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Build High Five Rev. 10379


 Dear customers, we present a new update for assembling High Five, L2-scripts:


 1. Assembling High Five  10379 Revision


Note: we Ask you to pay for technical support before 5 August.


do Not forget that on our Assembly you can admire from the inside.

Write in ICQ 9-013-612 and ask to run a test any of our assemblies.




Dear customers, we inform you that we are starting the vacation period.




In the period from 7 August to 26 August, I'm gone, the rest of the support for current customers will be in standard mode. He will be replacing me in my duties. And all of those support will be provided only through bug reports on the forum.


Orders will be accepted only for the purchase of finished products, assemblies, etc.


besides, we inform you that there will be a small break from work during the period from September 5 to September 10.


We apologize for the inconvenience, this should not affect the work as a whole.

All the critical issues will be addressed regardless of these periods.


sincerely, Yuri !

Global Update assembly High Five rev. 10284


 Dear customers, we present a global update of the Assembly's High Five L2-scripts:


 1. Assembling High Five  10284 Revision


the Action ends, and the build cost now is 16 000 rubles.

Also we are finishing a campaign to update customers with overdue subscription fees.


do Not forget that on our Assembly you can admire from the inside.

Write in ICQ 9-013-612 and ask to run a test any of our assemblies.


Release L2-scripts Gracia Epilogue


Dear customers, we are glad to inform that we are releasing a release build Gracia Epilogue. This Assembly was based on source L2-scripts High Five with stokrotki Overworld and was down to the version of the Epilogue completely. Finally after a long break in working on the Epilogue for sale, we do all the gift and manufactured on sale one of the best products.


This Assembly has worked on the project for 1 year, which is very long for her painstaking revision. Build in very good quality, and above it there was large-scale optimization and daily fixes throughout the project


For the first three customers price build a minimum - 7 000 rubles.

Technical support 3 500 rubles per month

For customers wishing to change the developer Epilogue and move to us, we give additional 10% discount


Then the price will be much higher.

All the details will be write here: Buy Assembly Gracia Epilogue

sincerely, Yuri !


Updates assemblies Tauti, Glory Days, Lindvior



Dear customers, we inform you about the release of new audits for assemblies Goddess of Destruction.



God TAUTI  Rev. 7020

God Glory Days Rev.  7580

Lindvior Rev.  7843


If there is any doubt in the quality of our products, please ask us to run you a test server.


sincerely, Yuri !


Discounts, rebates and discounts again ...


Dear customers, we offer discounts on our website:


1. Discount order amount:


- from 50 000 rubles, a discount of 5% on your order

- from 100 000 rubles 10% discount on ordering

- from 200 000 roubles 15% discount on ordering


These discounts are valid for one-time ordering via the website, or when you order "Project L2 turnkey".


2.  Discount for regular customers 5%.


the Discount applies to any type of work for clients who pay on a monthly basis technical support for at least 1 year. To obtain this discount, contact me in Skype.


These discounts are summed up in the observance of all conditions.


sincerely, Yuri !


affiliate program


How to make money on affiliate program

Earn with our affiliate program is very simple!
You earn Commission on every order Your referred user 5% of the amount of each order.

To participate you must register on our website.

You can attract buyers in two ways:

1. the User be consider attracted of You, if when you register it shows Your username in the field "Who sent"

2. Add to Your web site the link generated in the personal Cabinet:

If any of the visitors coming from Your website, make the order, You will automatically receive a reward.
In this case, the visitor won't have to enter Your login - the system will detect that it came from Your link.


sincerely, Yuri !

Revision 10039 High Five (Action)


Dear customers, comes a new revision based on your bug reports. Our Assembly is already almost perfect, you less and less provide bug reports, which is very pleasing.

The new revision number 10039 released a very important update: Critical Fix duplicate post.

All the applicable clients urgently recommend to update and extend the support.

recall that the support extension is made before 5 of every month.

read More on audit 10039: Read here

ACTION: For all old customers who have not had extended technical support we are renewing our campaign, pay support for the next period and we forgive all debts for unpaid months. The promotion is valid for customers overdue not more than 6 months.

sincerely, Yuri !

Reduced price Personal Cabinet



Dear customers, we reduce cost for our Personal account for Lineage 2 server

Now the value of the personal account version 6.0 costs 3500 rubles.


Details here: Personal account 


sincerely, Yuri !


Development of unique updater


Dear customers, we have been engaged in developing unique designs of the Updater for lineage 2 server, layout, installation, fabrication patch for l2 server. Finally, created a special section on our site dedicated to the design Updater which we will be posting all current work and where you can buy ready-made solutions for your project Lineage.


read More here


sincerely, Yuri !


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