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the Role of advertising in promoting L2 servers

let's Start with the fact that advertising lineage 2 server in a standard way. So here came: all knowledge on the "white" Internet marketing here can forget. All the secrets, of course, will not open, but the main points of advertising for l2 call.

Advertising for lineage 2 is started before the opening of the server

This is a classic scheme. The advertising campaign runs for a certain period of time before the start of the project to collect as many online at the opening. Often this audience remains on the server until one works. Of course, by the time online will begin to decline, to go to other projects. But it is very important that at the start were as many players as possible.

Supported by advertising projects during its operation?

the Decision on whether to advertise lineage 2 server after you run them, are taken depending on the scale and sustainability of the project. If the online is good and the people arrives, the server can be further developed. By the way, there are projects that operate for a long time, are constantly evolving and attracting new players. But such a force of units. If after 2-3 weeks after starting online began to fall, support it with ads little sense. Here, or to expand or close, and to prepare the next one.

TV advertising for lineage 2

it's hard not to Notice that the advertising L2, the Internet is not teeming. On the contrary, its very little. It depends on the opacity of the market game. Advertising new server must be carefully and proven channels. Among the tools is a very popular banner lineage 2, where we write dates the launch of the servers. You can put them on specialized sites and forums. Often the owners of the servers make promo videos, where is prescribed the main ideas of your project and in the end give a link to it.

does advertising for lineage 2?

To this question you can answer only those professionals-pros who are closely involved in advertising campaigns and PR for lineage 2. Open a little secret: advertising close to an exact science. In other words, ideally the effectiveness of the advertising campaign can be count and to see how well the money spent from the budget for promotion has done its job. However, it is doubtful the fact that in the sphere of lineage 2 there are professional advertisers who do everything according to the classical scheme. Do not pay and the owners of servers in an advertising company in your city for one reason — the intricacies of promotion there do not know. And should not, in fact know. Free market lineage 2 should be the same opaque, which is what it is.

In this area has its own laws and promotion tools, respectively, and the methods of control and verification of the effectiveness of the other. The advertising campaign is checked only one indicator — the number of online the opening. It is naive to believe that classical tools of Internet marketing or PR for lineage 2 perfect if they could be adapted. I dare to disappoint you, will approach only what worked in this field always. To improvise and try new things, but to be zealous it is not necessary. Not the area, not the conditions.

is it Possible to do without advertising for lineage 2?

If you are planning a small online for your project, perhaps you can do. But for large servers, focused on a solid audience, advertising will need. Whom to entrust the conducting of promotional campaigns? Only those who are in a real Pro. Trust funds Amateurs is not recommended in principle. Moreover, that result from their activities may not be, and the money will be spent and nobody will return.

Want to make good online at the start and don't lose your advertising budget, can enjoy the promotion server lineage 2, in L2-scripts. Although, even we are 100% can not name the exact figures of online and to give guarantees.

Doubt where to book advertising for the server La2?
Studio L2-scripts are always at Your service.

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sincerely, administration

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