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So, let's begin. I like the example, take your date to the siege.
To begin, open Navicat, go to our database, opening the table “castle”. In this table, locate the column “siegeDate”, it is that figure that contains the date and the time of the siege.
I the siege Aden is 1238252400000 is 28.09.2009.
If You need to move the siege to 7 days in advance, then perform the following calculation:
7 days x 24(hours in day) x 60(minutes in an hour) x 60(seconds in hour) x 1000(milliseconds in second) = 604800000. We did it in a number equal to 7 days.. ie, to move the date of the siege for 7 days we add this number to our number in the database: 604800000 + 1238252400000 = 1238857200000
Copy the number that turned out and insert in the column “siegeDate” instead of the old number. That's all.

P. s: the numbers can add and subtract) I hope the logic is clear)

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