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So, many of you already have the operating system semeistva Linux, or rather Ubuntu. To configure the server on it we have already learned, now - install and configure apache2 and php5 for the web server on ubuntu.
We keep working with the standard repository to facilitate the whole process of installation and configuration.
We put the "for yourself", so all the flexibility of settings I will not lead.
1. Installing and configuring mysql server and console client.
For starters, take them from the repository and put tigery.
sudo apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client
After that, will process the downloading and installation. In the middle of the process it will ask you to enter a password for mysql root user.
If you already have mysql - skip this step.
2. Install apache2
sudo apt-get install apache2 libapache2-mod-auth-mysql
here we have put himself and the apache2 module for mysql.
3. Installing php5 :
sudo apt-get install php5-common php5 libapache2-mod-php5 php5-cli php5-cgi php5-mysql
Here we have put the php itself and the modules work with apache2 and mysql.
4. On and off php5, apache2, mysql :
To enable / disable apache2 :
sudo su #optional, but recommended
/etc/init.d/apache2 start
so we have included apache2, but so will off :
/etc/init.d/apache2 stop
accordingly And restart :
/etc/init.d/apache2 restart
5. Included modules apache2.
To begin, enable the php module :
sudo su #preferably
a2enmod php5
Thus, we have included php5 as apache2 module.
Yeshe for example, mod_rewrite (for CNC is needed) :
a2enmod rewrite
Unforgettable after each turn the mod to restart the apache2 server itself :
/etc/init.d/apache2 restart
6. On and off mysql :
sudo su
/etc/init.d/mysql stop #stop
/etc/init.d/mysql start #start
/etc/init.d/mysql restart #restart
7. Test the performance of apache2, php, mysql :
In the browser, open http://localhost. If the list is empty directory - then everything is fine.
Now, let's check php work.
create a file php5.php and enter information : "
Doing it this way :
cd /var/www 
sudo su
touch php5.php
gksudo gedit php5.php
After done action - opens Notepad gedit with Super User rights (necessary for access rights to the web directory /var/www).
There are made above Chapter code and save.
In the browser type : localhost/php5.php.
If you see the message "hello" then all works fine, you can go to the shaman (:
Otherwise, read again.
Also, for ease of copy and paste in the folder /var/www without using su(super user) to execute the following command :
chown -R /var/www
instead put the name of your system user.
Now, let's test the mysql.
Execute in the console login to mysql :
mysql -u root-p
Password: ##enter your root password##
If there is this inscription :
So everything is OK
Oh, and for the end, I will give you some ways :
/var/www directory the web server 
/etc/apache2 files conf.d and other - konfigurace web server apache2
/etc/mysql file my.conf - configuration of the mysql server 
/etc/php5 - conf.d - the php configuration of the web server.
I Hope this will help some novice Linux users.

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