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So Hello to all I would like to introduce you to manually about configuring windows for your servers and chuchut to protect her disable some services !
so let's start!

1. We will need to disable any unnecessary CORNER.
Start-->My computer-->Right-click on it and click (Properties)-->
Advanced-->Quick action (Options)-->Click on (adjust for best performance).
So therefore click (Apply) & (OK).

2. Disable error reporting so as not enraged.
Start-->My computer-->Right-click on it and click (Properties)-->
Advanced-->error reporting (and selecting Disable error reporting).

3. Remove unnecessary Windows Messenger as a server on win* it is not needed (slows down startup of windows)!
Start-->Run (and type the following command: RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%INFmsmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove)
Well, hence press (OK).

4. Now we need to set the paging file because this is important for the server !
Start-->My computer-->Right-click on it and click (Properties)-->
Advanced-->Quick action (Settings)-->Advanced-->Virtual memory (Change)
Now read carefully:
The initial size and maximum to be the same. For normal operation enough available memory to multiply by 1.5. For games memory is required in two, two and a half times more.
In short it is better to put from 4 to 6 gigabytes!

5. So next what we'll do is disconnect everything that is not necessary in the car boot because there is a lot of unnecessary HS!
Start-->Run (And type msconfig).
And select the tab auto load and disable all unnecessary (it's all sorts of sound programs that are hanging in the tray and play no special role but in the memory of Mesut 22 MB )

6. Now we disable (indexing files on disk) because our HDD loads!
You need to log in (My computer) where your local drives and one drive where the server is to perform the following operations:
Click on it right click and choose (Properties) at the bottom of the window that appears will have the label (Allow indexing disk for fast searching) you need to remove the checkbox !
A window will appear you need to press (X: and all subfolders and files) and investigative (OK).

7. Turning off nafig unnecessary POSIX system !
So now we need cucut dug around in the registry but do not fear !
Start-->Run (And type regedit).
And follow this path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetContro l SessionManagerSubSystems
Well and delete keys and Optional Posix.

8. Now we will disable pesky update Windows Media Player.
Start-->Run (And type regedit).
And follow this path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREPoliciesMicrosoftWin dowsMediaPlayer
! And now need not remove and change the key DisableAutoUpdate cipro 1 to 0 !

9. Now the most important thing did you know that your Internet hawala one program that it right now we'll disable !
Start-->Run (And type gpedit.msc).
In order for you to do further action should you be an admin in the system!
Computer configuration --> Administrative templates --> Network -->QoS packet Manager --> Limit reservable bandwidth -->.
In the opened window it is necessary to put (Enabled) and put 0 place 20%.
And restart the comp!

10. Now we will disable unnecessary Windows services!
Start-->control Panel-->Administrative tools-->Services .

! Now I will write what is necessary to disable a service very careful to not disconnect too much !

-*Automatic update (Automatic Updates)
-*Wireless zero configuration (Wireless Zero Configuration) (but only if you do not Wai-fai)!
-*Help session Manager remote desktop (Remote Desktop Help Session Manager)
-*Logs and alerts performance (Performance Logs and Alerts)
-*UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) (again if you don't have!)
-*Module support smart card (Smart Card Helper)
-*The task scheduler (Task Scheduler)
-*COM service CD IMAPI (IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service)
-*Indexing service (Indexing Service)
-*SSDP discovery service (SSDP Discovery Service)
-*Error reporting service (Error Reporting Service)
-*Messenger service (Messenger)
-*Terminal services (Terminal Services) (but if you don't use switching between users)
-*Smart card (Smart Card)
-*Remote registry (Remote Registry Service)
-*The node universal PnP-devices (Universal Plug and Play Device Host)
-*NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing (NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing)
-*Telnet (Telnet)

That's all !

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