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L2J Gm Commands
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Not all translated yet, but I will translate you all the commands with detailed descriptions.

//admin - Open the admin menu.
//gmchat text - send a message to all the admins and Gmam online
//gm - Enable or disable the status of the GMA. (on)- players can see the command /gmlist this GMA in the list (off) - Players do not see GMA in the list. Example command: //gm on
//invul - Enable immortality.
//delete is induced When the target removes any mob or NPC from spanlist. Mob more sravnitsa will not.
//kill - induced target killing mobs, NPC or player. Mobs spawn from do not disappear and respawn. You can also kill within a radius of, for example: //kill 500 will kill all life except the players in this radius.
//target to Take the target character or Moba, is whether or not you wish in the nearest terrain or in densely populated place, when it seems problematic to clean manually target. The use of - //target Impersonate(Moba)
//buy - Open biglist //buy nomernaya.
//gmshop - Open the GMShop.
//announce_menu - Open the menu with the announce.
//list_announcements - Show the list of starting announce.
//reload_announcements - Reloads the list of starting announce (announce also the starting can be controlled with a txt file of the server, typically in a file announce.txt.
//announce_announcements - Show all announce to the world once.
//add_announcement to add to the list start a new announce announce (very useful admin menu can only write eng announce, as a team in all assemblies, and Russian) - //add_announcement Wastexchange
//del_announcement to Remove announce. The use of - //del_announcement Vasinos
//announce Write once announce to the whole world. The use of - //announce Wastexchange
//itemcreate - Opens the create menu item.
//create_item Create a specific item. The use of - //create_item item_id
//server_shutdown to Run off the server. The use of - //time in seconds server_shutdown
//server_restart run to restart the server. The use of - //time in seconds server_restart
//server_abort - Cancel a running restart or shutdown.
//show_spawns - Open menu, spawn.
//spawn Zapomniti certain mobs(NPC) to spanlist. Usage: Stand in the right place where you want to put a NPC to get to the target and issue the command - //spawn npc_id , where npc_id is IDOM necessary NPC example: //30080 spawn and there will be a teleporter NPC in Giran
//spawn_monster The same , only for different builds and more applicable to mobs. The use of - //spawn_monster npc_id
//spawn_index monsters of a given level. Usage: Very useful command when you need to find mobs, for example, 60 levla... the team will sort you mobs of this level and you can choose any of them and a menu spawn - //spawn_index level
//show_skills - Open the editor skill taken to target player.
//remove_skills - Delete all skills taken to target player.
//skill_list - Open the skills menu. Usage: when induced target on a certain player, you can via this menu to add any skills to it.
//skill_index - Opens skill menu according to players stats.
//add_skill to Add a specific skill to a player taken in the target. The use of - //add_skill Skill_id level example: //add_skill 21 1
//remove_skill to Remove a specific skill have taken to target player. The use of - //remove_skill Skill_id
//get_skills is a Very useful command. You are doing yourself any necessary skills and move the target to another player to whom you want to give all his skills. All skills the player has in target will be identical to yours.
//reset_skills - Reset all skills after the previous command.
//add_exp_sp_to_character - Open SP exp menu in the target induced the player to edit.
//add_exp_sp Add Expy and JV player in tegrate. The use of - //add_exp_sp xp_number sp_number
//edit_character - Open the edit menu of the character in the target.
//current_player - Open the players list ( not all assemblies ).
//character_list - a list of players online.
//show_characters - list of players online ( not all assemblies ). Example: //show_characters Numerosity
//find_character - Opens the search menu of the character by name.
//save_modifications - Save all changes in an editable player at target.
//show_moves - Open the teleportation menu.
//show_moves_other - an Optional menu of teleports.
//show_teleport menu of the teleporters coordinates.
//teleport_to_character Teleport to the desired character. The use of - //teleport_to_character Nick
//move_to Teleport you on the given coordinate. Example - //move_to 11111 22222 3333
//teleport_character Teleportation is taken to the target player on the end point. Example - //move_to 11111 22222r 3333
//recall Summons a named player to you. Ussage - //recall kadar
//restore - Restores a broken player info.
//repair - Repairs a broken player info.
//changelvl Change accesslevel player at target.Example values: 0 - player, ban -100, 100 admin... Use - //changelvl Access_level_number
//ride_wyvern this Command invokes familiar Wyvern(flying dragon) and your admin character sits on it.
//unride_wyvern - The same, only to get off the dragon.
//ban When using the char kick and bans the account. The use of - //ban nick
//unban When using rabbinical account. The use of- //unban Nick
//kick Disconnectall a certain character. The use of - //kick Nick
//mons - to Run races Monster Races.
//edit_npc to Edit the stats of any NPC, mob. The use of - //edit_npc npc_id
//save_npc - Save edited data NPC, mob.
//recall_npc - Teleports targetted NPC to you.
//show_droplist View the sheet drop from mobs. The use of - //show_droplist npc_id
//edit_drop Edits the named NPCs droplist. Ussage - //edit_drop npc_id item_id [min max sweep chance]
//add_drop Adds a drop to the named NPCs droplist. Ussage - //add_drop npc_id item_id [min max sweep chance]
//del_drop Deletes a drop to the named NPCs droplist. Ussage - //del_drop npc_id item_id
//showShop - Shows a targetted vendors shoplist.
//showShopList - Shows a targetted vendors shoplist.
//addShopItem Adds an item to a vendors shop. Ussage - //addShopItem Shop_ID item_id Price
//delShopItem Deletes an item from a vendors shoplist. Ussage - //delShopItem Shop_ID item_id
//editShopItem Edits an item in a vendors shoplist. Ussage - //editShopItem Shop_ID item_id Price
//reload_quest - Reloads quest data.
//walk -
//explore -
//gonorth -
//gosouth -
//goeast -
//gowest -
//goup -
//godown -

See SIEGES . For the following siege commands
//setcastle -
//clean_up_siege -
//spawn_doors -
//move_defenders -
//startsiege -
//endsiege -
//list_siege_clans -
//add_defender -
//add_attacker -
//clear_siege_list -
//siege - Castle names: gludio, giran, dion, oren

//box_access - with box targetted, shows access list
//box_access char1 char2 to add players to box Usage - //box_access kadar LadyPain
//box_access no char1 removes player from box access Ussage - //box_access LadyPain no kadar
//forth -
//bsh -
//jython -
//failed -
//fight_calculator -
//fight_calculator_show -
//fcs -
//play_sounds -
//nokarma - removes karma from target player
//setkarma value - sets karma of target player to value
//setew value sets enchantment of target player currently equipped weapon to value Usage - //setew 9999
//banchat mutes a player Usage - //banchat kadar
//unbanchat unmutes a player Usage - //unbanchat kadar
//polymorph character npc id
//polymorph item id to poly target into id
//polyself Used to polymorph yourself into a mob
//unpolyself Returns you to the normal state
//polymorph item Polymorphs an item
//invis to hide your character
//invisible to hide your character
Character will still show to the player who uses the command, however an "Invisible" Title indicates you are invisible.
//vis to unhide your character
//visible to unhide your character
//earthquake Creates an earthquake
//para_all - Paralyzes all players}}
//unpara_all - Unparalyze all players
//para - Paralyze Target
//unpara - Unparalyze Target
//bighead Gives target a big head
//shrinkhead Returns targets head to normal size
//test These //test commands are for the universe mapping feature (developmental)
//test uni flush
//test hash
//test uni

//find_mammon lists the current location (if any) of the Mammon NPCs
//show_mammon Forces the randomly-spawned Mammons to become visible.
//hide_mammon Forces the randomly-spawned Mammons to become invisible.
//list_spawns Lists all the spawns for the specified NPC ID.
//admin_gmliston (To add Gm from gmlist)
//admin_gmlistoff (To remove GM from gmlist)
//admin_silence (To enable/disable private message mode)
/block name
/unblock name
//spawn mob_name|mob_id [quantity] [respawn_time_secs] //spawn kaboo_orc
//heal heals yourself
//heal (with a character selected) - heals selected character
//heal - heals all characters within
//heal - heals character with the name . Does not have to be targeted.
//give_all_skills it will give your target all the skills he can learn at his level with his class
//openall opens all doors
//closeall closes all doors
//unspawnall remove all npcs from world
//respawnall reload npc data

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