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Installing a donation on your server



Connection to Payment systems



Automation of donation acceptance for lineage 2 servers via Paypal, G2A, PayOneer, Crypto, SMS, Qiwi, WebMoney, Yandex Money, other types of electronic payments, development, installation, configuration of scripts, installation of necessary software on your site.


Automation of payments and issuance of game currency is possible based on our system Master Account System, purchased separately.

We can also develop a module of any payment system for your website from scratch.



Base prices for modules:


1. PayPal or G2A or Crypto (Under MA 70 USD)

(For your web binding from 100 USD)



2. Webmoney, Qiwi (Under MA 70 USD)

(For your Web binding from 100 USD)



3. Other Aggregators (Under MA 100 USD)

(For your Web binding from 100 USD)




For help in connecting and full technical support, write to the manager.


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