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From: 750.00$



Peer - Ingame Market




Dear customers, as you know, that la2 market with each passing day it becomes more and more relevant, it became difficult to open projects on quality assemblies, became unbearable to pay huge amounts of money on advertising, to defend against DDoS, which nowadays can arrange any student, and all in order to open the server on which you will play the arrogant players who have all that they know what to demand something from you, without knowing of the content of the game, trying to make a server for themselves, while constantly running from one server to another.


Roulette at the opening of the server became very serious, and do not always cover the costs that have been spent on server hardware, security, advertising and website.


In this regard, our studio has long been thought of prospect to make a game that will make roughly players to play it with you, make them hold their emotions and expressions in your face and in general, will attract an unlimited number of players who want to:


A. Play without Donate (you do not need it)

B. Making money with 100% of the transaction.

B. Do not change the content of the game, but still bring something new and unique to the game.

G. To spend their money, but not on static Donat and that offered by other players.


Introducing PEER system.


Briefly about the system:


This system can work in the community board, and through .peer team or elsewhere on request.

Players themselves can put up for sale that they want to sell (all that passed in the game, including augmentation).

The players themselves put the price of the product (the currency depends on you, be sure to "RUB").

Players choose their product that they are interested in buying.

Players replenish their own balance through NextPay or any other.

Players independently apply for the withdrawal of money, no contacts with the administration, the administrator processes the application, that the player to serve.


How the server admin makes his profit?


The administrator, as any intermediary receives% of each transaction.

The percentage can be any administrator who wants to expose.

The administrator can put things on sale and ask for their money.

Of course, this is not advised to take risks, it's like a shadow Donat which players simply will never see and never know.


Static PEER functions:


The filtration system of goods:

1. Weapons

2. Armour

3. Jewelry

4. Other

5. Sharpening higher than.

6. Attribute higher than.

7. By title (or the beginning of the name)

8. For the price.


The market prior registration:


Each player before signing to confirm their age, who must be over 18 years old. (In Russian law)
After confirmation he sees the market itself, but can not see the details of the product, that is, just look at the system as a whole.
The player must register to get access to personal account and balance replenishment.
Registration includes: Name, Surname, Asya and a mailbox, by default, these data only you know the player and, later on you the right to ask for this information to solve problems or failures in the system (to avoid cheating).


The market after registration (prior making his first deposit):


So, after the registration of the player it is necessary to top up your balance by 300 rubles (the minimum price of the activation of your choice) once.

This can be done with the help of a personal account on your website or in another convenient location through NextPay or any other (PHP scripts nextpay system included).

After recharge and activate your account PIR player will be able to go to the personal account, it will show:

1. Balance

2. What is for sale

3. The ability to balance output.


The market after registration and after making his first deposit:


After a single top-up all the functions of the PIR will be forever available for this player.

New opportunities:


Sell an Item:

The first sale of the system obliges the player to enter his purse P, input occurs once and can not change purse ever (only by means of the administration).

After entering the BMP wallet opens a list of all available products, the player chooses a product that he wants to put on sale if the goods are joined, such as Aden, it is possible to put multiple items of the same type at a time.

By clicking on the desired item, the player alone indicates the price (without the commission), and the number by pressing the "OK" goods put up for sale and will be visible to all players in the world.

One player may put one type of product at a time.


Buy an Item:

If prev. paragraph needed to specify the data on the purse P, then we do not need.
Player, adding balance to the desired amount, click on their own items in the main menu items that are on the market, opens a window with details of the product:
1. name
2. Number
3. Sharpening
4. Attribute
5. Price (end with the Commission)
If a player wants to buy a product, he clicks on the button to buy, if he counts have enough rubles, the transaction is done instantly regardless of the status of the seller.


Main menu:


On page "that are sold in the world", you'll find:


1. Icon of goods.

2. The name of the product.

3. Number of product.

4. Grinding of the goods (in the case of a pet is a pet level)

5. The price of the goods. (With the Commission - that is, the final price paid by the buyer)

To the right you will find a menu, sorting goods and personal cabinet.


How to administrate the system:


The administrator can:


1. view the logs that include the who sold, who bought, they sold, how many have sold, the amount of your income from the transaction, the date of the transaction and the transaction stage.

2. view all balances in the world and configure all data users.

3. To view all items for sale in the world, and you can edit it at will.




This system you make an interest in the world, with your server does not contain any formal Donat from the administration that gives you the opportunity to gather at the start of more players, because everyone knows that without a server Donati priori attracted a much larger audience. At the same time, this system, according to our estimates, is capable of a percentage from the transactions of players to bring much greater profits for server administrators, Donata than the standard system, which is already fed up with the whole community L2. Also do not forget, if you suddenly want to make a system more than% from the transactions, you can very cleverly organized shadow Donat, self-exposing all sorts of things for sale. Players will not be able to learn a trick, because in automatic transactions between the players - there is no information about the mutual contacts are not listed players nicknames, email, etc. and etc. All the information for each of the market participants is available only to the administrator.






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Do you have any questions about PEER?

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