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How not to make a mistake when choosing the build Lineage 2?



Talking about the popularity of the legendary MMORPG Lineage II. Since its release on the Russian servers and to this day the interest in the game high. In confirmation of this – regularly opened the sites with the opportunity to "cut in line" online. The relevance of the game was the occasion for a good source of income for those making new servers though. Having heard about the success that many are torn in the ranks of the server owners to raise a few hundred for a couple of months. But as you know, free cheese only in a mousetrap, and free money on the surface L2 servers are not lying. We must remember that making money those who spend them. In other words, to slip into the pocket "flowed kakariki" need to invest.




What you need to create server Lineage II ?



the Main point of attachment when creating server Lineage II is to purchase quality build. It is quality and not some. Often this, along with an advertising campaign, very costly investment. Why is Assembly so important? First, it depends on the success of the project. Assembly proficiency, in which there is no bugs and Doupov that can withstand a lot online, will not require additional investment to correct in the course of emerging problems. Most of the assemblies that developers sell at a reasonable price (sometimes especially low for students) similar to trash and scatter on one-two-three. Secondly, bad Assembly ensure the project unprofitableness. Poor game instantly lose online. Players that will not like this draft game, they can easily change it in no time on more interesting and sustainable. Time went such talk, you need to find an antidote to "shamanic" developments. And it, fortunately, there.



who better to buy the Assembly Lineage II?



As with any market, offers for the sale of the assemblies of Lineage II very much. Since the very existence of private servers, the illegal phenomenon, to find a "basis" from official sources and developers is impossible. But you can buy Assembly of Lineage II from reliable and serious companies. What you need to pay attention?






If you are not the first day interested in buying assemblies of Lineage II, you probably know what are positive and negative feedback. The reputation of the developer is the first moment in the issue, to contact him or not. Of course, owners of private servers that sit "in chocolate" quality assemblies, may not be shouting at every corner, where and from whom they bought them. But if the Assembly was "garbage", keep quiet about it will not. Therefore, be extremely careful to what they say about the developers.



a List of quality servers



Experienced developers always have something to show to their clients. Moreover, if "goods" are good and truth, a list of successfully completed projects is solid, not one and not two.



the Price of the build Lineage II



Everything is very cheap always of dubious quality. Such is the law of the market, in particular, and gaming. Good build Lineage II High Five, Tauti or Glory Days, for example, can leave even a third of all costs for the server.



Test server



it is not enough to find a good developer to buy from him the Assembly lineage 2 High Five, Goddess of Destruction. For confidence and guarantee always need to be tested. Guessing what and how, there is no need. The seller must provide a test server, where the buyer can check all its interesting moments.



Another point



in Addition to sales, the developer can provide and maintain the server. If he received the money, lost, credibility may come down to "no." Especially if the server get out nasty bugs.

On Creation of Lineage 2 turnkey projects Studio L2-scripts provides a complete solution. We have no problems with any of the above points. Excellent reputation, hundreds of successfully completed projects, a test server and justifying the quality of the Assembly pictures.



high Quality build of lineage 2 here




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