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What keeps players?

now there are Many game servers lineage II? To name a specific figure is almost impossible. The market of servers of Lineage II can not be controlled, and means to keep track of competitors with precision will not succeed. However, the number of free servers is very large: every month new site for the game. Only a small portion of new servers Lineage II can be seen in the tops and rankings. The rest remain in the shadows. Why is this happening and how to beat the competition, which are not visible? These and other questions are often asked by everyone who sees it in the perspective of opening new servers Lineage II.

the Opaque market of free servers Lineage II

the Free servers Lineage II is a kind of "children" Korean legendary game. Each of them more or less unique in some moments. But most suffer from the cloning ideas. Those who open servers, zamarachivatsya neither in design nor in terms of internal organisation and administration. As a result, the flow of customers pushing from one area to another and the site in a month or two (at best and sometimes earlier) are closed. The opacity of the market can be explained by the fact that the server is not recommended strongly to "light up" on the Internet. Therefore, they do not promote "white" tools of marketing and PR, not purposefully raise in the top search engines. Servers advertised by narrow channels, which has most of the gaming audience. This is all the complexity of launching new projects. Of course, the names of all competitors be called unrealistic, but a General trend still can be traced. It will have some time to observe other projects. Or to use another method: to entrust the project to the team consisting of knowledgeable and experienced people.

What keeps players on the Lineage II servers?

What would be crazy was not competition in the field of new servers Lineage II, a worthy project all the same not so much. Therefore, worry first of all about the players to keep them on the project, and then about the ways to bypass competitors. Fans of "the line" appreciate the game interesting schemes of action heroes, worthy and exciting gameplay, the ability to communicate with other players. This must be taken into account when planning new server Lineage II. Oddly enough, but many projects sin lack these important elements.

Keeps the players interest and peculiar excitement. If it is not, and will not be available online. But how to achieve this — the question is quite another. An important role is played by the build quality. This is the Foundation of all foundations. If the Assembly is constantly "lag", of course, it will cause indignation of the players and their dissatisfaction with the process of the game. Anyone not like it, if the server will from time to time to be in the "supine" position. Therefore, you need to consider good protection against Dosanov and not rely on luck or manna from heaven. Miracle usually does not happen with any server, and the rule is: want to see stability — build a powerful security system that you can only "pull".

If you look at the rating servers Lineage 2, you will notice that it is constantly updated. It means competitors are merging quickly. Game Lineage II was created as an epic and legendary Mosca, therefore, free servers should not be a "weak link". If you want to open a really worthy project of Lineage II servers, we suggest you do this in close tandem with an experienced team L2-scripts.

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