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DDOS servers L2: what to do to not "lie down"?

the Opening of Lineage project plan with a large online attracts attention not only interested players and competitors. The danger from the second can come at any time after starting the server in the form of ddos attacks. To leave this issue unattended is not recommended, if you do not want to "burn" on his project in the early days.

Why dangerous ddos-attacks to servers of the lineage?

Perhaps not everyone understands why ddos attacks are a serious danger to the lineage servers. There are several reasons but they all boil down to one — the demise of the project. The server market lineage is opaque, the number of competitors is unknown. However, the fact that a lot of them, undeniable. Therefore, one of the strategies to win the attention of players may be the elimination of the competitor. Ddos Lineage II is effective in the sense that even hour server downtime can result in losing players.

Imagine the situation. How long you been playing Lineage II, stay tuned for new servers, but I don't like day after day to change the pad. And here you have the time and a huge desire to play. You go to the server and it is unavailable. Waiting for half an hour, an hour, maybe even two. And start looking for another place to play. And so do many players. The fact that many servers are similar, which keep the gamers hard. Just that, they went looking for impressions on another server.

Loss available online until until you pay off all the expenses on the opening of the server - this phenomenon is very unpleasant. We can say that the project "bankrupt."

protection against ddos game servers

There is a perception that DDoS servers that are most visible. Some people say that an extensive advertising campaign to stimulate owners of servers lineage to eliminate competitors even at the start of the project. Others disagree, arguing that the banners and the presence server in the ranking l2top absolutely nothing to do with it. Ddos Lineage II in most cases, happens when online servers are decent. Another reason for the desire to "put" the server, you can call someone a punishment or personal rejection. Well, it happens sometimes. In any case, it is better to protect yourself beforehand than to fix the results or reap the rewards of failure. So, let's call the existing protective measures against ddos game servers. These include: hosting secure dedicated server, a tunneling server, proxying the traffic.

Some hosting services offer protection against DDoS and provide a guarantee on smooth functioning of the website. Streams bots are blocked at the entrance, not allowing them to overload the channel.

a Dedicated server can accommodate them part of the server space. For his condition regularly monitor staff data center. If necessary, they will take all measures to eliminate or minimize the attack.

Proxying of traffic — one more method of protection from ddos game servers, which filters the site visitors. All traffic passes through the filter, the equipment company that protects against HTTP-flood. Professionals instantly recognize excessive activity in the network. For basic hosting you will get only real people, and the flow of "bots" will be immediately disqualified. Proxy traffic is considered to be a very effective tool that saves where other methods fail.

the Tunneling server is a powerful protection method against ddos game servers. It filters the flows of users, eliminating "parasites". Tunneling implies a mechanism that connects between a network of unrelated IP addresses. They may be located at different points and have no physical connection. All threads are run through a special filtering equipment. Incidentally, this method detects more than 80 % varieties of ddos and works almost in 100 cases out of a hundred.

If you are weak in protecting against ddos game servers, it is better to entrust this question to professionals. In the team L2-scripts have specialists who will advise you and help you with the setting of protection against "attacks".

Doubt where to order protection against DDoS server La2?
Studio L2-scripts are always at Your service.

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sincerely, administration

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