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Event -

Event - "MPFE"

From: 300.00$



Event MPFE (Multi-Functional PVP Tournament)




This tournament runs for the 3rd cycle from 2 to 7 days.

Register with alt-b or via voice command.

Also, when entering the game has a visual notification of the start of the tournament.


First Cycle:


After registering for the tournament, the participant receives a visual effect above the head.

This sign accompanies players throughout the first cycle and highlights the need to kill someone during the first cycle.

Also, the participant receives an initial number of points on the administrator's request.

The goal - to kill the entire first period as many players registered for this tournament.

For each kill you get 1 point for a defeat 1 point if the score becomes 0, then the death of the enemy will no longer earn points.

Also charged coin, for which you can buy power-ups.


During this period, those who do not want to participate can use alt-used for social activities, a total of 4.


1. Raise the rating of the participant. 

2. Leave a comment Party.

3. Place a bet on the participant.

4. Buy bonus.


All items are enforceable only once per player.

For the item "1", the best participant will receive a bonus at the onset of the 3rd cycle.

Paragraph "2", a social to raise interest.

The item "3" is configured on a single currency in the administrator's discretion.

Number "4", buy a bonus of creating the party in the main tournament.

The alt-b, naturally, there is a full list of registered for the tournament, sorted by the number of points, that is, the players will simply navigate to someone better to put a bet.

Each player has a personal page with a description of who, what, when.

Also check if there are killings of players, such as the delay between the murders, IP addresses, HWID and the like, as much as possible to make the tournament an "honest".

You can also set the minimum ekvip players from which will go to points.


2nd Cycle:


Closes rate and vote.
Scoring will be terminated, as the visual effect of falls on all participants.


3rd Cycle:


Cycle number 3 is very similar to the "fins Hiro" tournament.

Choose the best 50 (default, can be changed) players with the most large number of CMV points and teleported to the Coliseum.

If a player is offline - will be considered as a technical defeat, but its place in the top 50 remain.

Next, a bit about the bonuses at the start of the tournament.

In addition to the bonus that players can buy their own, have automatic bonuses for the tournament favorite (whom voted most other players) and a bonus for those who have been at the time of counting the highest number of points.


Favorite bonus: 10 seconds immortality since the start of the main tournament.

Score bonus: 10 seconds after the start turnira.Chelovek, who will be sent to Target will be killed. (One instant the victim) - accompanied by a visual spell.


Also special visual effects for the two players.


The winner will be determined if there will be only one player alive.


Event End:


As a winner, he will be given a prize.

All people in the world, regardless of the online and offline, who correctly guessed the outcome of the battle, will receive a prize in the amount of total capital divided by the number of people who correctly guessed the outcome of the tournament.

The winner will be listed in the table of winners and the event will leave a trace on the stage of preparation. Cycle, the configurations.




The tournament is equipped with dozens of configs, in principle, you can control everything and everyone, at any stage of the tournament.

You not only get the opportunity to do interesting pvp tournament, but also the interest of players in the social activities and gambling.

The tournament is in the package with all the settings, tables and full technical support throughout the period of use of the tournament.


Compatibility: Any Java pack and l2-scripts pack.  

Discounts: Only for studio clients.


Attention: For assemblies, where alt-b is located in the nucleus, and the client has no source of this command, the orders are not carried out.
There may be individual improvements of your terms of reference.




Compatibility: Java any bestial assembly and assembly l2-scripts.

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