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  L2 Essence: Crusader Server Pack Release
Buy server pack Lineage2 Essence: Crusader (388 protocol)

  L2 Classic: Castle of Ice (4.5) Server Pack Beta-Release
Buy server pack Lineage2 Classic: Castle of Ice (338 protocol)

  L2 Essence: Kamael Server Pack Release
Buy server pack Lineage2 Essence: Kamael (The Best Buddy)

  L2 Homunculus Part 2 Server Pack Release
Buy server pack Lineage2 Homunculus (286 protocol)

  L2 Classic (2.9.5) Server Pack Full Release
Buy server pack Lineage2 Classic: Secret of Empire

  L2s-Guard - Server protection
Buy L2s-Guard Antibot, Anticheat


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Welcome all ! Our project is profiled on software development and creation of turnkey projects for the popular online game LineAge 2. We provide a full range of services for administrators of game servers.

Protection lineage 2 server - L2s-Guard (antibot, anticheat protection for servers), Web design, website development, Java development la2 pack, creating scripts and web straps, the development of packs L2: Essence (Aden), Classic (Legacy), Main: Seven Signs, Crusader, VanGuard, Battle Chronicle, Kamael, Homunculus, Prelude of War, Fafurion, Orfen, Salvation, Grand Crusade, Helios (Lord of Bifrost), Underground (Hymn of Soul), l2 Classic (3.5-4.5 - Kamael, 2.9 - Secret of Empire, 1.0 - 2.8 saviors: Seven Signs, Zaken, Antharas), Odyssey, Ertheia, Goddess of Destruction Lindvior, Glory Days, Interlude, High Five, Gracia Epilogue, any work related to the installation, configuration, optimization at the level of the programming languages Java, Python, Php, Mysql, html, any DataPack also included in our services. We also work with major data centers in Europe and provide services for renting and configuring server hardware for servers and sites, providing equipment for Lineage 2 server. Designed to the ideal of the most effective optimization scheme of the equipment to withstand the necessary loads. Also our aim is the full protection of your server from a batch of hacks and protection against DDoS attacks of any nature. The creation of unique quests and game-based systems, Jscript and Java.


Organization auto donation on your server via Crypto, Paypal, Payoneer, G2a, Moneygram, Western Union, credit card, SMS, WebMoney, Umonew services. We will do everything that your imagination can offer. We will help and tip to make your project one of the best on the entire scope of the Internet.

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  Package - Platinum. Development of unique website design, layout, master account with a choice of modules and the writing of the individual modules, scripts of on l2top and MmoTop, scripts, output online, server status, and statistics on the website, complete the content updating of your site, install the forum, the creation of the forum sections and the full content, selection and rent of server equipment for the site and servers l2, the installation of one of our builds java-based emulator (at the moment Essence: Crusader (388 protocol), Essence: Vanguard (362 protocol), Essence: Kamael (286 protocol), Homunculus (286 protocol), L2classic: 3.5 - 3.9 (Kamael 286), Prelude of War, Fafurion, Classic: 2.9.5 - Secret of Empire, Orfen, Salvation, L2classic: 2.8 (Seven Signs), Grand Crusade, L2classic 2.7 (Saviors: Antharas), L2classic 2.5 (Saviors: Zaken), Helios, L2classic 1.0, L2classic 1.5, L2classic 2.0, High Five, Odyssey, Underground, Interlude full installation of a Linux system, installation and optimal configuration of necessary software for running the server and website, setup server pack to run the project based on your preferences and our recommendations, full project management to launch. The opportunity on a contractual basis to work on the project further. Monthly update of the pack l2-scripts. Protection of the site and server from DDoS attacks and packet hacks. Unique events, developed by our Studio. The connection of the project to the payment system fully automatic donation setup for the players. Deadlines from 14 days to 1.5 months. (the optimal time for promotion). Price and terms depend on the final technical specifications after the preparation of the work plan.

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Essence: Crusader, VanGuard
L2s: Homunculus (Part 2)
L2s Essence: The Best Buddy
L2s: Classic Kamael (4.0)
L2s Classic: Secret of Empire (2.9.5)
L2-Scripts High Five
L2-scripts High Five (MOD) GOD/CLASSIC client
Master Account (NEW)
Tariff - Platinum
Template PSD - L2 Heroes


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