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Town War

Town War

From: 180.00$


Introducing the event: TownWar.

(Compatibility: Java, any assembly, chronicles.)

Dear customers l2-scripts studio..

 Your attention we offer a new "Attack of the monsters of the city" tournament .


Frankly speaking, we have long thought, what surprise you in terms Eventov and this happened.

We think that this Event will be as popular among different servers, and will be in demand more than obsolete tournaments like TW and lasthero.


Little about the opening event:

By name you can understand that the Event is to protect the city, when the monsters attack on him.
Players registered for the tournament.
Portuem them into the city.
The battle begins.
This evente can win and mobs, yes, yes, mobs, too, can win and will be minor changes in the city in this case.
It is necessary to kill the 3 RB to weaken the Portals of which come mobs.
Then destroy the portals.
Then kill the main boss and finish at the end of the last most important portal.
Each RB killed one of the portals is vulnerable.
If the players win, the event comes to an end, and everything falls into place. Sounds interesting? This is only the beginning.


Now I talk about during the event period, step by step what happens.

I shall paint all configs, you can even disable it. - Once an hour is checked at the time that you specify to start.
- Restrictions on the start will be ordinary, no siege, TV and other gaming situations that may negatively affect the game.
- So, come the beginning of registration, all players are in good condition (do not fly, no trans-not teleport, etc.) are invited to the tournament, and the announcement issued at the start.
- Missed a message? It does not matter in the Board kommuniti this event is designed so that at any time during the registration period to join.
- Every minute will announce how much time is left before the beginning.
- As soon as the time came, all the players who evente port in the city, and of all persons who are not registered with in the event of the city of Porto.
From that moment the city to outsiders there does not work, and all the registered players to get out of the area of ??the city, too.
I note that the offline merchants and traders do not depart from the city, but still remain in the city.
- The following is a presentation of eventa in the text, you can write anything you want, from the instruction that needs to be done to the mysterious script.
- All text crawl directly on the screen, making them more visible and presentable.
- So, when certain things happen texts (excellent synchronized), the earth shakes, the sky turns red, gets the first RB.
- Since the players are paralyzed - look what happens.
- At this time, all Giran NPC disappear, vanish all offline merchants and RB starts talking again under your control.
- I note that all texts Russian.
- After the RB we swore we spawns around the crowd and to be honest 30-90 mobs and they continue to come from the portals. Also spawn another RB 2 and 4 of the Portal (such big blue gate), paralysis goes away and we begin the fight.
- First of all, do not need to be lost, mobs are aggressive and always active (for the AI ??mobs is below) therefore concentrate on the RB.
- When someone kills RB will be the announcement that one of the portals has weakened, it is desirable to kill this portal to mobs stopped him to get out, so we dropped the number of mobs and make their lives easier.
- 3 First Portal is at the exit to the city (do not miss).
- If you manage to destroy all 3 Gateway (and this is terribly difficult to test), the Chief RB spawns and begins to actively watering players my advice - dobeyte mobs, and then finished off the boss.
- Belarus is also starting to bear all sorts of nonsense, text edit themselves.
- Killing this boss, the final portal inside the church will be mortal, quickly finish off that he would win.
- I note that you can set any time for the tournament.
- Also, the services of the players with a countdown timer, let know how much they remained until the end of eventa, because if time runs out, and the last portal is not destroyed - they lose.
- If the players were able to kill the last portal, is the announcement of congratulations, thank you, thank you, the attack was repelled and etc., give out prizes to all the survivors, clear the city, do Riseth in the event you're not interested in all this =) so write what methods I brush my event - I will not.
- Also, the NPC and offline merchants immediately appear in the city, everything is normal.
- You can give any number of winning players in any quantities, all in Randa and naturally can be issued more than one prize.
- Also, you have the opportunity to give a special effect to all survivors of skill that you make yourself, you can not give it to you.
- In principle, the gain is easy, but if we lose, miracles happen.
- Of course, you do not have to use configs loss, but in this case, lost the taste and motivation to win.
- So, the mob seized the city, and you want to use temporary changes ...
- Offline merchants and NPCs are not returned to the city, and why? He also captured =)
- Zone Dion becomes combative and fries for pvp.
- Spawn 3 x n according to a config mobs around Giran, I made 30, was cruel, but funny, mobs disposable (non-spawn), so do not be afraid to put it unrealistic values.
- Stop, it's not forever, you have to put down a time in which everything will return to normal, you can do so gradually returned, first one then the other. Super?
- Then, it's not all, you can hang all the players in the world, some debuff, because they have lost, and those who do not participate, too, must be held accountable.
- As the recovery of the city, will be announcements, they say, come back to you, etc. NPC Like all by himself eventu and his chips.
Those who have read it all, it means that you're interested in listening to on, which means that the event you buy. This means that I can write another event and make you happy. But I want to disappoint those who are not sitting on our assembly. Only in this tournament it will be beautifully decorated with configs, incorporation in komyuniti and, of course, with chips for the administrator in admin panel.
I think it's worth it to buy this event, you need to become our client. Assemblies for 6k rubles - work at RUB = 6k)


Then go all the configs event.

1. debug, test mode, event runs once in 30 seconds after starting the server.
2. Resolution eventa.
3. Start time - until only the clock, who needs to do by day.
4. The time for registration - in minutes
5. PH 3 mobs (simple), which are involved in evente
6. PH 3 raid involved in evente.
7. boss ID 1, which is involved in late eventa.
8. The duration of the tournament in minutes.
9. 7 presentation of texts in Russian.
10. Scribble, if we Won event - on the screen to all participants.
11. 4 writings raid, part of the presentation.
12. 7 boss texts - says randomly, one of them every 60 seconds.
13. Is Making temporary changes, that we talked about, (the city return to normal) - the main config !!! if you put a "Falls", nothing will not work in this unit.
14. Remove players from the city, if lost.
15. spawn mobs in Giran, if lost.
16. How many mobs? Nh3 by the formula (H = your value)
17. How much time will pass until the NPC will appear if lost?
18. How long will it be until the return offline trader, if lost?
19. Do Do pvpshnoy zone after losing?
20. How much time will pass until the return of peace zone, if lost?
---> All in minutes, it is desirable to include all so interesting.
21. Is the award if won Giving?
22. Leaf ID prize, if won.
23. Number - should set the number of those that you want that stood out, such as 1,3,5 will stand either 1 or 3 or 5.
24. How many times reward - made to be able to issue more than one award, put 2 2 will stand award.
25. If you win, whether to give the effect of the group members?
26. From a skill to give effect? ID, LVL.
27. If you lose, whether to give a negative effect for all players of the world?
28. From a skill to give a negative effect? ID, LVL
29. Get out of the tournament, if a player was killed? this can make a match of survival, of course mobs will have an advantage, but they have an artificial intelligence, it is your advantage.
30. Shoot at the beginning whether the buff eventa on training then it will not have time, think well before you turn.
31. The minimum and maximum level.


Also supports the idea of ??new configs from you, dear admins.
In config that you deal with - it's best not to touch others, not that there will be problems. = / I also want to reassure, in a standard pack enters the tournament version, all the AI ??and AI-params you will be provided, mobs set on the minimum salary, so think of yourself and customize as you wish all the mobs. And the last thing to say, you probably think, oh how zashib BUT, mobs blunt, they can stand on the sidelines and smoking until the player beats portal valid. So, I never liked to refer to agri events mobs, he poorly made, so our method is made. Mobs are always involved, never stand on the sidelines, but if they are, then every 10 seconds there is a check on their status. If they do not nifiga, or even catch up with some clever man who has decided to withdraw them, some of them sends him far away and the port on to a random player on evente or changes in the near Target, depending on what fits him best.
If the mob killed the player that he does not expect and do not tupit, and he immediately switched to another player on evente.
Thus, AI is very smart, the end of deception players, they do exactly, if it is fake grandfather or inviz can one mob, he will deceive, but others will come and find it, it is the most fair and equal tournament.


And so what do we have?

A great event with a super idea and implementation, so you buy it and put into your project.

Thank you for attention! And finally - a comic video shot from one of our customers in a humorous design:

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