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1. Our scripts

1.1  Scripts, that published on service by our developers, are our own intellectual property and are published for valontery donation for project development.
1.1.1 We don't sell, we do custom scripts by our client requests.
1.1.2 All prices, that are posted for our scripts, are reward for our hard work.
1.1.3 In every other case the reward is negotiated with the administration.


1.2 We guarantee  that our scripts will work perfectly, and will provide full technical support for the time agreed with the client


1.3 Our scripts are tested on many servers over 7 years, we develop them throughly during this time.


1.4 Scripts are provided with standard design. If layout integration is required (or other things that not described in that thread), additional reward is negotiated.


1.5 You can use the scripts only on one project(website), without any limitation of servers. (if other variation is not provided by retailed script)
1.5.1 If you resell or share - your tech support will be nulled.


1.6 Scripts installation may be handled by you or by us if you have problem while installing. (for free)
1.6.1  If we install everything for you, you must give us access for any type of connection needed (FTP, MYSQL, sometimes remote access or SSH access)
1.6.2 If you are the one who will install the scripts, we must provide every tool needed for the installation and configuration, also provide a full guide how to install the scripts in txt format.


1.7 If we cannot fufil the order, when no accesses were provided or other cases that couldn't be expected, we return to the buyer 50% of the initial price sum or 50% of the remaining undone work. If the time that needed to fufil the order is up and you didn't provide accesses, haven't given the needed information or any other case that we couldn't provide the work by your fault, money cannot be returned. The time that is given for the work to be done is considered as work time, that's why we won't  return the money.

1.8 If flaws found when using our script on free tech. support, you will get the fix asap and free (this rule exists only if your claim is proven and the flaw wasn't caused by you).
1.8.1 If we configured the scripts and some time after it stopped working because of you, fixing this problem can be negotiated with the administrator, either for free, if the administrator has a good mood and plenty of free time to configure the scripts from scratch, or for a reward that is also negotiated and changed for every case.


2. L2-Scripts packs


2.1 L2-scripts packs are own intelectual property of this studio, it doesn't have analogs and nobody has a chance to do this better, it has no relation to the official server, it was built by Emulator princip and for DEMO usage only.

2.2 Rewards for work over the packs are made only by l2-scripts representatives.

2.3 We don't give 100% waranty that your server will be exactly as the official, some things may vary if the administrator would like to.

2.4 We are not liable for illegal use of our customers data assemblies. They are available under the terms of reference. Illegal use of pirate servers are responsible administrators data servers In accordance with Russian legislation.

2.5 Мы в праве отказать клиенту в предоставлении данных сборок без объяснения причин. We can deny service to any client without any explanation.

2.6 If you reselled the pack, shared the pack, transfered pieces from the pack to 3rd party, you will automatically nulled from our client list, even you pack will be locked forever and your project will be gone. If you hire somebody to work for you, you are responsible for him and his goodwill. If our stuff will be found in other project or will be shared, you cannot say "he's done it" or something else, you are responsible, pick your collegues wisely.

2.7We provide the packs only for existing large servers and trusted clients.

2.8 Payments are only by direct transaction,. We don't receive money from sponcors, retailers etc. we can decline our service if needed in this case.

2.9 For further terms, read the exnteded thread on our website.


3. Turnkey project development 


3.1 You need express yourself clearly, we don't like to invent ourselves, you need to tell us what to do. We work for you, you tell us what to do and we do it.
3.2  We don't guarantee that you will have any kind of online, even if we promote your server. Also we don't take part in your monitization, or future profits. Ofcourse we can give advises and feedback regarding players. Again, you must tell us the server concept, we will do it as you see it, it is your responsibility. We only responsible for the technical side that is clearly stated in our agreement.

3.3 You must have plenty of time, we cannot wait each other couple day to get an answer, we won't acheive anything this way. You have to be maximum online and available for us and your future project, between the development stage, Open beta, closed beta and ofcourse after starts you must be ready to work by yourself.


4. Common

4.1 All our clients have the right to use the closed section of our forum, in which we publish the coolest stuff for game admin servers.

4.2 Everything that is not described this this article isn't relevant and has no power.
4.3 administration has the right to change, edit and add any rules and terms in one-way order.

4.4 Copying contects of website is prohibided without a written agreement from the administration.

4.5 We do not bear material liability for any losses your projects. We are ready to solve any technical problems based on paid time and specification, but we do not reimburse any possible losses of the project because of dissatisfaction with us or another script. If we create "turnkey project" or you get only the pack, we are responsible only for the paid scripts, their performance and technical support according to the agreement. We are not responsible for damages resulting from the use of our scripts, but always ready and go negotiate and to fix a particular technical problem.



Terms addition.


1. If you want to buy something from and, and don't have the money for it - go away.

2. Every attempt, whining, for us to sell our script to poor student or homeless will end with - go away.

3. If you want something for free, you are considered to the previous guys and - go away.

4. If you were our client and you decided to share our script and or resell it, we will do everything that your project will die and it will die very fast, satisfaction guaranteed, afterwards we will see that your own project is shared on our favorite forum. Don't do that mistake.

5. If you think you can make your own rules here, you were invited to go away prior the conversation start.

6. If we declined service for your project that means that you couldn't pass the face control and not good enough to be our client.

7. If you downloaded some share script of ours and your project died of uncertained reason, don't be surpriced, somebody is watching you.


Summury: We don't like guys who want something for free, people without money but with many many requests, those who visit some shitty-forums, and download share packs, we had you all, specially those who share our products and have no respect for us and our work, also if other shitty-programmers say, that our scripts are not made propertly they can go and **** themselves we have the best project, and best server within our clients!


We are ready to work only with people who respect our work and also respect our time.

Best regards, Administration !

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