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How to choose the right date for the opening of Lineage 2 server

Projects of the most popular games of the last years of Lineage 2 open all year round. This is evidenced by requests to the order server La2. Contrary to popular opinion, some believe profitable the winter months to start free servers, others for the hot season. However, the influx of new projects has still to cold and rainy days. Consider the pros and cons of seasonal factors open Lineage 2 server.

Cold weather

will those be considered winter, late autumn and early spring. In different regions, of course, its own peculiarities of climate, somewhere sub-zero temperatures through the roof, where it hardly drops below zero. The cold season is good for the gaming business from the point of view that people spend more time in front of computers. But, in fact, the other is almost no entertainment (except a TV and skating on the ice slides). In principle, the winter is very favorable to one side. If you look at the reverse side of the coin, we will see another interesting point. In the winter early darkens, and thus tends to sleep earlier. Moreover, pupils and students are actively engaged in learning. Of course, avid players will always find time for your games, and therefore makes sense to think about creating your servers and the acquisition builds High Fvie, Tauti, Glory Days, Lindvior.

it is Not recommended to open new servers in anticipation of the New year and subsequent ten-day weekend. Most likely, they will be unprofitable. The explanation is simple. A large percentage of the audience is offline: trips to visit, home gatherings, trips, vacations, and other entertainment. Yes and according to our observations, thematic queries in search engines, such as: Buy High Five Assembly, buy Assembly Goddess of Destruction, the Development server l2 turnkey, and so forth - plummeted and the minimum. Many people mistakenly believe holidays are the best time to open a project, just at the time and there is a lot of "empty" discoveries.

Time of perfect weather and holidays

Late spring, summer and early autumn — the season of rest. Time very interesting from the point of view of the gaming business. Many do not risk to open the server in the summer due to the fact that most of the online heats in the sun near the sea. However, there are two factors in favor of starting new projects. First, not all players in the summer we move to the beach. There are many people who are bored in their towns near the computer monitor. Secondly, the competition in the summer is much lower. Listening to the views on the flight online in the direction of warm countries and the sea coast, the creators of servers waiting for fall to buy the Assembly Glory Days, High Five and other news.

a Few tips on choosing the date of opening

1. Not recommended to appoint open on major holidays. Better if it will be a normal day, not included in the red line of the calendar.

2. Better to start at the weekend. Here too all is logical — in everyday life can be players have other plans. Ideally, a person must be ready to open.

3. The opening is usually prescribed for the evening. That's right. During the day a lot of distractions and very little opportunity to postpone everything. Night — time rest, but the game's the rest.

4. And yet. During the advertising campaign, it is undesirable to change the time and date of opening. People will start to wait, to postpone the case. Another day it may be fully employed from morning to evening. Correctly inform the audience about the opening.

5. Always start on time. Kindly check all the mechanisms, all the components, the serviceability of the machine and so the list goes on.

6. To correctly estimate your chances, analyzing the market of your Chronicles and rates the moment your future start. Create a list of those who think about the same dates, plus or minus 1 week, with the same Chronicles and approximate rates. Remember: of the 10 discoveries of the same servers at the same time opens only 1, the rest either lie down under a DDoS, or just at the start of get online 10-100 people, what is considered a complete failure.

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