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Tariff - Silver

Tariff - Silver

List price: 900.00$
From: 750.00$
You save: 150.00$ (17%)


Silver from* 1,000 USD

  • Unique design or template for your website
  • Layout from PSD design
  • Layout from private cabinet 6.0 for website design
  • Website installation
  • Content filling
  • XenForo or IPS forum installation
  • Optimal filling and forum configuration
  • Online and last forum thread scripts into your website main page
  • Creation of GIF banners for advertise
  • Server Packs Helios, Underground, Classic 1.0, Classic 1.5, Classic 2.0, High Five, Interlude
  • Lineage 2 Server configuration
  • L2s geodata for your chronicle.
  • Development of Donate Shop
  • Concept development for server rates
  • Private Cabinet 6.0 scripts for Lineage 2
  • Server auctions script for Lineage 2
  • Provide temporary hosting for website storage
  • Website and server DDOS protection (Quality guaranteed).
  • Protection of the server against packet hacks using L2s-Guard protection system
  • Partial maintenance of CBT, OBT and advanced technical support.

Contact our manager - you will get all the help you needed!

Stages of creating Lineage 2 turn key projects - FAQ

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