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Website server L2: important and useless elements of the structure


Online game bar 2 is one of the most popular MMORPG, including in Russia. In addition to the official servers, a large army of players creates a good informal online websites that appear regularly. Let's talk about them. Server games line games free 2 on the market a lot. They vary in scale, coverage players, build quality, and organization of gameplay and administration. In this article we will address the structure of the sites, their binding elements.


Standard set of structural elements of lineage 2 websites


so, let's start from the beginning. The website of the game series 2 should be made more user friendly for players of any age and gaming experience. On a simple time sites extra information. All the players ' attention should be directed to the game. Some information about the server must be placed in the "news" section. It is necessary for the players to know about the operation of the site, its stability, development, etc. In this section, placed little notes about the project. This should be done as new information. The news Ticker can be placed right on the main page.


General server information locate in the appropriate section. Usually they write about the Assembly, the gadgets that are used in the game, bonuses, administration, server hardware.


the Forum. This section is very important for communication between players. In it they discuss the news server, leave your feedback for us improve the website, write bug reports (if such occur). The forum should be on every server, regardless of the scope and online.


Among the structure elements of the game line 2 can not do without buttons "Register" and "Download". This direct access to the gamer to the game, so these sections should highlight the most vividly.


Section "donations" should be on all servers that support it.


Features large servers


Menu sections large-scale projects are much more. There you can see a standard set of structure elements, as well as many additional bells and whistles: for example, the knowledge base lineage, lineage classes, events, quests, clans, etc. Someone manages to post the history of the world game lineage. On large projects it's perfectly acceptable.


Recommendations for improving site usability


Everyone who plans to open the sites in a lineage, you need to remember is that players should be comfortable on the pages. Therefore, redundant elements must be removed, the less important is to place modestly, while necessary and important – to distinguish large and bright. Line players love to communicate, and to deprive them of such possibility is not recommended. Forums, chat rooms and other forms of interaction should be. News, if it is displayed on the main page should be updated regularly with new publications. Prizes, bonuses, the emergence of new bells and whistles, open shop, new events – all you need to tell the site visitors. This increases the interest of players to the site and their positive attitude. All sections, icons should be visible on the General background of the design and not merge with it.


If you feel that the self-understanding of the structure of the site for the game lineage will not be easy, it is better to refer to those who engage in this regularly and for more than a year. The team L2-Scripts executes projects for the legendary MMO games turnkey, taking into account all the necessary structural elements of the site, the quality of builds and stuff. You can contact us on icq, Skype or phone. All of the contacts . placed in the appropriate section.


Doubt where to order website development to server lineage2?
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