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L2-scripts High Five (MOD) GOD/CLASSIC client

L2-scripts High Five (MOD) GOD/CLASSIC client

List price: 750.00$
From: 300.00$
You save: 450.00$ (60%)


High Five Part 5 (With GOD support 140 protocol) Pack presented by

A bit about the history behind this server pack:

Based on Overworld, L2-scripts HIgh Five, full function and updates that are described on our website.


Now we offer everyone to use a product that has no analogues in the market of high Five l2j packs.

What is this build:

This is the same L2j Pack on the content as the usual High Five. The advantage of this build is that players will be able to enter the game with the latest customers, with improved graphics, interface and other delights of modern graphics.

In fact, it is everyone's favorite High Five, but with a modern visual performance.


Players will be able to enter the game by the following clients:

1. Original high Five client (268 and 273 Protocol)

2. Client Salvation (140 Protocol)


Current stable revision 21761.

Build is in the release stage.

We also inform you that we have a game client that is not developed by us personally, we provide it for free, but for the completeness of its implementation is not responsible. We can accept additional orders for improvements of the client.


Ask the manager to get a stable server example.

This pack is adapted for protection system and for anti-pack hacking - L2s-Guard.


Geodata is purchased separately: Full High Five GEO


This pack is provided with a hardware bind and provided for 1 external IP address. This pack is provided in fully complied version. Failure to comply with non-sharing terms, the pack will be blocked pernamently.

Beware of buying assemblies on the side anywhere except on our website. you won't get the original l2-scripts pack. We have no dealers, all who claim to be our distributors and etc. - is lying. Also remember, even if someone sells our assembly, when buying it from the side, you run the risk not only of being deceived, but also fail your project at its start...



Latest revision - 300 USD (no online limit)

Latest revision - 500 USD (no IP binding and no online limit)

Latest revision - 1100 USD (Source Code)



All tarrifs for tech support read here: TECH SUPPORT


The assembly is part of the provision of services in a turnkey packages Gold and Platinum



This is the best product on the market. The best product based on Java Emulators



Revisions are starting from 20410, there's no reason to describe them here, in there we have up to 99% full official content. The below is updates and fixes(translated with google translate, if specifications needed, please ask the manager):


rev. 21761/2572


+ auto ss system
* fix shift+click item
* fix enchanted skill cast visible bug
* fix htmls
* fix skill enchant
* fix pet packets
* fix relations on siege
* fix party window
+ add item equip validation on restore
* fix update adena count in interface
* fix gm view char status
+ UpdatesListGenerator;
- remove deprecated table
* Fix skill 1035
* Fix skill 1169
* Chain heal can use in town
* Fix Freya skills - not attack npc
* Fix last hero event
* Fix quest Guardians of the holy guards 639
+ debuff chance message;
* Comunity heal servitor and cancel debufs
* fix database update
* fix monsters agro range
* update npc attributes by pts hi5 scripts
* fix community buffer
* fix costumes
* Fix NonRatedQuestIDs
* offlike macro bug
* offlike macro bug
* Fix spawn npc 32601
+ attendance reward system
* change atedance reward binds
* fix marco bug config
* fix multiface skills
+ auto souls system
* exyend costume system
* attendance reward
* fix attack doors
* attendance reward
* fix atendance reward
* for prevous comit
* exyend costume system
* fix fakeplayers
+ auto souls system
* fix multiface skills
- clean
* fix marco bug config
* fix attence rewards
* fix fake players equp
* change atedance reward binds
+ attendance reward system
* fix geodata engin



Rev. 21677/2503

Merged revision(s) 2425-2501 from trunk:
+ addon for interface
* Fix Newbie dialog
* fix fake player equip
* fix fake players pvp
*fix bot overload
* rework fake player equip algoritn
+ adena autoloot
* Fix teleport to dragon valley
* fix fake players
* fix move engine
* fix change visual item service
+ New costumes
* fix fake player revive

Merged revision(s) 2373-2424 from trunk:
* Fix vote reward scripts;
* Fix NPC interaction lag;
* Fix NPC interaction with moving NPC's;
* Fix NPE;
* Fix load server
* Fix epic-bosses respawn log;
* Fix Event TvT
* Fix Quest 359
* Fix Quest 712
* Fix Quest 713
+ Drop database for community;
* Add RU database droplist
* Fix fake players system;
+ Command //fp_spawn for spawn fake player;
* Fix load server
* Fix bbs buff
* Fix falling bottom geodata when char transform;
* Fix transformation;
- Remove excess config
+ monstr encant weapon config
+ Added config monster enchant weapon
* Fix load server
* Fix Bot kamael
* fix npc rotating;
* Add Rates Seal Stone
* Fix Seal Stone Premium Drop
* Fix Count Bots
* fix heading rotation;
* Fix Drop Seal Stone
* Fix select armor set by fake player;
* fix fake players equip and inventory overload



Rev. 20944/2353


* Fix auction work in community;
* Fix work offline buffer;
* Fixed sharpening service in community;
* Fix a buffer;

* Updated NPC Remy in the Village of Talking Island, now it uses a new route system;
* Fixed the work of the save sets in buff kommuniti;
* Fixed the work of the GM shop for adena;
* Cosmetics of the interface of the ban;
- Got rid of RunnableImpl;
* Redesigned thread Manager, now correctly displays thread errors and you can freely use lambda expressions to create a task;
+ Go to the new advanced system of custom messages;
+ Implemented the interface for the new system of ban;
+ Implemented by storing the IP address of the player;
+ Added logging of the new system of bans;
* Added a message about rathbane chat at the expiration time of the ban or rabbane admin;
* If you remove the pers, deleted the old table of bans;
* Cosmetics reports of bath chat. Now write on time and date razbana;
* Fixed character ban display when selecting characters;
* Optimization of the previous kommentov;
+ Added a new system of bans in the game server;
+ Implemented commands for the bananbana accounts,SP,XviD,players,chat login and game servers;
* Refactoring and optimization of the new ban system;
* Cache the login server bans to the game server;
+ Implemented the ban the login-server by HWID;
* When the bath account, specifying the period -1, the ban will be perpetual;
+ Implemented a complete system to ban username/IP/HWID-level login server';
* When the bath through the base (via a new system or through access_level) in the time specified in the config file the login server automatically kick players from the game;
+ Implemented a new ban system at the login server level;
* Changed chance of spawn mobs in Forge of Gods
* Cosmetic;
* Cosmetics dialogues of the Tomb of the Four Spirits;
* Refactoring;
* Fix the work of the Tomb of the Four Spirits;
* Cosmetics and optimization of the Tomb code of the Four Spirits;
* Cosmetics of Russian dialogues;
* Optimization Of The Tomb Of The Four Spirits;
* Migrated table four_sepulchers_spawnlist in XML;
* Fixed rewards for votes;
* Fix rebirth system;
* Cleaning NPC from obsolete parameters;



Rev. 20720/2268

* Fix display of change the HP/MP of the target;
* Fix macro operation;
* Inventory work fix;
* The correct order of packet when you enter the game;
+ Implemented the study of skills through the interface (configurable);
* Fixed learning skills through NPC;

* Finally fixed problem with door GEODATA generation;
* Fix of using CP potions by ACP system when character has 0% cp;
* Fix the change of heading during casting skills and attacking. Before the optical position of a character not sootvetsvovalo of fact, in the caste;
* When you change sub class cancel castes and attack. Otherwise, you could dupaty buffssummons other subs;
* At the end of download game servers beep (useful for tests);
* Fixed a glitch, when visually, they were open and in the closed GEODATA;
* Fixed work skill (1439) Curse of Divinity;
+ Added config to disable certification skill learning requirement to take next;
* Cosmetics autochina;
* Fix the HTML of buffer.;
* Community cosmetics;
* Optimized buffer code in community;
* Made basic sets of buffs and buffs of the settings in data/bbs_buffs.xml;
* Changed storing sets of buffs the player in a database;
* Fixed buttons in the buffer kommuniti when they worked through again;
* Fix character creation;
* Fix adding sub-classes;
* Rewritten and optimized storage of sub-classes of players;
* Fix of augmentation of S84 objects;
* Podkorektirovan dialogue 184 quest
* Cosmetics of buffer.;
* Fix display of jewelry with donning;
* If the monster can't find the way 'home' then teleport it home, which fixes the problem of not being able to attack the monster while it returns 'home';
* Improved TWT event;
+ Implemented team .epic to check the status of epics;
+ Added config to disable class battles;
* Improved settings scrolls sharpening. Now it is possible to do more flexible adjustment of chances of sharpening;
* Updated chances of sharpening weapons and armor by offs;
+ Made hardcod stones sharpening in datapac;
* The number of crystals during crystallization depends on the level of sharpening (offline);
* The number of crystals when you fail sharpening depends on the level of sharpening (afflic);
* Fix work drop in DJ -;
* Code optimization;
* Critical fix of GEODATA engine;
* Fixed display of timely augmentation of the character;
* Fixed a timely display of sharpening the character;
* Fix service for the sale of augmentations, inserted varitions in a mixed order, which did not display the effect of augmentation;
* Optimization headpiece;
* Fixed the use of doors in GEODATA, there were failures due to incorrect work in multithreading;
* Fixed the zeroing gates, and the siege of the walls after the recent fixes. Now when you spawn doorswalls arrayed in GEODATA full wall depending on door height;
* Fix work quest (195) Seven Signs - Secret Ritual of the Priests;
+ Added parameter to have skills reuse_skill_id that allows different skills to install a rollback;
+ Implemented stat RUN_SPEED_LIMIT for setting the limit of running;
* Small cosmetics clearance kommuniti;
* Fix and cosmetics voting is;
+ Added ability to disable language selection;
* Community buffer cosmetics;
* Cosmetics team .acp;
* Improved system auto-recovery of HP/MP/CP. Added visual interface, and added a global button to turn off the system;
* Refactoring;
* Cosmetics komissionki kommuniti;
+ Implemented a service to improve the level of the character in the community;
+ Implemented service lowering the level of the character in the community;
+ Implemented sales tools augmentati in kommuniti;
* Buffer cosmetics in the community;
+ Added ability to add buffs for Premium account in the community buffer;
+ Added ability to enable saving teleports in community only for Premium Account;
* Community cosmetics;
* Fix splash damage display (SGuard module);
* Cosmetics download sub-classes when you enter the game;
- !!! ATTENTION!!! Removed old voting machines to encourage players to vote in ratings;
+ Implemented a system of awards for voting in ratings. Support ratings:,,,,;
- Cleaning;
* Cosmetic;



Rev. 20410/2127

* Fix the "Region" page template in the community;
* Fix checks on the establishment of a command channel;
+ Added the use of bypass of the new system through the community;
* Fixed resurrection in the Year the client;
* Refactoring;
* Redesigned custom message storage;
* Events (event engine) can now be loaded from scripts;
+ Added support for many new languages;
* Extend the functionality of the engine events year branch;
* Extend the functionality of the engine events year branch;
* Updated repository of bypass solutions to version Year branches;
* Gradually updating the loader scripts to version Year branches;
+ Added annotations for loading and initializing scripts;
+ Added annotation for download of bypass solutions with scripts;
+ Implemented walker route's (SuperPoint) in Npc;
+ Implemented randonnee actions from Npc list;
+ AI Npc is placed in a separate class which inherit only AI Npc;
* Redesigned, improved and optimized inviz system;
+ Begin to move the storage of the status flag characters with Year branches;
* Updated RB Gordon fully on offu;
+ Added and implemented AI event: EVT_DELETE;
+ Added and implemented AI event: EVT_TELEPORTED;
+ Added and implemented AI event: EVT_SEE_CREATURE;
+ Added and implemented event AI: EVT_DISAPPEAR_CREATURE;
+ Added and implemented event AI: EVT_FINISH_WALKER_ROUTE;
* Expanding the functionality of AI;
+ Introduced undying flag for Pvp events;
* Extend the functionality of the event engine;
* Fixed package ValidateLocationPacket, which caused horrible discomfort due to the fact that he had no ID and was sent a completely left-wing packages;
* Afflic the order of packet target;
* Fix macros;
* Optimization of packet in the capture of targets in the target;
* Fix eternal fall from a height;
* Fixed twitching of the character and NPC in the movement;
* Reworked validiate the position of the character offs;
* Optimization;
+ Implemented support for large clan emblems for the Year of the client;
* Updated libraries;
* Convert HTML dialogs to normal HTML format;
* Fixed NPC display;
* Works on GoD-fashion;
* Cosmetic;
* Database update;
+ Implemented the ability to specify the date of sieges in Cron (extended);
* Optimization of tables castle, clanhallm fortress;
- Removed irrelevant config;
* Works on GoD-fashion;
+ Implemented support for Velocity variables;
+ Added damage support on the screen of the Guard protection module;
* The algorithm of spawn point search in the location is completed. Monsters will no longer spawn in the ground, in the ceiling, in the walls, etc.;
* When assigning coordinates to an object, check the z coordinates by GEODATA, if necessary;
* Fix teleport via Shift+Click;
* Fixed work monster patrols in Loa;
* Fix operation wandering monsters in Loa (Knorke etc.);
* Fixed twitching of monsters when you attack it out of inviza;
* Rewritten search algorithm spawn point in the location. Monsters will no longer spawn in the ground, in the ceiling, in the walls, etc.;
* Fix skila 1400
* Cosmetics return monsters 'home' Offa;
* Fix any recent fresh buffs associated with the behavior of the monsters and their attack;
* Fix sharpening Non-grade through the community, if it is not included in the configs;
* Fix server operation;
* Fix the immortality of Zaken;
* Fix attack a patrol of monsters (Cnoris, etc.) in the Lair of Antharas;
* Fixed caching of images in the Assembly. Now you can use images of any size;
* Fix skila 3646
* Correct description of the new config in the community;
+ Kommuniti added otobrazhenie current online;
* Fixed the entrance to the instance (138) Mithril Mines quest (10284) Acquision Of Divine Sword;
* Correction of the position of the object Z coordinates that fixes spawn NPCs and objects in the ground;
* Updated spawn in the instance of Frintezza on offs;
* Fix NPE when initializing epic bosses;
* Code optimization service sharpening in kommuniti;
+ Added config to globally disable features custom kommuniti;
+ Implemented the ability to specify the price of sharpening for each grade separately in the community services;
+ Implemented sharpening service in the community;
+ The input service PC coupon for kommuniti;
* Fix service PvPPK English localization in kommuniti;
* Fix spawn point after death on a Primeval Island;
+ Added input service PC coupon kommuniti;
+ Added admin command '/ / generate_pc_coupons [COUNT] [TYPE] [VALUE] ' to generate PC coupons;
* Expanding the functionality of the PC coupon system;
* Rewritten offs for optimized system PC coupons;
* Rewritten and optimized system variables players;
+ Added admin command //forge to debug server-side packages;
+ Added config for setting zones where private trading is allowed;
* Extending the functionality of the skill tree engine;
* Fix teleport through community;
* Fix Sets Of Armor
* Fix Teleport 6 floor TOI
* Optimized the configuration of the connect database;
* Added support for MySQL 8;
* Fix skill 1400
* Fix skills 6862,6863
* Fix database update;
* Implement support 140 Protocol;
* Fix multithreading in community buffer;
* Fixed save character in database at very high value of HP, MP;
* Fix database installation;
+ Added alert on PvPPK kill;
* Fixed compilation warnings in scripts;
* Redesigned RAID boss respawn alert;
+ Implemented an alert about the respawn epic boss;
+ Implemented notification of the RAID boss murder;
+ Implemented an alert about killing epic boss;
+ Added many new areas off of;
* Fixed fishing in Hot Springs;
* Freya Normal stage 3. mirror
+ Implemented storage system of murder history RB;
+ New custom buffer similar to communiti;
+ Implemented the ability to specify multiple multisells in a single file;
* To Fix The Beleth
* Fix attack of the walls at the siege of the castle;
* Cosmetics of attack of the doors;
* When checking the visibility of the target now take into account the radius of the target and the player;
* Fixed display position of the character by the client;
* Fully fixed movement under water and in the air;
* Fix attack targets underwater and in the air;
* It is possible to fix the hovering movement of the character when the continuation of the movement required to reset the target;
* Cosmetics //geo_grid now display pole squares;
* Under return Moba home, use the search for path;
* Fix jump to / from target to wall / texture;
* Fix when "Target is invisible" if attacker and target are in the same geo-square;
* Fix "Target not visible" when geodate is off;
* Fix the movement in the water;
* Fix itema 21707
* Fix treatment Nurse Ant (Queen Ant-Boss);
* Fix rebirth system;
* Cosmetic;
+ Added config to the maximum number of characters;
+ Added validation of appearance when creating a character;
+ Implemented custom rebirth system;
* Fix of NPE;
+ Implemented a system of automatic database update when updating the server;
+ Added more extensive logging of objects;
* Code optimization;
- Code cleaning;
+ Implemented a service to remove the skills of the character;
* Refaktor of pacetti under 140 Protocol;
+ Branch Хи5 Year client;


Progress on the mainline HF read here: High Five L2-SCRIPTS

Progress on previous Chronicles, read here: BUILDS L2-SCRIPTS





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