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About the High Five update


Dear customers build High Five, we apologize for the inconvenience ! In this reporting period we are unable to provide an update of our build-to reasons for the unwillingness of the last update.

during February and plans for the whole of March we are doing a global update to bring our Assembly to an even higher level of the most elite Assembly of large projects. Because the work is extremely huge, we can't break it down and provide this month's update. The global update is planned for early April.

maintenance will be performed in normal mode on your current revision.

Payment for renewal of service is left to your discretion, but be updated in April to the last update can only those who is monthly maintenance. If you do not pay regularly, for getting the April update, the Assembly will have to re-purchase.


we Hope for your understanding, sincerely, the administration !


Geodata Classic



L2-scripts Classic Full Geodata 


we Present you the GEODATA of our Classic Assembly.


GEODATA was developed when writing your own generation algorithm.



Build of perfect analogues does not exist ! Guarantee !


Ask the test server with our Manager


 This GEODATA is not issued when you buy a Classic build. It can be bought separately.




1. For existing customers  Assembly L2-scripts: 4000 rubles


2. For New customers assemblies L2-scripts:  6000 rubles.


3. For clients of third-party assemblies: 10000 rubles.


Customers third-party assemblies we have the right to refuse to purchase geo without explanation of reasons.

Also, there is GEODATA under PTS build, if you have one :)


Technical support for GEODATA free !

Each GEODATA when issuing the client an unique kriptues with reference to your build and IP address.

Therefore, the dealers there is nothing to do...


If you have questions, please write in Asya 9-013-612




Predreliz L2-scripts CLASSIC


Assembly CLASSIC the team 

a Little history of this Assembly:


based on the source of L2-scripts GOD Ertheia (VIP).


Branch - YEAR (Area) 

Branch - YEAR (Lindvior)


Current revision 15001.


currently the build is at an early stage of development in private mode. Build is currently not for sale.

Assembly adapted for protection of packet hacks - L2s-Guard.


GEODATA Classic in development.



Progress on assembling Classic, you can watch here:

Details here 



Global update High Five rev. 12640


 Dear customers, we are glad to present the long-awaited global update High Five L2-scripts where fixed and redone almost all of the bug reports that were shelved for a long time due to the inability to confirm the information. We also rounded up some of our achievements over the years and introduced in the Assembly.


 1. Assembling High Five  Revision 12640



Note: we Ask you to pay support until 5 March inclusive, in order to avoid disconnection.

this pack exposed individual prices:


1. For old clients that are constantly updated in time without delay - 5000r

2. For customers who have been with us less than 3 months - 6000r

3. For customers who missed the updates over one month, payment - 9000R


do Not forget that on our Assembly you can admire from the inside.

Write in ICQ 9-013-612 and ask to run a test any of our assemblies.


Updates Ertheia, Lindvior


Dear customers, we present to you a global update to our GOD Assembly:

Build Lindvior Rev. 13905 (Planned update based on your bug reports)

Build Ertheia Rev. 14583 (Planned update on the implementation of the Chronicles + bug reports)

Details of update, see the relevant section on our website.

If you want to test the server from the inside, write on the contacts on the website, you start the test server and give admin rights for convenience.

note: Ask to pay maintenance for the month of March to 5 March inclusive, in order to avoid tripping !

sincerely, Yuri !

Technical work is finished


Dear customers, we apologize for the inconvenience, technical work on the website and the forum is over, thank you for your patience. Also please note that the forums and will be merged into a single portal for administrators of game servers.


sincerely, administration !


Forum - technical work.


Dear customers, on the forum there is a technical work.

Tentative dates of maintenance works from 27 January to 2 February.


If you have critical problems, please contact Skype technical support. We apologize for the inconvenience !


sincerely, administration !




Edited 31.01.2014

Sale Elite Battle GVE project











 - Ready working draft

 we Offer you solutions for your projects. We sell the complete pack project with source code, which includes the website, the necessary scripts, the source code of the working Assembly, domain.

Dear admins, we present a very promising project.
the new Project, is a combination of classic games and GVE the content , not affecting the classics.
the Studio Staff did everything perfectly and as intended by the owner of the project, but unfortunately, the blame should Finance and advertising and promotion of the project has not. Unfortunately, now the server is not running, but the website and the forum in working condition, it has a large base of players who are ready to consider this project that are waiting for its opening, the true lovers of the gaming focus. We can help set audience, all proplem, it has a large base of players as email and mobile phones.
the Project is fully debugged and ready to run. The project is targeted for bilingual audiences: RU, EN. Accordingly, the site is made in 2 languages.  
If someone is interested in more detailed information on the project, will be happy to answer all your questions, please contact the Studio on the site. Icq - 9013612 

please Write , tell, show, and answer any questions. 

Possibilities projectSolution
ChroniclesHigh Five (full source code)
RatesClassic + unique GVE content
Separately designmaybe
RedesignIncluded or any other
ForumFull design, PSD + coding. Installation
Scriptsthe Site is completely written from scratch, all scripting base has a unique design under GVE content. Developed by virtual map in the site design, developed multi-languages, scripts, determine geolocation, the script's output information on the website, personal Cabinet, l2top vote, Mmtop, online, script, stocks and more
BuildTransmitted fully working and debugged on the MBT assembling High Five with the source (base - l2-scripts High Five).
rent a server
Any changesby appointment


Cost 150 000 


Options for cooperation:


1. the Purchase of the project with all the source code - 150 000.

(Torg NOT relevant)


2. Attracting a sponsor or investor  - total not less than 150 000 

(equipment, advertising ). The percentage depending on the amount of investment.


Also, we will help you in all that relates to  advertising, any advice, technical support for 6 months, etc. and etc.


the sale of parts is excluded.


For those interested, raise a test server to familiarize with the gaming system GVE. 



Contact our customer - you will help.

Consultant for General inquiries and technical support: (ICQ) 9-013-612




Schedule for the holidays!


Dear customers, first of all on behalf of all of the Studio staff and myself, I congratulate all Happy New Year ! we Wish you in the new year 2015 all the best, successful projects and fruitful cooperation.


Schedule for the holidays:


1) 31 December - 3 January Studio is not working. (If anyone has a critical problem can call the number posted on the website, will try to get an idea. Please without extreme need not to call :) )


2) 4-9 January the Studio runs in a restricted mode. (solutions to all problems is through a bug report) Personal Skype will be available, but decisions will be made on critical issues.


3) After January 9 the Studio will operate in normal mode.


All with the holiday, sincerely, Yuri !

Pre-Christmas update and Lindvior Ertheia assemblies


Dear customers, we present to you a global update to our GOD Assembly:





Build Lindvior Rev. 13620 (Planned update based on your bug reports)


Build Ertheia Rev. 14244 (Planned update on the implementation of the Chronicles + bug reports)


Details of updates, refer to the appropriate section on our website.


If you want to test the server from the inside, write on the contacts on the website, you start the test server and give admin rights for convenience.


note: Ask to pay maintenance for the period of January to December 31, inclusive, in order to avoid tripping !


sincerely, Yuri !


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