we are the participants of the siege of the fortress.
* Before portuem the Olympics, we restore all the parameters of the character.
* Mechanics cycle counters / week / number of players on the Olympus.
+ If the auction is not active, inform the player, date of the next auction.
* Methods for the removal of all petam equipment.
* Method of identifying a list of NPCs in the zone.
* Tear-caste players / NPC if leaving in inviz.
* Fixed a bug with the pass to Frey sub class.
+ Implementation of several scrolls teleport for beginners.
* Vitality Effects (any type) can not steal.
* A small fix Catalyst (increasing the chance of sharpening)
+ A lot of multilingual (mainly eng-> rus) for system messages.
* Fixed a zone of residence.
+ Added .PA command, which displays the chat ends when the player PA.

+ Added skill Handler to save vitality, it does not diminish, but not add.
* Fixed skill Rush Impact.
* Fixed some 50 skills + added more than 10 new effects, rasspisyvat very much, and competitors do not need to know;)
* Added kickbacks ~ 50 skills, which use mobs.

+ Update baffera functions:
Possibility restornut CP / CP / MP
The ability to reset the whole set of buffs.
* Fixed sharpeners Products Interior and insert through alt_b:
Fix problems with the clad things.
Fix inserting attributes (you can insert 3 types instead of 2)
* Completely redesigned instance crystal karvens.

* Freya spawns guardians every 1.5 minutes
* Reworked the arena manager.
-There Is not necessary to keep track of NPE
* If the manor in the locks off - SPC us not speak about the manor.
* Managers in the locks do not communicate with us if there is a TV of this castle.
* Closed bug teleport with the flag over his castle!
* Added html for Noble (mechanics)
* On the fort can not be registered if the clan below Level 4.
* Take into account the number of attempts to open on the siege of the big forts.
* Possible NPE.
* Mechanics to teleport between floors in the tower Tooley.
* Fix Quest 212, 217 problem with the passage of the quest.
* Update quest falling 1-2 377 books instead of one.
* Quest 512 is not Reiten. (Thanks to Hawk-play)

Of items sold:
Allegra Box
Latus Box
Olf's Thanksgiving Pack
S84 High-Grade Weapon Box
Vorpal Armor Box
S84 High-Grade Weapon Box
Vorpal Armor Box
Attribute Ore Box
Attribute Crystal Box
Soul Crystal - Step 17 Box
Soul Crystal - Step 18 Box
Light Purple Maned Horse Mounting Bracelet 7-Day Pack
Gold Maned Lion Mounting Bracelet 30-Day Pack
Mysterious Scroll Pack - 2 Prophecies of Wind
Rune Exp 30% 1h Pack

+ Added multiselki for sale a variety of custom items. (Something that in MI)
* Updated oracle Baylor.
+ Machine config GvG
+ Admin can now be sent to all players of the world system messages.
* According to the team to give things to all players of the world, is now present on the IP restriction
+ Now the admin can manually ordered the NPC / player to say something :)
* In offu if inviz we use any type nipples immediately with inviz exit.
* If we are already used to scroll perevoplascheniya on TV, we can not use it again.
* If during the casting / attack we want to put or remove the item -> the job done after casting.
* Potiony impossible to eat in abnormal conditions.

+ Official multilingual texts in more than 50 NPC
* Fix Ai: antharas.
* Fix Ai for Drake bosses depends on Quest 456, if it is not present, it does not fall!
* After killing Baylor set time for rejoining.
* Fix Patrolerov in DV, should run through the points, and not randomly as you like.
* Fix Demon Prince previously could not use a skill that is used when it has 10% HP or less.
* Updated wandering NPC runey on HF, updated in terms of movement, if it sees the player moves up to him and asks for help in person.
* Added 13 new AI for different aspects of the game !!

* Quest 512, 242 should not reytovatsya (goes bust with awards)
* Quest 643 Chance on HF 100%, and is given from 1 to 3-ex of items at a time (rtg x1)
Here it is normal -NPE remove the stack trace.
* Official multilingual texts NPC: fantasy parade
* Fixed an item broker - now displays correctly sellers, and finding indicates if the package on sale / one of items.
* Fixed a possible bug with mana not pouring through the NPC.
* At an exchange wolves / baby pets, all of items that were removed them.

* Fix the price and quantity of the element stones.
* Fix collision height radius: Baby Rabbit, Baby Rabbit Boss, Gloomy Baby Rabbit, Gloomy Baby Rabbit Boss, NpcId 154, 155, Rabbit, Rabbit Boss, Wood Horse,
Assign AI & Npc Types: Christmas Tree, Trap, 18932, Darion's Faithful Servant, Original Sin Warden, Torture Maiden, Kechi, Tears, Hestui Guard, Oracle Guide, Crystalline Golem, Alegria, Floor Teleport Device, Nevit's Herald,
Dark Choir Player, Lost Warden - Not agrr
Nemo - kitted Vesper Cutter.

+ CCP Guard as an optional add (for developers only)

* Recycling instance crystal karverns.
* Auction items - delivered right auction days!
* Fixed the skill level that produces vitalku on time.

Implemented an item:
Teleporter Transformation Scroll (Event)
500,000 SP scroll
1,000,000 SP scroll
Nevit's Hourglass - 1 hour
Nevit's Hourglass - 1.5 hour
Nevit's Hourglass - 2 hour
Nevit's Hourglass - 2.5 hour
Nevit's Hourglass - 3 hour
Nevit's Hourglass - 4 hour
Agathion Seal Bracelet - Antharas
Haste Juice
Critical Attack Juice
Moving Speed ​​Increasing Beverage
Eva's Rune (event)
Rune of Exp. Points 30%
Agathion Seal Bracelet - Guangong
Rune of Experience Points 30%
Rune of SP 30%
Transformation Scroll: Dragon Master Lee
Transformation Scroll: Dragon Master Karin
Transformation Scroll: Treasure Hunter
Mysterious Scroll - Prophecy of Wind
Fresh Milk
Letter Collector's Gift
* Warrior's Temporary Healing Potion - has rolled back use
* Talisman - STR, Talisman - DEX, Talisman - INT, Talisman - MEN, Talisman - CON, Talisman - WIT, Talisman - ALL STAT: Can be transferred between players.
* Vesper Weapon Box: Do not passed and not fall.
* Blessed Earring of Zaken - crystallizes
* If we use a custom tattoo, then add them can not be used.
* Fix prices: Green Dimensional Stone, Blue Dimensional Stone, Red Dimensional Stone
* Hiro guns have 250 skill Holy Attack (Passive), not the number of the very gun.
+ Added ability to turn on / off / to watch the tournament Statistics SHG through the admin panel
* Fix for cardiology crystal karvens
* Making the html with the status of the territories on the mind off the appropriate server
+ Added to post Olympiad definition round / week / Olympics cycle (thanks to Hawk-play!)
+ Added ability to regenerate HP / MP / CP through komyuniti baffera.
+ Adding html missing by fragments of a cube (previously it was immediately htmlka)
+ Adding htmlki teleport cubes towers Tooley.
+ Adding htmlki when taking noblesa via TV.
+ Shows a person who has already bought a PA that he bought PA + time to the end
~ TODO: Russification quests: 10294 10295 10296
+ Cyrillic quests: 551 552 553
+ Cyrillic dialogues: Transformation Wizard Avant-Garde
* Fix more optional fixed by DDOS packets over the WAN
+ Added config "starting Aden"
+ Added config everything SHG tournament (team vs team)
+ Added config to drop a certain drop (for PvP servers which do not require a drop of resources, etc.), it is possible to leave a drop bosses and former RB drop even with the included config.
+ Added zone to locate Crystall Caverns.
+ Added a temporary archive file, areas for cavern, after downloading to remove.
* We transfer Russian dialogue for the quest of _10293_SevenSignsForbiddenBook en ru directory in the directory.
+ Added English translation for quest _10293_SevenSignsForbiddenBook
+ Added English translation for _10292_SevenSignsGirlOfDoubt quest
+ Added a new updated spawn locations Watcher's Tomb.
- Removed the old combat zone for the Olympic Games
+ Added new right combat zone for the Olympic Games.


Rev 8280


+ Implementation of vitality consumption for skill
+ Implementation skills Tipo ie until the skill works consumes vitality.
-Skily On which no information (Agathon) does not assign a player.
* Fix NPE underground coliseum
* Fix NPE with the names of pets
* You can not have more than 20 recommendations in one char.
+ Implemented of items:

White Seed of Evil Lump
Black Seed of Evil Lump
1st Place Treasure Sack
2nd Place Treasure Sack
3rd Place Treasure Sack
4th Place Treasure Sack
5th Place Treasure Sack
6th Place Treasure Sack
Medium Parchment Box
Medium Mineral Box
Large Libation Box
Small Parchment Box
Small Mineral Box
Medium Libation Box
Small Libation Box
Low Quality Battle Reward Chest
Middle Quality Battle Reward Chest
High Quality Battle Reward Chest
Best Quality Battle Reward Chest
Agathion's New Year's Gift
Agathion's New Year's Gift
Event - Crystal Cube
Special White Day Candy Basket
White Day Candy Basket
Special July 7th Parcel
Special July 7th Parcel (Event)
Halloween Toy Chest
Shiny Halloween Toy Chest
Transformation Scroll Box
Vesper Weapon Box
Icarus Weapon Box
Dynasty Weapon Box
Vesper Armor Box
Moirai Armor Box
Dynasty Armor Box
Soul Crystal - Stage 14 Box
Soul Crystal - Stage 15 Box
Soul Crystal - Stage 16 Box
Facelifting Potion Box
Hair Dye Potion Box
Hair Style Potion Box
Golden Apiga Box
Santa Claus' Gift - Joy
Santa Claus' Gift - Enjoyment
Santa Claus' Gift - Luck
Santa Claus' Gift - Luck
Good Luck Lucky Bag
Lucky Four-leaf Clover
Heavenly Valentine Cake
Baguette Legacy
Baguette Legacy - Kamael
Huge Fortuna Box
Huge Fortuna Cube
Small Scroll Chest (Event)
Fortune of Love Box (event)
Morph Scroll Box
Soccer Ball of Cheers
Fortuna of Chaos
Bone Quiver
Steel Quiver
Silver Quiver
Mithril Quiver
Quiver of Light
Birthday Present Pack
Old Box (rain bow springs)
Box of Cheerleading Gear Used to encourage victory.
Event Gift Box
Event Gift Box 2
Event Gift Box 3
Event Gift Box 4
Event Gift Box 5
Event Gift Box 6
No Grade Item Set Box (Warrior Use)
D Grade Item Set Box (Warrior Use)
C Grade Item Set Box (Warrior Use)
B Grade Item Set Box (Warrior Use)
A Grade Item Set Box (Warrior Use)
A, S Grade Item Set Box (Warrior Use)
Composite Bow and Wooden Arrow
Gastraphetes and Bone Arrow
Akat Long Bow and Steel Arrow
Dark Elven Long Bow and Silver Arrow
Carnage Bow and Mithril Arrow
Soul Bow and Mithril Arrow
No Grade Shadow Armor Set Box (Heavy Armor Use)
D-Grade Shadow Armor Set Box (Heavy Armor Use)
C-Grade Shadow Armor Set Box (Heavy Armor Use)
B-Grade Shadow Armor Set Box (Heavy Armor Use)
Low A-Grade Shadow Armor Set Box (Heavy Armor Use)
High A-Grade Shadow Armor Set Box (Heavy Armor Use)
No Grade Shadow Armor Set Box (Light Armor Use)
D-Grade Shadow Armor Set Box (Light Armor Use)
C-Grade Shadow Armor Set Box (Light Armor Use)
B-Grade Shadow Armor Set Box (Light Armor Use)
Low A-Grade Shadow Armor Set Box (Light Armor Use)
High A-Grade Shadow Armor Set Box (Light Armor Use)
No Grade Shadow Armor Set Box (Robe Use)
D-Grade Shadow Armor Set Box (Robe Use)
C-Grade Shadow Armor Set Box (Robe Use)
B-Grade Shadow Armor Set Box (Robe Use)
Low A-Grade Shadow Armor Set Box (Robe Use)
High A-Grade Shadow Armor Set Box (Robe Use)
No Grade Item Set Box (Magic Use)
D Grade Item Set Box (Magic Use)
C Grade Item Set Box (Magic Use)
B Grade Item Set Box (Magic Use)
A Grade Item Set Box (Magic Use)
A, S Grade Item Set Box (Magic Use)
Pirate's Booty

* Implemented Agathion skills:

Enhanced Authority - CON+1 STR+1
Enhanced Authority - WIT+1 INT+1
Enhanced Authority - WIT+1 MEN+1
Enhanced Authority - CON+1 DEX+1
Divine Protection - Divinity
Divine Protection - Water
Divine Protection - Fire
Divine Protection - Wind
Divine Protection - Earth
Divine Protection - Darkness
Blessing of Resistance - Hold
Blessing of Resistance - Paralysis
Blessing of Resistance - Sleep
Blessing of Resistance - Decrease Speed
Blessing of Resistance - Bleed
Blessing of Resistance - Stun
Recovery Ability - HP
Recovery Ability - MP
Soul's Shield
Gwangong Agathion Special Skill - Aura of Fury
Soul Stealth
Ball Trapping Gnosian Agathion Special Skill - Buff of Cheers
Ball Trapping Orodriel Agathion Special Skill - Buff of Cheers
Ball Trapping Penalty Kick Agathion Special Skill - Buff of Cheers
Ball Trapping Gnosian Agathion Special Skill - Buff of Cheers
Ball Trapping Orodriel Agathion Special Skill - Buff of Cheers
Ball Trapping Penalty Kick Agathion Special Skill - Buff of Cheers
Ball Trapping Gnosian Agathion Special Skill - Buff of Cheers
Ball Trapping Orodriel Agathion Special Skill - Buff of Cheers
Ball Trapping Penalty Kick Agathion Special Skill - Buff of Cheers
Granny Tiger Agathion Special Skill - Fundamentals
Flower Fairy Spirit Agathion Special Skill - Fairy's Blessing
Cheerleader Orodriel Agathion Special Skill - Joy of Cheering
Cheerleader Lana Agathion Special Skill - Joy of Cheering
Cheerleader Naonin Agathion Special Skill - Joy of Cheering
Cheerleader Mortia Agathion Special Skill - Joy of Cheering
Cheerleader Kaurin Agathion Special Skill - Joy of Cheering
Cheerleader Meruril Agathion Special Skill - Joy of Cheering
Handy Agathion Special Skill - Halloween's Blessing
Zaken Spirit Sword Special Skill - Song of the Sword

* Implemented Agathion skills:

Blue Sumo Wrestler Agathion Special Skill - Wild Magic Ability

* Fix Dupa pets.

Edits skills on the patch notes (flights, stats, etc.):
Curse Gloom
Mass Fear
Throne Root
Dance of Medusa
Dance of Blade Storm
Vesper Noble Heavy Armor Set

* Skill Sublime Self-Sacrifice - Takes only friendly targets around itself (created a new type of skill under him)
* Another fix chein healing - self buff anyway. (If the target has a radius)
* The caller raids with altars in the Far East there are 60 minutes of life.
* You can call all you want bosses with altars (checked against py + offom in htmlkah no limit)
* Only raids / leaders are informed of their friends Agra.
* Fix NPE PetitionManager.
Reverte * Fix button.
+ Implementation Quiver of Light
+ Exchange pap and PvP weapons with CA (new gun missing)
* Rewrote the 308 quest for HF (rewards to choose from - Y84)
* 254 is better not reytovat quest.
* Quest 311,312 NPE fix.
+ Configs to allow sex change, hairstyles change; sharpeners; attribute nomination.
* Fix NPE community teleporter
* Fix Dupa on suplay boxes.
Two new service -> enchanter and paste attributes.
* Tired vorningi - cut down
* Increase the timeout, closing konekt to 30 seconds.
* Gag.
+ Added dialogs for Lakfi-Lakfi.
* In the game, the search page, we do not see ourselves (even if the group does not exist yet)
* If a person has created a channel group, and in fact preglasil person from the channel group in the party, after the dissolution of his group is not visible in the list.
* People without clan or clan but no flag can not be resurrected (NPE)
* Redesigned the mechanism of drop quest items, more accurate and less buggy logic (verified)
* Quest drop affects only the amount of things that fall, and not on the number of chance * = /
* Mass skills (areal) may start with a pet at Target (using Ctrl softkey)
* Cube agro every not for purposes that have not yet attacked.
* Fix direct bypass to view the log of the hero
* Fixed NPE if the mob stuck in texture and does not see its own territory - teleport to the nearest respawn point (rational)
* Admin command find_character will show not only exact matches, but also approximate, regardless of case
* Edit config (config empty desktop replacement)
-Various Plugs NPE / other purposes
+ Mechanism differences state players in the game.
+ More new listeners.
* Slowly Grenda find artists who show place mage / support service sub classes fighting and update.
+ Addon to the listener
* Leader of the lure without guardians can not (applies to all leaders who have minions and minions themselves)
* You can not withdraw your pet, even if he is dead command!
* Herby also apply to Samonov
+ Gag to NPE
* Fix Nevit:
* At the time of giving effect 4th ur. Vitality (regardless of whether it shows).
* At the time of the effect does not diminish the vitality when hunting monsters.
* Vitality Regen (Grizzly effect) At the time of the effect
* During paralysis / slip / mill / frieze and the like can not be used scrolls / potiony
* The final fix on the target with Olympus (PTG thank you for the clear situation reports !!!)
-Zatychki For Olympics
* Fixed abnormal Effects of two skills (visual effect of the action, thanks to Ozzy!)
* Dagger Mastery - applies to dual-Daguerre (allnarinsk thanks for the video)
* Fix Hero weapons (bonuses)
* Skill Dark Detonation: Dark attribute is valid
* Skill Dark Strike: does not force dark attribute
* Quest _130_PathToHellbound opens the CB if he is closed.
* Fix: take out of the whole epic loot reytovogo Bijou
* Translation html change clan leader (Eng.)
* Rider's Mark is in the quest inventory
+ Added Hot Springs Lure in appropriate shops
* Fix NPE Raid Boss OiAriosh
+ For services n2-old added skripts char_templates
* A new listener for SPC (chat)
* Reworked all awards EHP / cn / Adena quest, checked against the source off, and now conform to HF (103 changes)
+ Added missing reward for prizes, is processed only EHP / cn / Aden
* Special attention was paid to Proffit (all awards meet off HF5)
* One of the revisions on the global quest: 623 Quest The Finest Food is full of awards scheme in the true range rather than a static one.
* Fix manager lakfi lakfi - right area, removing unnecessary configs, completely redesigned spawn manager is now at 95% for offu (lacking only htmlek)
* Fixed AI logic lakfi lakfi (unnecessary spawn)
* Debug:
** Logging packets (for developers)
** Additional otlovka possible NPE
+ K services htmlki
Normal + html, which pops up when you are logged in character
Trial + protection from DDoS IHS through the game traffic (temporarily to upgrade nokkinga port of LH)
-Old services files
+ All the services are transferred to the same place.
+ New service: Changing the floor.
+ New service: Changing your password.
+ In the process: Binding Account on IP of the game.
+ Added quest translation _902_ReclaimOurEra, _903_TheCallofAntharas, _904_DragonTrophyAntharas, _905_RefinedDragonBlood, _906_TheCallofValakas, _907_DragonTrophyValakas.
+ Added new fishing zones in all the lakes in Hot Springs.
* Fixed a drop to level 83 Zaken.
* Rewritten location Hellbound Island: Hellbound Harbor, Hellbound Quarry, Enchanted Megaliths, Hidden Oasis, Ancient Temple Remnants, Caravan Encampment, Battered Lands, Iron Castle, Steel Citadel Outpost, Anomic Foundry.
+ Added Chimera in the Steel Citadel.
* Correction of settlement coordinates gatekeepers in Cruma Tower.
* Check Patch guard Herven
+ Thong new service for password change.
- Removed an incorrect spawn new burning trunks that have been added to High Five.
+ Global recolonization of new burning trunks of all levels around the world Lineage 2.


Rev 7920

* The final fix to the TV: on the results of the test - can not be cut or RESA at sieges without flag / if you do not participate in the siege / RESA if you try someone who is not in the siege / the one who RESA does not apply to the siege.
* Fixed skill not hilim mobs / doors / other stationary objects even if they were hovering over the target, if it happens ignore the target and adding only the one who in the county wrong target.
* Fix the flag on TV: You can beat the flag only from a distance of 150 massive skills have no effect on the flags (flag Zapara) if they are not over the Target.
+ Intercept client packages, in case of need the easy way.
* On the territorial wars only players from one clan can Resa their clan mates (if there is a tent).
* Fixed NPE in duels if spell went offline - do not do it with no action.
* Fix NPE If the mob hit on an empty square he has no goals (nothing to send to the client)
* Visual fix expansion of the warehouse.
* Terms auctions - now the date has not shifted to obscure, if the date for some reason in the past, completing the auction within 60 seconds after starting the server. If no one bought clan cold - move the end date on the trail. week on Monday at 15:00 local time. If we bought the auction - to transfer the amount of the clan who sold it.
* To Servitor Share
* Fix Doctrine forgoten skills and skill to collect the stones do not mix more studying only what is written in the scrolls.
* Fix If you register for Olympus, cursed weapons to us, certainly not fall =)
* If you have arrived at Olympus, the other instance - initially set to zero and then the former is given new.
+ Admin command // giveall [item id] [count]: will give all players the world of items requested by a specified amount
* Fixed skill Servitor Share: Target off on a server to anyone, not necessarily on the pet.
* Try Fix problem with Target on Olympus.
* Debugging NPE if the mob can not find the coordinates for the return home.
* Fixed a problem with the NPE friends chat playback.
* If for some reason not to expose the basic character language - exhibiting at the first reference in .kfg (if enabled voice commands)
* Terms disappearance Fast Shot skill.
* Encoding default passwords SHA1
+ SQL to work with nekstpey services, private office and Mmotop script in the standard pack. (Scripts yourself to buy separately)
* Lakfi System: Menyaemp> Blue Sumo Wrestler Agathion Special Skill - Wild Magic Ability coordinates of pigs, which fell under the texture.
* Buffs in Dragon Valley: treat the new object, which entered the area after treated with all the objects that are already in the area (NPE)
* Fix Quests:
* HelpTheSister: the correct update quest stage, depending on the number of knocked-out of items.
* ProofOfClanAlliance: Rules NPE error if the spell is not paralyzed.
* InfluxOfMachines: error rule with 492 of items correctly check the desired number of items Islands.
+ Beta version of the STF (required tests)
* Fix: TvT; LastHero - Terms of the kick, if spell is on the Olympics.
* Ziggo's Jewel - The store is 100kk.
* Sync text multiselkoy by changing hairstyles.
* Skill Summon Treasure Key - requires 2 master keys on the 2nd ur.
* Fix Tanor fort, is now trapped as the rest.
-Ubiraem Gag.
* Fix teleports + order of the names (komyuniti board)
+ Launches its underground Coliseum.
+ Added articles and other parameters for Luckpy Luckpy (Lakfi-Lakfi)
* Reworked the stats for all the monsters in the LOA.
* Correction sotsialnosi aggression radius and monsters in the LOA.
+ Added weapons for Dragon Mage, Maluk Sniper.
* Fixed a type of Dragon Mage now he Mystic.
* Increased attack distance for monsters Maluk Sniper and Drake Scout.
* Fully perezaseleny monsters in Lair Of Antharas (more correct version checking)
+ Added monsters Dragon Mage and Dragon Guard
* Urgent fix TV - launching a siege takes place in a synchronized manner.
* Fix sieges:
** If the flag - RESA will have a flag (the button) or by Skill (you can without Ctrl softkey)
** If there is no flag - res prohibited.
* Fix the config to the base language.
* Fix skill: servitor share: Target with any caste if called upon to summon (if not, inkorekt Target)
* Fix skill: Chain heal: Objects and mobs do not add to the list zahilinyh - if Target is not properly selected, the skill is not used.
-Lishnie Earplugs at the problem from Target on Olympus.
+ Developments PBP
* A small fix referral system (no sync when tables are updated)
* The initial value of the bonus in = 0
* Fix service expansion clan warehouse
* Visually consider bonus of service expansion clan warehouse.
* Fix Quest Good Works Reward - does not account for the rates the quest, if the mark has already been taken (not paid out 3kk get back 1kk * Quest Reita)
* Dynasty shield - Gives 3% to Mdef.
* Ziggo's Jewel - 50kk Price in shop
* Fix the drop rate of Ziggo's Jewel (2%) of the wondrous cube.
+ Beta-version (untested): Event CTF
+ CTF: Added htmlki (Rus + ing)
* Reworked and regrouped all armor sets.
+ Added 13 sets of armor.
+ Implemented skills ID 8461, ID 8462, ID 8463.
* Completely redesigned drop and Spoil in Lair Of Antharas: Maluk Leader, Maluk Warlord, Maluk Hunter, Maluk Princess, Maluk Banshee, Maluk Sniper, Dragon Knight, Dragon Knight (subspecies), Elite Dragon Knight, Dragon Knight Warrior, Drake Leader, Drake Warrior, Drake Scout, Drake Mage, Dragon Guard, Dragon Mage, Bloody Karik, Bloody Berserker, Bloody Karinness, Knoriks.
* Dispell Removes randomly 1-2 buff (not 3 and randomly)
* Fix: Kamael also receive a free sub if the nobles get through TV
+ Another next-gag Target for Olympus
+ Adding to the PA option quest rtg drops and quest rewards
+ Over PA convenient service, the ability to disable certain aspects and leaving only those bonuses that you need.
+ K PA - possible to regulate manually different from the rates the PA (let drop x2 and x3 of Aden and the like)
+ Configs to this addon.
+ Sql for the referral system (install + update)


 Rev 7712


* Fix Dispel Effect Skill ID 3592 - Removed random 1-3 buff rather than static 3
+ * Localization html for a referral system.
+ Zapuskator for the referral system.
+ Thank you for the idea HellAyax (referral system)
* Fix (!) Fixed flag drops when killing players (territory war)
* Fix (!) If a person came out of the combat zone, the flag is removed (return to the place) after the specified number of minutes on the config file.
* 168 commit
+ Gag NEXT Target on Olympus (to identify the causes of knocking down target with at Olympus)
* Fix Timing on Olympus comes with a 60-50 ... 5..4..3
+ Wondrous Cube / Wondrous Cube 1 time use / Refined Cube 1 time use: Full implementation!
* Wondrous Cube 1 time use / Refined Cube 1 time use: Do not start dropping or transferred.
* Ziggo's Jewel: Sold in store for 100k adena
* Localization referral system (Russian)
+ Configs referral system
+ Config timeout disappearance of the flag on the TV, if released from the zone
+ Refferal System: Added referral system configs in (included in the cost of assembly). Read the description: Referral system

* Fixed article by adding elemental attributes, rewritten and added drop and spoil mobs Necromancer of the Valley, Howl, Hungry Parasitic Leech, Hard Scorpion Bones, Drakos Hunter.
+ Added attack attributes and protection of all the elements for the monsters: Drakos, Maluk Maiden of the Valley, Maluk Summoner of the Valley, Exploding Orc Ghost, Wrathful Orc Ghost, Mesmer Drake, Immortal Necromancer, Drakos Warrior, Drakos Assassin, Drakos Guardian, Giant Scorpion Bones, Scorpion Bones, Batwing Drake, Parasitic Leech, Emerald Drake, Gem Dragon, Dragon Tracker of the Valley, Dragon Scout of the Valley, Sand Drake Tracker, Dust Dragon Tracker.
* Reworked the drop and Spoil all the monsters in Dragon Valley: Drakos, Exploding Orc Ghost, Wrathful Orc Ghost, Mesmer Drake, Immortal Necromancer, Drakos Warrior, Drakos Assassin, Drakos Guardian, Giant Scorpion Bones, Scorpion Bones, Batwing Drake, Parasitic Leech, Emerald Drake, Gem Dragon, Dragon Tracker of the Valley, Dragon Scout of the Valley, Sand Drake Tracker, Dust Dragon Tracker.
+ Added a drop mobs Maluk Maiden of the Valley, Maluk Summoner of the Valley.
* Corrected the stats of monsters in Dragon Valley, namely Drakos, Maluk Maiden of the Valley, Maluk Summoner of the Valley, Exploding Orc Ghost, Wrathful Orc Ghost, Mesmer Drake, Immortal Necromancer, Drakos Warrior, Drakos Assassin, Drakos Guardian, Giant Scorpion Bones, Scorpion Bones, Batwing Drake, Parasitic Leech, Emerald Drake, Gem Dragon, Dragon Tracker of the Valley, Dragon Scout of the Valley, Sand Drake Tracker, Dust Dragon Tracker.
+ Added weapons for Wrathful Orc Ghost.
* Fix the siege - the data entered in the table in its respective place.
* Fix server to start an interruption in the characters records.
* Fixed parameters (P.Attack, M.Attack, P.Def, M.Def) all the monsters in Stakato Nest, is now as ofe.
* Fixed AggroRange and social monsters Stakato Nest.
+ Added the monsters weapon Stakato Nest (off Like)
+ Tip for beginners how to make "EVERYBODY_HAS_ADMIN_RIGHTS".
* Fixed issue of player birthday gift.
* Fix for the future - to derive logs incorrect information, not the server is unable to stand up after the restart.
-Udalёn Wrong spawn Dragon Valley
+ Another recolonization Dragon Valley, monsters are now are all in their places
* Fix the Goddard area (thanks PTG)
* Fix


Рев 7510


* Edit default configs
+ Added Russian dialogue for most ordinary NPC, traders Guard. (Over 300 dialogues clearly on offu added)
+ Russian dialogue for quests: _708_PathToBecomingALordGludio, _709_PathToBecomingALordDion, _710_PathToBecomingALordGiran, _711_PathToBecomingALordInnadril, _712_PathToBecomingALordOren, _713_PathToBecomingALordAden, _714_PathToBecomingALordSchuttgart, _715_PathToBecomingALordGoddard, _716_PathToBecomingALordRune.
* Fix the issue of the weekly competition points. The first payment is not from the beginning of Olympus + 7 days and next Monday 12:00, and only seven days.
* Fix exposure time TV - now exhibited at sieges rather than from the start of the first Korean TS1 =)
* Fix exposure of the siege - the reason as the above.
* Adding to the log register locks on the TV (when running) to debug.
* Skills StealBuff type do not have a chance (for HF), tested with 100% probability.
* Mobs can not send system messages (fixed zero Pointer)
* Chance overstated, try to lower it 3 times (according to customers)
+ The implementation of the system-lakfi lakfi - pig luck. Made under the description:Лакфи-Лакфи; - Offlike!
+ Configs for lakfi lakfi (12 pieces) for complete convenience.
* Terms NPC lakfi lakfi.
-Old AI FortuneBug not need us anymore.
+ Configs on SHG tournament - the ability to adjust the languages ​​(EN and English.)
+ Finish Eng. lingual messages tournament SHG
+ Add the plugs to identify problems in the besieged fort.


Rev 7448

+ Adds all jewelry augmentation (global refinement missing Augmentin)
* When you start the server compute the difference between the beginning and the end of the auction, but did not initially exhibit the final date as the beginning of the auction * 7 days
* The right to start the TV, every two weeks on locks.
* If we are out of the zone with a flag in his hands (on TV), we have 15 minutes to return to the area, or the flag will be moved to the starting point.
* When the teleport players to the Olympics - we give 5 seconds and then again Regen participants the full article (in roller with Offa)
+ Improved system of the second authorization. (Second authorization) protest.
* Edit the quest ID 618 (not taking things)
* Edit blessed Zaken Earring - missed additive - from dark force protection.
* If the skill cast was made of 50% or more of the time of castes, and the goal goes around the corner (ie not visible), all the damage gets exactly the goal, regardless of location.
+ Has a function of dropping sharpening (Blessed) to a certain level depending on sharpening things (in configs)
* Minor fix for the script.
* Another test of the Olympic Games opening party for alt_b
* Check komyuniti clings to the opening all services (baffera, teleport, etc.) so as not to operate the system.
* Epic Bijou Zaken - can not be inserted PM
* Edit eventa Saving Snowman is now spawns zones on the territory of the arena
* Edit the things that throw off your reyuz exactly at 6:30 am every day.
+ Write a complete detailed list of GM commands to help administrators and game masters is for our assembly.
+ Extension modes (for future work): racial chat.
* The method of calculating the same race.
* Internal configuration mode (not active)
* On the TVT and other doubles competition can make the party (only if you are from the same team)
+ Added system messages, if a player has cursed weapon and Regan on TVT
* Edit crit chance in Elegia [Pvp sets]
* Terms quest && 136 032 under different Reita.
* TvT - After the end of the tournament all the players are sent back from whence they came.
* On TW you can not participate with a cursed weapon.
* Fixed name things (buying profiles)
* Register a new static command.
* Once again, test for correct processing time TV
* Fix fatten top billing at the festival, if there are things that do not allow them until they pass / remove


Rev 7355

* Reworked all the rates the quests, all drops from mobs Reiten by default, the rest - no (can be turned on and the rest through the config)
+ Added configs for Reiten quest (quest Adena rtg, not all quests Reiten, Reiten all quest of items)
+ Added a shutdown command .km-all-to-me
* Restrict at RB in the following DV for players
+ Added a voice command .km-all-to-me
* Test TV, 2-week break sieges (was somehow one week)
* The new configuration is not reytovannye quests.
* Edits rollAndGive to limit the ability of reytovat quests without problems.
* Adapatatsiya all quests for any Reita quest rewards (quest)
* Adding new parameters for the xml dtd file
* Global changes of all siege units to attack and resurrection,
* Includes locks (resurrection and attack); Fortress (resurrection); Elite CH (resurrection); The global method of siege units (attack)
Supplement according to DB development.
Posted in updates / 30_11_11_23_26.sql file
+ Command .online realized that displays the number of players and offline traders player chat
+ Multi-language supported.
+ Full synchronization with other systems (fake players and others. Wrapping)
+ By a config can be turned off.
+ Implementation available online display in a table in one place (ideal for web sites)
+ Full synchronization with other systems of this type.
+ Full control over online and update.
+ A separate tab in the DB for offlaynerov (full line includes offlaynerov)
+ Implementation Fake players, fake players who raise "without incriminating" stake of the players on the server.
+ Full sync with all systems including batch level.
+ B pm so players will be written in any case,
+ Added 16 new useful configs, different times of the fines; Nevit time; online; fake players; .online team; fuel; Command channel creation, and more.
* Scan all files in the core and expanded full multilingual (Russian texts always have an alternative to the English)
* Fixed a bug in display lists NullPointer quest target with the administrator if there is no game.
* Corrected functionality quest Breit, now all the quest of items on a config Reiten and given the number of which is specified in the config file.
-Statichnye Quest Reita, who were hooked to the quests
+ Added missing parameters for the config to GM characters.
+ Implemented configuration that can shorten the duration of the Olympic Games from month to two weeks.
+ The system of sharpening for an alternative formula, reduction% point on a config depending on the level of sharpening, exhibited individually or globally through enchant_items.xml config
+ Configs for new systems and alternative settings


Rev 7294


* Fix download, make basic value are put option "after. Spawn chests" when the server starts.
* Fixed some duplicate normal_skill_tree.xml
+ Added config for sale imprisoned and attribute things through multisel
* Fix crossbow, now checks for the presence of the required inventory of items rather than the previous shmalyaet bolt.
+ Config: The maximum difference between the levels in the game between the players to receive EHP / ch
+ Configs for DM monsters [chance and simplified formula]
* Fix Dominion Siege - now you can beat the other people's physical attack.
+ Plugs for the future if there are problems on the subject.
* Closed bug on numerous chests spawn in the forts
* Fixed ID spec. buffs (RGB, Brokers, etc.)
* ChainHeal throws only saportiytsev, clan members and Allie, it does not affect the other.
* Forbid the resurrection itself to sieges (?) And at the Olympics
* Edit the upper Komichi, if Target out of range, it is possible to revive.
* Teleport time for the wedding is synchronized with the animation skill
* Syntax editing download
* Gag a new error.
* Now you can not put an integer when inserting PA Account. (Previously it was possible to x2, x3 etc ... Now X1.5, X1.7, h3.8 etc)
* When you exit from the game, all those in the Far East are removed from the list of buff
* Event Medal; Glittering Event medal - Not quest
* Summon Dark Panter; Summon Imperial Phoenix - Reuse delay 15 seconds
* Fixed ChainHeal - acts on the caster if the Target has been imposed on him
* Fix lakfi lakfi, eats only Adena (need Rework)
- Remove the old and do not need
* Fix - reversed command
* Added debug to identify zero Pointer
* DestroyItemAfer - Implemented
* Skill Servitor Share - Some parameters are transferred into the kernel now reports the stats clearly from the description.
* Fix null Pointer + Fixed the use of non-standard weapons.
+ It is a convenient configuration file for komyuniti services (more than 40 configs)
+ Finish services in komyuniti boarde, all well-known services are ready.
* Fix community / custom / - messed ID skill
+ Alpha version komyuniti service will be completed yet in the trail. audit.
* Gag for a bug detection
+ There reyuz physical skill is not ready, then we attack the goal and do not stand still.
+ @ Lang should be available to all characters, regardless of the selected language
+ Adding spawn Guard in the forts, while static 10min
+ Work on guardians binding in the forts to the captains.
* Edit skill: Servitor Share is not true would add stats.
* Edit skill: Multiply shot Reyuz static
* Code cleaning
* The right to the teaching skill - star stone gathering
* The right to change the profession through SPC
+ Adding a function to add the PKK in the admin panel
* Edit stats mobs under OFF.
* Started edit other mobs who have no options.
+ Add the English descriptions for the English-speaking clients.
+ Fix server download
* Fixed spawn in Tanor fort is now a peaceful Captain Archer does not spawn at the very siege.
* Fix Stun Resist: chances are not multiplied and added (global fixed + correction)
* Fix Cursed Weapons
* Fix passing UD mobs.
$ Stable revision. $
-Removes Study collect star stones of ordinary skill
+ Adding a condition "isClicked" in a special cell.
+ Add to the list of skills skillAqcquireholder collection_skill_tree.xml for scientists through a double-click
* Fix Jet Bike that is given forever.
+ Template is added to Jet Bike




Progress on previous audits read here: L2-SCRIPTS Pack








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