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PvP server Lineage II



the PvP Concept implies the possibility to arrange attacks and fight players on other players. The essence of this fun for online games is reflected in the name. PvP means "player versus player". PvP server Lineage II is available for different Chronicles. There is a PvP server, High Five, Epilogue, Tauti, Glory Days, Lindvior.

what are the beauty and interest of this concept? If you take the history of games, whether online or app version for consoles, up to a certain point the players had the opportunity to kill only enemies. Flattening the monsters blocking their path, the characters could continue playing. The developers of the games have gone further in cases of action heroes. With the advent of multiplayer online role-playing games designed for the participation of different players, not related to each other geographically (location in different cities and even countries), entertainment in the form of battles against each other became popular. PvP implies not so much a chaotic "fight" the first counter of the characters (although some get moral satisfaction), but the possibility of strategic action. PvP server Lineage II gives players an interesting feature — the right of Association of characters in one Guild or even the Alliance for the protection of his fortress or castle. This merciless war, which can last a very long time. The interest of such a process is clear. Alliances are at war with the same alliances that consist of "live" players who can ill afford to do the right and not very strategic moves. In fact, this virtual war — simulation of actual combat, only on the monitor screen.




Components of the PvP system in Lineage II servers



In the game PvP-system has its own components. We are talking about sieges, Olympiads, clan wars, the system of the Republic of Kazakhstan and tournaments.

RK is killing without justifiable reasons the players of the lower levels. It is clear that the characters that fall under the dissemination of this entertainment is, by definition, can't be satisfied unlike characters, pumped up to high levels. In this mode there is random PvP. It occurs, when you can fight two characters, unsympathetic to each other. This regime is called the duels.

Sieges, clan wars and competitions run by groups of characters. This is for the protection or conquest of new territories. Unlike them, tournaments are held with the hands of the administration. Can I tamircisi can on their own, only you will have to choose the organization responsible for this action and hope for the discipline of players, which is rarely stable.




Leveling on PvP servers, Lineage II



it Is believed that PvP server Lineage II for those players who don't like to spend a lot of time rocking character. Have the opportunity to "grow" through the levels, doing a minimum of quests and not zamarachivayas on the pilot. Objects and things character can get by killing mobs. This drop will act as a means of saving Finance. But none of the characters are not immune from what one day will become the prey of a character of a higher level and become a pile of meat.



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