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Java server Lineage II



Java server lineage 2 simulates the work of the legendary MMORPG and functions using database management system MySQL. This is the server emulator that is written in the programming languages Java and Python.

Java server Lineage II began to emerge when "ruler" began to gain great popularity. The hype around it made me want to open an additional unofficial game servers. However, startups are faced with the problem of closeness of the server software of the original version. That, in fact, of course. No mass does not compel developers of the "second line" open access to such information. However, free servers are still there and occupied most of the gaming market. It happened thanks to the advent of emulators, functional load is not distinguishable from the original. They were written on the basis of information obtained by analyzing the data stream produced by the server, or a method of obtaining executable code from the program code in Assembly language and further analyzing of the client. Java –emulator was written from scratch, repeatedly rebuilt after the free access. So many mistakes and errors, to be copied by unprofessional developers, continue to "live" until now. Current Java server lineage 2 do not require modification of the game client. They are very affordable and easy to set up.




benefits of Java server Lineage II




  • Java server Lineage II is open-source, as it is distributed under GPL license. So that skilled developers can find and fix bugs. By the way, if you buy a ready-made emulator from professional developers, can do to avoid problems with the imperfection of the server.
  • Java server lineage 2 is unique in its own version, it does not duplicate the code of the original, and therefore does not fall under the law about plagiarism and does not violate the copyright of a draw. The emulator works under all operating systems.
  • Java server Lineage II have a relatively inexpensive cost compared to other emulators, the same PTS.



If we talk about the disadvantages of Java server Lineage 2, they also have. Bought emulators from non-professionals do not keep a large line. Moreover, they are very unstable, because they have a lot of bugs and holes, carefully copied from pseudomathematical.

Setting Java server lineage 2 involves the free open online to massive games. Configuring and creating a server in Java, you can order in the Studio "L2-scripts".



Doubt where to order the development of java server lineage2?
Studio L2-scripts are always at Your service.



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