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Fraud in Lineage 2

cost-effective "soil" has always been and remains favorable for breeding scams. In the gaming business not have done without them. Do not clean the hands of developers, players, PR people – to meet the scams, unfortunately, more often than you might imagine. It is easiest to fall into their trap for beginners, who are interested in, how to create Lineage 2 server . But sometimes, pecking and experienced guys. Fraudsters are most attracted to those who are poorly versed in the gaming space, owns a small knowledge base. Blank communication, nakalyvanie and biased reviews wishful thinking – that's what these dealers say. For the inexperienced creators of Lineage 2 server their descriptions look very attractive. This article will talk about fraud in the field of developers offering Assembly of dubious origin and quality.

Create Lineage 2 server without cheating

the Foundation of any game server Lineage 2 is, of course, Assembly. It quality depends on the profitability of a project by its owner and interest of players by of online. The craftsmen who "kodyat" and sell "the base" on the forums, it is unrealistic to many. And each tells about how he "cleaned" it from all malicious bugs, fixed all the bugs. Often, such descriptions are very embellished. In fact, spending money on "cool" (according to selling its developer) build, we have a good idea to invest in its "alignment" to all curves and oblique in it worked properly.

Undue promises

there are three salient points that beautifully describe the skilled developers. First, the percentage of realization of the Assembly. 98%? A perfect tale! Secondly, the ability to withstand a greater load and influx of online. Ideally it should be, in fact, a completely different story. And, finally, "cleanliness" from bugs. That's really one of the great utopias of the assemblies of Lineage 2. A huge percentage of "fundamentals" perepisovatsya already running, and there is, where carousing the fixer.

Build the gaming market without fiasco

All of the above is really sad. But the way out of the situation. Good build there and you can purchase them at serious developers. To determine such, we need to remember three things. They will tell you who is a crook or honest seller. The first is reputation and the feedback from all those who bought "Foundation". The second is the number of satisfied customers. Good developers are always plenty. Third – testing. Moreover, mandatory. Remember that the test server is exactly what a developer (who but he is interested in how to build relished).

What is the Studio L2-scripts?

to Answer this question unequivocally, from beginning to end. L2-scripts involved in the development of turnkey servers, including the development of a quality build, site creation, organization, protection, promotion and maintenance. The projects completed by L2-scripts, to really work. Moreover, if something goes wrong, there is always the opportunity to correct acute troubles. In addition, we have no problems with reputation, number of customers and the testing process. All is in order. Naturally perfect assemblies does not happen, all constantly in the process of being finalized, but without understanding it, You will not be able to succeed. Everything is relative !

Whom it should send:

- those who will not provide test server

those who can not show a single customer under the guise that they are not allowed to mention them.

- those who do not have references about his work on open spaces of Google and yashki. No information is questionable.

- those who have a website domain name registered "the other day".

- those who have no portfolio.

- those who talk about guarantees of the future online.

- those who have under the nose of the mega-calculator to calculate the degree of implementation of its Assembly.

only Here is a great build without fraud

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sincerely, administration

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