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L2-scripts Fafurion

L2-scripts Fafurion

List price: 375.00$
From: 210.00$
You save: 165.00$ (44%)



Fafurion Pack presented by

A bit information about the server:

L2-scripts Grand Crusade source code was taken to build this server pack. 


 Grand Crusade Branch

Helios Branch

Underground Branch

GOD(Ertheia) Branch


The latest revision is 40466.


Full Release 31 March   2020.

Beta Release 29 april 2019.

This is Release version l2j Emulator

Example stable work ask the manager.

Upon request, we provide a test server for review.

The assembly is adapted to protect the system from the packet hacks - L2s-Guard .


The assembly is provided with an IP binding of and is available in 1 external Ip address. This assembly is provided completely in compiled state. Failure to comply with the non-proliferation treaty , assembly at the customer is completely blocked.


Beware of buying server packs on the side for you anywhere except on our website will not sell the original. we have no dealers , all who claim to be our distributors and etc. - you are deceived. Also remember, even if someone sells our assembly, when buying it from the side, you run the risk not only of being deceived, but also in failure of your project ...


Last revision 210 USD (online - unlimited)

Last revision 360 USD (Without IP bindings and No limit)

Last revision 950 USD (Source)


All tarrifs for tech support read here: TECH SUPPORT


Fafurion Geodata purchased separately.



It is based on our Grand Crusade sources:

Details can be found here.


Details on the implementation of  Fafurion :


rev 40466/16269


* Fix skill 19555,345
* Fix Polina armor
* Fix Fafurion weapon
* Fix weapon R110
* Add teleport Fafurion Temple
* Fix npc 23801,23802,23803,23804,23805
* Fix items 48668,48669,48841,48864,80333,80334,80335
* Add enchant Angel and Dragon accessories
* Fix skill 19444,19445,19446,19552,19555,19558,35211, 35213,35217,35354,35355,35356
* Fix skill 19553,19559,19567,23604,32262
* Fix spawn npc 26373
* fix water in sea of spoers
* Fix skill 10067,10069,10070,19556,19561
* Fix skill 11770,11835,11564,19287
* Fix spawn rb 25931
* Add spawn rb 26312
* Fix skill 11511,19430,19431,19432,19436,19443
* Add spawn bosses 26277,26278,26279,26280, 26285,26286,26287,26288
* Fix npc 26277,26278,26279,26280,26285,26286,26287, 26288,26296,24234,24235,24236,24237,24238
* Fix items 38071,38072
* Fix dialog Anton
* Fix npc 24308
* Add certification dual class 101, 103, 105 lvl
* Fix skill 1999, 2000
* Fix 11124
* Fix item 38073
* Fix skill 10079
* Fix Death Cubic
* Fix skill 19566, 19572
* Fix skill 19408
* Fix EffectAbsorbDamageToMp
* fix log error
* FIx spawn Mimir
* Fix skill 30515
* fix zone parameters
* Fix Krishna weapon
* Fix Leviathan armor slots
* Fix skill 10300
* Fix skill 10527,23742
* Fix skill 11546
* In invulnerable can healing
* Fix i_randomize_hate
* Add Config Can Attack Npc Buffer in Olympiad
* fix geodata engine
* fix server port binding
* Fix PowerPve (attack npc)
* Fix Change, Exchange Mammon
* Add new Bosses Fallen atropa
Fallen arbor
Fallen falena
Fallen Arimus
Spirit of Time Arachin
Spirit of Time Tizuraki
Spirit of Time Nymph
Spirit of Time Raforus
Undaunted Edgar
boggy bullard
artificer Morrigan
Insidious Krobi
Demonic Knight Tritan
Demonic Knight Boros
Demon Alucio
Demonic Puppet Grapp
* fix work big chanced multisells
* Fix chaos skill learn lvl2
* Fix Dragon Shirt enchant
* Fix Exchange Dragon Shirt
* Fix item 48202-48210
* Fix item 48491-48493,48498
* Fix item 48582,48583,48584
* Fix FantasyIslePaddyInstance
* Fix skill 35184,35188,35189,35190, 35205,35206,35207,35208,35209
* Add multisell 2134
+ Add quest SaviorsPathFallOfEtina
* Fix npc 26400
* Fix npc 26328
* Fix npc 29319
+ Add quest SaviorsPathSearchTheRefinery
+ Add quest SaviorsPathFallenEmperorsThrone
* Fix NPC 26335
+ Add spawn Leona Blackbird
+ Add Spawn Devian
* Fix Item Auction
* Fix skill 19430
* Fix Superion OUT
* Fix item 48875
* Add Fufarion
* Add Spawn Cyrax
+ Add dialogs Tsunami
+ Add TsunamiInstance
* Fix item 80322



rev 40120/16035

* fix fake player equip
* fix register item in commission shop
* fix fake players
* Fix select armor set by fake player;
* fix fake players equip and inventory overload
* Fix insert encoul in R110 weapon
* fix ensoul, augment, attributes transfer when item upgraded
* fix zone params
* fix head show reuse message
* fix skill names show in system msg
* fix npc rotating;
* fix guards in westerland
+ rus ferris
+ eqip update system
* nullpointer eror fix
* fix baium wakeup;
* fix player and clan variables work;
* cosmetic ls;
* Fix fake players count;
* Fix transforms;
* Fix pledge missions dupe;
* Fix Greather Amethyst, Greater Cat Eye
* Add Chaos Festival aura to item
* Fix describe version
* sync configure;
* Fix skills work in invis;
* Fix fake players system;
+ Command //fp_spawn for spawn fake player;



rev 39921/15838


* Global synchronization with the systems of other Chronicles.

* Fix the spawns superion;
* sync grandcrusade[15808-15835];
* Fix zone Elven village
* Fix Leonel Hunter
* Add exchange Fafurion Weapon
* Fix Alexandria
* Fix superion entrance coords;
* sync grandcrusade[15756-15808];
* Add Penni, Gerda
* Add teleport device astatin fabric
* Add Zone Astatin Fabric
* Add R110 Expertise
* Add ZoneField Of Silence
* Add zone, Field Of Whispers
* Fix item 34033
* Fix the forgotten force
* Optimize skill trees;
* Fix missions pledge;
* sync grandcrusade[15724-15756];
* Fix the clan raid missions;
* Fix the clan work;
* sync grandcrudase[15720-15724];

+ Multilanguage support for drop database in community;
* Previous;
* Cosmetic drop database;
+ Drop database service in community;
* Return no_effects_if_fail_skill skill param;
* Fix SKillItemHandler;
* Fix vote reward scripts;
+ Added the ability to disable the display of the license (eula) during authorization;
* Fixed an old bug where it was not allowed to select servers after license approval (eula) by pressing 'Enter';

* Multiple fixes left without a description in the period from may to October 2019, we apologize, there are many fixes, but the description of the changelog is lost, but the Assembly was very serious work was done in this period.



rev 39725/16066


* Global synchronization with fixes of all other branches and Chronicles.

* Artifacts have their own separate eventar, they now do not affect the size of the main inventory;
* Optimization of the event;
* Updated opcode packages for 166 Protocol;
* Fixed the display of the result of the improvement of the artifact;
* Fix item 48977,48980,48981
* Fixed inventory of artifacts;
* Fix server download;
+ Implemented a system to upgrade artifacts;
+ Implementation skills (35249) Artifact - Potion/ Elixir Bonus Effect;
* Updated the chance vampirica have all skills at offs;
* Partial optimization of the stat system;
* Converted paper presents absorb HP and MP (vampiric) for offs;
+ Implemented stat: potion_hp_heal_effect;
+ Implemented stat: potion_mp_heal_effect;
+ Implemented stat: potion_cp_heal_effect;
* Fixed the new NPC bypass solutions;
* Fix fake players work on the 4th profe;
* Fix save books monsters in the database with a large number of dead mobs;
* Fix recovery recommendation after a long period of in-game withdrawal;
+ Prescribed skills subjects artifacts;
+ The implementation of the bonuses of the sets of artifacts;
+ Implementation skills artifacts;
* Work on the implementation of the artifact system;
* Populated Sea Dispute
* Added Orfen respawn Monday to Thursday at 21: 00
* Fix Agatino cells
- Cleaning agatino from the extra skills;
+ Implemented an item (28760) Seed Bracelet;
+ Implemented a system of remote controls Agathion;
* Rework agations skills system;
* Fix agatino
* Fix HP frail effects, which Hist CP;
* Cosmetics package login to the game;
+ The Valley Of Silence Is Inhabited
* Cosmetic;
* Max level 120;
* Work on the implementation of the artifact system;
* Fix server download;
* Cosmetics of entrywithdrawal of talismans and gems;
* Work on the implementation of the artifact system;
+ Harvesting system artifacts;
+ New system agatino;
* Fixed false positive heal;
* Fixed the level, MP, CP when reloge character when he merut;
* Cosmetics installer auto-update;
+ Added a message before caching the HTML;
* Fix use of CP cans system autochina;
* Fixed NPC drop
- Cleaning NPC from the old curves of the Parsees;
* Upgrade drop, level, sp, xp from monsters in the database L2Central Fufarion (PART 3);
* Upgrade drop, level, sp, xp from monsters in the database L2Central Fufarion (PART 1);
* Upgrade drop, sp, xp from monsters in the database L2Central Fufarion (PART 1);
* Fixed skill tree ISA;
* Cosmetics skill tree Thira Maestro;
* Fix headwize. Fixed doors;
* Improved auto-heal system. Now Hilo is triggered every 0.3 sec.;
* Fixed tavern Frei;
* Docked items may not be temporary. If it is specified that they are joined, it means it is an error;
* Cosmetics instances mystic tavern;
* Fix system antiflood packages;
* Cosmetics Parsa skills. Now the name of the effect can be driven into the table;
* Fix the time duration of the RAID on Bauma;
* Pars skill tree for Fufarion update (PART FINAL);
* Pars skill tree for Fufarion update (PART 9);
* Pars skill tree for Fufarion update (PART 8);
* Pars skill tree for Fufarion update (PART 7);
* Pars skill tree for Fufarion update (PART 6);
* Pars skill tree for Fufarion update (PART 5);
* Pars skill tree for Fufarion update (PART 4);
* Pars skill tree for Fufarion update (PART 3);
* Pars skill tree for Fufarion update (PART 2);
* Pars skill tree for Fufarion update (PART 1);
+ Sparsana all the information about the synthesis of items from the client fresh client Fufarion;
* Cosmetics Parsa synthesis;
* Updated sinteza items under off;
+ Sparsen all information about the synthesis of items from the client;
* Fix endless Pharma Bauma;
* The RAID on Bauma constrained by time for 60 minutes;
* Fixed Next Target when the target zablokirovanii;
+ Sparsely blanks skills with a fresh client Fufarion;
* Updated skills for the latest customer Fufarion;
* Updated the names of NPCs the latest client Fufarion;
+ Sparsely blanks new NPC with a fresh client Fufarion;
* Updated the article presents the NPC for fresh client Fufarion;
+ Added R110 rank;
* Updated weapon the latest client Fufarion;
+ Sparsely blanks new weapons with the latest client Fufarion;
+ Sparsely flags weapons the latest client Fufarion;
+ Sparsely prices of weapons on the last client Fufarion;
+ Sparsely flags items the latest client Fufarion;
+ Sparsely prices of the items the latest client Fufarion;
+ Sparsely flags armor the latest client Fufarion;
+ Sparsely reservation prices according to the latest customer Fufarion;
* Updated items for the latest customer Fufarion;
+ Sparsely blanks new items the last customer Fufarion;
* Updated armor the latest client Fufarion;
+ Sparsely blanks new armor with the last client Fufarion;
* Cosmetics formulas damage blow skills closer offs;



rev 39384/15875

* Fixed the skill 10010,10013,10014,10015,10098,10099,10100,10101,10244
* Fixed the skill 19575,19564,10008,10009,10010,10011,10012,10026
- Removed spawn are out of date;
- Removed irrelevant quests;
+ Sparsely blanks new quests;
* Fix server load;
- Roll-back Pars magicType client;
+ Sparsely blanks new NPC with client Fufarion 166;
* Updated the article presents the NPC customer Fufarion 166;
- Removed all out of date NPC in Fufarion 166;
- Cleaning of the NPC from the extra parameters;
* Updated skills on the latest Fufarion client;
+ Sparsely blanks new skills with the latest client Fufarion;
- Removed unnecessary spauns NPC
* Fix skill 19564
* Fix Skills 10018, 10019, 10024
* Fixed The Skill 10104-10107
* Fix Skills 10030, 10031, 10032, 10033
* Fix Skills 10007, 10017, 10020, 10021
+ Implemented Skills Poem Ensemble, Immunity to disorder, Sonata Trio, Choir of souls, Dance of Triumph,Triple drum beat
* Fix Skilla 11557, 11559, 11588
+ Implemented Skills 19441, 19448
+ Implemented Skill Harmony Of The Cry Of The Earth
* Fix Skills 11509, 11606, 19426, 19435

* Fixed HWID binding;
* Fixed the removal of buffsdebuffs after removal of the NPCs in the death;
* Fixed off effect i_get_agro;
* Fixed off effect p_target_me;
* Fixed an old combo skills;
* Rewritten fully system combo-intelligent (chain, alter) on offu;
* Fixed charging of epic Lindvior's Generators;
* Fixed wild Sweep skill;
* Fixed keyboard movement;
* Fixed Olympics when a character enters the arena with 1 HP;
* You can not lose in the Olympics due to the fact that the character will eat themselves KHP top-skills;
* Fix of NPE;
* Cosmetics engine skills;
* Fix clean Assembly installation;
* Fixed temporary items and their automatic removal;
* Optimized Tusk of temporary items;
* Optimized task shadow items;
* Send the right message when deleting temporary objects;
* If you change the time of the object in the Assembly, the item is not deleted after entering the game, and set the specified time;
* Fixed the triggering daily count while entering the game;
* Fixed the triggering weekly count while entering the game;
* The right message when deleting temporary objects;
* Fixed removal of skills, when lowering the level of sharpening;
* Cosmetics display NPC information by Shift + Click (enhanced version);
* Cosmetics menu sharpening in the admin;
+ Implemented admin command to display spawn territory NPC: //print_spawnzone;
* Fixed the logic of issuing bonuses sharpening items;
* Displays more information in Shift + Click on NPC spawn;
* Do not take into account the time spent offline in the counter online character;
* Fixed a synthesis of runes, if they lie in the same cell (abutting);
* Fixed automatic update installer;
* Added new abnormal type for visual transformations;
* Added new abnormal effects;
* Removed invisible walls in the Tomb of the Emperors;
* Fixed Event Saving The Snowman
* Fix of NPE;
* You cannot select a forbidden target via Next/Prev Target;
- Roll-back Pars magicType client;
* Improved the work of fake players. They are now not teleported anywhere when interacting with NPCs;
* Improved algorithms and logic of fake bots;
* Fixed interaction of fake players with NPCs, now players do not teleport to the roof or to strange places;
* Fixed interaction of fake players with NPCs, now players do not teleport to the roof or to strange places;
* Fixed display of attack on all weapon types according to the actual attack on the server;
* Made setting the initialization of the quick access toolbar (shorts) when creating a character in datapack;
+ Implemented the ability to specify macros that will be created when creating a character;
* Fix errors when exiting the inviz;
* Optimization of Agra monsters;
* Fix effect flags;
* Fixed work inviza from an NPC;
* When creating a character on the quick access toolbar, add the action "Previous goal";
* Optimization of the automatic database update system;
* Clean table of the private stalls when starting the server;
- Cleaning of the NPC from the extra parameters;
* castRange == -1 has no distance limit, but the target must be visible;
* castRange == -2 has no distance limit and does not depend on target visibility;
+ Pars with the client parameter of the skill: magicType;
+ Pars with the client parameter of the skill: effectPoint;
+ Pars with the client parameter of the skill: is_double;
+ Pars with the client parameter of the skill: debuff;
+ Pars with the client parameter of the skill: reuse_skill_id;
* Renamed parameters of skills "isOffensive" > "debuff", "is_self_offensive" > "self_debuff" for parsing and editing convenience;
+ Spelled out action "Previous goal" all transformations;
* Fix bug when talking to NPC triggered through times;
* Fixed NPC helpers in the quest for 3rd profession;
* Cosmetics of some dialogues;
* When you click the Masterís mode of immortality, just give the vulnerability to buff-lifting attacks;
+ Added the translation to the dialogues
* Fixed mystic Tavern - Kelbim instance;
* Cosmetics instance Mystic Tavern - Kelbim closer to offu;
* Fixed mystic Tavern - Freya instance operation;
* Cosmetics instance Mystic Tavern - Freya closer to offs;
* Fix quest (774) Dreaming Of Peace (thx. SmiDmi);
* Fixed the maximum level of Pets;
* When issuing the admin level, if you specify a level greater than the maximum, then give the maximum + 100%;
* Maximum level of sharpening armour 25, weapons 35 (offline);
+ Implemented a new auction;
* Fixed a bug with door GEODATA when some doors were opened incorrectly in GEODATA;
+ Added action: Previous target;
* Fix ConcurrentModificationException;
* Fixed hourly task with message;
* Redesigned storage of private shops. Now the database can store any private shop regardless of size;
* You entered the correct message about the rollback abilities of Pets;
* Updated info files;



rev 37008/15259

* Renamed the project to Fufarion;
* Fix of NPE;
* Separated the configs to display the effects of goal-type buffdebuff, NPCplayer;
* Fix the loss of cloaks in rank 2 and 3 of the Olympics;
* Fix the issuance of free clan skills;
* During the underlying transformation (Inquisitor, etc.) you can summon and use Pets;
* Fixed daily monster hunting rewards. Now takes into account the level of the character and the monster;
+ Implemented a listener OnActorAct for absolutely any actions of the character;
* Expanding the functionality of the daily rewards system;
* Fix display experience at 100%;
* Fixed generation of GEODATA for some doors (reworked algorithm);
* Fixed the work of the save sets in buff kommuniti;
* Fixed the work of the GM shop for adena;
- Extra;
+ Implemented Skills 11583, 19434
+ Implemented A Skill Hands Einhasad, Harmony Mage (Ur. Two)
+ Added Harmony 2 of ur Guards
* Special effects level 101 unique Effects Caster ISA is modified as follows.
? Level 101 Effects improved so that in different circumstances they were able to show their functions.
Changed skill name
Prophecy Of Power
Song Of The Storm
Dance Of The Storm
Song Of The Buffalo
+ Added Skills drumming battle, drumming movement, the drumbeat of relaxation
* Basic effects Caster ISA changed the next way.
* Cosmetics of the interface of the ban;
+ Implemented the interface for the new system of ban;
+ Implemented by storing the IP address of the player;
+ Added logging of the new system of bans;
* Added a message about rathbane chat at the expiration time of the ban or rabbane admin;
* If you remove the pers, deleted the old table of bans;
* Cosmetics reports of bath chat. Now write on time and date razbana;
* Fixed character ban display when selecting characters;
* Optimization of the previous kommentov;
+ Added a new system of bans in the game server;
+ Implemented commands for the bananbana accounts,SP,XviD,players,chat login and game servers;
* Refactoring and optimization of the new ban system;
* Cache the login server bans to the game server;
+ Implemented the ban the login-server by HWID;
* When the bath account, specifying the period -1, the ban will be perpetual;
+ Implemented a complete system to ban username/IP/HWID-level login server';
* When the bath through the base (via a new system or through access_level) in the time specified in the config file the login server automatically kick players from the game;
+ Implemented a new ban system at the login server level;
* Fixed otobrazhenie type of items accessories: Gemstone, Talisman, etc.;
* Fix bestiaria;
* Cosmetics dialogues of the manor (thx. smirnoff434);
* Fixed rewards for votes;
* Config cosmetics;
* Fix of NPE;
+ Implemented Bestiary (The Book Of Monsters);
* Fix the work of grade 6 rubies and sapphires;
* Cosmetics entering camera mode;
+ Implemented parameter for Npc AI 'death_immune';
* Finally fixed problem with door GEODATA generation;
* Cosmetics formula rollback attacks onions;
* Fix of using CP potions by ACP system when character has 0% cp;
* Fix the change of heading during casting skills and attacking. Before the optical position of a character not sootvetsvovalo of reality when caste; * If you change sub-class canceled castes and attack. Otherwise, you could dupaty buffssummons other subs;
* Fix the display of hats when using hairstyles from the beauty salon;
- Cleaning zones spawn from the starting zones when you create a Chara from the old Chronicles;
* Fixed beauty Salon operation;
* At the end of download game servers beep (useful for tests);
* Correct order of sending Sammon packages;
* Cosmetic sending package MagicSkillUse;
* Fixed rollback skill summoned;
* Cosmetics autochina;
* Fix the HTML of buffer.;
* Fix operation of buffer.;
* Cosmetics of buffer.;
* Optimized buffer code in community;
* Made basic sets of buffs and buffs of the settings in data/bbs_buffs.xml;
* Changed storing sets of buffs the player in a database;
* Fixed buttons in the buffer kommuniti when they worked through again;
* Fixed operation of elevators;
* Fixed a glitch, when visually, they were open and in the closed GEODATA;
* Fix augmentation RAID S80 guns;
* Cosmetics of buffer.;
* If the monster can't find the way 'home' then teleport it home, which fixes the problem of not being able to attack the monster while it returns 'home';
* Updated prices and flags of items by Grand Crusade customer;
* Cosmetics sharpening;
* Critical fix of GEODATA engine;
* Fixed display of timely augmentation of the character;
* Fix service for the sale of augmentations, inserted varitions in a mixed order, which did not display the effect of augmentation;
* Code optimization of the Olympics;
+ Implemented command //change_ref for teleport by reflexes;
* Optimization headpiece;
* Fixed the use of doors in GEODATA, there were failures due to incorrect work in multithreading;
* Fix inheritance;
+ Implemented a service to improve the level of the character in the community;
+ Implemented service lowering the level of the character in the community;
+ Implemented sales tools augmentati in kommuniti;
* Buffer cosmetics in the community;
+ Added ability to add buffs for Premium Account in the community buffer;
+ Added ability to enable saving teleports in community only for Premium Account;
* Community cosmetics;
+ Added ability to disable language selection;
* Fix and cosmetics voting is;
* Cosmetics team .acp;
+ Sparsely reuse_delay subjects with PTSD scripts;
* Renamed parameter of the subject atk_reuse > reuse_delay;
+ Implemented a system of awards for voting in ratings. Support ratings:,,,,;
- Cleaning;
* Cosmetic;
* Optimization;
* Fix indexing and storage skills, avoid duplicates hashCode skills that will save you from problems with sharpened skills;
* Finalization of smart packages StatusUpdate to fight with bots;
* Reworked the generation of the hashCode skills;
+ SkillInfo implement an interface for objects storing the old skill;
* Cosmetics and optimization;
* Redesigned storage skills and begin to actively use SkillEntry;
* Fix validation of an overload and of a fine grade of character. Now there is no chance of recursion;
- Cleaning;
* Reworked the generation of the hashCode skills;
+ SkillInfo implement an interface for objects storing the old skill;
* Cosmetics and optimization;
* Redesigned storage skills and begin to actively use SkillEntry;
+ Preparations for the implementation of the system of reward for voting in the rankings (voting is);
* Cosmetics Bauma on offs;
* Optimization of the Bayum engine;
* Cosmetics work AI monsters;
+ Fufarion Branch;

Full synchronization with previous chronicles.



Progress on other chronicles read here: L2-Scripts Packs


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