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rough plan of work on the technical assignment for the project Lineage 2 turnkey for expensive tariffs from the Studio


1. Commencement of works - ...... (payment of the first phase of 30%)

is ordering equipment for the site

- Production of site layout with individual design – 5-10 days

- the layout of the site in HTML format (used only with HTML elements connect to our scripts) 2-3 days

- Acquisition of license for Assembly

- Production of banners in the necessary quantity of 2-3 days

- Production of video presentations - 4-5 days.

- the knowledge Base server + the layout for your design

O the necessary scripts for the website add forum and so on, filling all sorts of other crap, like flash games and etc.... 2-3 days

- Installation and layout of a private office, reception, online, status, (3-4 days) – (with the original connection on the test machine).

- Registration in search engines

- registration in the tops

- Installation of counters of attendance, registration, etc liternet

- website Content and development slogans 2-3 days

- batch Acquisition of the security module LameGuard or L2s-guard or SmartGuard

( preparation for advertising ends )

total: ...... R. (without discounts)


2. The second stage payment (pay 30% of the final price with discount )

- a plan for advertising

- Start advertising company on the appointment of the start of OBT

Providing cars for the server

- Installing, configuring assemblies 2-3 days

- set up your personal account or the Master Account is final.

- compilation of an item-Mall + complete kommuniti Board

- making a personal patch or archive, or acceskey beautifully with individualnym design

- making a personal the Updater or the systems, or the entire client.

- Installation script Mmotop and other web scripts

- Installation knowledge base server + layout website design

- advertising of the company during the period

- the preparation of the necessary events and systems

total: ..... (without discounts)


3. The third stage payment (payment of 40% of the final price with discount)

System administration 2 days

System shares server 2 days

- the Beginning of OBT. MBT spend on average 10 days

- Keeping MBT, the solution to all problems. patch. the Updater. Assembly. Settings, fixes , work on the forum with players, etc. and etc

- advertising of the company in this stage of advertising

- Completion of OBT

- the Final preparatory works to start the server (adjustment Assembly by Reith and TP, the final security checks and all settings)

- set up automatic donations through a system of nextpay.

- the Final Web configuration, and writing web scripts.

Planning the date of server start.

total: ........ (without discounts)


depending on the total order offer bonuses in the form of events and other things

total for all stages: .......

volume Discounts – volume discounts for work 5-20%

Final cost of the work from the Studio - .........

work does not include the cost of items - is payable and is calculated separately with system administratori :

- rent a VPS for the site (Cooperate with , and

- hire of equipment for the server ( Cooperate with , and )

- Installing and configuring hardware in the server ( Cooperate with , and )

- protects the website and the server ( Cooperate with , and )

- funds for the advertising company.

Payment of services with discounts:

stage 1 .......

2 stage .......

step 3 .......


sincerely, Yuri !


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