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L2-Scripts Odyssey

L2-Scripts Odyssey

List price: 525.00$
From: 150.00$
You save: 375.00$ (72%)


ODYSSEY Pack presented by


 A bit about the history behind this server pack:

Based on L2-scripts GOD Ertheia (VIP) source code .

Branch - GOD (Ertheia) 

Branch - GOD (Lindvior) 


Development stopped in connection with the transition to new Chronicles.

Technical support is provided by agreement.

Latest revision 24702.


The development of this branch completed 11.11.2016.

Maintenance no longer available, all clients transferred to a later chronicle.


First release was at - July 1st 2015. 


Ask the manager to get a stable server example.

You can ask us to launch the server to test in game.

This pack is adapted for protection system and for anti-pack hacking - L2s-Guard, Smart-Guard (manual connection with Yuri).


This pack is provided with a hardware bind and provided for 1 external IP address. This pack is provided in fully complied version. Failure to comply with non-sharing terms, the pack will be blocked pernamently.


Beware of buying assemblies on the side anywhere except on our website. you won't get the original l2-scripts pack. We have no dealers, all who claim to be our distributors and etc. - is lying. Also remember, even if someone sells our assembly, when buying it from the side, you run the risk not only of being deceived, but also fail your project at its start...


Latest revision - 150 USD (No IP bind and no online limit)  

Latest revision - 500 USD (Source Code)


Support - support price is negotiable



Odyssey geodata can be bought separately. Here.



Based on Goddess of Destruction Ertheia (VIP) source code:

Details here


Detailed Odyssey changelog (translated with google translate, if specifications needed, please ask the manager) :



Rev. 24702 (Final Rev)


* Fix peredvizheniya monsters;
* At the Olympics arena with Gorgoliani is no longer used (afflic);
* Partial rollback. In Ertheia arena Giuliani was still;
* At the Olympics arena with Gorgoliani is no longer used (afflic);
* Fixed distribution of the class battles;
* Olympiad to be held at 20:00 (afflic);
* Increased functionality of AI;
* Monsters can now walk on walker_route (super_point);
* Fixed movement of Gordon offs;
* Fix tutorial fishing;
* Fixed dialogue NPC: Monk of Chaos;
* Bots will no longer attack the Republic of Belarus;
* Quietly disappeared library Trove;
* Fix service additional Windows;
* Fix the Manager's job Auctions of Clan Halls;
+ Implemented object (38222) Fish Stew - WIT;
+ Implemented object (38223) Fish Stew - INT;
+ Implemented object (38224) Fish Stew - MEN;
+ Implemented object (38225) Fish Stew - DEX;
+ Implemented object (38226) Fish Stew - STR;
+ Implemented object (38227) Fish Stew - CON;
* Call of Hermarchus no longer comes, if they have degenerated;
* Fix alchemist in Benon;
* Fixed the entrance to extreme Tauti;
* Fix initialization of the Olympic games on Sundays;
* Fix reference to the repository of the clan;
* Fix flow RAID of the eyes;
+ Added admin command //addrp to add RAID eyes of the character;
* Updated RAID Points Ertheia;
* Fix duplication of ballista from Ithini;
* Fix use the effect of "push" on the NPC using the flag isThrowAndKnockImmune;
* Possible fix of the immortality of the beast Octavia;
* Reset the timers and tasks of the AI when you remove the NPC from the world, and that predotvratit, NPE in some cases, and reduce the load;
* Fix working Pvp events;
* Written RAID sunglasses new RB;
* Fix loading of Monticello;
* Cosmetics for epic bosses;
* Afflic teleportation through the book teleports. Character now casts skill to teleport;
* Change of key pagan
* Fix itema 35562
* Small fix quest 759
* Fix condition for creating a Command Channel;
* Fixed the work of Bauma;
* Fix Antharas work;
* Fix valakas's work;
* Optimization;
* To spawn in groups reflekt now do not have to inicializovat reflekt using it instances;
* Olympics not held on Sundays (afflic);
* Fix skill teleport from agatino;
* Fix of NPE;
* Cast time flag in the fortress is static and does not depend on any parameters (afflic);
+ Implemented object (38397) Expertise Rune (D-grade);
+ Implemented object (38398) Expertise Rune Pack;
+ Implemented object (38399) Expertise Rune (C-grade);
+ Implemented object (38400) Expertise Rune Pack;
+ Implemented object (38401) Expertise Rune (B-grade);
+ Implemented object (38402) Expertise Rune Pack;
+ Implemented object (38403) Expertise Rune (A-grade);
+ Implemented object (38404) Expertise Rune Pack;
+ Implemented object (38405) Expertise Rune (S-grade);
+ Implemented object (38406) Expertise Rune Pack;
+ Implemented object (38407) Expertise Rune (S80-grade);
+ Implemented object (38408) Expertise Rune Pack;
+ Implemented object (38409) Expertise Rune (R-grade);
+ Implemented object (38410) Expertise Rune Pack;
+ Implemented object (38411) Expertise Rune (R95-grade);
+ Implemented object (38412) Expertise Rune Pack;
+ Implemented object (38413) Expertise Rune (R99-grade);
+ Implemented object (38414) Expertise Rune Pack;
* Added daily rollback coupons for entrance to enstasy
* Items 38397-38414 (TODO 17569-17577 Skill the type of skill or the option to wear the specified grade)
* Premium cube 30 days
* Fixed bonus of the Immortal set Attack Type / Heavy
* Fixed healers andwine
* Added 776 multisel the blessing things
* Items 24337-24340
* Fix download skills;
* Fix NegativeArrayException;
* Fix custom download folder skills;
+ Spawn Shadai in Hein;
* Fix Spatial Barrier
* Fix quests 551 553
- Removed duplicate spawn;



Rev. 24212


* Produced global sync with main branch Artei.
(See section Area - more than 70% of fixes Ertai moved into the Odyssey, as they are identical.)

* Fixes quests 551 553
* Update most of the references in the dialogues under the title;
- Removed unnecessary NPC models to prevent putanec;
+ Implemented TCP baypass deposit, withdraw;
* Update most of the references in the dialogues under the title;
* Code optimization processing bypass solutions;
- Cleaning of unnecessary code;
* Rewritten the login process to fully Valakas offs;
* Rewritten the login process to fully Antharas offs;
+ Implemented object (34778) Squash Ring (Warrior) (thx. Scorpion);
+ Implemented object (34779) Squash Earring (Warrior) (thx. Scorpion);
+ Implemented object (34780) Squash Necklace (thx. Scorpion);
+ Implemented neskoko items
* Fixed skills (30505) Pressure Punch;
* Updated the base client information;
* Cosmetics AI monsters;
+ Added a flag in it quests - isAbortable that prohibits the player cancel quest;
* Fix for the immortality of the mobs when you interrupt homecoming monster;
+ Added condison quests to check the class type of the character;
* After you use the skill "Corpse Explosion" and similar corpse disappears;
* Fix returning to spawn RB;
+ English translation of the message TvT and Hasher events;
* Fix operation of the PA system;
* Monsters near the village of Talking Island have a small radius of prosecution purposes and when they return to spawn, they have fully restored HP and MP (afflic);
+ Added admin command //distance to check the distance from the destination;
* Cosmetics AI monsters. Now montry return to spawn completely true to offs;
* Cosmetics AI monsters offs;
* Makeup tutorial for offs;
* Fixed the work of the tutorial;
* Afflic implementation skills (30521) Damage Up;
* Fixed skill Shadow Flash offs;
* Fixed skills Superior Heavy Armor Mastery;
* Optimization of the summons;
* Afflic implementation of targeting skills;
+ Preparations for afflic implementation of targeting skills;
- Lishnee;
* Fixed the skill Seal of Restriction;
* Fix drop in Lair of Antharas;
* Fix removal of PA items after the expiry of the PA;
* Updated drop in Lair of Antharas;
* Fix create command channel;
* Fix system reflectionof;
* Cosmetics display quest dialogues;
+ Implemented parameter "critical_rate_modifier" in the magic abilities, which is a modifier of the MAG. Crete. attack when using this skill;
* Fix dupa through And Douala;
* Fixed effects triggers skills Aqua Crash;
+ Implemented: (40056) Mysterious Wind Scroll;
+ Implemented: (40231) Freya's Frozen Scroll;
+ Implemented: (40361) Agathion - Joon Pack;
+ Implemented: (40362) Agathion - Joon Pack (30-day);
* Fix instance of Trajan;
* Introduced a LUCKY drop;
* Fix sharpening weapons bots;
+ Started implementation of the civil code with the passage of quests;
* Baylor and Oktavis rolled back only on Wednesday and Saturday (afflic) (thx. Scorpions);
* Fixes, NPE;
* Does not duplicate the tasks of AI bots when they respawn;
* Fixed bug with tutorial via letter Kerberos and SIRENIA;
* Taught bots to raise their drop;
* Update in a database;
* Improved algorithm of intelligence bots;
* Optimization bots;
* Fix the installation database;



Rev. 23919


* Produced global sync with main branch Artei.
(See section Area - more than 70% of fixes Ertai moved into the Odyssey, as they are identical.)

* If the character missed a day of receiving daily rewards, do not reset the order to begin with, and continue to give the following (afflic);
* Fixed the skills of a Black Hole 4-6 level;
* Protection against unauthorised substitution of the class ID when creating a character;
* Cosmetics skill tree degeneration;
* If buff trigger llaganuco goal, not doing the character pluginutil (afflic);
* The character RB is throwing the penalty paralysis when using the triggers (afflic);
* Fixed work skills Black Hole 2 and level 3;
* Buffs Despot ISA are only for clan members (afflic);
* Cosmetics mechanics, skill tree after rebirth;
+ Added custom folder skills;
* When dressing the weapons with the skills of augmentation do not set initial roll (afflic);
* When dressing item with a skill bonus of sharpening do not set initial roll (afflic);
* Fix getting the time via cron;
* Fix bypass the exchange Sphere Seroma have Vitamin Manager;
* Cosmetics engine KKH;
+ Implemented a system of daily rewards for logging in;
* Fix tutorial;
* Optimization and upgrading offs of the tutorial;
* Fix nipple use skills;
* Makeup tutorial;
* The fix works, NPE when using the nipple;
* Testing inherited skills
* Fix paketi;
* Cosmetics system instancevar zones;
* With the purchase of a profession will automatically cancel the quest for it;
* Expansion of the functionality of the engine quests;
* HP, MP, CP cannot be lowered below 1 (afflic);
* Fix the Pvp system;
* Fix premature collapse reflectob;
* Fix automatic use of fish nipple;
* Fix service additional Windows;
* Fix zakidyvaniya rods, if the character is fence;
* Fix of NPE authorization without protection;
* Fix the PvP system;
* Fixed crystallization;
+ Translation of some dialogues in English;
+ English translation service additional Windows;
* Fix nipple use physical skills. Now do not use their skills, which should not;
* Fix consumption item is the away team, after the review;
* Fix basic bots;
* Fix work the nipple;
* Spawn the NPC and BAF Herald Terse after the murder of Intracanalicular
* Spawn the vitamin Manager issued under the config;
* Fix the work instance;
* Afflic package package SkillCoolTime;
+ Added the European locale of the client;
* Send the map to where the KKH depending on the locale of the client, and not from the active server language;
* Fixed Elixir: Divine Protection
* Fix quest 10312
* Chest Energy Carly
* Area of fishing(the end)
* Cosmetics system auto-shots;
* Update lib;
* Fix system auto-shots;
* Optimization of the system auto-shots;
* Cosmetic grading of items.
* Cosmetics on automatic use of nipple;
* Fixed the entrance to the Extreme Tauti;
* Fix call to tauti(extreme)
* Rewritten area fishing: Lake Narsil, Giran Harbor, Near the Castle, Gludio, the Neutral Zone, Heine, Giran Bridges (TODO: Rainbow Lake, Valley of the Dinosaurs, Lake Palmer)
* Fix automatic use of fish nipple;
+ Added config RATE_QUEST_REWARD_EXP_SP_ADENA_ONLY that allows you to specify the effect rate value of the reward for the quest just for the EXP, SP and Adena;
* Fix Agra monsters after relocateamerica character;
* Cosmetics for Octavia offs. Now we see the bond between Octavian and animals;
- Removed unnecessary mechanics;
* Items 45642 45641
* Fix NPE;
* Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException;
* Fix updating the time functions of the residence;
* High does not use pacifiers (afflic);
* Fix in the camp of the shadow(simultaneous passage)



Rev. 23521


* Produced global sync with main branch Artei.
(See section Area - more than 70% of fixes Ertai moved into the Odyssey, as they are identical.)

And briefly about the unique Odyssey to the modifications:

* Added bonus bloody and dark weapons and armor
* Various fixes on skills and the item (thx Scrop)
* Camp gray shading(end) AI stats.
* Fixed work skills Summon Tree of Sephiroth;
* Fix in Alchemy Runes
* Adjust the settings of the Olympics.
+ Missing NpcString;
+ Instance Camp Gray Shadow (Draft TODO Stats of mobs and AI)
* Unpacking the sealed weapons of the shadow exchange sharpened weapons of the shadow
+ Quests 826 827 828 829 830 831
+ Added visual effect buff from Furious Slasher;



Rev. 23113


Managers residence is always a fixed amount of MP and it is not consumed;
In pursuit of the character closer to the offs;
* Fix NPC moving like animals in the Talking Island Village;
+ Implemented areas for temporary KKH;
+ Russian localization added information on fines clan;
* Fixed IndexOutOfBoundsException;
* Fix the change of the owner in castles, FORTS, KKH;
* Work on the implementation of temporary KKH;
+ Dialogs for auction temporary KKH;
* Work on the implementation of temporary clan halls;
* Work on the implementation of temporary clan halls;
+ Added English localization in the Pvp system of awards;
* The stored information about the owner of the residence (castle, CH, Fort in the corresponding tables;
* Fix monsters at the Wall of Argos;
* Fixed work Shift+Click commands for a NPC type NpcFriend;
* Work on the implementation of temporary clan halls;
+ Start of implementation of the Provisional Clan Halls;
* Expansion of the functionality of the engine of reflectionof;
+ Implemented config for annons rebirth RB;
* Fix quest (10333) Disappeared Sakum;
* Fully updated spawn in Ruins of Despair offs;
* Fix quest (10337) Sakum Impact;
* Cosmetics quest (10364) Obligations Of the Seeker;
* Buffs Pets made in datapac;
* Spawn Fortress Gilotina on title scripts
* Spawn the Garden of Genesis, Bloody Swamp, Altar of Evil on title scripts
* Treasure Chests spawn of another dimension on PTS scripts.
* Implemented exchange coupons pet Rose the Manager of the Vitamins;
* Fix exchange Dark Assassin Suit from the Manager of Vitamins;
* Fix spawn monsters when attacking post in the Altar of Mimir;
+ Added teleports into Temporary Halls of the Clan in the admin panel;
+ Procurement for implementation of the present clan halls;
* Fix activation of the zones of jumps in the instances;
+ Implemented jumping in Spatial Barrier;
+ Quests 10801-10807
+ Instant Spatial Barrier (draft)
* Fix tutorial. Now climbs the incorrect time the message about the need to quest for a profession;
* Cosmetics Mamonov for offs;
+ Implemented config limiting the level of sharpening items at the Olympics;
+ Implemented new afflic effect "i_hp_drain";
* Altered ability Death Lord fully for offs;
* More fixes on the system abiliti abilities;
* Fix adding extra skills in the study skills system abilities;
- Extra third-party libraries;
* Fixed jumps in skills. The character arrives to the goal after using a skill, while using a skill (afflic);
* Fixed removeing the caste and the camp during the attack of the character;
* Fix Russian translation of the quest of the gentleman - (10369) Noblesse, Soul Testing;
* Fix Russian translation of the quest (210) to Obtain a Wolf Pet;
+ Possibility to use TCP bypass solutions in quests;
* Cosmetics some configs;
* Fixed descriptions of events;
* For Odyssey the maximum level of 107;
* Fixed work sharpened the Tree of Life;
* Fixed work sharpened characters (geographic skills);
* Begin to use use_type with a list of skills the NPC;
* To fix statton some NPCs with low HP;
* Perearsti skills NPC with client Odyssey;
* Sparsely skills PTS with NPC scripts.
* Perearsti skills NPC with client Erteia;
* Sparsely skills PTS with NPC scripts.
* Updated the bonuses for enchanting armor offs;
* Fix RB spawn 25478 * Fix skill 30008
* Afflic order posylki messages when you enter the game;
* Fix for the PA system;
* Fix display of PA in the selection of characters;
* Fix system premium account;
* Fix issue of free premium account.
+ Implemented automatic cans use HP/MP/CP;
* Extend the functionality of the Assembly;
* When 'dark' checks condicon of the object is not output message (afflic);
+ New listeners when you change the current Hp, Mp, Cp;
* When you create a new set of buffs in kommuniti, automatically add to the buffs that are imposed on the character;
* Fixed displaying of chance to loot at very low values (Shift+Click);
* Fix to capture the Special Fortresses disabling backup power dwarves
* When using cursed weapons epic zone on the player imposed curse rate (configurable);
+ Added config to ban the use of transformations in epic zones;
* Cosmetics new event TvT and Hasher;
- The garbage;
* Optimization and cleaning of new events;
- Removed old, unused events;
- Old, unused events;
- Removed old event TvT. Use new in the dataeventspvp[8] tvt_relax.xml!!!;
- Removed old event Last Hero. Use new in the dataeventspvp[10] hasher_relax.xml!!!;
+ Quests 665 666 667 668 669 670
+ Implemented the Assembly of pieces of cards after fishing and getting quests from them
* Fixed Weapon Shadows(you can sharpen any scrolls)
* Fix dialogs for quest 10811



Rev. 22677


* Produced global synchronization with the main branch of Artei.
(See Area with over 70% of the fixes Ertai transferred into the Odyssey, as they are identical.)

+ Instant Baltus Knights:Antharas Expedition(Balthus Knight: Antharas Expedition)
+ Quests 10701 10702 10709 10710
* Fixed the entrance to Belev
* STR and INT still affect critical damage. attack;
* Fixed bug with items when you use comisionado store;
* Cloak of Radiant Light and Cold Cloak of Darkness gives +3 to UDC and HAR;
* Fix for Beleth(test chance of occurrence is not removed)
+ When triggered, good luck, over the clover character appears and displays the appropriate message (offlike);
* Fixed Totems Of Tyre;
* Fix dupa through the attributes of the Commission;
* Fix operation of the bypass solutions in kommuniti;
* Fix download skills;
- Use third-party libraries;
* Removed Frintezza''s Magic Force Field Removal Scroll to access printese
* Fix itema Love Potion
* Fix bindings work on HWID protection on L2-Scripts;
* Fix deposition, Thelego Stone Wind when mixing (alchemy);
+ Implemented double craft R-R99 things;
* Fix the lifting of immunities ability (11604) Shocking Blow;
* Fix gain experience with a large number of multipliers, etc.;
* Fix quest for the 1st profession;
* Fixed the quest "Meeting with Hallinta";
- Cleaning quests from unnecessary code;
* Cosmetics in Coral garden
* Fix of NPE have Antharas;
* Fixed skills 11384 11385
* Fix skill Rush Lancer Power Stump
* Fix familiar Unicorn Cherub
* Fix the lifting of immunities ability (13693) Talisman - Battle: Support;
* Fix of abilities (13715) Item Skill: Slow;
* Fix of abilities (13722) Item Skill: Slow;
* Fix working skills to Build a forward Base on the siege;
+ Swerves purchase additional Windows;
+ Implementation of new RAID zones BelefDarion
* fix quest 10459
* Fix dialogs on 3ью prof(should not portowall when closing)
* After 5 seconds of teleportacia to the Olympics, once again, restore all HP, MP, CP (offlike);
+ More detailed logging to messages with objects;
* Fix receipt of deferred items;
* Display drop by Shift+Click more clearly, a simpler and more accurate for the player;
+ Quests 10456 10457 10458 10459
* Fixed skills 176 16129 16130 11605
* Fix quest 775
* Fix formula the amount of the crystals during sharpening fail;
+ Added missing dialogues;
* Fix some dialogs;
* Fixed the work of the panel changing the maximum number of members;
* Fixed totems taranta. regardless of the time effects model oth-other (afflic);
* Fix system loading custom images into the Assembly;
* During the exile of academician of the fine on the clan is not imposed (afflic);
+ The missing dialogues;
* Fix quest _509_TheClansPrestige;



Rev. 22487


* Произведена глобальная синхронизация с основной веткой Эртеи.
(Смотрите раздел с Эртеей - более 70% фиксов Эртеи перенесены в Одиссей, ибо являются идентичными.)

* Фикс повторного появления Кельбима(не появлялся после повторного захода)
* Дополнен спавн РБ
* Фикс для огненого коридора
* диалог туториал пропущенный


Rev. 21990


* Produced global synchronization with the main branch of Artei.
(Refer to Area - more than 70% of the fixes Ertai moved into the Odyssey, for they are identical.)

+ Implemented parameter attack_targets_count, which adds the number of target conventional weapons with a normal attack;
* Fix skill Furious Slasher. He's a normal behaviour 5 targets with normal attacks;
* Updated GM shop in admin panel by Infinite Odyssey;
* Update in the admin teleports on Infinite Odyssey;
* Updated conditions of participation in the Festival of Chaos;
* Registered players to the Festival of Chaos now cannot change sub-class;
* Updated all templates of system messages;
* In the Olympic arena "Trident" (arena with gargoyles) now fights are not conducted;
* Fix quest 790
+ The dialogues for quests 823 816 817 823 827 831 826 790 829 828 10830
* Fixed quest dialogue under 10283
+ Dialogue quest under 470
* Fixed socketing spirit(level check)



Rev. 21604


* Produced global synchronization with the main branch of Artei.
(Refer to Area - more than 70% of the fixes Ertai moved into the Odyssey, for they are identical.)

Also some specialized fixes directly on Odyssey:

+ Quest 816
* Correction quest 790
* Fix sharpening headwear
+ Pets vitamin 13548-13551
* Fix of issue pet Turtle
* Fix the jump point in Dion
+ Exchange of weapons Kelvin
* Fix rewards in the quest 775
* Fix system sharpening skills. +10 and +20 sharpening is safe (afflic);
* Fix quest 663
* Fix to 3rd prof quest
+ Quests 10836-10843
+ Quest 790, 10829-10833
* Completion of quests 10817 10823
* Fix quest 787
* Spawn to 23559, 23560 (when killing mobs in the Temple of spirits) and RB Isabela(26131)
* mo and 46158 46165
* Drop the RB 26131 Isabel
* Quests 10824-10825 be passed immediately in the capture, since the passage connected with inter-server sieges
* The branch of quests in the advanced nobility 10811-10827
* Fix new quests;
* quests 10814-10827
* Fix quest Step Up;
* quests 10811-10818
+ Dialogues to quests 10811-10843
* Cosmetics;
* Fix skill Bloody Panteras
+ Some items (thx. Scorpius);
+ Implementation Reflect Shirt (thx. Scorpius);
* Updated some weapons;
* Cosmetics new Auras Siegel on offu;
+ Blanks missing quests;
+ The implementation of some skills (thx.Scorpius);
* Fix some skills off (thx.Scorpius);
+ Some items (thx. Scorpius);
* Fix sharpening skills;
* Fix changing type of sharpening skills honed with the ability to +30;
* Fix bonus statov for after LVL 100+ level;


Rev. 20948


* Produced global synchronization with the main branch Ertei.
(. 70 related fixes for 200+ revisions Refer to Erte - more than 70% of fixes Ertei transferred to the Odyssey, for are identical.)
Also, some specialized fixes directly from Odyssey:
* Fix new skill summons;
* Fixed pet skills;
* Makeup new auras Knight Sigel;
+ Implemented the ability to specify a level of sharpening skills when pointing at the npc, items, triggers, restoration, pet_skills;
* Permission is granted to sharpen skills to 30, if the player is still somewhere found an item for this;
* Cosmetics runes;
* Cosmetics Meteor skills (11134) close to Offa;
* Cosmetics Black Pool skills (11135) close to Offa;
* Cosmetics Snow Storm skill (11136) close to Offa;
* Cosmetics Tornado skills (11137) close to Offa;
* Cosmetics skill Soul Barrage (11138) close to Offa;
* Cosmetics GROUND skills;


Rev. 20584


* Produced global synchronization with the main branch Artei. (. 100 more related fixes for 250+ revisions Refer to Erte - more than 70% of fixes Ertei transferred to the Odyssey, for are identical)
* Fixed exchange blessed ammunition;
+ Implemented exchange on Helios Helios blessing with CA;
- Excess spawn;
* Work on the exchange of the usual equipment in the blessing;
* Fix dialogues Assistants Instructors;
+ English dialogue for travel assistant;
* Fixed an item 40361 40362
* Fix Moba 33798 33799 33800
* Fixed skills 10098 10060 10100 10101 10252 11763 11764 11782 11826 16456 17919 8864
* Work on updating the guild members Travelers;
+ Implementation of a pair of new stone processing appearance (thx.Scorpius);
+ AI Kelvin


Rev. 19802


* Global synchronization of other branches
* Updated for the Russian dialogues odyssey blacksmiths;
* Work on the implementation of offlayk blacksmiths;
- Excess;
* Edit ID multisellov under offs for conflict resolution;
+ Missing multiselly;
* Updated by odyssey English dialogue blacksmiths;
* Fixed some abnormal effects;
* Optimization;
* Fix damage Absorb and transfer;
* Updated drop tinctures from monsters by Odyssey. Now do not start dropping tinctures buffs (offlayk);
* Fixed skill tree dual-class;
+ Implemented the ability to specify the object ID required for auction CH;
* Slightly rewritten loot system. Reith Adena no longer affects the chance to drop Adena, but only on the amount;
* Implemented the ability to specify each item on the auction his bet;
+ Added a drop infusions in Colonia Fey (offlayk);
* Updated the number of crystals in subjects at Odyssey;
* Updated the number of crystals in subjects on Ertei;
* Update crystallization system Ertheia;
* Location "Blazing Swamp" (Spavndropstaty) // Todo Craters
* Fix stones change the appearance of masks;
* Fix assistant coaches on the English localization;
* Increase the chances of spawning monsters when attacking the post John;
+ Implemented the ability to prescribe the skills to handle the stones;
+ Implemented an item Abundance Gift Box (23841);
+ Implemented an item Abundance Gift Box (23842);
+ Implemented an item Abundance Gift Box (23843);
+ Implemented an item Abundance Gift Box (23844);
* In the Valley of the Dragons fall tincture (offlayk);
* Fix a cube in the mixing artey. Previously, the amount was not considered smeshuemyh an item;
* Fix a friend invitation. Previously, in case of failure, each added anyway;
* Fix removal from friends;
* Buffs coach no longer disappear when smerte (offlayk);
+ Implemented poles Ying in the Altar of Mimir;
* Fix immortality layering multiple effects simultaneously;
* Fixed invulnerability overlay multiple effects simultaneously;
* Othell Rogue is not a default inherits Fortune Seeker, and Adventurer;
* Fix purchasing items through an item-Mall;
* Enhanced functionality ItemFunctions;
+ Full implementation of Lilith raid;
* Work on the implementation of Lilith raid;
* Fix teleportation through the admin panel to the NPC. If the NPC does not spawn, then do not try to teleport to it;
* Engine Optimization spawn. If the monster does not spawn, then we do not try to initiate new NPCs to spawn later, after the death of its predecessor;
* Work on the implementation of Lilith raid;
+ English translation for NPCs Paddy Island of Dreams;
+ Implementation of the exchange shirts Paddy Island of Dreams;
* Updated on Smuggler Mammon Ertheia;
+ Implementation of Luck Box 1, Luck Box 2, Luck Box 3;
+ Implemented Stone Processing Samurai Helmet;
+ Implemented Stone Processing Costume Samurai;
+ Implemented Stone Processing cordance Anakim;
+ Implemented Stone Processing Jacket Vampire;
+ Implemented Stone Processing Pants Vampire;
+ Implemented Stone Processing Gloves Vampire;
+ Implemented Stone Processing Vampire Shine;
+ Implemented Stone Processing headdress Vampire;
+ Implemented Stone Processing Costume Dark Assassin;
+ Implemented good. Einhasad Scroll: Enchant T-shirt;
+ Implemented Ninja Outfit Appearance Stone Pack;
+ Implemented Traditional Taiwanese Costume Appearance Stone Pack;
+ Instant saved (extreme)
+ Manager Kelvin Zone
+ Gatekeeper Kelvin
* AI for skilovyh massovok Kelvin
// TODO AI Himself Kelvin
* Skills RB Kelvin
* RB Kelvin Zone
* Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException;
* Removing the shackles scrolls 36303 36302 36293 36298
* Fix pendants exchange
* Engine Optimization spawn monsters;
* Engine functional improvements spawn monsters;
* Fix Livianroz boxes;
+ Implementation packages with ornaments Livianroz;
- Life Stones with awards Event "Try your luck";
+ Spawn Astrologer Eve in Gludio;
* Stamps summoners
* Offlayk list of awards in the event "game of luck";
* Offlayk implementation games "Try your luck";
* Possible fix Chain Heal type of skills;
+ Event Preparations for the implementation of "try your luck!";
+ Spawn Astrologer Yves and instructors;
* Altered effects i_m_attack i_p_attack and to be able to use them as well as the effects of tick;
* Fix PvP system;
* Fix dialogues Kx;
- Excess;
* Fixed several NPC dialogues;
* Work on the implementation of the Hellbound;
* Fix display NpcStringID names and titles of the NPC;
* Fixed the ability Tyrr Force (thx Scorpius.);
* Rasshiraem functional AI;
+ Fully populated Hell Island;
* Fix 17 cubes (thx Scorpius.);
* Fixed registration of Event through kommuniti;
* Fix compilation;
* Fix augmentation through kommuniti;
* Fix the return of exiles zone Prison
- Doubles dialogue in the quest 470,485
+ Missing dialogs
* NPCs thong after the addition of the nucleus
* Offlayk implementation skills Aggression Attack;
+ Implemented DAMAGE_HATE_BONUS option to increase the hatred of the monster in the attack;
* Fix working baffera in kommuniti;
* Fix removal of shackles (Bound removed items added to the usual)
* Minor fixes in multiselkah
- Limit the speed of the attack;
* Fix visualization Box PvePvP insertion into heliosAydos. Added insertion of Elsium
* To access Bayoumi cloth is no longer required
* Fixed skill 30011 11059 11276 30007
Packs + 10707 10708
+ Quests 10712 10713 10714 10715 10716
* Fixed dialogue teleporter 32779
* Fixed spawn germunkusa on grace
* Fix display all regions in kommuniti region;
* Fix the control CH;
* Works on paketke;
- Unidentified an item with droplista;
* Fix working config to limit the participants in the competition from the same computer;
* Small configs cosmetics;
* If a monster attacks a monster under the effect of Madness (Discord), the monster does not attack back (Offlike);
* Damage monster under the effect of Madness (Discord) monster counted as damage caused to those who put the effect (offlike);
* Cosmetic effect Madness (Discord) on offu;
* Fixes for epic jewelery
* Fixes for skills 10008 10009 10010 10011 10012 10026 10027 10258 10539 10546 10549 10776 11059 11769 11777 11780 531
* Fix a treasure hunt in the bag
* Do not show a message on the successful completion of the debuff on the target (offlayk);
* If unsuccessful passing mass debuff, write a failure message for each goal (offlayk);
* Small cosmetics "fatal blow" skills;
+ Added logging when buying items in an item-mall;
* Fix Dupa items through an item mall;
!!! CRITICAL !!!


Rev. 19224


* Global synchronization with other related issues chronicles.
+ Added logging when buying items in an item-mall;
* Fix Dupa items through an item mall; (Critical)
* Cosmetics dialogues managers residences;
+ Russian translation of the dialogue control fortresses;
* When Buffy did not close the dialog box in the BCH;
* Fix copyright in kommuniti;
+ Offlayk implementation of mapping skills activity due to the shortage in the presence of MP buffs rollback abilities;
* Fix target with summons in skills;
* Fix check the distance from TARGET_SERVITORS, TARGET_SUMMONS skills;
* Fixed lethal injection
* Fixed animation RB Katargon suite
* Fix the skill structure 10001 10060 // TODO Need a new effect
* Fixed skill 11059, 11760, 279
* Opening of wonderful shots
+ 781 782 Quests
* Fix rewards in quests 10748 10749
* Skills for new books at the festival
* Fixes to bypass (typo in the service)
* Fix time zone klanholov
* Bag treasure hunt
+ Quest 10464
* Fixed doors in paganke
* Monsters no longer think when players attack another player, they treated each other;
+ Spawn Lionel Hunter in Heine;
* Fixes NPE
+ Each card moved to separate instant.
* Rewrote the entire map. au mechanisms waves and so on. Just the added opportunity through configuration to exhibit with a wave of novice card.
* Fixed display of personal messages when selling package;
* Fix Aggra monsters while moving the player;
+ Implemented configuration to limit modifier reytirovannoy rewards in quests;
* Delivers the loss experience in the configs penalties;
* Cosmetic display Reith in the admin;
+ Implemented configs to Aden, Drop, Spoil tiered;
* Fixed quest Cetrification of Fate;
* Fix Quest Supplier of Reagents;
* Fixed quest Four Goblets;
* Fixed quest A Game of Cards;
* Fixed quest Seductive Whispers;
* Fixed quest Stolen Dignity;
* Cosmetics links in scripts;
* Fix NPE;
* Fix Review summons when picked cursed weapon;
+ Dialogues Atrologa IV;
* Fix monsters in Hellbound (thx ScreamPassion.);
* Fix the formula nipple impact on the 'blow' skills;
* Fix damage at all "fatal blow" skills;
* Fixed pet attacks. Now, do not attack the peaceful purpose without Ctrl;
* Fixed loss Adena seeded with a monster (thx Evil_Dnk.);
* Fix the motion processor. Now the position coordinates of the character more in sync between 2 players;
* Fix action with large (wide) NPC;
* Fixed issue of reward for raising the level. No reward is now impossible to get a double when deleveling;
* Cosmetics inviz system;
* Fix bug on the bypass;
* Fix range auras degeneration (thx ScreamPassion.);
* Edit exchanger Fragments Tauti by Offa. It takes not one piece, and 10 (thx ScreamPassion.);
- Unnecessary RB in Ketra (thx ScreamPassion.);
* Offlayk coordinates in Scroll of Escape: Forest of the Dead (thx ScreamPassion.);
* When using the skill stream of water, the effect on the target Stamp Storm subsides (thx ScreamPassion.);
* Offlayk ExUserInfoEquipSlot implementation of the package;
* Fixed quest 1yu profession;
* Fixes Water Ice Strike Flash Storm Rage Storm Grip
* Cosmetics;
+ Added a new ability to summon;
* Fix the use of new skills pet;
- Removed spawn NPC 'Rupert' (thx ScreamPassion.);
* Requiem Retributer - has type BIGBLUNT (thx ScreamPassion.);
* Fix teleports in kommuniti (thx ScreamPassion.);
* Fix Alisha Merchant (thx ScreamPassion.);
+ Dialog for device Perescheniya in Norn (thx ScreamPassion.);
+ Russian translation of the quest A Whole New Level of Alchemy (thx ScreamPassion.);
+ Implemented away system;
* Proper display of the name and the title character;
* When trading do not hide the title (offlayk);
* Fix sharpening bonuses. Armor given to the CCA;
* Reconciliation of Exp and SP for all quests
* Offlayk sending messages with the failure of passing the physical skills;


Rev. 18790


* Global synchronization fixes to other chronicles
* Cosmetics World chat;
* Fix viewer drop by Shift + Click;
* Fixes NPE;
* Fix the tree of skills inherited after degeneration (thx wall.);
* Fix ability (11569) Critical Damage Increase (thx wall.);
* Fix Dupa Adena. Critical !!;
* Cosmetics dialogues with NPCs. When you click on links NPCs will not talk (offlayk);
* Protection and Melody Melody Battle replace each other;
+ Drop Rune Stone;
* Do not TPshim the player with the Olympics cursed weapon;
* Updated the NPC Dhaka and its services
* Fixed spawn 26081
* Fixes active skill augmentation old.
* Fixes skills 13520 13521 1416
* Cosmetics NPC dialogues;
- Cleaning;
* Fix working nipple;
* Fix working GMshopa;
* Price Fixing in Mammon (Apparently Spars valuable tax immediately)
* Fix sharpening skills 3e profnyh
* Fix double-drop with Lindviora
* Cosmetics dialogues with NPCs. When you click on links NPCs will not talk (offlayk);
* Supplement to the merchant mammon (Ertei on this item is an item there)
+ Dialogues and multisely with services for NPSov Aria and Melo
* Fixed zagruschki
+ Implementation of the Special Olympics Costume Jewellery (thx Scorpius.);
+ Returned old game events;
* Global optimization works;
* Formatting's Event;
* Cosmetics default NPC dialogues;
- Event Coffer of Shadows because of irrelevance to update Ertheia and above;
* Fix cancel clan war. If you cancel subtract clan reputation of the clan, which repeals, not vice versa;
* Skill 11030
* Fix the use of evidence of courage
* Fix fishing skills;
+ Implemented return equipment for Coins Iron Gate;
* Fixed quest 10426
* Fix the fracture energy production. You can not get more than 2 units a day;
* Fix extraction Mark of Traveler - Will. You can not get more pieces in the 1st day;
* Works on optimization;
- Irrelevance of mechanics;
- Removed the services of the seven seals Pushkin due to irrelevance in the chronicles of the year;
* Sharpening Stones 36008 36009
* Fixed an item 21212 22910 22912 22915 22916 22947 22949 22955 22958 22966 22967 22968 22969 22970 22971 22972 22973 22974 22975 22976 22977 22978 22979 23083 23084 23086 23087 23088 23089 23090 23091 23092 23341 24384 24385 24386 24387 24388 24389 24390 24391 24392 24393 24394 24395 24396 24397 24398 24399
* Fixed skills 35 84 94 10327 1168 11537 11546 11559 11580 11587 11603 11850 1508 21233 22189 22215 22625 22712 30009 30501 30508 30515 30516 and others.
* Global optimization work
+ The beginning of works on the script engine optimization;
* Fixed skill tree honorable gentleman;
* Fix for an exchange of consumables for iron coins
* Fixed quest 10426
* Fixed quest 10339
* Fix with sharpening skills on Major
* Tyurmy Cosmetics close to Offa;
* Fix custom messages;
* Fix Octavis;
* Fix groups Octavis gap in the dungeon in which the rollback is not put dungeon
* Fixed skill Dissolve 11770
* Fixed quest 758
* Fixed quest 778
* Fixed skill 30009
* Fix experience Octavis
* Fix fine on the dissolution of the clan (not working);
* Improved configuration at the time of removal klanaizmenenie leader. Now, you can not specify how many days will be changed, and what day (offlayk - Tuesday);
* Fixed quest 10339
* Rollback fix on overhangs on Octavis. I do not understand the bug report.
* Removed experience with stage 1-2 Octavis
* Fix on visits to Octavis
* I added a new pet skills. It is necessary to add to the kernel
+ Added config to indicate how many days after the filing of the application to remove, and modify clan leader;
* Optimize cache dialogues;
* Fix the coding of some dialogues;
* Cosmetics for offu clan system;
* Betting System Iron coins beginners assistant.
* Fixes multiselok 770771772
* An item 38600 38601
* Fixed skill 10780 debuff duration of 10 seconds
* Fixed skill 11770
* Skill 18050 and an item to it 39720
* Fixed skill 30008. Hyde can not be dispelled when selfbafe
* Fix caching dialogues in different languages;
* Fixed display of progress onion recharge;
* Fix drop from RB;
* Baium Sunday 16-00
* Replaced the old stones drop augmentation new
* Fixed skill 30008. Hyde can not be dispelled when selfbafe
* Fixed skill 10271 should not replace 286
* Fixed skill consumed an item number 19089
* Fixed a delay between animations attack the attack itself;
* Fix display MT at craft;
* Fix display a message when receiving experience with monsters;
* Cosmetics;
* Fix NPE;
* Duel can be thrown up to 250 rostoyanii instead of 1200;
* When a character attacks aim vnedueli, the duel will be canceled automatically;
* If the person runs away from a duelist on rasstoiyanii 1200 and more, the duel is canceled;
* If the character is teleported - it will automatically give up;
* During a duel, you can teleport;
+ Has registered crystals Agathions sign;
+ Implementation of many bags with things (thx Scorpius.);
* Fix-winning quests (thx Scorpius.);
* Updated to drop by Valakas offu;
* Cosmetics engine quests;
* The number of MPs residences managers Offe inflated about 50 times from the base;
* Offlayk payment of bonuses Reiten (Vitality, Rune);
* Fix Treatment of sharpening skill Brilliant Purge;
* Fix sharpening on time have the ability Arcane Barrier;
* Restoring HP, MP, CP after use Sacrificial Soul skill bonuses do not consider the recovery and restoring the specified value;
* If you attack a monster is no longer trying to escape a monster;
* When talking to NPCs, do not try to flee to the NPS;
* If a character casts and tries odetsnyat thing, after casting thing odenetsyasnimetsya (offlayk);
* Fix the magician NG nipple gave privku damage as Bless, that is not correct;
* Fix when personazhsammon ran up to the target and does not attack the first time;
* Curse Gloom on Oddysey has a 100% chance (offlayk);
* Updated mechanic skill tree. Take subclass skills rebirth of available skills in rebirth;
* Cosmetics AI player closer to offu. Even if the target can not be attacked, then the character will run up to first, and then receive a message about the impossibility of an attack (offlayk);
* A small search party for cosmetics offu;
* Cosmetics AI summon closer to offu. Even if the target can not be attacked, then summon you first run up, and then get a message about the impossibility of an attack (offlayk);
+ Added missing generals skills;
* Updated the party search system is fully on offu;
* Updated Libraries are;
* Small code optimization;
* When the effect of the death summon Share Pain is not canceled (offlayk);
* Do not cancel the effects caused by taking damage if the damage has been done is the same (offlayk);
* Fix rejoining the instance to laythard version Octavis and Isthiny;
+ Support for Vietnamese language;
* Fix dealing damage if dropped from a height;
* Delivers the profession artey to rebirth in a separate instant.
+ Instant and AI
* Fixed skill 11770
* Fix quest 10737 Warehouse Borin
* Fixed quest 762 Anxious order
* Fixed skill last division destiny
* Fix the maximum level dungeons (not cap 99 as the character levels are now above 99 200 set)
* Update Servitor Share on Infinite Odyssey;
* Fix rejoining the instance to laythard version Octavis and Isthiny;
* Recheck Offe civilians when attacking NPCs are in a fighting stance;
* Minor fixes;
* It is impossible to follow the invisible goal;
* With sown monsters may start dropping Herby;
* Fixed skill 222 Fury Fists
* Fixed quest 10420
* Fixed quest on 10327 ordered separately instant.
* Fixed quest to third profession in the English localization;
* Fix Tasca regen. Getting regenerate after 3 seconds after taking damage, but not immediately. Otherwise the character is in the water become unsinkable;
* Fixed quest to third profession in the English localization;
* Fixes issue of commander of Tyre skills: Lightning Storm, Provoke;
* When utopanii when sitting, it automatically rises (offlayk);
* Formula chance nat. and magician. slip on offu;
* Shoot down caste nat. skill Offe impossible;
* Fix use rechargeable skills;
* Fixed quest to third profession in the English localization;
* Fixes for mascots 45614-45622
* Fixes for skill Curse Gloom 1263 11152 Sacrificial Soul
* Fixed skill 11152 Soul Sacrifice
* Upgrade the heroes weapons odyssey
* Update raincoats heroes odyssey
* Updating the skills heroes odyssey
* Fixes stats new bags Feo SoulAbsorber


Rev. 18003


+ For clients without bindings are now available for the system proxy (for connecting multiple IP Proxy antiddos protection)
* Full synchronization with fixed Ertei on related issues.

* Fix churning effects Player (slip, etc.);
* Fix sweep;
- Extra configuration;
* Fixed search group. It messed up the name of the group leader's name;
+ Blanks for bot-report;
* Fix passive skills monsters to gain in offu;
* Fix for running charom summons, players;
* Fix the attack monsters, raise the drop. Now the character runs and hits, but does not stop;
* Fixed display of the party group information;
* Fixed display of swimming speed;
* Offlayk fines experience the difference in levels of the party;
* When you turn on Auto shot, take the name of an item to the client rather than the server;
+ We provide a cloak for buying and Tiara status of honorary gentleman through kommuniti;
+ Spirit Stone Accessory, Stone Ghost Accessory Mid-Grade, the Spirit Stone for High-Grade Accessory, Accessory Stone Spirit Higher Grade
+ New fish
+ New dialogibaylistymultisely fishing, augmentation for the Spirit Stone Top-Grade.
* Skills for fishing
* Adjustments Syncom ertei
+ High-Grade Stone Spirit
* Cosmetics other stones
* Fix download server;
+ Implementation of skill Summon Tree of Sephiroth;
* Fixed skill 10284
* Fix decay sharpening skills at +20;
* Fixed in stone
+ Augmentation for 45930 Stone Spirit Mid-Grade
* Fixes for skills
* Sharpening skills (end)
+ Option_datavariationdata for augmentation with new stones Headwear, Legendary jewelry and simple Spirit Stones.
* The dialogue blacksmiths added exchange Rocks Life on the Rocks Spirit.
+ Multiselki to exchange Rocks Life on the Rocks Spirit.
* Legendary Bizhe added the ability augmentation.
* Fix ability Superior Heavy Armor Mastery (11504) (thx Scorpius);
* Reward in quest 10462 differs from Ertei
* Quests Olympiad (on Ertei reward other)
* Fixes for skills
* Olympic Games Shop
* The skill base for the tree after being called skill known as 19210.
* Fix the work of alchemy;
* Updated the alchemy by Infinite Odyssey;
* Cosmetics AI Bouton on offu;
+ Implementation of Magic Valley locations for Infinite Odyssey;
* Slightly increased the spawn locations in Fort astatine;
* Slightly increased the spawn locations in Temple of Spirits;
+ Launch of Magic Valley locations for Infinite Odyssey;
* Updated spawn locations in the Magic Valley on Infinite Odyssey;
+ NPCs implemented in locations Magic Valley;
+ Implemented jumping (Ramune) in Magic Valley locations;
* Fixed a range of monsters in Agra Fort Atstatin locations;
+ Implemented location Fortress astatine;
* Updated monsters levels on the basis of l2on;
* Formatting the NPC;
* The Infinite Odyssey limit SP 50 billion;
* When you turn on Auto shot, take the name of an item to the client rather than the server;



Rev. 17451


* Full synchronization with Erte
* Stats new summons
* Minor fix for skill
* Fix 100% sharpening skills;
* Fixes sharpening skills
* Adjustment of the new skill levels
* Fixes for sharpening skills
* Skills of new summons
* Adjustments for skills
* Fixed skill Blessing of the Exalted;
* Now, the energy consumed during the same pumping alone and the group;
* Energy is not consumed by the hunt for raid bosses;
* Fix mass Recall abilities;
* Fix ability (11106, 11107, 11108, 11109, 11110, 11111) Elemental Mass Burst;
* Fix sharpening skill Deceptive Blink;
* Fix ability (11001) Superior Weapon Mastery;
* The maximum level for participation in the no of Event 99, and the maximum specified in the config file;
* Implementation of new skills augumentatsii
* Fixes for an item
* Fixes for skills
* Fixes HP RB
* Fixes for Skil - zatochkarealizatsiya
+ Implementation of the new Player Commendation Talisman (thx Scorpius.);
+ Implemented the ability (19213) Shining Arrow - Speed. Attack .;
+ Implemented the ability (19214) Shining Bolt - Speed. Attack .;
+ Implemented the ability (19215) Shining Arrow - Def. Attack .;
+ Implemented the ability (19216) Shining Bolt - Def. Attack .;
+ Implemented the ability (19217) Shining Arrow - Extras. Shot;
+ Implemented the ability (19218) Shining Bolt - Extras. Shot;
* Fix ability Belief of the Exalted;
* Fix ability to Favor of the Exalted (thx Scorpius.);
* Fix reboot skills through the admin panel;
* Fix changing the type of sharpening;
* Fixed display of colors and tattuirovok;
* Spars and updated statte NPC with the last client Infinite Odyssey;
* Talismans PA
* Sharpening skills (continued)
* Adjustment and implementation of certain skills
* Fixed messages for receiving honorable gentleman through kommuniti;
* Updated the name of an item to the Infinite Odyssey;
+ Missing English dialogue;
- Extra quests in remote Infinite Odyssey;
* Study of the honorable gentleman skills produced through a double-click on the book (offlayk);
* Fixed critical skills Eminent Robe Mastery, did statte maximum protection;
* Fix sharpening skills;
* Skills Anonymous skills
* Fixes for skilamitemam
* Fix paketki (thx Rivelia.);
* Fixed display of character Clan;
* Sharpening skills (continued)



Rev. 17045


* Full synchronization with Erte (see. Fixes in the relevant section)
* Sharpening skills (continued)
* A more correct statte for monsters in the Temple of Spirits;
- Clean the excess;
* Update Guild travelers added items to the PA
* Missed teleport point in GC
* Update spawn
+ Implemented all the monsters in the location of the Temple of Spirits;
* Fix download server;
* NPC in the quest mob
+ Implementation of the monster Cerberus Nero;
* Cosmetics spawn in the Temple of Spirits by Offa. Spawn is now dependent on Day and Night;
- Remove the remainder of the Cloud Mountain Fortress;
+ Doors to new locations;
* Repars spawn in the fortress of astatine and the Temple of Spirits;
* Implementation of weapons Kelbima
* Implementation of weapons Shadows
* Skills 19222-19229, 30008.30009
* Skills to Honor Tiara, Cloak of Honor, Tiara Copy
- Cloud Mountain Fortress longer in the game does not exist;
+ The beginning of the location: Fortress astatine;
+ Start of locations: the Temple of Spirits;
* Implemented purchase Honourable Noble status through kommuniti;
* Skills honorable gentleman after examining available on osnovm and dual-class;
* Work on the system of honorary gentleman;
* Work on the skill tree honorable gentleman;
+ Preparations for the tree of skills honorable gentleman;
Quests + 767 768 769 772
* New paint 23825-23830 and skills to them
* Update parser skills under the new design tables sharpening skills;
* Fix download server;
* Sharpening skills (continued)
* Adjusting sharpening skills
+ Implemented table skill type MUL, ADD, SUB to facilitate the clearance of sharpening skills;
* Fix parsing skills. Invalid Pars table;
* Implemented parameter skill power_mul, which is a factor for setting power;
* Fix saving skills after learning;
* Fixed display of skills honed in the buff list;
* Fix download server;
* Fix the study skills, if skill is ground;
* Fix sharpened study skills;
* Fix blessed sharpening skills. Instead blessed book required regular;
* Fixes for skills
* Fix sharpening skills. When Fail do not give the maximum level of skills, and current;
* Adjustment of skill by Odyssey
* Implementation of skills Odyssey
* Fix some skills after Parsa;
* Work on sharpening skills;
* Pars skills with customer data (FINAL PART);


Rev. 16768


* Full synchronization with previous chronicles YEAR
* Fix sharpening skills;
* Fix download server;
* Fix encoding;
* Has registered the necessary items for study skills at Eolh Healer;
* Has registered the necessary items for study skills at Wynn Summoner;
* Has registered the necessary items to learn from Iss Enchanter;
* Has registered the necessary items for study skills at Feoh Wizard;
* Has registered the necessary items for study skills at Yr Archer;
* Has registered the necessary items for study skills at Othell Rogue;
* Has registered the necessary items for study skills at Sigil Knight, Tyr Warrior;
* Updated the skill trees of all Feoh Wizard on Infinite Odyssey;
* Updated the skill trees of all Yr Archer on Infinite Odyssey;
* Updated the skill trees of all Iss Enchanter, Wynn Summoner, Eolh Healer by Infinite Odyssey;
* Updated the skill trees of all Othell Rogue on Infinite Odyssey;
* Updated the skill tree in Tyr Titan on Infinite Odyssey;
* Updated the skill tree at Tyr Grand Khavatari on Infinite Odyssey;
* Updated the skill tree at Tyr Maestro on Infinite Odyssey;
* Updated the skill tree at Tyr Doombringer on Infinite Odyssey;
* Updated the skill tree at Tyr Dreadnought on Infinite Odyssey;
* Updated the skill tree at Tyr Duelist on Infinite Odyssey;
* Updated the skill tree in Sigel Shilen Templar on Infinite Odyssey;
* Updated the skill tree in Sigel Eva's Templar on Infinite Odyssey;
* Updated the skill tree in Sigel Hell Knight by Infinite Odyssey;
* Updated the skill tree in Sigel Phoenix Knight on Infinite Odyssey;
+ Implementation Support 127mi levels;
* Updated the skill tree in Advocate Sihem;
* Updated the skill tree in Thunder Sihem;
- Cleaning the spawn;
* When you change the skill level sohranaem level of sharpening;
- Shoe gai_npc;
+ Request to upgrade skills in the tables for the new sharpening system;
* Fixed synchronization;
* Rewrote the system of sharpening skills in Infinite of Odyssey;
* Updated the maximum levels and the names of skills;
* Updated structure design sharpening skills;
- Cleaning of the old skills neaktulny variations improvement;
* The maximum level is now Byte.MAX_VALUE = 127;
+ Spars blanks new skills with the client Infinite of Odyssey;
* Updated Spars and new recipes with the client Infinite of Odyssey;
+ Spars blanks new NPCs with client Infinite of Odyssey;
- Remove all NPCs have been deleted from the client Infinite of Odyssey;
* Updated flags for all items with the last client Infinite of Odyssey;
* Updated the prices on the items from the last client Infinite of Odyssey;
+ Spars new weapon with customer Infinite of Odyssey;
+ Spars new items to the customer's Infinite of Odyssey;
+ Spars new armor with the client Infinite of Odyssey;
+ New npc's added
* Renaming ertheia> infinite of odyssey;
* Works on paketke;
* Works on paketke 24 minutes;

Full synchronization with previous chronicles.



Progress on other chronicles read here: L2-SCRIPTS Pack


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