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L2-scripts Classic 1.0

L2-scripts Classic 1.0

List price: 525.00$
From: 150.00$
You save: 375.00$ (72%)


CLASSIC 1.0 Pack presented by


 A bit about the history behind this server pack:

Based on L2-scripts GOD Ertheia (VIP) source code.

Branch - Odyssey 

Branch - GOD (Ertheia) 

Branch - GOD (Lindvior) 



Development stopped in connection with the transition to new Chronicles.

Technical support is provided by agreement.

Latest revision 21540.



First release was at - July 1st 2015. 


Ask the manager to get a stable server example.

You can ask us to launch the server to test in game.

This pack is adapted for protection system and for anti-pack hacking - L2s-Guard, Smart-Guard (manual connection with Yuri).


This pack is provided with a hardware bind and provided for 1 external IP address. This pack is provided in fully complied version. Failure to comply with non-sharing terms, the pack will be blocked pernamently.


Beware of buying assemblies on the side anywhere except on our website. you won't get the original l2-scripts pack. We have no dealers, all who claim to be our distributors and etc. - is lying. Also remember, even if someone sells our assembly, when buying it from the side, you run the risk not only of being deceived, but also fail your project at its start...


Latest revision - 150 USD (no IP binding and no online limit)  

Latest revision - 500 USD (Source Code)


Support - support price is negotiable.


L2classic geodata can be bought separately. Here.



Based on Goddess of Destruction Ertheia (VIP) source code:

Details here 


Detailed underground changelog (translated with google translate, if specifications needed, please ask the manager)



Rev. 21540

* Produced global sync with main branch Underground.
(Refer to Underground - more than 50% of technological fixes Underground Classic moved to 1.0, as they are identical.)

+ Implemented Wonderful Charges Soul and spirit;
* Curse Death Link almost can't have mistakes (offlike);
* Fixed a conversation with the NPC;
* Fixed Phys and MAG attack of the player;
- Removed the system of the manor, which is not relevant in the Classic;
* In any situation, the craft can only learn dwarfs;
* Fix working rubies the summons;
* Fix use of roots for the monsters, and then they teleported to the spawn;
+ Implemented condison abilities: has_vitality;
+ Added configs-multipliers for Physical. and MAG. The attack of the player;
* Fixed configs for the strengthening of the NPC;
+ To study the skills you can now specify more than one object;
* Fixed the purchase of dual-class kommuniti;
* Debuffs RB cannot be reflected (on a trial basis. check offs);
* Update Manager locks for offs;
* Cosmetics Manager locks;
* Limited items in the store can be free (afflic);
* Fix dialogs of openingclosing of the gates in the locks;
* Fix the Manager's residences;
* Now the phantoms do not run without the nipple;
* Fixed a situation where bots would run around naked;
* Cosmetics behavior of the fake players;
* Fix crowding fake players on the farm;
+ Added option to login server, which allows you to skip the chooser, if only 1 server.
* Full customization of the fake players on classic;
* Changed the frequency of spawn bots;
* Fixed a bug in the Olympics, when the player left the game to teleport to the stadium, after which his opponent could not register at the Olympics;
* Fix ispolsovaniya skills by summons and the summons;
* Update the fake players on classic;
* Expand the functionality of the fake players;
* Fix behavior of fake bots;
* Fix teleport in Ippodrom and Fantasy Island;



Rev. 21368

* Produced global sync with main branch Underground.
(Refer to Underground - more than 50% of technological fixes Underground Classic moved to 1.0, as they are identical.)

* The ability to reflect damage, reflect any damage - physical, skill, magician. skills bow (afflic);
* Fixed monster (20766) Arrows of the Plains;
* Fix drop-Sign of Blood;
* Scrolls (7117 - 7131) have no price and are not sold in the store;
* On the classics can't knock down effect of fear (Fear);
* Ability (1028) the Power of Heaven works on any target (afflic);
* Updated skill (1263) Curse of Darkness for Classic;
* Fix of abilities (916) Shield Reflect Magic;
+ Added spawn to the Tower Marshlands: the Monarch of Darkness;
+ Added spawn the Bloody Queen in the valley of the Dragons;
* Cosmetics the buffer in kommuniti;
* Fix download server;
+ Implemented skill (39043) Side Effect;
+ Implemented skill (39044) Festive Hat;
+ Implemented skill (39045) an Overwhelming Power party Hats;



Rev. 21296

* Produced global sync with main branch Underground.
(Refer to Underground - more than 50% of technological fixes Underground Classic moved to 1.0, as they are identical.)
+ The implementation of the RAID "-";
* Fixed all locating the Scrolls of Teleport;
- Removed non-existent sharpening;
* Fix all SOE to Talking Island Village;
* Fixed bonus HP when sharpening armor;
- Removed unnecessary table;
+ Sparse option arms "damage_range" with TCP scripts.



Rev. 21244

* Implemented global synchronization with other branches. (Technical sync without a description)
* Cosmetics Guide for Beginners offs;
* Cosmetics GK in Tamil offs;
* Cosmetics CC Wirphy for offs;
- Removed unnecessary dialogs;
+ Added the sale of books in Gmshop;
* Fix GM shop;
* Fixed the display status of the character using Alt+G;
- Removed unnecessary updates to the database;
* Fix basic statton character;
* Master Volume random teleports on 3 points;



Rev. 21219

* Produced global sync with main branch Underground.
(Refer to Underground - more than 50% of technological fixes Underground Classic moved to 1.0, as they are identical.)

* Updated HP monsters offs;
+ Implemented skill (39016), Agation - Dance of Fury (thx. Scorpius);
+ Implemented skill (39017), Agation - Dance Outburst (thx. Scorpius);
+ Implemented skill (39018), Agation - the Song of the Wind (thx. Scorpius);
* Fix of abilities (279) the visual Impact;
* Fix HP have Orpana;
* Fix HP Core;
* Fix HP Queen of the Ants;
* Fix loading of NPS;
* Sparsely HP,MP PTS with NPC scripts Graces the Final, they are closer to the classics;
+ Added spawn Praetorian Bloody Axe;
* Fix compile;
* Fix quests (213) Trial Of the Seeker;
* Fix server;
* Fixed all the quests;



Rev. 21011


* Produced global sync with main branch Artei.
(See section Area - more than 50% of technological fixes Ertai transferred to the Classic 1.0, as they are identical.)

* Fixed healers Queen Ants;
- Removed the RAID system of the eyes, which are absent in the classical version.
* Fix download bots;
* System update clan-Vars for the classics;
* Fix obtaining the reputation of the clan when raising the level of the clan member. Reputation should be given with the 3rd level, not 4th. Apparently there was a typo in the patch nodes;
* Upgrade system bots under classic;



Rev. 20968


* Produced global sync with main branch Artei.
(See section Area - more than 50% of technological fixes Ertai transferred to the Classic 1.0, as they are identical.)

+ Spawn Cougars from Magma tower in the Marshlands;
* Updated spawn RB Guardsman Metrostroi for offs;
* Fix bypass solutions in some of the dialogue;
* Fix receiving profiles dwarves;
+ Translation of some dialogues in English;
- Removed unnecessary dialogs;
+ Translation of some dialogues in English;
* Fix rewards in the quest (329) dwarven curiosity;
* Former territory Hein belongs Hirano (afflic);



Rev. 20817


* Produced global sync with main branch Artei.
(See section Area - more than 50% of technological fixes Ertai transferred to the Classic 1.0, as they are identical.)

Directly on fixies classic 1.0:

* Updated spawn near Oren for offs;
* Territory of Valley of Dragons belongs Hirano, not hunters village (afflic);
- Extra checks;
* Fix the profession from village craftsmen.
+ Russian translation of Grand masters;
* Cosmetics dialogues on the classics;
* Updated the Grand master offs;
- Removed outdated mechanics;
* Redesigned the Grand master under off dialogues;
+ Implemented the possibility of including the siege of KKH Camp of the Guerrillas";
+ Added missing KKH;
* Updated list of teleports in KKH for the Classics;
* Updated prices at KKH for the classics;
* Updated functions KKH for the classics;
* Updated functions are temporary KKH for the classics;
* Updated the auction time at KKH Classics;
* Updated functions are residences for the classics;
* Returns the effect of the resurrection agathion;
* Fix teleport in Krum in the admin panel;
* Removed bonus when sharpening to +4 the duals



Rev. 20566


* Re-sparsana skills PTS with NPC scripts.
* Cosmetics custom PVP events under classic;
- Removed trash (fast download server 12%)
* Managers residence is always a fixed amount of MP and it is not consumed;
In pursuit of the character closer to the offs;
+ Implemented areas for temporary KKH;
+ Russian localization added information on fines clan;
* Fixed IndexOutOfBoundsException;
* Fix the change of the owner in castles, FORTS, KKH (option applies to versions of the classics);
* Work on the implementation of temporary KKH;
+ Dialogs for auction temporary KKH;
* Work on the implementation of temporary clan halls;
* Work on the implementation of temporary clan halls;
+ Added English localization in the Pvp system of awards;
* The stored information about the owner of the residence (castle, KKH) in the relevant tables;
* Fixed work Shift+Click commands for a NPC type NpcFriend;
* Work on the implementation of temporary clan halls;
+ Start of implementation of the Provisional Clan Halls;
* Expansion of the functionality of the engine of reflectionof;
+ Implemented config for annons rebirth RB;
* Buffs Pets made in datapac;
+ Added teleports into Temporary Halls of the Clan in the admin panel;
+ Procurement for implementation of the present clan halls;
+ Implemented new afflic effect "i_hp_drain";
- Extra third-party libraries;
- Removed debris.
* Fixed jumps in skills. The character arrives to the goal after using a skill, while using a skill (afflic);
* Fixed removeing the caste and the camp during the attack of the character;
+ Possibility to use TCP bypass solutions in quests;
* Cosmetics some configs;
* Fixed descriptions of events;
* Fix download and compile server;
* Begin to use use_type with a list of skills the NPC;
* To fix statton some NPCs with low HP;
* Updated the bonuses for enchanting armor offs;
- Removed debris.
* Afflic order posylki messages when you enter the game;
* Fix for the PA system;
* Fix display of PA in the selection of characters;
* Fix system premium account;
* Fix issue of free premium account.
+ Implemented automatic cans use HP/MP/CP;
* Extend the functionality of the Assembly;
* When 'dark' checks condicon of the object is not output message (afflic);
+ New listeners when you change the current Hp, Mp, Cp;
* When you create a new set of buffs in kommuniti, automatically add to the buffs that are imposed on the character;
* Fixed displaying of chance to loot at very low values (Shift+Click);
+ Added config to ban the use of transformations in epic zones;
* Cosmetics new event TvT and Hasher;
* STR and INT still affect critical damage. attack;
* Fix operation of the bypass solutions in kommuniti;
- Use a third-party library;
* Fix operation binding on HWID protection on L2-Scripts;
* Fix experience for a large number of multipliers, etc.;
* Fix working skills to Build a forward Base on the siege;
+ Swerves purchase additional Windows;
+ More detailed logging if you receive a letter with the items;
* Fix receipt of deferred items;
* Display drop by Shift+Click more clearly, a simpler and more accurate to the player;
* Fix formula of the amount of crystals when you fail grinding;
* Fixed the work of the panel changing the maximum number of members;



Rev. 20386


This update includes a global synchronization with branches Gods, and BEA to synchronize with the technical mechanisms and different internal build system.

* Configs for the classics;
* Update regions on offu;
* Fix purchase profession of a blacksmith;
* Congolense by default the limit is 12 (afflic);
* Fixed the teleport in the vicinity of the Ivory Towers from PS Verona;
+ Russification PS Raymond - the high Priest;
+ Implementation agathion Bracelet Print Agathion - Singer and Dancer;
* The addition of GM shop;


Rev. 20269


This update includes a global synchronization with branches Gods, in chastnosti sync with the technical mechanisms and different internal build systems.
Also the majority of time was devoted to developing Classic 1.5.

And little fixes 1.0:

* Cosmetics NPSM;
* On the classics locks without master have neutral side (afflic);
* When you turn off the auction of CH no longer spawnin NPCs belonging to him (afflic);
* Upgrade Herald on offu;
- The excess;
* When you turn off the siege of the castle no longer spawnin NPCs belonging to him (afflic);
* Cosmetics awards premium accounts;
* A blessing of Protection cannot be undone;
* Fix of abilities (19032) the Ability of Light;
* Fix of abilities (19033) Ability of Darkness;
* Updated quests under the updated engine quests;
* Prescribed need AI mobs;
+ Missing AI;
+ Missing spawn the merchants in the Valley of Dragons;
* Makeup monsters Perum and Port on offu;
* Sort of NPC options in a logical order for easier editing;
* Cosmetics ballistol in CH to off;
* All spellbooks corresponding type;
+ Implementation for admin GM shop;
* Cosmetics Kuznetsov on offu;
* Cosmetics dialogues Supreme masters;



Rev. 19919


This update includes a global synchronization with branches Gods, in particular synchronization with the technical mechanisms and different internal build systems. To paint detail over 300 audits. The update does not apply to reports, very few of them, so the work was focused on optimization and synchronization with the other branches.
Also the majority of time was devoted to developing Classic 1.5 soon we will see the release.


Rev. 19220


* Produced technical synchronization with the main branch Artei. (. 70 related technical fixes for 200+ See Reviziyam with Erte - more than 30% of fixes transferred to the Classic, because are contiguous)
Also, some specialized fixes directly on the Classics:
* Cosmetics Luxor;
+ Has registered minions monster capo Orc Timak;
- Neaktulnaya mechanics;
* Returned minions some monsters, they were removed only in future updates;
- Excess;
* Cosmetics spawn;
+ Spars skills with the client;
* We share client skills and NPC scripts sparsennye with PTSD;
* Fixed force poison effects on offu;
- Cut irrelevant mechanics;


Rev. 19002


* Produced technical synchronization with the main branch Ertei. (. 100 more related technical fixes for 250+ revisions Refer to Erte - more than 30% of fixes transferred to the Classic, because are contiguous)
* Go past the work in preparation for the release of Classic 1.5 (Age Of Splendor). We apologize for the confusion with previous versions. 2.5 No more in nature. There is confusion about the different versions of different ntssoft regions. At the moment Age of splendor is the latest branch on the Chronicle Classic. Follow the news release Classic 1.5, we are preparing for the end of January - beginning of February. Please note in advance that it will be another chronicle on the technical side, and an update on this chronicle will be possible in some circumstances paid independently from the settlement of those services. Perhaps to do pre-orders, write to Yuri.
* Works on skillam NPC;
* Fix statte Monster Ruler of the Plains;
* Offlayk spawn Timak Outpost;
* Offlayk spawn Valley Lizzies;


Rev. 18528


* Global classic work on 2.0, 2.5
* Full synchronization with other assemblies. All related fixes, refer to the descriptions Revizy Odyssey.
* Spawn in the Far East on the Classics;
- Removing excess debris;
- Unnecessary city with kommuniti region;
- Unnecessary teleports in agricultural activities;
* Valid modifier formula p.defa;


Rev. 18346


* Global Sinha, related fixes, see the artei.
+ Missing dialogs for agricultural activities;
+ Missing dialogs for locks;
+ Offlayk implementation of mapping skills activity due to the shortage in the presence of MP buffs rollback abilities;
* When Buffy did not close the dialog box in the BCH;
* Fix copyright in kommuniti;
* Fix statte all the creatures in the game (HOT!);
+ New debug suicide RB;
* Fixed skill for pets;
* Repars spawn Ruins of Agony
* Fix Barahama
* Fix the quest 230
* Fix accounting award limit modifier quest;
* Fix drop Adena in locating foot of the mountain;
* Fix Dupa Adena;
+ Baylisty for managers of the hall, the clan;
* Updated the prices of some items;
- Remove the remains of the recommendations of the system;
+ Missing dialogue
- Excess mechanics;
* Fixed issue of awards through the levels;
- Removed non-existent game events with the admin;
* Fix drop Adena 20700-20799
* Fixed the quest 267
+ Dialogs 30128 30478
* Damage in the area of ​​Cores
* Fix archers distance
+ Dialogs 30733
* Fix drop 21118
- Excess mechanics;
+ Added debug aggression NPC at the NPC;
* Cosmetics statte summons for Classics;



Rev. 18162


* Global synchronization fixes to other chronicles
* Cosmetics P. formula. Attack on the Classics;
* Fix a reward in the quest Merciless Punishment;
- Excess spawn;
* Fixed quest for the 2nd profession;
+ Dialogues Master Toma;
* Completely rewritten quest for offu 'test master';
* Fix prices for Quest weapons;
- Removed recommendation system;
* Fixed quest rewards Please Farmer;
* Fixed quest test accuracy in Russian localization;
* Fixed skill Clan Luck;
+ Implementation of the merchants in the Valley of the Dragons;
* Cosmetics AI monsters closer to Offa;
* Fix monsters magicians. Previously cast without interruption. They made closer to Offa;
* Cosmetics World chat;
* Fix working world chat;
* Fix Dupa Adena. Critical !!;
* Fix for auction
* Fixes for spawn
* Fixes 20700-20799.xml file drop
* Fix in skills 176
* Spawn in the Anthill
* Au Queen Ant and suites
* Fixed parameter
* Spawn in DV
* If a monster over the level of the character, no fines experience and loot is not present (offlayk);
* Fix a fine experience monsters Level difference between the character on the classic;
* Fix drop 20602
* In the classical epic jewelery 1.0 does not fall (offlayk);
* Cosmetics for offu clan system;
* Fixed quest awards 101
* Fixed items 34603-34605, 34610-34612
* Various English dialogue
* Fix a price tag 7890
* Fix the coordinates for teleport quest 231
* Fixes quest 169316403370
* Fixed monster Krator;
* Fixed quest 224,212
* Fixed spawn 25134
* Fixed spawn point at the death in arenas
* Fix the English dialogues in Cruma Tower;
* Fix merchant Edrok;
- Excess spawn;
* Fixed the excessive drop Adena many monsters;
* Updated spawn in the area of ​​Giran for offu;
* Fix blacksmith Pushkin in the English localization;
* Fixed a typo in the quest path of the Dark Magician;
* Fixed quest confidence test;
* Fix the amount of the joint venture in NPC Goblin;
* Totem Spirit Cougars also adds 20% run speed;
* Fix Gatekeeper Verona;
* Fix Pixy dialogue;
* Fixed quest fate test;
* Quest Cosmetics Testing on offu priest;
* Work on the quest Test priest;
* Fixed quest killer Way;
* Fix bonus experience on the ability Luck Clan;
+ English translation of some NPC dialogues;
+ Implemented grocer Rolento a wasteland;
+ Missing NPC dialogues;
* Fixed quest Test priest;
* Offlayk dialogues for the quest of fate test;
* Fixed quest fate test;
+ Missing NPC dialogues;
* Fixed quest fate test;
+ Missing NPC dialogues;
* Fully revised and renewed quest for Classic 1.0: The test of perseverance;
* Offlayk dialogue for Quest Trial Of Piligrim;
* Fixed quest Trial Of Piligrim;
* Fixed quest Test Of Healer;
+ Missing dialogues;
* Fix receiving clan reputation. The classic clan level 3 and above can get a reputation;
* The siege of the castle can participate clan level 3 and above, and not the 5th;
* Fix drop Adena with some monsters;
* Fix for a weapon in prices;
+ Implemented grocer Sarien;
* Fix the study of clan skills;
+ Implemented drop from RB Captain of the Royal Guard;
* Fixed quest Path to Wizard on the English localization;
* Small cosmetics quest Trial of Scholar;
* Fix .clan team;
* Fix for a weapon in prices;
* Fixed drop 21119 21120
* Fixed drop from 21120
* Fixed drop 21023-21026
* Fixes quests 216,221
+ Dialog to 30639
* Updated spawn in the apiary, Cruma Tower, will spawn Castle Gludio, spawn over the ruins of Anguish.
* Updated drop from 20137 20142 20143 20217 20222 21011 21012 21013 21014 21015 21016 21017 29009 29010
* Fixed the quest 324
* Fixes the price tag on an item 5284 5285 7881
* Fixed loot and experience npsah 21036 21037 21038 21100 21101 21102 21106 21107 21121 21122 21123 21093 21094 21095 21096 21097 21099
* Quest _303_CollectArrowheads repeated;
* Drop to 21035
* Fixed issue of clan reputation level-up with a member of the clan;
* Fixed dialogues Stockman
* Removed from the mob mineny 20755 (Commander Gnoll men at arms)
* Removed NPCs 30047
+ Dialogues for .lock team
* Adjustment 94 skill Wrath
* Fixed cost Luck Clan
* Fixed the English dialogue to change the leadership of Clan


Rev. 17569


+ For clients without bindings are now available for the system proxy (for connecting multiple IP Proxy antiddos protection)
* Full synchronization with fixed Ertei on related issues.

* Fix churning effects Player (slip, etc.);
* Fix sweep;
* Fixed a reward for quests 259;
* Perezaspavnil location tests Cave;
+ Dialogues missed npsov in a cave;
* Fixes a drop in location Lizzies Valley;
* Fix the transfer of leadership clan;
* Fix the price of books in the store;
- Unnecessary mechanisms;
* Fix the dialogues held in the districts elementary cities;
- Extra configuration;
* In the initial quests do not give conventional nipples, and for beginners;
* Fix a reward in the quest request of the farmer;
* Fix the adoption quest Path to Elven Wizard;
* Fix passive skills monsters to gain in offu;
* Edit system PC classic;
Skill + Luck to all primary classes;
+ Skill Crafting gnomes;
* Fixed monster Mage Plains;
* Offlayk fines experience the difference in levels of the party;
* Updated on penalties party classics;
* Updated the table experience in the classics;
* Characters below level 9, and can not be lowered below the current level;
* By default you need 4 pc to start dropping things from a PC to die;
* By default start dropping things on the classic character with death of the monster;
* Fixed display of the information about the interlocutor with private chat;
* Death in a peaceful area of ​​the character does not lose experience;
* Regardless of the level and character of the PC or not, it lost 10% of experiences at the death;
* Fix requirements for raising the level of the clan;
* The maximum level of the clan = 5;
Dialog + 31210
* Extra spawn
* Fixed display accessories territory
+ Missing dialogs
* Fix the auction
* Adjustment of the minimum bet clan halls
* Adjustment Quest 259
Dialogues +
+ Dialogues for guards 31850
* Fixed the teleporter in the Far East
* An item 49031 49032
* Fix Dupa Quest Destruction of gangsters. For it does not provide at least 1,000, and the maximum;
* Gun npsu 30754
* Fixed multisela
* Issuance Charges DushiDuha without rank on quests 101,103,106,107.
+ Russian dialogue for the Change Masters class (beginning)
* Fix drop
* Fixed spawn in the Temple of the forgotten
* Fixed NPC and loot
+ Russian dialogue to quests 212 214 215 216 219 221 223 224
* Removed otrozhenie damage from bows and magical skills
- Completely removed the system of double cast;
* The effects of vampirism have no effect on ranged attacks (bow);
* Removed from the vampire effect from ranged attacks and magic
+ Russian dialogue for Quest 229 4 3230233232
+ Russian dialogue in the quest 333 "Black Lion Hunting"
* Fix the quest 213 "Trial finder"
+ Missed auction dialogue
* Perezaselil elven ruins
+ Baylist and dialogue Merchant Thira
+ Russian dialogue in the quest 225 "Test Ischuschugo"
Dialog + portal in the Bay of Giran
* Excess NPC in the Bay of Giran
* Fix references NPC;
* Fix statte;
* Pars aggressiveness IAASTD year with the TCP script that corresponds to the classics;
* Reduced the radius of aggressiveness.
- Ai Ports, he has no classical teleportation;
Spawn + Jansen in Cruma Tower;
+ Spawn Rombel in Cruma Tower;
+ Spawn Krasus in Cruma Tower;
* Offlayk implementation of the AI ​​for the port Perumov;
* Excess spawn
* Spawn Gnola Sentinel
* Dialogue at Quest 217
* Spawn square 22_20 Valley Lizardman
* Uvelichelis chance of passage portal at Ports
* Fix for quest 105
* Doble Drop in Belarus
* Fixes for dialogues
* Extra pe
* Removed an item kotoryyh not classics, and give an error
* Added the quest mobs are 333 "Black Lion Hunting"
* Fixes for quests 104,108
* Fix for quest 105
* Tseniki item is novchikov
* Nedozality spawn removing manorschikov
* Fix poisoning
* Classical 1.0 siege by default disabled;
* Fixed spawn castle sieges;
+ Added missing spawn;
* Cosmetics Bleeding skills;
* Update statte NPS on grace, which corresponds statte classics;
* Rewrote _292_BrigandsSweep quest for offu;
* Fix the coding of all the Russian dialogue;


Rev. 16920


* Internal synchronization with the other branches
* Fix the initial tutorial. If it is not passed, the enchantment level 6 and above it does not show (offlayk);
* Offe allowed to take quests above level than targeted quest;
* Fix slider quests;
* Fix display buffs on the target list;
* Translation into English of the Spanish dialogues;
* Fixed encoding in all English dialogue;
* Report on spoiling receives only the group leader (offlayk);
* The maximum size of a classic group of 9 people;
* Fix peaceful areas in primary cities;
- The extra zone;
- Cleaning of unnecessary mechanisms;
* Fix a fine experience at death;
* Fix avtovoskresheniya GMom;
* Cut out the spawn of the catacombs and cemeteries
* Fixed nanesenieudalenie tattoo;
* Fixed the sale of paints in GM-shop;
+ Russian dialogue in the quest Instruction miner missed dialogue to quest Destruction of gangsters
* Removed managers Manor
* Removed Specialists Pet
* Fix for paint (limited only to the class of your character, but not on the level)
* Fixes on spawn
* Fixed mobs in sea dispute
* An item washout PC, dialogs npsu to sell (Black Justice)
* Clean extra RB
* Fixed teleport routes
* Fixed skill damn Dagi
* I returned to spawn mine Mithril
* Spawn Marshlands
- Excess code;
* Fix automatic donning of arrows equipped with a bow;
- Defunct sharpening;
- Non-existent blocks;
* Delivers in the configuration display buffs at Target;
- Excess Altered Realities Event spawn;
- Excess code;
* Dialogues
* Fix for database query;
* Take a basis spawn Gracia;
* Resettlement locations: Neutral zone, hunting ground Evil Fellmere Harvesting Grounds
* Fix encoding 30037
+ Missed dialogibaylisty
* Correction of some teleporters
* Fixed hernia 1100
* Fix for 263 quests and 292
+ Bai sheet at the NPSA 30181
- Reserves dialogue
* Fixed quest 153 Delivery of goods
* Fix for signs (on ofe disabled)
* Updating locations Mithril Mine.
* Remove excess mob on MDT
* According to the standard when creating a Clan given level 0 instead of 1;
* Cosmetics for alliance management offu;
* Optimization of the clan manager;
* Updated the clan management process offu;
* Fix the creation and preservation of the clan;
* Fix Translation quest (160) Nerupa's Favor;
+ Transfer Quest (2) What Women Want;
+ Added missing dialogues;
* Fix working quest (4) Long Live the Paagrio Lord;
+ Added missing dialogues;
* Updated spawn on the island dwarfs close to Offa;
* Updated Hp, Mp, runSpd, walkSpd, collision_radius, collision_height all NPCs with Classic Client;
* Replacement spawn 23_11 Village of Dwarfs
+ Added the ability to specify the spawn in a circle and a rectangle;



Rev. 16407


* Full synchronization system with parallel branches!
+ Implementation of the elevator in the Tower Marshlands;
* Works on custom kommuniti;
+ Implementation of a custom kommuniti;
+ Custom manager professions;
* Quests in the second Profiles 221-233
+ Missing dialogues;
* Korrektirovkireformat on quests second profession 211-220
* Fix Russian dialogue Village masters;
- Unnecessary dialogue;
+ Missing dialogues;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30027;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30565;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30525;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30520;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30373;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30358;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30288;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30154;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30066;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30704;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30699;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30694;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30689;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30685;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30681;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30677;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30676;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 3095;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30512;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30511;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30508;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30505;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30504;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30500;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30503;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30499;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30498;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30474;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30462;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30297;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30290;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30195;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30191;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30187;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30115;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30120;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30109;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30289;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30070;
+ Implementation of the Village Master 30037;
- Unnecessary mechanisms;
* Fix compilation;
+ Missing dialogs for custom commands;
* Preparations for Sinha with operating time from the branch Ertheia;
* Work on the implementation of Villagemasters;
+ English translation of the dialogues;
+ Russian translation of the dialogues;


Rev. 16220


* Synchronization with other branches
+ Global work on the English translation of NPC dialogue; (70%)
+ DialogiMagazinySpavn Hunters Village
* Formatting html;
* Adjustments mobs in EG and testing cave
* Correction quests second profession 211212213214
* Fixed spawn RB Restless Evil Spirit
* Fixes for the first quest Profiles
* Adjustments for quests in the first profession


Rev. 16099


* Sync collaboration with ARTE and Lindvior
* Tax Giran
* Adjustment of tax in stores
* Fixes for quests 3 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 151 152 164 169 259 266 276 292 296 297 306 316 317 319 325 326 327 333
* Add spawn in the Elven ruins
* Fix Moba 20083
+ Missing dialogs
-Lishnii dialogues
* Repars price items with PTSD;
+ English dialogue under quests 229230232233
* Reformed dialogues in scripts quests, under the original name of the dialogues
+ English dialogue under quests 219 221 223 224 225
* Reformed dialogues in the script quest, under the original name of the dialogues
* Fixed skill 279
+ English dialogue for Quest 212 214 215 216 217
+ English translation for 28+ quests.
* Adjustment of the value of the new item is
* Corrected spawn a trader in Oren
* Adjustment to allowance prices from traders buylists. (Rounded)
Off Like:
Giran 22,223%
Oren 33,334%
Dion 33,334%
Gludio 33.34%
Gludin 33,334%
Elves Gnomes Orcs People 27,778%
+ English translation for 68+ quests;
* Base_markup Fix in stores;
* Formatting quest Miners Favor;
+ Added English translation Miners Favor quest;
- Russian translation Hi5 quest Miners Favor;
* Formatting quest Long Live the Paagrio Lord;
+ Added English translation Quest Long Live the Paagrio Lord;
- Russian translation Hi5 quest Long Live the Paagrio Lord;
* Formatting quest Will the Sealbe Broken;
+ Added English translation quest Will the Sealbe Broken;
- Russian translation Hi5 quest Will the Sealbe Broken;


Rev. 15861


+ Implemented item Armor and Weapons in GM Shope;
* Fixed encoding in English dialogue;
* Fix the Governing auction;
+ English translation of the quest What Women Want;
* Quest Cosmetics What Women Want;
- Unofficial Russian translation of the quest What Women Want;
+ English Translation Deliver Good's quest;
+ Dialogues with C1 PTS as a Classic;
* Correction awards quests second profession
* Reformed quests, quests adjustment.
+ The English translation for the quest Letters Of Love;
* Updated the prices of items;
* Updated the number of crystals in objects;
* Correction quests 151-170
* Adjustment of an item 709-724
* Fixed quest system works;
- Removed unnecessary code quests;
* Formatting quests;
* Engine quests rewritten;
- Cleaning of irrelevant mechanisms in the classics;
* Rewritten and optimized engine quests:
- Do not store quests Quest for the class, and keep on the ID, which speeds up work with quests, quests eliminates duplicates and conflicts in the title;
- Get rid of the variable state in the quest;
* Correction quests Classics
* Correction of certain weapons
* Correction spawn
* Fix display a list of quests from NPCs (classic offlayk);
* Quests in the database is now stored by ID rather than by name, more speed up performance;
* Returned offovskie names dialogues;
* Reformatizatsiya quests;
+ Transfer all quests Lineage 2 Classic with Hight Five (required quests update at offu classics);
* On the classics it does not display information about the reward in the quest dialogs (offlayk);
+ Implemented quest delivery of goods;
+ Implemented Quest Love Letter;
* Statte Gremlin closer to the Classics;
- Unnecessary mechanisms;
* Updated the basic characters on statte Classics;
* M. Atk the end rounded and do not recline the decimal;
* Updated sparsennyh NPC with the client closer to the Classics;
+ Spars active NPC skills;
* Update the admin area under the Classic;
* The cost of the classical teleportation night in GC does not become cheaper (offlayk);
- NPC Cleaning of extra parameters;
* Spars sttaty NPC C1 PTS;
* Spars sttaty NPC C4 PTS;
* Spars statte NPS for Freya PTS;
+ DialogiMagazin village Florent
* Adjustments to spawn near Florent
* Correction teleportatsiitseny routes
* Adjustment of the NPC in the tower Crum
* Fix tutorial;
* Offe Gremlins give 44 experience rather than 23;
* Updated tutorial NPCs spawn by offu;
+ Offlayk Gremlins spawn in groups;
+ Implemented tutorial Dwarves;
+ Implemented tutorial for Orc Mages;
+ Implemented tutorial for Orc Warrior;
+ Implemented tutorial from the Dark Elf;
* Makeup tutorial on offu;
* Offe Gremlin gives 1 SP;
+ Implemented tutorial to Elf;
+ Options sozdaniyarospuska klanaalyansa
+ DialogiMagaziny for Village lyudeyElfovTemnyh ElfovGnomovGludinGludio
* Adjustments to spawn
* Correction marshrutovtsen teleports in GiraneOreneDioneDerevne Orc
* Adjustment of the spawn on the racetrack
+ Added AI Manager Arena on the racetrack
* Removed the poisoning area near Oren - Plains of the Lizardmen
+ Added dialogimagaziny for cities: Giran, Oren, Dion Orc Village.
* Adjustments to spawn in these cities
* The classic by default GK paid;
* Fix download server;
* Formatting;
+ Added baylist and dialogues trader in Oren (test)


Rev. 15303


* Global adjustment of drop
- Excess spawn;
* Makeup tutorial on offu;
* Refactoring;
* The classic character removed 7 days instead of 3 hours;
+ Added respawn points after a death in the initial locations. Now, when you die in the initial location, it is reborn;
+ Implemented a tutorial for the people of the Magi;
+ Fully implemented tutorial for Men Voinov;
- Excess spawn from Talking Island Village;
* Fix a blacksmith at the Village of Talking Island;
* Code optimization;
- Code Clean;
+ Implemented almost every NPC in the Talking Island Village;
* Fix display drop by Shift + CLick;
* Fix download server;
* Is located exactly in the classics of the Civil Code in Gludio well as in Ertheia;
+ Spars Spoil C1 PTS (!!! require manual EDIT IN CLASSIC !!!);
+ Spars drop C1 PTS (!!! require manual EDIT IN CLASSIC !!!);
- Superfluous sharpening;
- Excess code;
* Cosmetics spawn on the classics;
+ The display of the names of the spawn on the Shift + Click, for the convenience of editing spawn;
Deleting unnecessary Clan holovRezidentsy
+ Spars all spawn from C1 PTS (!!! require manual handling !!!);
+ Fully spawn Talking Island;
* Fixed the work of city maps in the initial villages (not offlayk, Offe, for whatever reason, does not work);
* Repars spawn Talking Island to C4, it is more similar to the spawn Classic;
* The maximum level of 75;
+ Spars spawn squares 16_24, 16_25 with PTSD C1;
* Teleportation menu in the admin panel is lowered to Ertheia> Hi5;
- Excess levels and information to them;
* Updated to mapregion C1 PTS;
- Cleaning of excess;
* Update the value of the base regen HP, MP, CP C1 to PTS;
* Updated bonuses statte C1 PTS;
* Updated statte characters C1 PTS;
* Updated the initial spawn point when creating a character Classics;
+ Getting populate Talking Island (Pars C1 PTS);
- Cleaning;
* Fix download skills;
- Reward level;
- Borrowed from the code;
+ Spawn for primary locations;


Rev. 15001


* Edit skills according to the chronicles (continued)
* Add all the books to study the tree
* Fixes for skills according to the chronicles (continued)
* Updated the table bonuses for statte L2Classic;
- Unnecessary mechanisms:
- Augmentation;
- The visual change of subject;
- Energy Agathion;
- Extra door;
* Fix download server;
* Formatting;
- Armor Kits
- Clan Skills for classics
- In Wood added skills books
- Cut irrelevant mechanics in L2Classic;
- Excess of the siege;
- Unnecessary residence;
* Fix download server;
- Remove all NPCs drop;
- Cut irrelevant mechanics in L2Classic;
- Excess paint;
- Extra door;
- Extra types of weapons;
- Extra types of armor;
- Extra bags;
- Removed options LUC and CHA;
* Cosmetics;
- Excess;
- Global Cut irrelevant mechanics in L2Classic;
* Updated the basic statte characters to L2Classic;
* Spars skills NPS with customer L2Classic;
- Clean the NPC of extra parameters;
- The extra NPC in L2Classic;
* Updated the names of the NPC;
- Clear the baylisty;
* Spars recipes with customer L2Classic;
* Spars flags items with a customer;
- All dialogues;
- Extra door;
+ Spars parameters skillam new client;
* Updated icons L2Classic skills on the client;
+ Spars new skills with customer L2Classic;
- Borrowed items are missing from the L2Classic;
* Update the items on L2Classic client;
+ Spars new items to the customer L2Classic;
- Excess weapons missing in L2Classic;
* Update the weapons L2Classic client;
+ Spars new weapon with customer L2Classic;
- The extra armor, are absent in L2Classic;
* Updated the armor options for L2Classic client;
+ Spars new armor with the client L2Classic;
* Cosmetics;
- Korrektirovaka skills in accordance with the Classic (the beginning)
- Tree study skills for all professions
* Spars with parameters of skill client: reuseDelay, coolTime, hitTime, mp_consume, castRange, hpConsume;
- Shoe skill settings before Parsi from the client;
- The extra skills;
* Updated the maximum levels of skills in the classics;
* Updated the names of skills in the classics;
* Global coarse Downgrade from GOD to chronicle classic;
+ Source code and a new working environment for the Classic;

Полная синхронизация с предыдущими хрониками.



Progress on other chronicles read here: L2-SCRIPTS Packs


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