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GOD prerelease build of L2-scripts



All we've been waiting for this event, we are releasing light in Assembly L2-scripts GOD.


currently, the Assembly requires performing the MBT, so we're offering the first 4 customers a discount of 20%.

At the moment the Assembly can without any problems be used on any PVP project.

For the period OBT , which should last 3-4 weeks, we guarantee to our volunteers, the licking of the Assembly to be able to run it on successful lo server.

For our volunteers is provided free dedicated support for the period 2 reporting months.


Details written here:


For the acquisition of an Assembly and also for consultation on the Assembly write in Asya 9-013-612.


sincerely, Yuri !


L2-scripts High Five rev 8280



Dear customers build High Five, published a new large revision 8280, based on your complaints and suggestions.


We have tried during this period to correct even the most minor issues.

Details you can read here:


we Wish you continued fruitful cooperation with our Studio!


sincerely, Yuri !


A bunch of new Eventov for your attention



Dear customers, we are pleased to inform you that you have published a lot of new tournaments and events systems on our website for reference.


Can we get acquainted with our events, tournaments, services, and systems in this section:


to book these events or to book the event on your specifications, please contact Asya 9-013-612.


sincerely, Yuri !



Good news: Bowl of old assembly, Reduced price to build VIP




Dear customers, we inform you the following good news:


1. Lowered the price on our best Assembly High Five (VIP) to 40 000. -

Details here : High Five (VIP)


2. To assemble Gracia Epilogue VIP - completely changed the source code, made refactoring and sync with all of our previous designs. Now for this Assembly take into account that players love, while retaining maximum functionality data Chronicles. Now players will not wonder why it should work one way and not another... The approach towards panicaway Foundation, just like the players, what they're more used to... Price for Assembly is significantly cheaper 18 000

for Details, read here: Gracia Epilogue (VIP)


3. Completely closed the old development branches grace the epilogue and the last revision posted the Orb on our website here : GLOBE grace the epilogue roar 2958 


4. Laid the ball in our old sbrocca grace Frey - here you can download: grace Frey



sincerely, administration !


Extending the support. Holidays.


Dear customers, please be advised that builds up to a 4th number needs to extend technical support to exclude shutdown.


In the period from 5 to 12 February, icq and Skype our Studio will not be available.

All technical support for existing customers on the Assembly, and overdue payment for the extension of the support during this period will be made directly through our programmer.


don't forget about the timely payment of our services.


sincerely, Yuri !

High Five (VIP) - roaring 7920



Dear customers, has released the latest stable revision of High Five assemblies (VIP).


New revision 7920.


Details see here:


sincerely, Yuri !


Urgent Fix to High Five assembly (VIP)


Dear customers, assembling High Five (VIP), please, urgently write to our lead programmer Igor to issue an urgent fix.


sincerely, Yuri !


High Five (VIP) roaring 7712


Dear customers, has released the latest stable revision of High Five assemblies (VIP).


New revision 7712.


Details see here:


sincerely, Yuri !


Referral system (Java)


Referral system: (introduced in any Assembly on the basis of the Phoenix, Overworld). Included in the basic kit build L2-scripts High Five (VIP)

1. The basic idea. the Essence of referral system in finding players from other active players and getting bonuses for it. The player which is indicated as a referral will be deducted in the inventory % drop (specified in the config) for certain item (specified in config). Will a tax on clan members of the clan set the clan leader. The clan leader can set percent tax (specified in config) on certain items (specified ID in the config).

2. Type of referral system. To run the referral system uses voice command .ref and to start clan tax command is used .nalog . When you type the command in chat you get a window similar to the following:

When specifying the referral button "Specify referral" disappears along with the field for nick, and instead it appears "Referral: ". Next is the friends list of a referral, which he gave and reported it. At the end of each line is the red minus button which, when pressed, removes the referral and update the referral window system.

When entering the command, the clan leader of the team .nalog POPs up this window:

the window input tax you can only enter integers from 0 to 100.

In the config makes the following variables:

# Referral system

# only integers from 0 to 100, with 0 - disable referral system

Ref_bonus = 10

# ID of the item (only the stack) via ;

Ref_items = 57;4037;4356

# the maximum number of referrals (only integers)

Ref_max = 50

# limit the availability of the system

# what is your level

Ref_lvl = 1

# the presence of the Nobility

Ref_noble = false

# the presence of Premium account

Ref_prem = false

# whether to Give the bonus only if the referral offline

# True - issue

# False - do not issue a

Ref_online = false

# Giving a bonus to characters with one login

# True - issue

# False - do not issue a

Ref_login = false

# whether to Give a bonus to characters with a single HWID

# True - issue

# False - not to give away

Ref_HWID = false

# the time spent in the game referral that is, if the character spent in the game a specified time, he begins to credited bonus

# specified in hours

Ref_time = 5

#Max level of refferer bonus

Ref_max_level = 52

# Clan tax system

# only integers from 0 to 100, when 0 disabling the tax system of clans

Nalog_rate = 5

# ID of the item (only the stack) via ;

Nalog_items = 57;4037;4356

# limit the availability of the system

# what is your level

Nalog_lvl = 1

# the presence of the Nobility

Nalog_noble = false

# the presence of a Premium account

Nalog_prem = false

In the database referral system has a ref table consists of two column: main_id and ref_id

main_id - ID of the character who collects bonuses

ref_id - ID Chara referral which point main_id

Both systems have check item is the fact where did they appear, you need to enabled autoloot or a ban on referral drop things on the ground that players would not cheat their state by discarding money on the ground and their selection, then the system does not work in the trade, Poluchenie by mail, auctions.

sincerely, Yuri!


Lock your client accounts



Dear customers Studio by our assemblies. Please be informed that due to non-payment of extension of technical support were suspended today in the technical section of our forum to the following projects: 


kindly requested, to administrators of these projects, contact me and let us know about the further plans of cooperation with us.

Your client build will be to continue to work, if your projects still exist, technical support from today, you shall be suspended until the reasons for non-payment.


We will be very glad to continue with you work individually and willing to discuss discounts.


Remember, that the extension of the support this month for all other customers will be held until 10th January. And please, write us and let us know when the count on a renewal so as to avoid disable user accounts after the 10th of January.


I Apologize for such a fast and massive action. But you must understand us. Please contact us and inform about future plans.


With respect

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