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Guides on working with Eclipse:
What you will need:
- Java jdk 1.6 or newer (
- Classic Eclipse 3.1 or newer ( or if you have 64 bit Java, Eclipse 3.4M6a or higher
- maven 2.0.6 or higher (
- maven is a direct link if not found Here

Item 1:

1) Installer Java
2) Extracted Eclipse
2.1) Downloaded and extracted Maven.

3)- Launch Eclipse and specify the path where to store the Assembly (for example: C:Workspace) and put a check to make it default

4)- Go Help----> Software updates---> Search new features to install, click on New Remote Site and enter:

Name: subeclipse

And again New Remote Site and enter:

Name: Mylyn
URL: (for Eclipse 3.3) (for Eclipse 3.4 M)

6)- Click ok and finish, choose mylyn and subeclipse to install and press next, accept the terms, next and finish.

7)- Wait for Eclipse download addition and agree to restart the program.

8)- Go to Window - Preferences - Java - Installed JREs - Search - go to the folder with and select the Java jdk daddy... 'and click OK, then put a tick opposite the jdk...' and click OK

Item 2:

Next step is to configure Java

Start.....> Control panel.....> System........> Additionally.........> Environment variables....> create a new

Value: path to Java JDK (without bin folder)
for example: C:Program FilesJavajdk1.6.0

Click OK and close the window.

Start........... To perform............ cmd

Go to the folder with Maven'ohms (in command prompt)

for example: cd c:/maven2/bin

Further pripisivaem "mvn" (without the quotes) and you will see the message "build failure" (you can replace "mvn" prescribe "mvn install" - in this case in the future will not have to wait until the download core components of Maven) is normal, close the command prompt

Paragraph 3:

1) Open Eclipse - Press on help----> software updates---> Search new features to install, click on New Remote Site and enter:

Name: m2plugin
or this

Accept all agreements and conditions, agree to restart the program.

Then press Window--- show view--- other----- svn repository (in the top box, enter svn and it will highlight the svn repository, so as not to find ourselves)

Right myshy on the Svn Repository window:

New ---> repository location:

URL: example: L2Official
The core:

2)- go into Trunk, right click on the folder (gameserver, then login and then datapack (any order) Check out As Project and download the source code

3)- then press the right mouse button on the downloaded folder gameserver (in Eclipse) -> Maven -> Enable something is there and waiting for jump source code required for the game, then do the same thing with the login.

Item 4 (final):

Once downloaded all you need do the following:
* Right click on the folder with Login Server -> Run as... -> Maven build...
* goals: clean assembly:assembly
* Click Add -> name: maven.test.skip, value: true -> ok -> apply -> run

For copilasii of gamserver done all too most, but choose the Game Server.

*To compile datapack click on the arrow before dataparam in Package Exp window...right click on the file build.xml -> Run as -> Ant build

Parts assembled server will be located here: (the path to the folder with assemblies (specified when you first launch the program)(the folder corresponding to the login/game/database)target (for datapak the build folder) and Tuta will find the archive

P. S: to update in Eclipse click right mouse button on the project you want to update (login, game or datapac) -> Replace With -> Latest from repository and waiting until the updated specific files

ERROR FILE POM.XML when you update source code of Maven or compile-CAN be IGNORED!!!
Good luck! =)

If that is not poluchaetsa write, be sure to help!

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