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Otsteregaytes scams




Dear administrators of game servers, we strongly recommend you to pay attention to the news, for it is able to protect you from unscrupulous "studios" involved in the fraud. Unfortunately, in recent years, more and more began to multiply.


In particular, we are talking about the so-called Lin Studio-dev , which we previously tried to read for partners. This Studio is allegedly engaged in the manufacturers of the TCP Assembly. They wanted to cooperate with us and due to our Studio to sell their goods and services, OK, we have this kind of cooperation, but 2 months we procrastinate with them the ability to provide customers with test servers. In the end, the test server is not successful, the constant excuses, some ridiculous and stupid. In the end, we refused to cooperate with them, for we would not risk the reputation of the Studio with dubious partners.


For several months I was constantly getting complaints from people that this Studio just throws money at people, without providing the promised. Confirmation of my words You can find on Ineta, specialized forums, just need a little search in Yandex. There are lawsuits in arbitrage and negative reviews and do not understand me, as they do not closed yet.


let's Start with the fact that "cheaters" lin-dev even lie about the duration of his service . Written work since 2007. Pay attention to the fact that the date of the registration of a domain name originates from 2011.05.29.


Can check it yourself, easy to make.


I would absolutely still on them, if they are not insolent to the end and copied absolutely all the content of our website to themselves. Please note that they have identical copy-paste from our website, there is no single our script and all this blatant lie. They can't even produce our own SEO optimization on your website and make unique texts, so what is there to say ?


Also at the disposal of these scams there are a few sites: (allegedly will be hosting) and (supposedly do).



1. How you can do SEO optimization, (and they have such a service), even if they are not on the website to do it and just copied from other texts already optimized ?


2. How can you trust them if they use Sarnow products and do not know how to do it yourself ?


3. How you can pay a lot of money to people who are mired in the revelations and in public discussions of their fraudulent activities ?


To these questions, I suggest You to answer to yourself.


please note that this is not the way the anti-advertisement and in any case not a defamation of a competitor on our part, for they are not our competitors, they allegedly engaged in PTAs, but we only Java. We just tired to hear that people blatantly steal. A client comes to us crying that he cheated and pray that we made a sale. Of course, we make concessions, but there is a limit.


So people, think of where you carry your money !!! If you are from the ranks of the deceived by them, I'll be happy to help with providing You more information about who dumped You.


 sincerely, Yuri !



For search engines:

Lin-dev grifters , the grifters Lindau , Lindau - scammers , fraudsters Linden, lin-dev deceivers, Lin-dev .EN Liars, lindev moseneke, Lin-virgins reviews, lin-dev reviews discussion, scammers, scammers, reviews


Discounts for the New Year


Dear customers, we are glad to announce that in connection with the cancellation of the end of the world and happy New Year 2013 in the period from 21 December to 31 December we give discount on any of our products and services in the amount of 20%. There are also volume discounts.


Glad to see both old clients and new in our ranks.


sincerely, Yuri !

Updates assembly L2-scripts



Dear customers, the next big update Goddess of Destruction (Harmony) roar 4507. (Stable version)

Details about the Assembly GOD Harmony described here:


For all new clients opened a test server : , where you can protestirovat our work and take care of her. Implemented monthly updates !


Dear customers, the next big update Goddess of Destruction (Cauti) 4845 roar. (Stable version)

More about Assembly of GOD Tauti described here:



Dear customers, the next big update Goddess of Destruction (glory Days) roar 4970. (Stable version)

More about Assembly of GOD Glory Days described here:



Dear customers, another small update High Five roar 9680. (Stable version)

Details on assembling High Five  described here:




 to Buy build GOD (Harmony, Tauti or glory Days) or High Five and become our client ICQ 9-013-612, Yuri


sincerely, Yuri !


Those. support for geodata


Dear customers, by numerous requests, we have hired the team on a permanent basis the programmer at GEODATA, and for the enhancement of geo will now be charged a fee, for each narrative has its own.


Interlud - 500r per month

High Five - 1000 rubles per month

Goddess of Destruction (all branches) - 2000P per month

Epilogue - 800R per month

Freya - 800R per month


the First month after purchase of the Assembly, or separate GEODATA - free support.


sincerely, Yuri

The new rates - "turnkey project"




Lineage 2 turnkey project

Lineage 2 turnkey project! lineage 2 server. Lineage 2 servers. What this means ? Quite simply, the majority of services you see on our website, included in the turnkey package. How do we create the project? You are written off with our Manager or call and discuss all the conditions, an individual plan of work.

What we will need from You?:

- Desire to work with his project
- Clearly Express their thoughts in a joint specification development and project planning
- Everything else we will do as you wish it was You

including the creation of the turnkey project consists of main steps:

+ will Provide one of our assemblies, Lineage 2, L2-scripts, Interlud, High Five, Goddess of Destruction Harmony, Tauti, glory Days;
+ Maintaining technical support for the Assembly;
+ You will Develop a unique design for your site
+ Provide scripts for working with the server;
+ Advertising of Your project - Advertising Lineage 2 server;
+ Registration in search engines, creation of groups in Sots. networks;
Protection of sites and servers from DDOS attacks; As well as any system administration.
Installing, configuring assemblies; And any work according to your specifications
Development of systems, events, tournaments; Realize everything you want
+ Full project management at all stages of development lineage 2 server, including work on the forum with players in the game with players, making a unique script for your project.
+ rate Gold and Platinum training the server at all stages of development.
+ Price of the turnkey project, will be based on Your needs and desires.
+ And more ( see more details in approximate the project plan under the key, as well as in the appropriate tariffs. Or you can ask any questions to the Manager on Skype: Skype: Click on the icon:



  • We not only do, but also train customers
  • We provide warranty for all technical work
  • In the tariff plan does not include Budget for advertising campaign equipment and powerful DDoS protection
  • Powerful protection against DDoS is carried out by our partners. At the Rate Platinum, we provide you with complete control over this process.
  • tariffs Gold and Platinum for any of our assemblies you receive free support and updates on the development stage of the project, as well as + 2 months after the start
  • To rate Bronze now our the Assembly Interlud
  • read: "Conditions and Warranties"
  • Check out: FAQ
  • the prices of all the tariffs are for guidance only and are not final. We have to each client an individual approach and the same technical specifications it never happens, so the final price of the project creation lineage 2 you will inform the Manager at the conclusion of the contract.
  • We don't perekupaet goods and services from others, we are the only service that has the ability to provide their employees and the work and salary in this field. We've got lots of time-tested partners who are fully satisfied. We have organized hiearchy competent and disciplined employees, and it's safe to say that we are the BEST in this field. And our existence for almost 5 years speaks about our honesty in dealing with clients and dedication.


Contact our customer service L2-scripts - will help you.

Consultant for General inquiries and technical support: (ICQ) 9-013-612

Stages of creating a Lineage 2 key - Frequently asked questions



pricing plans

Upgrading High Five rev. 9649


Dear customers, a small High Five update based on your bug reports.


Revision 9649


for Details, read here:


sincerely Yuri !

Open sale Interlude


Welcome fans of the genre Interlud!


We very much ask, when we finally start selling build Interlude.

Now it is finished, we begin the process of assembling Interlud source RT, which in our opinion are currently the best in the field of interlude on Java basis.


For all server owners Interlude with work projects discounts.

for the first 5 customers free support for the first 2 months of cooperation.

Also, we invite you to participate in the finalization of the interludes former members of the RT team will be glad to offer you a job in our Studio.


All the details can be found here: Sale build Interlude


 sincerely, Yuri !



Predreliz GOD Glory Days


Dear customers, here it is, we begin to accept applications for the purchase of or upgrade to the latest Chronicles Goddes of Destruction (Glory Days).


the build Cost 50 000 rubles.

Issue the Assembly will begin from mid-December.


In this regard, we lower the prices on all previous news:


glory days - 50 000

Tauti - 40 000

Harmony - 30 000

high fives - 20 000 



All our clients have the opportunity to update the glory Days by paying the difference in price at the time of acquisition.


Also available to transfer the database to the new timeline.


We apologize for the inconvenience due to the fact that we had this month release its interim audit for assemblies, as you know, it concerns the preparation of the new Chronicles. We promise all customers the global update according to schedule in the period from 1 to 5 December.


sincerely, Yuri !




PIR system



PIR Payment's Market




Dear customers, as you know that the market La2 is becoming more and more urgent, has become hard to access projects for high-quality assemblies became unbearable to pay a lot of money on advertising, to protect themselves from DDoS, which in our day can organise any student, and all in order to access the server on which you will play the arrogant players who are all that and know what to demand something from you without knowing the content of the game, trying to make a server for yourself, while constantly running from server to server.


Roulette in the opening of the servers has become very serious and not always cover the costs that were spent on the server, equipment, protection, advertising and website.


In this regard, our Studio planned the future to make the game something to make roughly speaking players to play with you, make them hold their emotions and expression in your direction and in General, will attract unlimited number of players who want:


A. More people to play (you want)

B. to Make money with a 100% guarantee of the transaction.

Q. Not to change the content of the game, but still add something new and unique to the game.

City to Spend their money, but not on static Donat, and that offered by other players.


Present system PIR Payment Gaming Market.


In a nutshell the system:


This system can operate in kommuniti Board, also through the command .peer or any other location on request.


Players can sell what they want to sell (whatever is passed in the game, including augmentation).


the Players themselves set the prices for the product (the currency depends on you, recommend "RUB").


Players choose a product which they are interested in for purchase.


Players to independently replenish the balance through a system of  nextpay at or any other.


Players can apply for withdrawal, no contact with the administration, the administrator processes the application, which was filed by the players.


On what makes the administrator?


the Administrator, any intermediary that receives a % of every transaction.

the Percentage can be any that the administrator wants.

the Administrator can put things on sale and to ask for money.

of Course, this risk is not advise it as shadow Donat, which players simply will never see and won't know.


Static functions PIR:


the System filter the products by:


1. Weapons

2. Armory

3. Jewelry


5. Sharpening is higher than.

6. The attribute above.

7. By name (or title)

8. Price.


Market through the eyes of a player to register:


Each player before registering confirms your age, which must be over the age of 18 years. (according to the legislation of the Russian Federation)

After confirmation he sees the market itself, but will not be able to view product details, that is, just look at the system as a whole.

a Player should register to receive access to personal account and replenishment of the balance.

Registration consists of: Name, Surname, Asya and Inbox, by default, this data is only known by you and the player, in the future, you have the right to request these data to address problems or failures in the system (to avoid cheating).


Market through the eyes of a player after registration (to replenish the balance):


so, after registration, the player must increase your balance by 300 roubles (the minimum price activate at your discretion) once.

this can be Done using a personal account on your site, or at another appropriate location through the system nextpay at or any other (PHP scripts in the system nextpay at included).


After popwar:

If PREV. the item need to specify data bag R, then we don't need them.

the Player, adding balance to the desired amount, independently clicks on the item in the main menu of goods that are on the market opens a window with a detailed product information:


1. Name

2. Number

3. Sharpening

4. Attribute

5. Price (end with the Commission)


If a player wants to buy a product, he clicks on the buy button, if his account has a sufficient amount of rubles, the transaction is done instantly regardless of the status of the seller.


General appearance:


To the page "sold in the world" you will find the information:


1. the item Icon.

2. item Name.

3. item Quantity.

4. Sharpening of the goods ( in the case of pet the level of pet)

5. the price of the goods. (Commission – that is, the final price paid by the buyer)


on the Right you will find a menu, sorting goods and personal Cabinet.


system Administration




1. to View the logs that include who sold, who bought, what was sold, how many sold, the amount , your earnings from the transaction, date of transaction and stage of the transaction.

2. View all balances in the world and configure all data users in the system.

3. View all things on sale in the world, you can also edit it as desired.




the Extension system for multiple servers (the market between your servers) – 20 000 once for unlimited number of servers  - price is valid for customers A2-scripts.


-the Price of the system and the extension for multiple servers not for clients of the Studio will be discussed separately with the Manager.



is the Introduction of the feast to your server is up to 10 working days after placing the order (Useful for assemblies, L2-scripts High Five and Goddess of Destruction)


the sale of the system in one hand with a full buy idea and the technical implementation from 150 000 rubles. In this case we are removing this system from the sale and work only on your project in this direction.



Author's idea Yuri (Urchika) 

Technical implementationIgor  (Iqman)


 Help ICQ 9-013-612





Technical break



Dear customers and everyone , who wants to become our customers, in the period from 17 November to 20 November, a jury cannot be contacted on Skype or ICQ for technical reasons.

I'm going to reinstall and reconfigure equipment, sorry for the inconvenience.


For technical support of the Assembly all questions in the same order in my absence to solve it via bug reports or directly through Igor.


We apologize for the inconvenience, sincerely, Yuri !



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