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Zombies against Humans

Zombies against Humans

From: 225.00$



Описание эвента:

Enroll 2 teams, then all moves in the Coliseum, become one people (defined transformer), the second zombie (zombie transformation).

Combat consists of 2 rounds, challenge one of the teams to beat the opponent 2 times.

If there is a draw then starts the third round, all the people turn into zombies.

Zombies are able to infect humans, imposing their debuffs (debuffs between zombies are not activated).

The man who was infected, transformed into 1yu degree of infection, and then starts the timer (3 minutes), during which the player must recover the infected specials. skill of the partner.

If an infected person is not recovered within a certain time, then he turns into an infection 2w stage, then in the third stage.

An infected person can infect the players of his team has a chance, if they are standing side by side.

When one of the teams wins the event ends, the team are given prizes.

Zombies team is different from the team of people, a large number of CMV XII, phys. attack, but movement speed is 2 times less than that of men.


Compatibility: Any Java server pack and  l2-scripts pack.  



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