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L2s Essence: The Best Buddy

L2s Essence: The Best Buddy

This product is downloadable. You will be able to download it right after you place the order and submit payment (462 Kb) List price: 615.00$
From: 450.00$
You save: 165.00$ (27%)


Beta release Build ESSENCE: Kamael (The Best Buddy) command

a Little history of the Assembly:

based on the source L2-scripts Classic 2.9 .

Branch - Classic 1.0

Branch - Classic 1.5

Branch - Classic 2.0

Branch - Classic 2.5

Branch - Classic 2.7

Branch - Classic 2.8

Branch - Classic 2.9

Release version l2j Emulator ESSENCE Kamael - 20 Jan 2021

the Acquisition of licenses already available to all.

welcome to all for a fruitful mutual cooperation.


latest revision 39190


Upon request we provide a test server for review.

Assembly adapted for protection against packet hacks - L2s-Guard (it is Possible to connect other types of protection).


Assembly is provided with a binding of iron and is available on 1 external Ip address. This Assembly is available in a fully compiled state. Failure to comply with the non-proliferation Treaty Assembly, cooperation with us is completely terminated.


Beware of buying assemblies on the side, because you anywhere else except on our website does not sell the original. No dealers we have, all who pretend to be our distributors and TP - you are deceived. Also remember, even if someone sells our Assembly, then purchasing it from the side, you run the risk of not only being cheated, but also speilet the project at the start.


Last revision 450 USD (1 IP bind)

Last revision 700 USD (Without IP bindings)

Last revision 1500 USD (Source)


All tarrifs for tech support read here: TECH SUPPORT



GEODATA Essence: Kamael is bought separately.



the basis of our sources Classic 2.9:

Details here


Detailed implementation for Essence: Kamael


rev 39190/17230

+ item broker storage search service
Merged revision(s) 17228 from branches/essence_286:
+ fort siege
* castle sieges system updated to essence
+ letter collector event
+ new trigger type ON_EQUIP
+ new trigger type ON_UNEQUIP ........
Merged revision(s) 17214 from branches/essence_286:
* rework oympiad by 286 essence version;  
* install sql fix
Fixed Soul Strike trigger skill
* Fix skills
Added stat mAtkByPAtk that gives % bonus to mAtk from pAtk Fixed skill Soul Link
Added clan ranking system Updated clan contribution system (added reset weekly contribution)
Fixed visual board effect type when character of Sylph race in combat mode or sitting. Corrected Sylph skill tree
Fixed self-buff skills for Sylph race
Fixed issue, when player get incorrect Purge zones list info Added mobs list and rewards for each purge zone
Added skill tree for Wind Sniper and Storm Blaster classes
Fixed issue when pets can't use skills on autofarm
Fixed hero list window Fixed olympiad hero ranking
Removed experimental features
Fixed issue when Honor Coins are not stackable
Change maximum clan wars at the same time
Removed old clan war rules
Removed old system, when clan gain reputation if clan member leveled up
Added clan contribution (weekly/ total) system
Added clan donations system
Changed clan XP gain by killing mobs to personal parameter for each player, according to contribution system
Updated needed clan XP count for each level
Fixed issue when party window don't show active sayha's grace effect on party members
Corrected sended mails for subjugation system
Added system message if player try attack with firearms while not have elemental orb in inventory
Additional corrections to previous commit
Fixed issue when options contains data from classic version Updated options list to 306 protocol Added collections list
Fixed issue when song/dances of different levels applies incorrectly Corrected song/dances effects
Removed spawn from Enchanted Valley Added spawn in Wind Village, Quiet Plain and Whispering Woods Removed ranking update spam message in console Added visual effect when Sylph sit - they sit in a board
Added ranking effect for Sylph race
Updated items list to 306 protocol
Updated skills list to 306 protocol
Updated npcs list to 306 protocol
Added Sylph race
Updated skill tree to Sylph's Sylph Gunner and Sharpshooter classes
Added new weapons type - Firearms
Removed availability to equip arrows/bolts/quivers/orbs (they should used without equipping)
Added abnormal board effect when character Sylph race in attacking stance
Updated pledge attendance/ hunting bonus rewards and requirements
Updated packets list
Fixed installation database errors
Added Surveillance system
Reworked Subjugation system
Added session (time restrict) zone Primeval Isle
Added session (time restrict) zone Alligator Island
Added collection system
Added damage info & dropped items info when player die
Updated Siege system
Added Sharing Position system
Added feature that rank1 player can spawn himself copy, that buffs all nearby players
Updated Clan War system
Updated Sayha's Grace system
* Fix skills
Fixed null pointer exception in logs because Essence version doesn't contains Costumes system Synchonized with 286
Fixed issue when pets cannot be summoned
Fixed issue when autoplay manner mode cannot be disabled
Fixed Healing Potions (91912, 91974, 91690, 94382, 49663)
Initial update for 306 protocol
+ 306 essence branch;
+ fort siege
* castle sieges system updated to essence
+ letter collector event
+ new trigger type ON_EQUIP
+ new trigger type ON_UNEQUIP
* Fix skills part 17
* Fix skills part 16
Fixed Soul Strike trigger skill
* rework oympiad by 286 essence version;
Autofarm corrections
* Fix skills part 15
Added stat mAtkByPAtk that gives % bonus to mAtk from pAtk Fixed skill Soul Link
* Fix skills part 14
* Fix load server
* Fix skills part 13
Fixed issue when pets can't use skills on autofarm
Fixed hero list window Fixed olympiad hero ranking
Fixed issue when PvP ranking not work
Fixed issue when options contains data from classic version
Small fix to previous commit
Added session (time limited) zone Primeval Isle Added session (time limited) zone Alligator Island
* Fix skills part 12



rev 38340/16895

Rewrite holding evolved & petsSkills; when pet summon identify it by petType & evolve level; show acquired pet skills
add acquire skills for pet; change holding pets evolved data
add clan war; upd pets system with evolving & add functionality for new pets data holding; upd pets inventory // TODO calc equipment stats add functionality for clan announcement; upd some packets
* Fix skills 49022-49055
using default gc instead cms (g1 > cms);
* Fix skills 49002,49004,49005,49012,49013,49014, 49016,49017,49032,49033,49034,49035,49202,49207
reparse randomCraftList
fix randomCraft
remove redundant cruma teleporter level condition; fix using lock with time await to acquire 1s
+ enchant steep limit
* Fix item 93319
* Fix skills part 11
* Fix quest 10957
* Sync 16768-16776
* Added bow action from all characters in distance < 1000 every 3 mins to server rank 1 character, if they in peace zone.
* Reworked /olympiad stat command
* When olympiad is in competition period - shown special button with timer to end
* Fixed issue when class can be changed outside of peace zone or in combat mode.
* Fixed kamael transformations when collect light/ dark souls
* Fixed shown quests on npc, if quest id < 1000
* Updated some items and skills
* Updated wasteland spawn
* Update Light/ Dark kamael transformation abnormals
* Fixed visual effect when consume light souls (Kamael)
* Fixed errors with some spawn files
* Fixed issue, when Kamael race cannot be created
* Updated installed_updates.sql list for clean install
* Fixed issue when amount of L2 Coins don't show in bottom menu
* Added L-Coin shop
* Added Special Craft in L-Coin shop
* Added ru/en-eu/tw L2 Coin shop items & special craft variations
* (NOTE: client controls, that items can be in shop. Admins can only remove items from list or change items price)
* Added teleport to raid function by using map
* Corrected Seal of Shilen teleport loc
* Reworked auto-recharge craft points items system
* Increased number of items, that can auto-recharge points
* Updated raid boss spawnlist
* A bit update code to make it smaller
* Spawnlist update part 1:
* Updated spawnlist in towns
* Change respawn time on field bosses to 2h

* Fix skills part 10
* Fix skills part 9



rev 38000/16739

* Fix load SQL
* Fix skills part *
* Fix skills part 7
* Fixupdates sql
* Fix skill part 6
* Fix skills part 5
Another update for some quests (rewards)
* Fix skills part 4
* Fix skills part 3
* Fix skills part 2
Added quest Challenging Your Destiny Fix npc Skeleton Hunter
Added quest Exploring New Opportunities
Changed rewards count for some quests
Added quest The Life Of A Death Knight Fixed some Aden weapons
Updated Magic Lamp Game (Improved version)
Basic rework clan menu
Added clan points system (used for auto lvl up clan)
Removed function to lvl up clan via Grand Master/ Magister
Change admin command on clans from setlevel to setpoints
Fixed warning in logs when server loading Added Magic Lamp Game Added options in config, that allows enable/disable Random Craft system/ Magic Lamp Game Fixed Sayha's Blessing items Some cleanup
Added core support for Sayha's Grace (similar as Vitality system on GoD)
Synchonized with classic_kamael286
Increased maximum lvl to 90
Updated experience table
Added condition player level (check is player level equal or no)
Fixed skill Evolution Defense
Fixed skill Evolution Power
Fixed skill Fist of Fury (6 types)
Fixed skill Call of Flame
Fixed skill Call of Frost
Fixed skill Call of Lightning
Fixed skill Flaming Body (3 types)
Fixed skill Acceleration
Fixed skill Bone Cage (3 types)
Fixed skill Death Blind
Fixed issue, when Attributes can use only after reach 3rd class
Added instant effect i_add_dp for skills, that have chance to add dp to player
Fixed skill Emergency Rescue
Fixed skill Ability to Attack
Fixed skill Belief
Fixed skill Struggle
Fixed skill Ability to Protect
Fixed skill Enhanced Weapon
Fixed skill Recover HP
Fixed skill Recover MP
Fixed skill Punishment (2 types)
Fixed skill Wipeout (2 types)
Fixed skill Deadly Pull (2 types)
Fixed skill Roar of Death
Fixed skill Dark Aura
Fixed skill Reviving After Death
Fixed skill Born to Dead
Fixed skill Appetite for Destruction
Fixed skill Drain Magic Energy
Added condition has dp, for checking how DP player have Fixed skill Devastating Mind Fixed skill Death Points Fixed skill Death Sword Mastery Fixed skill Death Armor Mastery
A bit corrent npc Training Dummy Reworked DP points system Added skills parameter dpConsume Fixed issue, when admin command //setclass can't change class on classIds > 135
Updated stats on npcs near death knights base
Additional update to previous commit
Added part1 of skills update
Added DP points for death knight classes
Updated some npcs near/in death knights base
* reparse npc skills
* Fix load server
* Delete NPC 9020
* Fix npc stats
* uodate skill tree 286
* l2wiki dtop and npc stats
* parse upgrade data 286
* oparse strings
* parse teleport list 286
* parse synthesis data 286
* parse recipes 286
* parse option data 286
* parse deily misions 286
* parse weapons 286
* parse etcitems 286
* parse armors 286
* parse npc 286;
* parse skills 286;
Merged with classic286 Updated npc list
Changed version to Essence
Updated spawn in death knights base zone.
Added death knight classes skill tree
Increased maximum basestats values Updated server type version Basic initialization of archetype Death Knight for humans,elfs,dark elfs
Additional project update
Merged revision(s) 16529-16595 from branches/classic_kamael286
Merged revision(s) 16415-16498 from branches/classic_kamael286:
Added support for 286 protocol
Updated server and client packet list
Fixed some script mistakes
Replaced CharInfo packet to new ExCharInfo
Fixed MultisellListPacket
Fixed Say2 packet (client/ server)
Updated UserInfo packet
Updated L2GameServerPacket
Corrected server packets list
Updated UserInfo packet
Implemented Stat Bonus system
Merged revision(s) 16401-16473 from branches/classic_kamael:
Updated Stat Bonus system to 286
Added Teleport Favorites function
Fix for teleport favorites DB cleanup issue
+ parse 286 skills
+ parse 286 nps
+ parse 286 armores
+ parse 286 etcitems
+ parse 286 weapons
+ parse daily mission 286
+ parse option data 286
+ parse synthesis data 286
+ parse teleport list 286
+ parse upgrade data 286
+ parse 286 strings
+ update skill trees 286
+ update npc drop
Critical bug fix with level.
+ essence 286 branch





Full sync from the previous Chronicles.



the Course of work on other Chronicles read here: ASSEMBLY L2-SCRIPTS


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