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Update assemblies Goddess of Destrution and High Five



Dear customers, we offer you the next obnovki for assemblies:


 1. Goddess of Destruction Harmony rev  4821 

 2. Goddess of Destruction Tauti rev  5286

 3. Goddess of Destruction Glory Days rev  5498

 4. Assembly Rev High Five.  9790


do Not forget that on our Assembly you can admire from the inside.

Write in ICQ 9-013-612 and ask to run a test any of these assemblies.

And surprisingly, you will not be denied. :)


Urgent update all HF



Dear, request to all customers build High Five , write urgently to Igor, he will give you an urgent critical update. Very evil bug is closed.


do Not forget that in the period from 1-5 February will be our support renewals.

don't forget to update and renew the subscription.


sincerely, Yuri !


The "Articles"




Dear customers, we are renewing a long-forgotten section of our website Articles.


We resume the work of this section and you will now periodically to make new unique articles on the topic of our joint work.


sincerely, Yuri !


Sale of the finished project



Dear customers and visitors, we were asked to help with the sale of the project, which is almost ready for launch and advertising.


regarding the fairness of the transaction can not worry, if you trust our service.

We in this deal are the guarantor.


Actually on the project in brief:


1. The website server (hosting, domain)
2. Stress Web - license
3. site Template(Made to order), forum IPB + script for cheating.
4. Build - L2 CCCP (transfer the license via the developer)
5. Lame Guard - IP  (license transfer via developers)
6. Beautiful sorteny Updater for the server. (really nice, saw it myself )

7. Unique Communityboard, which was made to order with the system statistics, events, design at the highest level.

 For the project I want 20,000 rubles. Possible sale of individual items. All studies for free advertisement give as a gift.

 Sell goes through our Manager with a guarantee of the transaction.


Contact ICQ 9-013-612.


sincerely, Yuri !


Prevention of fraud



Dear customers, I continue to publish on our website the careless pseudo-Studio. This time I would like to warn everyone about scammers l2project. All the information on their website copied from us and any services they provide, except collecting money and care to ignore. We strongly recommend you to contact with these people. Think always with your head who to work with and who not.


For search engines:

l2project grifters , the grifters л2прожект , л2проект - grifters , scammers л2прожект, l2project liars, Liars, moseneke, l2project reviews, reviews, l2project discussion


GOD builds and updates geodata YEAR




Dear customers, the next big update Goddess of Destruction (Harmony) 4728 roar. (Stable version)

Details about the Assembly GOD Harmony described here:


For all new clients there is a test server : , where you can protestirovat our work and take care of her. Implemented monthly updates ! To enable the test server please contact your account Manager.


Dear customers, the next big update Goddess of Destruction (Cauti) roar 5099. (Stable version)

More about Assembly of GOD Tauti described here:



Dear customers, the next big update Goddess of Destruction (glory Days) roar 5248. (Stable version)

More about Assembly of GOD Glory Days described here:

 Also updated GEODATA for Goddess of Destruction all versions.


whose Squares is not enough, or that have been fixed are listed below:


Added 5 squares of GEODATA YEAR.
20_24, 20_25, 20_26, 19_26, 24_13
two of them are responsible for dungeons
Tower of Infinitum - Ranku and Urban Area


Updated squares 14_22, 15_22, 15_25, 17_16, 18_16
seed of hellfire, Tuti, the island of dreams.


Added missing squares GOD:



Added 16_17 square.l2j - Cartia 210 instant, the square is rewritten from scratch.
Updated square 25_17.l2j - not enough of the catacombs.

Added dungeon squared 20_16.l2j

Added Instant in the square 22_10.l2j

Updated square 26_21 ( Orbis temple )

Added instant Monastery of Silence in the square 23_15.l2j


Important: Clients that do not support extended disconnected from bug reports, resume, technical support is possible only after the payment. 



 to Buy build GOD (Harmony, Tauti or glory Days) or High Five or GEODATA and become our client ICQ 9-013-612, Yuri


sincerely, Yuri !


L2-scripts High Five Rev. 9775 Update assembly.



Dear customers build High Five, we apologize that due to the holidays has shifted the update schedule.


 Make a renewal discount support, it is 5000 roubles for January, instead of 7000.


And the light produced in the next update of the Assembly under revision 9775, based on your bug report.


for Details, read here:

For new customers are always happy to provide a test server to evaluate the quality of our product with your own eyes. Ask for the test server from the Manager.


sincerely, Yuri !

Extending support to those in January



Dear customers the assemblies, the extension of the support for Jan will be made in the period from 10 to 15 January. If you will be able to pay until 31 December, will be very grateful. The acceptance of payments for renewal from 31st to 10th day will not be carried out !


the Reasons described in this news:

the Schedule and the work performed on the holidays.


sincerely, Yuri !

Schedule for the holidays studio



Dear customers, please be advised that the Studio during the holidays will operate in restricted mode:


In the period from 31 December to 10 January, the main contact on the website will not work.

In this period of our services will work only services related to the acquisitions of Assembly, manufacturing events and systems in Java ,as well as any assemblies that require the programmer's work.

support assemblies will work through our programmer in the normal mode. Update assemblies will also occur on a regular schedule.


If you plan to order turnkey projects or other types of work, we suggest that you contact us until 31 of December, while the discount on all of our work in 20%.


during this period will be a temporary ICQ and Skype, will notify later.


Wish You a nice weekend and a good holiday!


sincerely, Yuri !


Otsteregaytes scams




Dear administrators of game servers, we strongly recommend you to pay attention to the news, for it is able to protect you from unscrupulous "studios" involved in the fraud. Unfortunately, in recent years, more and more began to multiply.


In particular, we are talking about the so-called Lin Studio-dev , which we previously tried to read for partners. This Studio is allegedly engaged in the manufacturers of the TCP Assembly. They wanted to cooperate with us and due to our Studio to sell their goods and services, OK, we have this kind of cooperation, but 2 months we procrastinate with them the ability to provide customers with test servers. In the end, the test server is not successful, the constant excuses, some ridiculous and stupid. In the end, we refused to cooperate with them, for we would not risk the reputation of the Studio with dubious partners.


For several months I was constantly getting complaints from people that this Studio just throws money at people, without providing the promised. Confirmation of my words You can find on Ineta, specialized forums, just need a little search in Yandex. There are lawsuits in arbitrage and negative reviews and do not understand me, as they do not closed yet.


let's Start with the fact that "cheaters" lin-dev even lie about the duration of his service . Written work since 2007. Pay attention to the fact that the date of the registration of a domain name originates from 2011.05.29.


Can check it yourself, easy to make.


I would absolutely still on them, if they are not insolent to the end and copied absolutely all the content of our website to themselves. Please note that they have identical copy-paste from our website, there is no single our script and all this blatant lie. They can't even produce our own SEO optimization on your website and make unique texts, so what is there to say ?


Also at the disposal of these scams there are a few sites: (allegedly will be hosting) and (supposedly do).



1. How you can do SEO optimization, (and they have such a service), even if they are not on the website to do it and just copied from other texts already optimized ?


2. How can you trust them if they use Sarnow products and do not know how to do it yourself ?


3. How you can pay a lot of money to people who are mired in the revelations and in public discussions of their fraudulent activities ?


To these questions, I suggest You to answer to yourself.


please note that this is not the way the anti-advertisement and in any case not a defamation of a competitor on our part, for they are not our competitors, they allegedly engaged in PTAs, but we only Java. We just tired to hear that people blatantly steal. A client comes to us crying that he cheated and pray that we made a sale. Of course, we make concessions, but there is a limit.


So people, think of where you carry your money !!! If you are from the ranks of the deceived by them, I'll be happy to help with providing You more information about who dumped You.


 sincerely, Yuri !



For search engines:

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