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Capture 3 Flags

Capture 3 Flags

From: 150.00$



Capture 3 Flags Event


The idea is taken from the RPG type KS and similar games.

The goal of 3 players to capture the flag at the time of the tournament.
Competition may operate in real time, without need to wait for registration but simply to already existing portovatsya event anytime.
Players are always divided into a random team.


The tournament is held in a randomly locations.


So let's say we arrived and the tournament has only just begun:

1. respawn point in our flag, the opponent also in the center is a neutral flag, our goal is to capture the center flag to spawn in the event of death was closer to the enemy flag.

2. We can capture the enemy flag using casting skill that we are given in the tournament.

3. In the case of capturing an enemy flag, the enemy respavnivatsya elsewhere.

4. Everyone has a certain respawn time (not immediately respawn players)

5. Determination of the winner will be based on how many flags it has at the moment.

6. Event is automatically initialized and players start again this mini game without additional registration.

7. Get out of the tournament, you can use .exit team.


Compatibility: Any Java server pack , and   l2-scripts pack.



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