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what is GEODATA (Geodata) ?


what is it? For mobs there is no walls both in principle and for characters, bumping into the wall and buksuya you still changing the coordinates, mobs slip them faster. As for mobs world - smooth plateau that is aggressive you will notice and attack if they're in their radius even if you are behind a wall and can't see them. GEODATA will help you to get rid of it, if to say in short GEODATA - information about all obstacles present in the game client. Therefore, GEODATA exist for different Chronicles, GEODATA of the interludes will be full for the epilogue.



GEODATA is a mathematical description of the area, including castles trees wall it.p. ... using GEODATA the server can track all players and mobs on their territorial presence and not allow mobs to shoot and walk through walls and players can't walk through walls (especially using bots) 

 If you speak normal words, then this means that previously DISPLAYED the walls and REAL walls on the calculation servers were slightly displaced relative to each other. This phenomenon is visually previously, it was possible to see in many catacombs is when mobs in the walls or in the floor, and approaching the wall has a real chance to get stuck in it. 


GEODATA(Geodata)  is a tool that allows you to control some actions of the client (namely, the movement and interaction with other objects from the point of view of the geometric position in space). 

the Whole map is a geometric grid, which consists of a nite collection of rectangles (in particular squares), United by their sides.



Doubt where to book a GEODATA server for lineage2?
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