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Pre-Christmas update High Five


 Dear customers, came Supplement audit this month for the Assembly's High Five L2-scripts:




 1. Assembling High Five  12069 Revision



Note: we Ask you to pay for technical support until December 31, inclusive, in order to avoid disconnection.


do Not forget that on our Assembly you can admire from the inside.

Write in ICQ 9-013-612 and ask to run a test any of our assemblies.


Sale of complete project

22.12.2014 - Ready working draft

Dear admins, we offer to Your attention a very interesting project. Project has a very long history, the first phase of its existence, the project has experienced in the period 2007-2010. The project existed along the  parallel to its competitor from the same developers ValakasWorld. Both projects are unique and so far, unfortunately as the years passed, the urgency and unique multiprotein galprofen projects decreased, which led to the closure of both projects.
the project priotkryta tried in our time in 2012-2013. The project was revived and took as a basis , developed by the Studio assembling High Five, specially by order for fans multiprong servers. 
the Studio Staff did everything perfectly and as intended by the owner of the project, but unfortunately, the blame Finance and have relmy and promotion revived the project has received. In the pure project on the development of the whole system of MULTIPROP, was invested strand 150 000 , not including the costs of developing the site and so on... Unfortunately, now all servers are closed, not maintained, but the site and forum in working condition, it has a large base of players who are ready to consider this project that are waiting for its opening, the true fans of this gaming focus, as well as all the old projects and L2new ValakasWorld. We can help set audience, all proplem, it has a large base of players volksworld and л2нью as email and mobile phones.
If someone is interested in more detailed information on the project, will be happy to answer all your questions, please contact the Studio on the site. Icq - 9013612 
please Write , tell, show, and answer any questions. 

Possibilities projectSolution
ChroniclesHigh Five, Interlude
RatesMultiprofile and dbiprof raznorechivye server
Separately designmaybe
RedesignIncluded or any other
ForumFull design, PSD + coding. Installation
Scriptspersonal account, l2top vote, Mmtop, conclusion online, the script shares
BuildFull backups High Five assemblies with databases on the server galprop, MULTIPROP, and all backups of the old interlude servers multiprofile. It is possible for the source (base - l2-scripts High Five).
rent a server
Any changesby appointment


Cost 45,000 rubles 


Optionally, you can buy the source code from the Assembly of High Five sharpened by the last server. The cost of the project with source code - 90,000 rubles


Also, we will help you in all that relates to  advertising, any advice, technical support for 6 months, etc. and etc.


available separately for sale of the site or separate server or separate multiproperty source Assembly of MULTIPROP High Five.



Contact our customer - will help you.

Consultant for General inquiries and technical support: (ICQ) 9-013-612




Upgrading High Five


 Dear customers, we've released another update for assembling High Five, L2-scripts based on planned work and your bug report:



 1. Assembling High Five  12023 Revision



Note: Those who do not have extended maintenance, will be disabled today from the TA.


do Not forget that on our Assembly you can admire from the inside.

Write in ICQ 9-013-612 and ask to run a test any of our assemblies.


Updates Lindvior and Ertheia


Dear customers, we present to you a global update to our GOD Assembly:





Build Lindvior Rev. 13302 (Planned update based on your bug reports)


Build Ertheia Rev. 14003 (Planned update on the implementation of the Chronicles + bug reports)


Details of updates, refer to the appropriate section on our website.


If you want to test the server from the inside, write on the contacts on the website, you start the test server and give admin rights for convenience.


note: Those who do not have extended customer service today I will be disconnected from support !


sincerely, Yuri !


Specialist. offers


We continue to delight You with lower prices and want to introduce You to a new section of our website:


Special offers 


In this section you will find the most delicious packages for administrators Lineage 2 servers.


sincerely, administration !


Advertising Services Lineage 2 servers


Dear customers, we are glad to announce that we are re-advertising of servers Lineage 2. 

to Your attention we can now offer a full range of services for conducting an advertising campaign for Lineage projects.


Detailed information can be found here: Advertising servers Lineage2



Lower prices for assembly (Modular)


Well, as I promised, less than a year and again good news !!! We completely change the idea of our Studio being the most expensive in Runet ! Now is the turn of Assembly L2-scripts. Now we are happy and ready to work for any level pocket, we went to mass.




We have considered all possible options and take into account the entire market of Assembly and proposed the following:


Assembling High Five:


Last  revision - 9 000 (online - 200)

Last  revision - 11 000 (online - 500)  

Last  revision - 13 000 (online - unlimited)  

Last  revision - 19 000 (Without IP bindings and No limit)  

Last  revision - 50 000 (Source)


Build Lindvior:


Last  revision - 14 000 (online - 200)

Last  revision - 16 000 (online - 500)  

Last  revision - 18 000 (online - unlimited)  

Last  revision - 30 000 (Without IP bindings and No limit)  

Last  revision - 85 000 (Source) 


Build Ertheia:


Last  revision - 18 000 (online - 200)

Last  revision - 20 000 (online - 500)  

Last  revision - 22 000 (online - unlimited)  

Last  revision - 35 000 (Without binding and limit)  

Last  revision - 110 000 (Source)


As you can see we went from the old prejudice that all must be static and expensive !


Also, don't forget about the rebirth of service - rent builds ! 


have a Good shopping !

sincerely, Yuri ! 



The sharp drop in the service "turnkey project" prices. It changed the entire branch Tariff!


Dear admins and colleagues, the ruble is plummeting, and we are going contrary to global price increases, and Vice versa - the

Lower our prices !





In particular, today, we have completely revised our understanding of the pricing of our main type of income: Manufacturing turnkey projects Lineage 2 


Rates on these types of services have been significantly changed. On some tariffs they were reduced by 40%.

2015 we want to meet with the changed pricing policy.


In present work we have hired several   we are ready to work on mass, and not in a closed box for the elite !

We want everyone who previously could not because of the high prices, now have been able to use our services !

soon , we will be happy to introduce another new product - this is a significant decrease in the price of our Assembly. We are ready to invite the community administrators modularity in the Assembly.  If we get stuck on one price and not a step to the side, now look forward to a whole branch of tariff plans for all the main assemblies.


Stay tuned, we are working for You !

sincerely, Yuri !


Revival services - "Build for Rent"


Dear admins, we again offer the service - "rent builds"  


once again We are ready to offer you this unique service in cooperation with our official partner





Prices for this service are reduced by 40%

All the equipment is updated and available in sufficient quantity.


So, welcome ! Such inexpensive prices with proper quality of the services, you will not see anywhere else !


sincerely, Yuri !

Upgrading High Five assembly


 Dear customers, we've released another update this month for the Assembly's High Five, L2-scripts, based on your bug report:



 1. Assembling High Five  11965 Revision



Note: we Ask you to pay support until November 5, in order to avoid disconnection.


do Not forget that on our Assembly you can admire from the inside.

Write in ICQ 9-013-612 and ask to run a test any of our assemblies.


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