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I've posted some interesting things. Decided to actually continue, can someone ponadobitsa.
Bun #1.
Many novice Linux users cannot properly configure SQL.
All the details I will not explain (in the last article a tad touched).
We are talking about the "opening" access to the server with remote host.
It makes no dovali the just.
To begin, open the MySQL configuration : cd /etc/mysql nano my.cnf

And look for this line :


Comentem her (# in front of it) or remove it.
Unforgettable to restart SQL (/etc/init.d/mysql restart).
Thus we are allowed to connect to SQL from remote hosts.
The second question - the user may not have the right of access to SQL.
A very simple option to give them : mysql -h localhost -u root-p
password: Vladimir

After, when we are in SCR-based console, go to dB body sculpture-config users :

mysql> use mysql;
mysql> show tables; ##-display the table
mysql> show columns from `user`; ##-display columns
mysql> select host from `user` where `user` = 'root'; ##display all hosts bandania on Ruta

After the last request to have something like this :

mysql> select host from `user` where `User` = 'root';
| host |
| |
| localhost |
2 rows in set (0.00 sec)

Well, give the wildcard "%" for remote calm

mysq> update `user` set `host` = "%" WHERE `name` = 'root' AND `host` = '';

A vole can go to body sculpture with your favorite home machine (Navicat, Heidi-SCR) and create new users, change access, etc (don't want zamorachivat console to create users and change their rights, you do not need it).
Bun #2
Not soon soon, but you have voprosets : "how to change the system time?". Because it comes to Olympus or other pranks, and you - German Dedic, and time, respectively, in Germany.
The business here - 2 clicks :

Therefore, we display the system time. If you everything, then ask him : -s hours:minutes:seconds
example : 23:45:30
Tue Oct 27 23:45:30 EDT 2009

Here we asked the system time, good job )
Bun #3
Often, you try the different tacit juvenile imbecile with different cattle-software.
Well, it's time to learn to filter out such attacks to a manual method (the method is very resource-intensive, time-consuming). But - better something than nothing.
To start, print the entire list of connections :

After that, you will be given the entire list of connections to your server.
Pay attention to important things :

tcp 0 0 l2-scripts.EN:3306 ESTABLISHED

here 1st - what type of port used(TCP/UPD), 2 and 3 - how many given/accepted data, 4 - port connection hanged (locally), 5 - appearance 6 - status.
Thus, it is possible to determine who, where, and how often to obraschaetsya(Hello doceram).
Also, using a little knowledge of nix, you can limit the list output podmocani on a certain port (it is more convenient to work with fewer data) : | grep :2106

Thus, you output all connections on port 2106.
Here, a little twisted brains, you can guess that if the 1st IP-knocks and many connections, it is nothing like a DOS attack (a flood, or something like that).
What can be done with a certain us atacaram? You can lock, so dare :

iptables -A INPUT -s reddeer -j DROP

Thus, you will close on the iptables level on cepochka -S incoming traffic from doser.
So he ordosica/tsprofile.
This method requires zombies(administrator sitting 24/7 by piece).
Today, with enough buns, waiting for the continuation.

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