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Lobby Collection Module

Lobby Collection Module

From: 30.00$


Module for L2s-guard "Lobby Collection"

a New module for our protection - a Collection of lobby Price up to 10 pieces only 50$.

Main features:

- Supports all Chronicles, and every chronicle has its collection available for you in the lobby.
the photos are downloaded to the randomness, every download is new your chosen lobby.
- the limit on a lobby There you can choose any number.
- Integrate into our guard - for this installation no no and everything will work with approved patch.
- Most of the lobby is animated.
- NOTHING needs to be added to the client/patch. Even if you choose 200 lobby, the weight of your patch will not change.
- Cheap and cool stuff for your server, which will help to make it more unique.

We can create a custom lobby which is not present in the collection of the surcharge and add animated NPC them for extra charge on request.

In the future, your attention will be still available camera from anywhere in the world, and it will be possible to log in to see the lobby, for example Giran with all the merchants and all life within the game. For customers already existing at the lobby will be a serious discount when you upgrade to a new version.

Examples of VIDEOS for Helios: VIDEO

Examples of SCREENS for Helios: SCREENS

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